*nose bleeds and faint*

HEAR ME OUT: Abby’s Not Dying, She’s Pregnant


Consider this.


@brittanias and I have been hashing this out and here are some thoughts.  All the symptoms we have seen Abby show so far - sleeplessness, tremors, anxiety, hallucination - could actually be symptoms of something completely different.  Such as, for example, pregnancy. When Abby’s on the radio with Kane, what we see of her does not actually appear to present as a seizure; it presents much more like an anxiety attack.  She’s restless, pacing, her jaw is clenching, her hands are shaking, and then when she hears Marcus she calms down.  What we have NOT seen yet: weakness, collapsing, fainting, sweating, bleeding from the nose or mouth, foaming, rage/mania, or a scan of Abby’s brain.

THEORY: The reminder about Abby also getting fried with the EMP, just like Raven was, and the link of Abby’s symptoms with Raven’s symptoms are a narrative misdirect (perhaps its purpose is to give a reason why Abby’s contraception chip was fried and she didn’t know it); otherwise all the attention paid to the idea that this brain thing could present very differently in different people wouldn’t actually matter, unless it was so they could show us symptoms of something that was not a brain tumor and convince us to believe it was a brain tumor.  So we see Raven hallucinate and then have a seizure, we have Abby explain why, we have Jackson say “but the same thing happened to you, I should check you,” and then we have Abby being stubborn and insisting she’s fine and refusing to let him check her.  So it’s possible that the reason we see Abby’s first symptom - the hallucination (of her child, btw) in the same episode as Raven’s is to make sure we, the audience, are going “oh shit” and immediately assuming they are the exact same kind of hallucination.  Even though hallucinations are a very common symptom of extreme sleeplessness and sleeplessness is a common symptom of a whole huge range of things.

[Edited to add, per Brittany’s suggestion just now: we don’t even know that it was a hallucination. She was alone in the lab; she straight-up could have been dreaming.  (In that fancy bed.)  Just a regular ol’ extremely vivid dream - another common pregnancy symptom.]

Another, slightly more extra, possible indicator that pregnancy is a possibility: the editing of the sex scene.  We didn’t see leadup/cut to black/afterglow like the show usually does; we saw Kane finish.  It’s possible the writers and directors are just plain old Kabby trash like we are, but it’s also possible it’s plot-relevant in some way that we have concrete proof that Kane came inside her.

So this is my prediction.  I don’t think either of them are going to die.  I think for Raven, the narrative purpose of the “oh no you have a brain thing” is not the possibility of death, it’s the seizures.  It’s to put Raven in a situation where we know there is a danger she could completely lose control of her physical body, with all of humanity on the line.  They made a big point of Raven having to switch the rocket to manual, which now means only Raven can fly it.  They made a big point of how they needed all those barrels of hydrazine for the rocket and now they’re down one; what if they can coast on only the remaining fuel as long as the rocket is only carrying the weight of one passenger and they strip out all the unnecessary internal workings to make it lighter?  Then Raven is in space, alone, with all the Nightblood, with brain that could go into seizure at any moment when she’s over-stressed.  We also have Luna’s ability to soothe Raven with her words, and we have Murphy being in the room for every one of Raven’s failed flight simulator drills (playing with a toy car whose controls are very similar to the rocket). I don’t think it’s outside the bounds of possibility that they’re setting us up for Raven to have a seizure as the rocket is landing and even though it’s in manual, Murphy has to figure out how to land it himself while Raven’s incapacitated and Luna is trying over the headset to soothe her out of her seizure.

As far as Abby, I think the narrative purpose of “oh no you also have the brain thing” could very plausibly be to set us up in the only conceivable situation where Abby would have to consent to let Jackson give her a full medical scan. If there wasn’t a chance she was seriously sick, she’d never allow it.  There’d be no point.  But if she got pregnant in Polis, then she’s less than 2 months along, which means she might not be showing and most of her symptoms might easily look like something else, especially if she already thought there was a chance she did have something else.  So my guess is that she’s going to end up pushing herself and pushing herself until she has some kind of a meltdown or collapses from exhaustion or something happens where she finally has to face the thing she’s been trying not to have to face, her fear that she might also have what Raven has.  But she’d never say “sure go ahead give me a full physical” unless she had a very good reason and Jackson had reached a point of no longer being willing to be talked out of it.  Exhaustion, anxiety/tremors, and lack of sleep could all very easily be a combination of stress, overwork and pregnancy; hallucinations or lucid dreams sometimes are as well.  Especially given that the content of the dream was her child, in danger.

