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So I just found out that I have to do my senior capstone project as a junior, which means that I have like 6 months to figure out what I'm gonna do and I'm pretty sure I want to do something relating to snake breeding. A lot of people are opposed to teens breeding snakes for obvious reasons but this would be for a long term school project. I would have school funding for it and I am rather close with multiple herpetologists at OSU, do you think this is a good idea? or should I just avoid that.

I would avoid it. Breeding snakes for school projects is never a good idea tbh, there’s too many variables to deal with :/

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i'm a bi man with bpd and bum having bpd and being same gender attracted is what initially drew me to the comic, tbh. this is why i get kind of annoyed when ppl talk about how homophobic or ableist ks is. sure, some of the fans are certianly ignorant, but the portrayal of bum is pretty sympathetic i think. and w/e ppl may say, it's kinda therapeutic for me to see dynamics i have unfortunately dealt with portrayed in fiction. i just wish ppl would not assume what's good for people like me lol.

Hello! How you feel is completely understandable. Ultimately, a lot of people mean well, but that ‘meaning well’ is ineffective unless they listen to the people they’re trying to protect. 

I’m not sure if this is in reference to one of my earliest posts, but when I first read Killing Stalking, I was immediately concerned about how the comic would be received by its intended Korean audience. Due to the lack of understanding of mental health, I was worried that having Bum presented as a criminal first might lead readers to add to existing negative connotations about mental disorders in Korean society.

However, I’ve mentioned in subsequent posts, I have since changed my mind, primarily thanks to readers of Killing Stalking sharing their personal experiences living with BPD. I’m glad that a comic from my culture has been engaging and useful to you. Thank you for your message!

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Ugh that People Magazine article! Antis are laughing because they think we're bitching about Freddie and Jay being mentioned because we hate Freddie and Jay, it's like wtf no! We're mad they were talked about because now we have pop culture websites discussing Jay's passing and Louis's desire for future children instead of his amazing song and his talent as an artist/singer and his partnership with Steve and Steve's ridiculous beat! I wouldn't want him to be discussing Harry, either. - Mal 💚💙

I stopped listening to antis a long long time ago. I’m not sure what’s difficult to understand about hoping the privacy of a person’s loss (who clearly stated they weren’t comfortable discussing said loss) would be handled with decency and respect.

TBH, I know we get wrapped up in the Fred issue. At this point, I don’t really care what is said about that. But what I don’t understand is why they wouldn’t see the Jay subject the same way I, and other people, seem to. If Louis is their fave, which apparently now he is, wouldn’t you want his grief handled the way he wanted it handled? Not used for public spectacle or promo? Because to me, that’s just the decent and respectful thing. But. Then again these are the same people who attack us day in and day out with such anger, hate, and vitriol, it’s no wonder they don’t understand things like decency and compassion.

Anyway. I digress.

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What do you think is the reason of all the astroturfing all of a sudden? Kind of interesting timing tbh

i think they know that, on the surface, things don’t look so good right now where louis is concerned (simon jones is still hanging around, there’s been another major stunt push, they’re using the same old tactics rather than actually focusing on the music) and so they’re banking on us having doubts or second guessing things and trying to use the fandom’s uncertainty to influence anyone who might be waffling.

i’m sure it works for people who are already kind of balancing on the edge and not sure what they believe anymore but i have been here for too damn long and am too damn stubborn to take messages like that seriously. i trust my own ability to evaluate what i’m observing far more than some random person sending anonymous messages trying to guilt, shame, or force me into seeing something that’s not there.

look we may not ever get a cs coffee scene in the show but i think we all know that all the eye sex and intense makeout sessions had to lead somewhere, i mean killian has obvs been hard up for emma since the day they met, but i’m 101% sure grabby-hands emma has climbed him like a giant beanstalk and tbh i’m cool with accepting all y’all’s fics and fanart as headcanon so thanks

tbh it amazes me that whatever content EA gives us, someone always has to complain.
Sure, nobody’s expecting everyone to be happy with everything. But it’s getting really tiresome to see nothing but negativity towards what we get, be it free updates or paid DLC.

If you don’t like a pack, don’t buy it?
If you don’t like a certain thing in the game, don’t play with it?
I mean… really???

I don’t know who’s worse, facebook or tumblr.

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A popular youtuber who's a comic fan and stuff says Iris will probably die (thinks theyre kind of rushing westallen, not like they shouldn't be but rushing it like foreshadow) and will come back in season 4 I'm more nervous than ever :(

Because of what a youtuber said? lol 

WA isn’t rushed it’s been three seasons we don’t even know for sure or not if they have had sex yet. The reason Barry asked Iris to move in with him is because he saw the future. He wants to make the most out of the time they have together and spend as much time together as they can. I know Iris isn’t dying anytime soon. Tbh if they were actually going to kill her they wouldn’t tell us first or have the rest of the season revolve around saving her. 

