• Me :* shopping with my best friend *
  • Me :* sees sweets corner - jars filled with chewing gums *
  • Me :hey can we have -
  • Friend :don't -
  • Me :Chu chu chu chu chewing gum Chu chu chu chu chuchuchuchuchu Chu chu chu chu chewing gum
  • Friend :*facepalms*
  • Me :give me that chewing gum

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relationship status: what’s a relationship
favorite color(s): black, blue, green
pets: I don’t have any bc my brother is allergic to literally all fur :///
cats or dogs: how abt both
coke or pepsi: I don’t usually drink soda but coke bc pepsi is disgusting
chapstick or lipstick: lipstick!!!
last song I listened to: geek u.s.a - smashing pumpkins
favorite tv show(s): peaky blinders !!!
hobbies: singing, writing, bass guitar and violin

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Okay, real talk here, any of the bigger chested women, do you have any recommendations for sports bras? And I’m talking about ones that will keep everything on lockdown. I keep trying to find some on google but I keep coming up with like DDs or anything in my cup size ends at like a 36 _._ I need something for like a 42F/FF

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Nickname: L online and Liz in real life

Gender: Genderfluid (any pronouns are cool, as long as you don’t call me an it)

Zodiac sign: Gemini, but supposed to be a cancer

Height: 157 cm/5′2"

Hogwarts house: Ravenclaw!

Favorite color: Black and red

Time right now: 19:56/7:56pm

Ave. hours of sleep: Between 3-8

Lucky number: 8

Last thing I googled: “months in Korean” lmao I’m lame

Blankets I sleep with: 2

Favorite band: ToppDogg! I like vixx, Monsta X, bts, and EXO as well as many others. For nonkpop I like panic! At the disco and twenty one pilots, but I listen to kpop mainly.

Dream trip: Japan or England.

Dream job: Teaching English in South Korea.

Wearing right now: long sleeved black shirt and jeans.

Age of blog: Since 2013 (??) but I only started being active around the end of 2014/beginning of 2015.

Following: 235

Posts: 5,025

What I post about: Kpop and occasionally tags like this

When did my blog peak: My blog peaked when I wasn’t a kpop blog lmao probably when I posted mainly YouTube stuff. Although, I gained the most followers the most quickly when I switched to being nothing but kpop.

Get daily asks: I never get asks oops

URL: a play on words of Yano’s mixtape with his last/family name 💕
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