In terms of the narrative purpose to be served by Abby possibly being pregnant, there are a couple possibilities.  One important thing to remember, which I had forgotten until an anon just reminded me of it, is that all the Sky People are universal blood donors, while the Grounders are not.  It’s possible that the “disappointing setback” the episode description for 408 mentions with regard to the experiment on the Grounder redshirt is because maybe a Grounder can’t take another Grounder’s blood if they aren’t type-compatible.  So that means they can’t go to space to manufacture Nightblood synthetically, and they can’t use Luna’s bone marrow to save all the Grounders; they could save all the Sky People, and they could save Grounders compatible with Luna’s blood type, but that’s all.  But if they had, oh, let’s say, Nightblood embryonic stem cells from a baby of two Skaikru universal-donor parents, then by the magic of television science (I DON’T THINK ANY OF THIS IS REAL, I JUST MEAN BY THE RULES OF HOW THIS SHOW WORKS), that could crack the code for a vaccine that could save everyone, as Clarke always intended – not just the Sky People.  

Another factor is that a number of people have tossed around the idea of long-term cryosleep and the theories about a five-year time jump in the finale being connected; that is, maybe one of the “lifeboats” they come up with to save some portion of the group is related to putting people in long-term stasis.  @knowlesian has a fantastic theory I’ll be making her elucidate when she guest-hosts Meta Station next week about how it’s possible that Cadogan’s secret “thirteenth level” was not merely a fancier bunker, but pods for long-term space travel in cryosleep similar to the ones we learned about in that story about the asteroid miners for whom Becca invented Nightblood in the first place. It was to protect them from solar radiation while in cryosleep for long space journeys.  (One factor to consider here is the constant reiteration that Raven’s brain could heal itself if she just took it easy, which of course she never fuckin’ does; however, a five-year nap in cryostasis is probably enough time for her to wake up rested and ready for the writers not have to keep writing seizures into her storyline for Season 5.)  Again, using the magic of Television Science, something something handwave handwave the Nightblood in the placenta keeps the fetus safely in stasis while Abby goes under so they don’t have to deal with the fact that she’ll still only be 2 months along when the death wave comes.  This also makes room for the most crackpot of my crackpot Pregnant Abby theories, the idea that the season’s continued thematic parallels of Abby with Bellamy (up to and including very literal moments like Abby napping on the couch and dreaming of the 100 vs. Bellamy napping on the couch while Clarke drafts the list of the new 100) are actually clues as well.  There were 100 spots on the dropship but 101 passengers, because Bellamy stowed away.  If Cadogan left 100 cryosleep pods, there would be 101 passengers if Abby’s pregnant.

On a thematic level, of course, a baby symbolizes hope and possibility and the future; it’s a nice narrative device to tie the theme of hope which has always been primarily centered on Kane and Abby’s relationship over the course of the show and make it literal.  The first Skaikru baby being born to the Chancellors feels right, and it ramps up the emotional stakes for both of them to stratospheric levels because everything is more risky for a pregnant woman. It’s also a nice way to set up a long-term possibility for Season 5 where we get to see Skaikru emerging from the wreckage, trying to rebuild a home, and a radiation-immune Nightblood baby as a sign that the human race will continue is a nice sort of thematic illustration of that sense of possibility.  



h/t again to @brittanias and @knowlesian, as well as to @reblogginhood who occasionally feeds my tin hat conspiracy theories with things like “Vesta was a fertility goddess I’M JUST SAYING”

lumiiinas  asked:

BOi i am back omg i love every scenario u make like no joke,, ur great,, we love you,, hope ur healthy,, buT yeah can i rq a scenario with Aomine, Haizaki, Hanamiya, Kagami and Nebuya where their s/o wakes up a bit later than them and when they come downstairs they're in nothing but their partner's shirt and they're all sleepy and snuggly and clingy to them and they boys find it cute how they're so inimate and pure 🌝

OH god i forgot one person in my ask if yA dont mind can you add Kiyoshi? ThAnk

Of course I can sweetie! And thanks for requesting from me once more! I really enjoy seeing what you guys come up with, so it’s never a dull moment with some of these requests!

Aomine: Usually Aomine was the late sleeper between the two of you.. But upon seeing you still sleeping, hair splayed across the sheets, he didn’t try to disturb you, heading downstairs to make food. 

Again, he was at a loss, since you did all the cooking and preparations for the morning.. But he tried to make sense of things, searching through cookbooks to find a decent enough recipe.

At least until your arms wrapped around him. 

