Tassili n'Ajjer is noted for its prehistoric rock art and other ancient archaeological sites, dating from Neolithic times when the local climate was much moister, with savannah rather than desert. 

Some of the painting have bizarre depictions of what appear to be spacemen wearing suits, visors, and helmets. They resemble modern day astronauts. This takes us to the west African tribe, the Dogon, whose legends say they were guided to the area from another part of Africa that was drying up. According to the legend fish gods called the Nommo came in huge ships from the sky to guide them. (Source)

Some plates used for our book. And Thank you so much for all your interest and comments you’ve been leaving us. We will have our book at SDCC, Small-Press N-02; and will be available for online purchase afterwards. #grizandnorm #tuesdaytips #100tuesdaytips #book

London School Teacher Captures Image of a Demon While Visiting Family in Jamaica.

A 42 year-old school teacher living in Richmond, London, England claims he captured this chilling image while visiting his parents in Clarendon, Jamaica. According to the Mirror, the anonymous secondary school teacher says he took a picture of a painting hanging in his parents home, which depicted a scenic waterfall. However, when the man went to review the picture, he was shocked to see the image of a horrific entity instead.

There was a wall with a painting on it and i thought that I would take a picture.” The man said. “I was looking at it and I thought ‘what is that!’. Everybody in the house started screaming and running away. I have never seen anything like this. It is disgusting and has given me headaches.” 

The family is convinced the entity is a demon and that the home is haunted. They believe the demon is that of an elderly female relative who was unhappy with the family’s decision to move her to a nursing home just before her death. The family has since moved out of the house and are currently living in a rental.

The image is undoubtedly creepy, however, I’m not quite sure what to make of this image. To me, the demon doesn’t look very ‘ghost-like’. While it’s certainly possible that this was a real entity, it’s also equally possible that this was just a person or a doll. I’m interested to hear your thoughts. Does this picture show a real demon? Or could this simply be a hoax?


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letssaynotonormal asked:

Tumblr a few years ago: "Stop judging women for the way they dress. Women can dress in any manner they want and shouldn't be slut shamed for it." Tumblr now: "Sexy female characters in video games/movies/etc are nothing more than sex dolls. Women dressed like that can't be taken seriously. Also any woman that cosplays as a sexy character or dresses in a sexy manner has no self respect." I think tumbler has forgotten what it means to empower women and respect their choices.

Remember, you’re only as empowered as FeministsTM say you are. You can dress how ever you want as long as it’s FeministTM approved. 

-the Polish one

me: *notices my 4 year old nephew’s new Spiderman sandals* wow! I like your shoes!
him: I was thinking they were just for boys but the lady at preschool says that girls and boy can have the same things so if you really liked them we could go to get you some of your own if you wanted from the shops?

Glad to hear that school is teaching him right!

It came from my parents’ room

I think it was around midnight or maybe even early morning. It was a stormy night and I just couldn’t get myself to fall asleep. Rain had always lured me into a state of relaxation, but this time it wasn’t the case, much to my annoyance. I’d already shifted around in my bed for a couple of times and was now facing the wall to block out the streetlights peeking from between my curtains. While I tried my best to relax, something in my mind wasn’t at ease. It was a feeling one would get once you forget something but can’t exactly point out what.

I let out a small sigh and I heard the door from the other side of the hallway slowly creak open and close, footsteps coming closer to my room. I didn’t really think much of it, though. I assumed it was one of my parents who had to go the toilet or something like that. The bathroom was right next to my room. Our walls weren’t the thickest so it wasn’t really a surprise to clearly hear a door open and close before being locked with a small ‘click’. Even though all of us knew no one would walk in on one another when it was in the middle of the night, we still locked the bathroom door as a reflex. The sounds the door would make were very annoying and loud, something that didn’t really help me to fall into a slumber, but I had to live with it one way or another. I silently waited for the toilet to flush and for the door to open so I knew I wouldn’t be interrupted when I made a second attempt to fall asleep, but nothing came. I raised a brow at this and got a strange and almost nervous feeling in the pit of my stomach, the same feeling from earlier.

