White House Basement

The White House is notorious for its ghost stories. One of those is centered around the basement, which are notoriously spooky places in their own right. Legend tells of a demon cat that haunts the White House basement, one that appears like a small kitten at first, only to grow into a large spectral beast the closer you get to it. It is only seen every now and then, and supposedly always before a big disaster strikes the nation. It was reportedly seen before the stock market crash of 1920, and just before President Kennedy’s assassination.

That awkward bi moment

when you (girl) forget that heteronormativity exists and at a social event someone talks about “your future boyfriend” and you just kind of respond with a “hahaha, or, you know, anyone” because you’re too shy to mention the possibility of a girlfriend/nonbinary datefriend.

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Lady of the Lighthouse

- Paranormal Photos – Fact or Fiction

- A cell phone tower technician had a friend take a picture of him as he sat perched atop a 300ft tower. In the background was the St Augustine Lighthouse, though it was barely visible. After that first photo was taken the technician took back his phone in order to take a picture himself, this time zoomed right into the St Augustine Lighthouse.

The phone was then put away.

Later that night the pair went back through the photos they had taken that day and were surprised to see someone standing on the walkway atop the lighthouse. They know no one was there when the photo was taken.

If it is not a flesh and blood, living, breathing person, then who or what is it?

The image certainly shows that something is there but what it is I really can not tell. One can make out the shape of a dress and long hair as the figure seems to look out in the distance. Or it could be just about anything else in what is essentially a lot of blurry pixels. Still many regard this as a great capture at one of Florida’s most haunted locations.

St Augustine Lighthouse is just one of several that have stood in the area, with the first been lit in about 1737. The first lighthouse was in danger of damage and collapse by the eroding beach, so, in 1871, the lighthouse seen today, the ‘second tower’, began construction.

This lighthouse has seen tragedy many times, with deaths befalling keepers and their families, but in July, 1873, the most notorious of tragedies is said to have taken place. During construction of the lighthouse ('second tower’) a cart of some sort (cable or hand) was used to help transport materials for the workers. The superintendent of the construction allowed his children (and a friend or two) to ride the cart for some fun. Unfortunately, on the 10th of July, the cart and five children playing inside went off the pier and into the water. Only two were rescued – three young girls perished in the accident.

Many people have reported strange phenomena at the St Augustine Lighthouse - voices heard when no one else is around, shadow forms and several apparitions including that of a woman on the lighthouse stairs and a man who seems to roam about, keeping watch over things.

Two young girls have also been reported up on the catwalk near the top of the tower.

This location has so much history and haunting tales that we shall look at those in a seperate piece down the line.

Was a ghostly woman captured in this photo?
Could it just be a living person overlooked when the photo was taken?
Maybe its an outright hoax, a image manipulation?
Or maybe something else entirely?
Fact or Fiction, you decide!

Ashley Hall - The Paranormal Guide 2014

Photo: The original picture.
Inset upper: Zoomed in to show… well not a lot.
Inset Lower: The stairs where a ghostly woman has been seen on many occasions.

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I hate the bus.

I’m a simple person with a boring, plain life. Every morning I wake up at six in the morning, eat breakfast, shower, get dressed, then take the bus to my workplace. I get there around eight and head in to deal with the hubbub of my colleagues, taking a lunch break around twelve to relax and eventually heading home at three, again taking the bus.

I truly hated the bus. It was loud packed, and ridiculously tiresome. My best friend had offered to drive me home but, due to my stubborn nature, I turned him down. I had one seat on the bus that I always sat in, the seat three back from the driver’s seat, and since I looked to grumpy, nobody ever dared to take my seat from me. No one sat next to me either, but there was a seat behind me that random strangers would sit in, often a mother and her son that I grew interested in. Her son said he was sick, and had to go to the hospital very often, and I sometimes saw the two in the park when I was on my break. They were kind people, the mother was a bit dreary and the child acting like any seven-year-old would, and I came to like talking to them on the morning bus. The mother seemed tired all the time, often seeming to ignore her son more than talk to him. I knew her name but not the name of her son. They were the only people on that bus that I could put up with.

December thirty-first was like every other day for me, just an average Wednesday. I got up at six, ate a bowl of cereal, took a shower, dressed myself, and headed to the bus stop. That day I wore a scarf I’d gotten for my birthday two days earlier, which had penguins on it. I knew the boy behind me loved penguins so I was looking forward to showing him the scarf. When i got on the bus and sat in my usual seat, I noticed the mother was there but not the son. Seeing her somber expression, I left her alone, my heart sinking. When i arrived at my workplace, I got off and went inside.