He paused, eyes wide as he turned to look at you, clad in his shirt and hair still in disarray.. There was a soft frown, as if you were upset he’d left you alone, and oh god.. He’s never seen you this.. adorable in his life..

“Dai-chan…” you mumbled, snuggling in the fabric covering his chest, “Come back to bed.. I’m cold…”

He didn’t hesitate, dropping everything and carrying you back to bed, where he was sure to make you so warm, you were forced to strip from his clothing.

Haizaki: He really didn’t want to leave the bed, but his stomach and the cries from his mom urged him to get up, though he was cranky and irritated. He left you under the blanket, unaware you’d woken up after he left, and he went to check around, eyebrows furrowed deeply…

Tch.. he was having a pleasant dream until he was interrupted..

He didn’t hear soft steps, but he almost jumped when you came to hug him, a tiny whine leaving your throat.

“Shogo-kun!! C..Come back to bed..” you paused, noticing the irritation on his face, “….Please…?”

God… he was completely finished.. As much as he hated being asked to do anything, seeing you like this, begging for him to come back to bed.. He really couldn’t deny you… His needs overstepped his wants, and he didn’t bother to say anything, just nodding slowly and let you guide him.

He was determined to erase that innocence from your face.

Hanamiya: Mornings were never his forte… In fact, Hanamiya hated them as much as he hated teams who worked together.. 

But this morning.. It was somehow… different.

He didn’t realize how innocent you were until you’d came to him, in only his shirt, and hugged him from behind with sleep in your eyes. He’d really thought he erased all your innocence away..

This expression, however, was much more… child-like..

As annoyed as he was with mornings, this one didn’t seem as bad when you looked at him, like that . However, those thoughts only lasted for a few minutes, before he clicked his tongue, carrying you back to bed roughly.

You may be cute, but he could be cuter.

Kagami: He’d never get used to seeing you right when he wakes up. That’s why Kagami had to immediately vacate his room, before he’d chose to listen to his inner voice, telling him to stay with you and re-enact last night’s events.

His cheeks burned just thinking about it, so he shook his head, focusing on the breakfast he was intending on making for the two of you. However, he wasn’t prepared for you to come in, adorning HIS shirt, one eye open as you yawned and hugged him carefully.

“W…Why didn’t you wake me… Tai-chan…?”

He swallowed, looking down at you, which was a mistake, as he’d seen part of your breast, and the marks he’d left on you before. He made a noise, turning around immediately and tried to think of what to say.. Y..yes.. why didn’t he wake you..?

Oh right.. He would’ve fainted and had a nose bleed..

“I.. I thought you could use s…some more… s…sleep!!”

He froze when you hummed, rubbing your nose against his back as you sighed, squeezing him tighter.

“You’re such a good boy, Taiga.. T..Thank you..”

There was a sudden crash, followed by a giant mess in the kitchen.. How you managed to make him destroy his house, Kagami will never know..

Kiyoshi: “___-____-chan…? W…Why aren’t you..?”

Kiyoshi really thought you would’ve still been sleeping, but he was utterly surprised when you followed after him, clinging to him like a child. His shirt didn’t help the matter, being way too big on you, and he found it in him to chuckle, though it sounded a little forced..

“Ah.. I see.. ____-chan wanted to be with me, hm?”

At your flustered cheeks, he knew he hit the mark, and he was quick to turn around, picking you up and holding you against his chest. He lightly kissed your forehead, smiling when you buried your face in his neck, and he massaged your legs.

“Alright then, just give me a few minutes to finish our breakfast and then we can go back to cuddling.. Okay?”

He could never erase that adorable look from your face, especially when you still wore his shirt.

Nebuya: He could tell from the previous night just how exhausted you were. For starters, you didn’t rebel to his suggestion of staying over. You let him put HIS clothing on you, and quite frankly, you’d crashed while studying for an upcoming test. Even when he woke up before you, Nebuya was shocked at how peaceful you were. 

So he’d decided to make breakfast for the two of you. Luckily it was a sunday, meaning there was no practice or classes.. Just a day in.. He heard pattering down the hallway, and as he turned to call your name, his voice stopped, and suddenly, he wasn’t so loud anymore..

You were ridiculously… adorable..

He was blushing when his shirt hung over your body, showing some of your bare legs, and you’d rubbed your eyes softly, yawning before walking towards him, wrapping your arms around his waist.

But what sealed the deal was how you’d lightly whined, cheeks a bit red as you mumbled,

“Ei-chan… Come back to bed…”

He tried not to make a sound, instead wrapped you in his arms and didn’t let go.

