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I was fighting with my parents because they were trying to get me to accept this creepy porcelain doll as my new baby sister, and my younger sisters were on their side. By oozing through the wall into their room that night, I found out that they were actually only pretending to accept the doll into our family so that they could keep all the presents and treats my parents would give it.

Creepypasta #1171: My Wife Is Taking Care Of A Baby Doll More Than Our Daughter

Length: Medium

From the day my daughter was born I could tell that she was something special. We named her Zooey and she was the smartest baby I have ever seen. Every single month I loved my special little girl more and more, but for some odd reason my wife distanced herself away from Zooey every single month. By the 6th month my wife barely even gave Zooey a glance. I could tell it made Zooey sad, but I didn’t really want to bring it up. I just wanted my daughter to know that I loved her very much.

Zooey said her first word when she was 3 months old.


She never really said “Mommy” or even “Mom”, but my wife never seemed to mind. If anything she finally looked to be in a much better mood.

By the time she was 6 months Zooey started to walk. She would still fall sometimes, but I was completely blown away by how strong willed her young mind was. Instead of crying whenever she fell she would just pick herself back up and continue trying.

On Zooey’s first birthday my wife was busy with work so I shared a very special day with my daughter. I got her a chocolate cake for her to smash and devour. She didn’t touch it, but she looked perfectly happy with staring at the cake with a look of wonder on her face. We spent the rest of the day playing with her presents until it was her bedtime. My wife didn’t come home until 10 pm. I asked her where she was, but she just put her hand up to my face and walked past me and into our bedroom.

I sighed and watched tv until I fell asleep on the couch. I woke up to the sounds of my wife and Zooey talking. My wife was trying to get her to say “Mommy”, but Zooey kept clapping her hands while saying “Daddy!” with a wide smile on her face. That was the last time my wife tried talking to Zooey.

On the day of Zooey’s 2nd birthday my wife told me she was going to stay later at work. I tried begging and reasoning with her to stay, but she just told me it wasn’t worth it. I heard sniffles from behind me when my wife left the house. I turned around to see a tear stricken Zooey staring out the door. She asked me if mommy didn’t love her, but I just hugged her and told her that we both loved her very much. 

After I pulled away from the hug Zooey asked me, “Why doesn’t she talk to me?” I told her that mommy was just stressed, and to not let it bug her. I got her another cake, but she told me that she didn’t like to eat cake. She thought it was too pretty to destroy.

With a nod I left the cake on the dining room table and took out three brightly colored bags from under the table. We have this tradition where I take out the presents for her and rip the paper as carefully as possible. She liked using the wrapping paper as little decorations for her room. The first two presents were just little bow sets and a couple of new books. The third present was one of those baby dolls you can feed and change. She was really excited about the doll. She played with it in the living room by herself until it was time for bed.

My wife came back home at 11pm completely drunk. She looked like she was crying, but I was far too tired to even acknowledge that she was there. She did it all of the time to Zooey and now me. Our marriage was falling apart and I really didn’t know how to fix it. I thought she was just going to go into the bedroom, but she walked into the middle of the living room and picked up Zooey’s new doll. After a couple of seconds she started to hug the doll and rock it back and forth. The bottle and the 3 toy diapers were lying next to it and my wife picked those up as well. She put the bottle up to the baby and started whispering to it.

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