Everything was as usual. I stole a cup of coffee from my boss, narrowly dodged having my ass grabbed by the most annoying man in the building, handled a few computer glitches, designed more of our company’s project, and took my lunch break. I went to the park as usual, sitting on my bench and feeding my bread to the animals. I saw the mother from the bus, too, but again didn’t ask about her son. She seemed tired, like she hadn’t slept in a very long time. I soon went back inside and worked for the remaining time before my bus came, and left to head home.

On the bus, the mother was absent from the seat behind me. I put on my headphones and listened to music like I often did, ignoring the beating of feet on the back of my seat. They kicked my back annoyingly, but not hard enough for me to care. I figured a restless child or teen was seated behind me, like usual on the afternoon bus.

When i got up to leave the bus, I checked the seat behind me to see who it was that had been kicking me. Even though I still felt their feet before I stood, there was nobody int he seat behind me…

The next day, concerned, I saw the woman sit behind me on the bus. I gently asked her what had happened to her son. What she said made my heart stop.

“A son? I don’t have a son, I only have two daughters.”

“But almost every day, there is a boy that sits beside you,” I insisted, worried for my own mental health.

She made an odd face and suggested I might have been hallucinating.

I knew that she had a son. I often would feel his feet on the back of my seat, I could hear him playing with his little toys, felt him play with my hair and tell me it looked funny the way I dyed it. He even asked me if I would take him to have his dyed that way. How was there no son? She seemed genuine when she had said it, looking at me like I was insane, almost.

After work, I asked my friend to start driving me home. I haven’t ridden that bus since that day. I asked my friend if he had ever seen the kid in the park, since we took out breaks together. I told him about the woman and he said he knew about her.

“Yeah, she’s never had a son, but her grandmother did. The kid died many years ago, he was sick almost all the time. I’ve heard she looked exactly like her grandmother did when she was her age, why do you ask?”

I didn’t tell him, fearing he would think I was crazy. Was I crazy? Had I been hallucinating every single day, for almost two years now?

I haven’t been to that bus, not even that bus stop, not even that park, nowhere I had ever seen that boy. My friend worried about me, but didn’t say anything.

One night, on the news, I saw that the bus that I rode had crashed, the bus driver and a few riders had died. Turns out, my paranoia saved me from a coincidence. The next morning, however, I saw that boy in the back seat of my friend’s car, kicking my seat and playing with my hair…

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Capgras Syndrome

My name is Emily, I have two beautiful children. Ryan who is 4 and Chloe who is 2. I have a wonderful husband named Daniel, we fell in love when we were 18 and married when we were 24.

My life was exactly how I pictured it being when I was a little girl until not so long ago, but when I stood at the alter and said my vows I didn’t think that I would have to take the “in sickness and in health” quote quite so literally but I vowed to stay with Daniel no matter what and I suppose that’s what marriage is all about.

About 1 and a half years ago soon after Chloe was born I noticed that Daniel stared to act slightly differently. He didn’t look at me the same way he used to, the sparkle in his eye was replaced with a slightly disapproving glare as if he didn’t trust me, I put it down to us having a new baby and him being very protective. When I was watching the TV I would see him out of the corner of my eye staring at me for a bit too long. Things just seemed to be different. I assumed that he was struggling with some kind of postnatal depression, it’s not as common in men but I suppose it can happen.

Then the accusing started. I would get home after a long day at work (I’m a nurse) and he would question me as to where I had been. This is when things started getting to me, I went back to work early from my maternity leave to get extra money to look after our children and this is how he repaid me, he would turn up at my place of work throughout the day and watch me through the windows to make sure I was really there. I mean how pathetic is that! Why doesn’t my own husband trust me.

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Thank you Disney Channel for Teen Beach

I’m just gonna take this moment to thank Disney Channel for producing a movie that encourages girls to follow their dreams, even if they fall outside of gender norms, and shows them that they are in charge of their future. Thank you for showing boys that it is okay to talk about your feelings. Thank you for teaching everyone that you don’t need to change who you are for the sake of a relationship. Just thank you for this movie. Seriously people, go watch both Teen Beach Movie 1 & 2 because they are gold!

Top 10 Worst Theological or Mythological Demons

Whether you are religious or not, demons have played a large part in mythology, books, movies, and even music. Films, such as “Paranormal Activity”, “The Exorcist”, “The Exorcism of Emily Rose”, “Fallen”, and–more recently–”The Last Exorcism”, have made demons something to fear. Movies, however, rarely scratch the surface of just how evil these former, corrupt servants of God (or many gods) can be. Here, in no particular order, are the 10 worst–and/or weirdest–demons in theological and mythological history.