Secrets - John Version

Requested by anon:  Any Pairing: Reader x ?. I’ve got an idea where (Y/N) is hiding something and acting strange but when her boyfriend questions her about it, she avoids answering. This continues until he accuses her of cheating and during their argument she blurts out she’s pregnant (or something).
& Anon:  There’s not enough love for John!!! Can I have a protective John please?? Reader is johns wife or girlfriend and something happens?? Reader is close friends with Sherlock who is also protective of course…but I’m craving protective sweet John!!

Pairing: John Watson x reader

Word count: 1,584

Warnings: I’m not sure.

A/N: This gave so many twists… I swear there are five different versions of this story, but this one won over the others.


Originally posted by sherlockspeare

The case had been difficult; the criminal was a true mastermind of simplicity. They had taken so much time to figure it out, and then to chase after him was even worse. But perhaps, the worse thing of them all was that (Y/N) had been involved accidentally.

She knew John would be following Sherlock all night long until they caught the criminal, but she had never expected her best friend to be the ones they were looking for. So when Sherlock and John appeared at the café and started the persecution, she had no other choice but to help them catch him.

Everything was fine, until he ran towards an alley with literal whole all over the pavement. For John and Sherlock it was nothing hard to jump them or dodge them, but to (Y/N) and her high heels it was more than a medium obstacle, which resulted in her falling to one of the whole and hurting her ankle. Thankfully, her friend’s heart remained the same, and he stopped to check on her, allowing Sherlock to arrest him.

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Today was costume day at the library and someone was dressed as Saeyoung so as soon as I saw them I almost fainted and my nose almost started bleeding. (And I'm a Saeran girl, so you wouldn't even wanna know what would happen is someone cosplayed as him.)

Ugh 😩😩😩😩😩 I would legit day for a good ass Saeran cosplayer 😩😩😩 like the saeyoung one most of looked A1 😩✊🏼 but a Saeran 😍 they have my heart

10 Writing Prompts pt 2 (Situations)
  1. It’s my roommate’s birthday and you just made me drop the last cake in the store so help me either find a new one or bake a new one
  2. My dog just ran through the doggie door to your house please let me go in and get it
  3. I just upended a cup on you on accident so please take my shirt/jacket and i’m sorry
  4. Your kid keeps running over here and stealing food off my plate when you’re not looking and I don’t know how to make it stop
  5. I opened my cardoor and didn’t see you riding by on your bike and you crashed into it holy crap
  6. You’re a school to be a nurse/doctor and I just got hit in the face and my nose is bleeding and did you know you faint at seeing that much blood
  7. I’m pretty sure your baby keeps dropping it’s toy on purpose for my attention and it’s cute but this floor is probably really dirty
  8. This pregnant person is just a friend/retaliative so please stop giving us weird looks because I was flirting with you it’s not mine
  9. My cat just stole your dog’s ball and went up the tree with it I’m not sorry why is your dog even afraid of cats
  10. I don’t even like sandwiches but you’re a cute deli employee who always gets the order wrong but your smile makes it okay

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My birthday is on Valentines day so could I get a scenario where Kenma, Hinata, and Noya (or just Kenma if you take one) where they don't know it's their birthday so they wait the whole day wondering if they are going to get a valentines but then find out it's the s/o's birthday. Or something like that?? Thanks!!!

Happy birthday, anon! :D

“Stop staring or you’ll creep them out.” NISHINOYA felt a jab at the back of his head before Tanaka came and sat in front of him, obscuring his view of you. Scowling, Nishinoya rubbed the back of his head in a soothing manner. “They’re dating me, they’re used to it by now.” Tanaka snorted and watched as his friend continued to bore holes at the back of your head.

“Why do keep staring at _____-san, like that?” Tanaka finally asked. Nishinoya answered without looking at him. “It’s Valentine’s day and I’m waiting for _____-san to give me those chocolates that they have on their desk.”

Tanaka furrowed his eyebrows. You and Nishinoya have been dating for a few weeks now, and he wonders if Nishinoya hasn’t figured it out that those chocolates were birthday presents from friends yet. “You do know that it’s _____-san’s birthday today, right? Those chocolates aren’t Valentine–”

Nishinoya didn’t give him a chance to finish before he bolted out the door to get you a last minute birthday present.

HINATA wasn’t sure what was worse, waiting for a volleyball match to start or waiting for practice to end so he’d be able to see you. It was finally February 14 and your first Valentine as a couple, can you really blame him for being a little eager? He wanted to know if you had gotten him anything, eyeing the extra bag that you had brought with you to school this morning.