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I love how you aren't accepting anymore fanfic asks and yet when you answer them you're really nice still like when other accounts get this much attention they start to just get bored and go lmao and rip and stuff on every ask so this is just a thanks for being rly nice is all

hdkhfsdkj thank u for sending me this!!! tbh i really did enjoy receiving those asks and getting all of ur shame but like it got so out of hand im 110% sure i got like 50+ asks on it it was WIlde and i figured if i didnt stop it it would never end LMAO

and anyway i cant just say “lmao” and “rip” to confessions like writing smut about your parents i mean. like. what

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Hi! If you don't mind me asking, do you have any tattoos? If so, what are they? I'm thinking of getting a Scorpion quote but tbh I'm a little worried my sisters will make fun of me for it.

I sure do! They’re both Scorpion related!

I have the words ‘stay happy!’ on my left wrist in Jadyn’s handwriting from the time I met her in London at a convention and she put that on the autograph :)

I also have a quote from Love Boat, which is ‘Love can be misspelled and messy, but it still works. It just needs to be given a chance.’ I have that on my ribs.

Tbh, it’s your body and if it’s important to you, don’t worry about what other people think. If they do make fun of you, they’ll eventually get over it anyway. Let me know if and what you get! :)

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Why did so many people decide that Lydia knew Stiles' childhood name? I thought that during the 6x02 scene her banshee mind must've heard Stiles' real name, but her subconsciousness couldn't process it correctly - just like little Stiles couldn't - and wrote the closest thing to it which was mischief.

That’s what I thought too, Dasha! I think there might be some confusion about it, tbh, because they thought she consciously processed it. But I’m pretty sure you’re right!

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When you have the time do you think you could do a head cannon of what it would be like to be friends with kōhe?

- Obviously he’d be shy at first

- He’d slowly open up to you though 

- He’s the mom friend tbh, he wants to make sure you’re okay and comfortable 

- He’s always there when you need to talk or rant

- He tells you stories about his life 

- Deep conversations 

- Friendly cuddles

- Movie nights

- Double dates with him and Fake Frank

- Being the third wheel a lot too

- Game nights 

- Talking about people you like with him 

- He’s a patient guy so don’t worry about getting on his nerves that much

(sorry if this is really bad, I had no idea what else to add)

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Omg I really hate myself. I want to have body like all those girls from thinspo photos❤️ I don't know what to do with my life😒

Tbh the thinspo pics are all about angles and lighting but we still all want to look like that when we are in pictures, you’ll get there I’m sure of it Xx

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???People let their clothes in the changing room??? Here its pretty basic to just take them back to the seller directly and they just fold them later... (according to sis who used to work in a clothes shop)

big department store woes i guess. im sure its not as big of an issue with smaller shops with like one set of fitting rooms.

but things go to shit real fast in department stores tbh,

Spirited Away Chapter 14: The Purest Devotion, an inuyasha fanfic | FanFiction

He was still looking at Kikyo, silently demanding her attention. “Now, girl, you must be sure of what you want. If you decide to go, you have to get off the train at the sixth station—Swamp Bottom. That’s where Urasue’s sister, Kaede, lives.” Totosai paused, studying the child. “Make sure you get it right. There used to be a return train, but nowadays it’s one way only.”

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Yo Admin bae! I just went on your blog on desktop for the first time and the sound of chanting gave me goosebumps I wasn't ready for oh my my you sure do know how to make Papa II's blog wonderfully dramatic

[ Ahhh thank you love! 😀
I forgot what music I had set on my blog actually, given I’m literally almost always mobile omg, but thank you again!

I LOVE Infestissumam, it’s probably my favorite opening song next to Deus Culpa tbh, but I had to pick something from era II of course. 😅 ]

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hiii!! so first i wanna say that i LOVE your blog, you're such an awesome person and your writing makes me SCREAM (in a good way). anyway, I have a few questions. a) when did you start this blog? b) how did you gain so many followers/become so well known? (bc tbh, I'm pretty sure you're one of the most popular blogs in this fandom, especially since Lili's gone.) also, what's the exact #? c) how did you make so many FRIENDS?? it seems so hard to really meet + connect w/people :(

woo thanks love, that’s so sweet of you to say!!!! i really appreciate it 

a) i started this blog ages ago, like… five years? but it was a sporadic mess and i hardly posted any original content

b) and then around two years ago i gathered the courage to start posting percabeth fic on here, and i must have just used the right tags and had lucky timing because people found the fic and it blew up really quickly. i got a lot of followers in a rush, i kept on posting fic, and it’s just kept steadily growing since then. i’m currently sitting at ~8,950 followers. (how to get your stuff noticed)

c) i made friends in the pjo fandom by messaging people!!! off anon!! when they made something i liked i made sure to tell them about it by gushing in the tags and sending them an ask, and because there are so many beautiful people in this fandom they all responded positively. it wasn’t like an instant friendship with most people; it took a few messages and a bit of back and forth, but from that initial message i started talking to them about hcs and asking for their opinions on stuff, and i kept on making original content that they could interact with, too (how to make friends)

thanks again for the compliments!! good luck and i hope you’re having a beautiful day xx


It’ll all work out in the end, I won’t leave your side