• Me : * shopping with my best friend *
  • Me : * sees sweets corner - jars filled with chewing gums *
  • Me : hey can we have -
  • Friend : don't -
  • Me : Chu chu chu chu chewing gum Chu chu chu chu chuchuchuchuchu Chu chu chu chu chewing gum
  • Friend : *facepalms*
  • Me : give me that chewing gum

We live in a country where a 4 year old baby has to witness her daddy’s murder by people who are paid to protect and serve her family and then be thrown in the back of a police car to console her grieving mother. We live in a country where that same baby will know unimaginable pain and trauma and how hated and feared her blackness is before she knows how to read. We live in a world where a 4 year old black girl can be robbed not only of her father but also of her childhood and people will still treat Black Lives Matter as a contentious topic rather than a definitive statement. This is the reality of being black in America. This aint a trend or a disembodied tweet or a fucking hashtag. This is our life, the lives of our family, the lives of our children. Im so tired and scared.

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Kpop blogs I follow: SM comfirmed Kaistal! YG comfirmed that Minzy left 2NE1! Block B album where you at? Got7 winning the fucking Grammys next time… Crush.T breakup! DeanxCrush vs Zion.T? Eric NamxWGM vs Monsun? Seventeen album (call me) soon! BTS where you aaaaat? Winner’s (too) long haitus issue! HOW BIG IS BAMBAM?!!! Jay Park vs Zino vs Stephanie! Will Wonho ever get ramen?

That one nonkpop blog I follow: Doris Day looks good af for a 92-year-old what is her secret? 

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Favorite piece of clothing? - I have these really roomy sweatshirts that I buy every time I go to the zoo and they’re so warm and snug

All time favorite song? - Kpop: Voodoo doll by Vixx | Nonkpop: It’s between Betrayal In The Watchtower by I the Mighty or the acoustic version of Hearts and Spades by I The Mighty

Favorite book author? - I’ve only read two of her books, but Sabaa Tahir has such a good style and pace of writing that I’ve never read something so quick before.

Main OTP? - I would die for Seungji and Ashivia @fluffyjihun

Do you take good care of your plants? - Not at all ;A; I had four cacti and they all died. Someone forgot that plants also need sun… (my windows are tinted so no light can come in lol)

Book you’re currently reading? - A Torch Against The Night - Sabaa Tahir. The first book honestly blew me away. Like, it’s such a good action fantasy and the romance isn’t at all cringy! I’m really hesitant with romances (especially since the main character is a female and you know how authors tend to portray female characters when it comes to fantasy romances) but I’m thoroughly enjoying this one. 10/10 would recommend 

Favorite type of shoes?

Do you write a diary? - Nah. I tend to vent on this blog, so there’s no need to lmfao

PC or a laptop? - I used to think laptops were the coolest thing to have, but tbh, I want my PC back ;A;

Pastel or dark colors? - I really like pastels. Pastel pink is the shit.

My 10 questions:

1. What’s one group you didn’t expect to love as much as you do?

2. Do you approve of pineapples on pizza?

3. Chocolate, white, or strawberry milk?

4. Any unusual hobbies?

5. Your favorite meme?

6. What’s one year that you miss?

7. Would you prefer wearing flower crowns or chokers?

8. Gummy worms or gummy bears?

9. When did you meet your best friend?

10. What’s one song you always catch yourself singing?

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Hey, so, I wanted to rewrite my post asking for some help because it was pointed out to me that some of the language I used was incorrect and potentially offensive. I apologize for that.

But as I was asking before, I’m working on developing a character named Chai. Chai is a transgender woman, and is also of mixed races (black and Thai.) I don’t have a whole lot of experience in that area, and I was wondering if anyone would be willing to give me some advice on how to write her?

I ship Riley and Farkle so much. I didn’t before, but now I do. Farkle is so caring and he’s such a genuine person. I think what Charlie said was foreshadowing that Riarkle will be endgame and if it’s true, I will be so happy. I mean Stuart Minkus wasn’t able to get Topanga, but what if this time around, his kid is able to get “little Topanga”. Does anyone else think like I do?

So I was on Facebook doing my thing and I see someone share a video (he was a non kpop fan) of Ukwon’s Joker performance on Hit The Stage and the page that shared/uploaded this video was a non kpop page. I looked through the comments and I see praise from those who are not familiar with Kpop but enjoyed his performance because he portrayed the character well and his routine had a story which they thought was well performed. I just have to say that I am very proud of Ukwon because in my opinion I feel that he’s getting more recognition. His performance has attracted an audience that’s unfamiliar with Kpop and praised him for his routine. Some of the praises were about his portrayal of the Joker and the story delivered throughout the performance. Ukwon has this aura around him that attracts people and I hope this helps bring nonkpop fans to be more open minded about the music and bring in new BBCs♡