“Hey, dumbass! Pay attention!” Kageyama yelled, but it was too late before a volleyball came and hit Hinata square in the face. A bit dazed, Hinata sits upright, holding his nose to prevent any blood dripping onto the gym floor.

“Hinata, are you alright? You’ve been distracted for a while now,” Sugawara said, helping Hinata up. Hinata blushed as he looked down at the floor. “I’m just a little excited to see _____-chan later.”

“Oh, are you going to celebrate their birthday with them?” Yachi chirped up, passing him a tissue. Blinking, Hinata looked at Yachi with a puzzled look on his face before he asked, “Birthday? It’s their birthday today?”

Tsukishima scoffed as he gave their decoy a smirk. “Yeah, if you weren’t so hopeful on getting a Valentine from them the whole day, you would have noticed the birthday balloons they have been carrying around all day.”

Hinata wasn’t sure if he had fainted from his nose bleed or from the shock.

KENMA had an inkling that something was off today, something that he was missing. But he had ignored it, telling himself that it was just his nerves from waiting to meet up with you later that day. It was his first Valentine being with someone that wasn’t Kuroo and he was getting anxious. 

“What are you doing?” Kuroo asked, making Kenma jump in his seat. The setter looked up at his tall friend, watching him raise a visible eyebrow in question. “What’s got you all jumpy?”

“Nothing in particular,” Kenma stated, looking back down at his phone. But Kuroo wasn’t convinced as he sat in front of him, humming a short tune as he stared at him.

“Doesn’t seem like nothing if you haven’t been playing a game for more than five minutes,” Kuroo said, but Kenma didn’t answer so he continued. “By the way, give this to _____ for me, okay?”

Looking up, Kenma was confused to see a bag being thrust in his face, but that confusion was replaced with panic when he read the ‘happy birthday’ on the bag. “Hey Kuroo, do you think I could–”

“It’s yours to give to them. I figured you wouldn’t know their birthday yet, I did know them longer than you have,” Kuroo grinned.

Sometimes, Kenma was grateful to have a friend like Kuroo.

Little Vixen (Saizo Kirigakure- SLBP)

For @kitty-kat-ty as the 300 followers special. She requested suggestive.

Saizo was a playful guy.

And he knew that Kitty was…trying to get a reaction from him - and at the dinner table no less! Such a brazen little thing.

“Don’t worry Lord Shingen! I will run after you should you roll away.” Yukimura was way past the point of drunk. He was…high on sake…was that possible? Then again, with Yukimura anything was possible. He could have doughnuts in front of him, know they were poisoned and still eat them. He thought with his belly when food was in front of him. No wonder why he was so focused on training daily. He had to find a way to ease of those calories - wooing a women wasn’t exactly his forte. He’d probably walk to her bedroom and trip over his own feet, blush and claim he has a fever…
Or that it was just the drink…
Eitherway, complete failure.

No wonder why he used to think Yukimura ‘cute’ when the blushing idiot was a kid. And why he was so much fun to tease and troll. Oh that was the life. At least…Saizo thought so…

A hand, small and soft, rubbed his knee. His leg began to burn, yet he kept up his teasing smile as he ate his dango, trying so hard not to laugh at Yukimura sleeping with his head on Shingen’s shoulder.

He truly was a dork. And far too pure. Then again, he’d be pure even if he did lose his virginity. Saizo just knew it. At least if he didn’t faint and have a nose blood after seeing a woman showing him her naked body.

Now that would be funny.

Then hand on Saizo’s leg only went closer to his groin…slowly. His blood rushed across his body to his crotch. He looked at his dango and ate slower, trying to savor th taste. But her fingers brushing against him didn’t help him.

“I love you Lord Shingen…no…Lord Masamune…mine…he’s mine….”

The look of utmost shock on Shingen’s face as Yukimura cuddled closer to him wasn’t on Saizo’s mind. His jaw tensed and his fists clenched, face solemn.
“Little lady…”

“Yes, Sensei?”

That voice, quiet and innocent, was a vast contrast to her head sneaking beneath his clothes and touching him with her bare fingers. He hissed and pulled her hand away. He quickly stood and through his red haired vixen over his shoulder, marching towards his room.

He quickly slid the door shut and pressed her onto the futon, holding her hands away from him. He quickly and deftly removed the bandages from her body and tied them around her wrists. There was no need to be a male, everyone knew she was a female…she grew grumpy and childish whenever that month came. Even Sasuke noticed…

“You’ve been a bad student, a bad girl. A very naughty little lady.” His voice was low, menacing, teasing…and his gaze was hungry.

She only giggled. “Pleases teach me, Sensei.”

