Artist Style Meme inspired by nanakoblaze who was inspired by luciastalina

These are all great artists so I’m really sorry that I messed up your style.

Normal - These was all horribly rushed but I really wanted to do this in the limited time I had. I just realized my style is the only Juvia facing right????

nanakoblaze - I don’t really know nanakoblaze, all I know is that she has fairy tail next gen that pops up in the gru.via tag. But I thought since I found the meme though her I should try do her style.

brolinfinity - I tried. I really tried. Bravo to you for having such a wonderful realistic style but I can’t not imitate. I kind of maybe used your Mavis sketch as a reference since it was hard imitating your style without lineart.

rboz - My all time favorite artists that ever existed in the gosh damn fandom. Rboz was really hard because she doesn’t really draw Juvia so I had to wing it from one picture from the aerial view.

blanania - I’m sorry, this looks bad because this was far by the hardest.

blamedorange - Funniest person in the fandom hands down.

pinkhinori - I really love her Gru.via stuff and the way she color. I believe she does everything on GIMP which is unbelievable.

luciasatalina - All her art is FRIGGIN GORGEOUS.

“Do vases dream of cut flowers?”
Machimura Katsumi, Omura Takeshi, Matsumoto Haruyuki, Kitamura Masako, Mitch Iburg, Tanaka Keiichi, Hattori Tatsuya, Ohnaka Kazunori


Happy Birthday dearest yaroudomos!!!

You have been the most amazing friend this past year and… I wish nothing but the best for you. I love you so, so, so much, buddy. And I really do wish that I could better express how much I do feel for you. But know that you really are a wonderful person and… well, just never change, okay?

Continue being the sweetheart that everyone loves. ;u; <3

Because I just didn’t have enough projects in progress, I cast on a Nori tonight. (anyone wondering what happened to the last one I was knitting, I was having horrible problems keeping the chart straight and after frogging it multiple times, gave up.)

This time, I typed the charts out in words since I do better with those…and notice the markers before every repeat.

I’m tempted to add lifelines before I get much farther.

The colors look a little off in this picture, sorry about that. Being a night person limits my lighting choices since I live with people who are trying to sleep.