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Arkadaşımla az önce aramızda geçen muhabbet..
Ben: şimdi senin düşüncene göre ben cehenneme falan gitmeliyim öylemi..
O: yok..saflığınla durumu kurtarır cennete gidersin sen :)
Ben: ya cennette bir sürü huri olsa ya çevremde en yakışıklı ama en çarpık dişlisinden :) aa pardon erkek olanına huri denmiyordu neydi..?
O: Nuridir o Nuri.. ( ama söyleyiş acaip ciddi )

188: Cadborosaurus

“My first attempt at being a ‘Guest Artist’ and I decided to draw one of my other favorite cryptids! Cadborosaurus willsi! Or ’Caddy’ for short! What a time to be a furry sea serpent!”

This lovely art was done by the ever-talented generaldroid, this blog’s first guest artist!!!

What a knockout! Gorgeous textures and really digging the pose, quite the unique take on Caddie too!

Table Nine

“Welcome to ‘Belmont’s,’ may I have your name please?”

“Mayhue; Table nine.”

The short girl standing at the hostess stand greeted us with a friendly smile, almost too friendly, like she had never been more pleased with a dine-in for two.

“Of course! Right this way, please!” she said again, her smile not wavering in the slightest.

I leaned over to my girlfriend, Angela, to confirm what I was thinking.

“That wasn’t odd at all, right?”

“What do you mean? The way she was looking at you? You are just such a handsome guy and all, Ben.” She said sarcastically. She lightly giggled to herself and nudged me, obviously not noticing the same strange behavior of the hostess.

“Oh well.” I thought to myself. “I’ve always overthought things I suppose.”

We followed the hostess through walkways of the small Italian restaurant. You always have to call ahead to get seating here, it is one of the most popular places in town and the only place to get a ‘real’ Italian cooked meal. Or so they say.

I looked around to take in the ambience of the place. I had been here several times before, but I am always a sucker for detail everywhere I go. The paved brick walkways lined with marble, the wooden, shingled walls, the low lighting even for the middle of the day made for a great setting. I’ve always had this place in mind for when the time comes. Today is the day. It has to be the day.

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Lakeville, City of Lakes : Chapter 17

Rating: Teen
Word Count: 10,448
Co-written by: skimmingmilk and syl-writes-stuff
Summary: “I have a surprise for you!”
“Those words never end well for me.”

Nightmares are keeping Dipper from sleeping. In an effort to help him recover from what happened to him in the hideaway of the Society of the Blind Eye, Mabel puts a plan into motion that involves a bit of a change in scenery from their usual summers spent in Gravity Falls. A slow, normal summer spent in Lakeville, city of lakes, full of dates, frog hunts, and fun with friends might be just the thing to take Dipper’s mind off it. Not to mention give him a few extra weeks with his boyfriend and get the comfort he needs in the aftermath of Gideon’s torture. As they get used to this new relationship, it’s ups and downs, Wirt and Dipper also get to begin to piece together the puzzles that make up each other and build upon the foundation they set up in Gravity Falls.


Chapter 17

“This is unacceptable.”

Arms crossed and a serious expression on his face, Greg stared at what he could see of the half-closed door of his brother’s bedroom from the spot where the living room met the hallway. Beside him, Jason Funderburker croaked his agreement - or attempted to reason with him, but Greg liked to think their lucky frog was on his side on this one at least.

“What’s unacceptable, honey?” his mom asked from the dining room table, sounding much too amused while she worked on some sewing, Mabel knitting beside her, a plate of cookies and glasses of lemonade between them on the table along with a giant tub of crayons from where Greg had been engaged in his own arts and crafts.

“We’ve only got six days left before Dipper and Mabel have to go home, and I still don’t know what the surprise is!” he replied, gesturing to Wirt’s bedroom with a huff. “They’re just spending the whole day being waffles.”

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