And that broke him. He went for the kill like a predator. And she was the victim.


The next morning Saizo was grinding like normal, teasing Sasuke with his height and behavior.

“Saizo…why does Kitty have red marks on her neck?”

“Yeah Sensei. Tell us.”

Shingen’s laughter at Yukimura and Sasuke only had them covering his mouth, looking at Saizo pleadingly.

Saizo’s grin only widened.
“Little lady had to be punished for being a naughty girl last night.”

“P-P-P-P-P-P-Punished!? N-N-Naughty!?” Yukimura’s blush and wide eyes must have been his end. He soon fainted, a small blood dribble running from his nose.

Sasuke only brushed it aside and Shingen..,well…he was a lost cause of hearty laughter.

No. Teasing Yukimura until he fainted of a nose bleed was the life.

3,000 Kirisaki Daiichi Special!

And the winner waaaaaas: hAUNTED HOOOOUSE

“Guys this is stupid.” Furuhashi sighed as Yamazaki and Hara drug them towards the supposedly haunted house. The school year was over, they had all managed to pass their exams and Yamazaki demanded repayment from all the studying he was forced to do. So they all found themselves being pulled up to abandoned house rumored to be haunted by the only two enthusiastic ones.

“Shut up, Furu, you’re just scared.” Hara grinned elbowing him playfully in the side. He rubbed his rib cage and looked at Hara with another exasperated sigh.

“Any objections?” Yamazaki asked.

“I object.” Furuhashi grumbled.

“No one?”

“I said I object!” He growled and looked to Hanamiya for help. Hanamiya looked up at the old rickety house dubiously. There were shingles hanging on by a single nail and the door was detached from the top hinge. He shrugged, leaving Furuhashi on his own.

“Kay, let’s head in!” Hara laughed giddily and hopped up the creaking and groaning stairs. Seto threw his arm around Furuhashi’s neck as he tried to turn the other way and pulled him inside.

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When everything changes


Wanda returned from their little vacation on the Stark’s private island as probably one of the happiest and the most relaxed women on Earth. But what can you say, having sex five times a day in such a beautiful and luxury environment does such things to people. 

But soon she started noticing changes. She was getting easily tired, using spells that would leave her with a bleeding nose at most made her faint twice, but the worst was the constant nausea. She felt an urge to vomit at most scents all day long, but the worst were early mornings. She was doing her best to hide it from Clint, convinced she caught some sort of virus and that there was nothing to worry about. But after a week of torture she decided to have herself checked. 

When she returned from the doctor she was a bit paler than usual. It was simply impossible. How could she be pregnant? Well, of course there was a technical possibility, but she was taking pills, this shouldn’t have happened… 

She was glad that Clint was out when she returned to their shared apartment, it would give her more time to figure out stuff. Deep down inside she always wanted to have children, but she and Clint… They’d never talked about it. She had no idea how he would react to such a news. This was going to change everything between them. Besides, they were both super heroes, they had many enemies. Having children in this scenario was very risky… But she just couldn’t help falling in love with the very idea of a new life growing inside her. 

When Clint came home she gave him a faint smile, lying on the couch when a new wave of nausea came. She was very nervous and that was only making things worse. “Hey…” she whispered. 

Opening up

Originally posted by incomparablyme

Pairing: Isaac Lahey x reader

Request: hi!!! I really really love your writing and how detailed it is, I was wondering if I can please get an imagine where the reader is Stiles cousin and a witch, and Isaac begins to like her but she doesn’t really open up to a lot of people so Isaac asks Lydia and Stiles for help, and by the end the reader agrees to go on a date with him?? and maybe how Stiles reacts to seeing them kiss after coming home from the date? thank you!!! Xxx

Requested By: Anonymous

Authors Note: This took me so long and I feel as if it is horrible. I hope you like it though. Again I’m sorry this came out so late.

Word count: 1938

Your name: submit What is this?

“Hey guys. My cousin, Y/N is coming to town. She’s kind of reserved so go easy on her.” Stiles said to the group of kids. “Ooh, is she cute?” Isaac asked Stiles. Stiles gave Issac I look of annoyance and Isaac chuckled. “She’s pretty reserved so she may not talk as much.” Stiles said. You see, Y/N was a witch, a witch that practiced dark magic and also traditional magic. Y/N was a girl of many personalities. She is the sweetest human being ever unless you mess with her. When you mess with her, she can be the cruelest person ever.

“Stiles.” The restless girl whined. “I have to follow you to school?” “Well, you are staying here for a while so you might as well get an education.” He tried to reason with her. He hated seeing her in any type of distress. He was also pretty protective over Y/N. He never let anyone touch or mess with her, in fear that she may use her dark magic on him or her. This had happened once though when she was a bit younger.

It was the eighth grade, Y/N and Stiles went to the same school and were very close friends. Y/N was a sweet child who could never hurt a fly, but her mom made her practice dark magic for protection. Y/N hated it. She hated seeing someone, anyone in pain. Y/N, though was pretty mature for her age. She started developing a bit early, and you know how adolescent boys are. Anything with boobs and a butt will excite them. Y/N is out and about in class. She was switching class and Stiles was trying to catch up to her but he saw two boys walk up pretty close behind her so he watched closely. She felt a pang of pain on her backside and Stiles quickly ran up to Y/N. The boys had run off laughing. Y/N felt her anger rising and but she calmed down and decided to cover for the boys. “They probably didn’t do it on purpose.” Y/N stated without looking at Stile. She was scared that he would be mad. “Are you serious? He slapped your butt.” “He was not serious, it was an accident.” Y/N smiled at him and walked away swiftly, leaving Stiles confused and annoyed. Y/N had gone through the day and it was pretty good until dismissal. She had gone to her locker to get her things but she was cornered by like three boys. They were saying pretty dirty things to Y/N and they were feeling her up. Y/N felt her anger start to rise as she tried to push them away. “Get off of me.” She pushed one of the boys particularly hard and he started laughing. “Haha, she’s strong.” He said. This kept on going for another minute until Y/N felt a pair of cold hands go up her shirt. She snapped and pushed the boy away harder. She started whispering an incantation for the three boys to choke under her breath and one by one the boys moved back, gasping for air. Y/N smirked and walked up to them, saying the incantation a bit louder, making the chokehold a bit stronger. The boys had fallen to the floor and Y/N was smirking overtop of them. Just in time, Stiles walked into the locker room. “Y/N” he screamed, trying to get you to snap out of your incantation. She started chanting the incantation; making the grip strong enough to have them pass out. “Y/N look at me.” He screamed. She turned around to face him. She had tears in her eyes and ran into his arms. The boys were on the floor unconscious but still breathing. “They started touching me.” She said into his chest, her voice was cracking. “Now they can’t hurt me.” She sobbed into his chest. “I stood up for myself.” She sobbed. Stiles didn’t know what to say. But she started to feel dizzy and she felt liquid pour out her nose. “Woah, your nose is bleeding. Come here.” He tried to stand her up but she fainted. This is what happens to a witch like Y/N, her powers rely on her body. If she overdoes something, it will affect her body as well. This is the reason Y/N left beacon hills and went into home schooling. Y/N’s mom was afraid that She would have another outburst and potentially kill someone. She also hated how those boys were touching you and they didn’t have any repercussions. This also made her very iffy about boys.

It was the “first day” of Y/N’s new school. She promised herself that she wouldn’t really talk to people and get attached to people. “I’m going to introduce you to my friend.” Stiles said, leading Y/N to his jeep. “Oh God, please no.” “Don’t worry, they put us in all the same classes so if you need anything I’m always there. ” He smiled at her and started driving to school. “Stiles, what if I hurt someone again.” She said frowning. “You won’t. It has been almost 3 years since that incident. It wont happen again.” Stiles rubbed the anxious girl’s shoulder. “We’re here!” He smiled widely and parked. “Oh my gosh.” Y/N frowned at the sight of everyone. “Come on.” Stiles smiled and pulled her to his group of friends congregating in front of the school. “Hey guys! This is my cousin Y/N.” Stiles smiled at Her but she didn’t look at the group of kids at all. “Hi Y/N, I’m Allison.” The smiley brunette girl said and stuck her hand out. “Hi, I’m Y/N.” she said shyly and reluctantly shook her hand. “Welcome to beacon Hills high.” Isaac smiled. “I’m Isaac.” He smirked. Y/N stared at him for a second. “Y/N.” she said shyly. Isaac had developed a little crush on Y/N and she did the same.

A few months had passed and Y/N was a bit more comfortable with her new “friends”. Y/N had to take a test during lunch so she wasn’t with the group. Stiles could see the way Isaac looked at Y/N whenever she spoke. Stiles knew that Isaac liked her and he couldn’t take it. “Hey Lydia, come over here for a second please?” Isaac motioned to her and walked to a corner. “What? I was eating.” She frowned at Isaac. “Could you maybe um, like try to get Y/N to open up?” He asked. “And how will I do that?” Lydia asked, crossing her arms. “I don’t know. Figure something out? Pleaseee?” The boy begged her. “Hold on. Hold on hold on.” Lydia stopped him. “Do you like her?” The red head rose her eyebrow. “What? Me? No?” He laughed nervously and scratched the back of his forehead. “Okay.” Lydia scoffed and walked away.

“Hey Y/N do you want to do something tonight?” Lydia smiled at the girl putting stuff in her locker. “Why?” She said, shutting her locker and picking up her book bag. “Because we’re friends and friends do stuff with each other. Duh.” Lydia slightly shoved Y/N and Y/N looked confused. “Where are we going?” she asked, starting to walk to her class. “I don’t know, we could hang out in your room if you would like.” “Okay sure.” Y/N smiled at the red head and walked to her class.

It was the start of the girls’ mini sleepover. Lydia had brought over snacks and the girls just sat and talked. “So where are you coming from?” Lydia asked, laying down upside-down on Y/N’s bed. Y/N hesitated, she was afraid of opening up to people. “Y/N, I literally know nothing about you. We should get closer to each other.” Lydia smiled and sat up straight. “I don’t want to hurt you.” Y/N mumbled. “What was that?” Lydia asked and narrowed her eyes. “Oh, I said that I would like to do that as well.” It took a while but Lydia finally got Y/N to spill. They were having so much fun that it came to Y/N naturally.

“So, what is something no one else knows about you?” Lydia asked, sitting on Y/N’s bed. “Oh I’m a witch haha.” Lydia looked shocked and that was when Y/N realized what she had said. “Wait.” She muttered. “OH MY GOSH SHOW ME.” Lydia squealed. “No, I don’t really think I should.” Y/N smiled nervously and shook her hand trying to surrender. “Please, it’s okay I wont tell anyone.” Lydia held her hand. “Okay hand me that pillow.” Y/N sighed. Lydia was watching intently. Y/N cut the pillow and spread the feathers on the bed. She put one hand over the pillow and lifted it without touching it. “Woah, that’s so cool.” Lydia said and Y/N smirked. She put the feather down but did the same thing and ten feathers rose. Then she put her arms down and all the feathers were circulating around the both of them. “Oh my gosh.” Lydia was astonished. A few hours had passed and it was 10 PM. “So, Y/N who do you like?” Lydia asked suddenly remembering what Isaac wanted. “Nobody.” Y/N said a bit too quickly. “Stop lying. You can tell me.” Lydia gave Y/N a reassuring smile. “Fine, Isaac.” Y/N stared at Lydia and Lydia squealed making Y/N turn her face around in embarrassment. “I think that something may happen between you guys.” Lydia smirked.

A few more weeks had passed and Y/N had become closer to the others and even Isaac. She even told them that she was a witch. It was Friday and the end of the day. Isaac was bold and decided to pull Y/N to the side and ask her out. “Isaac, you scared the crap out of me. Don’t do that!” Y/N laughed and punched him lightly. “I wanted to ask you something.” He smiled and rubbed the back of his neck. “What?” She asked, clutching her books to her chest. “Would you maybe, uh like to go out on a date with uh me?” He furrowed his eyebrows. “That came out really weird.” Isaac said and covered his face. “Yeah, I would like to.” Y/N smiled really wide. “Really? Okay cool. I’ll pick you up at 6 okay?” Isaac smiled and Y/N said goodbye and left

The date went very well. Even though Y/N was still hesitant about touching, she felt at ease with Isaac. When Isaac drove Y/N home, he walked to the door with her. Little did they know, Stiles was literally on the other side of the door making sure nothing would happen. “I had really fun tonight.” Isaac smiled and shoved his hand in his pockets. “I did too, we should do this again.” Y/N smiled. An awkward silence swept through the area. “Well, I should get going. I’ll see you on Monday.” She turned to open the door. “Wait.” Isaac said, not sure how to go about doing this. “Yeah?” Y/N said and turned around, facing him. Isaac walked closer to the confused girl and leaned in. He kissed her and she kissed back. Suddenly Stiles appears out of nowhere. “no nO NO. NOT TODAY!” the boy yelled and grabbed Y/N, put her over his shoulder and walked in the house. “See you Monday.” Isaac said. “Yeah, if I ever let her out of her room.” Stiles said sarcastically. “LET ME DOWN. STILES YOU’RE EMBARRASSING ME. ISAAC DON’T LISTEN TO HIM.” Y/N was pounding on his back screaming. Isaac just chuckled and stiles turned around to face him. “Good night.” “I hate you.” Y/N hit him one last time and he smiled, shutting the door in Isaac’s face.