• Me :* shopping with my best friend *
  • Me :* sees sweets corner - jars filled with chewing gums *
  • Me :hey can we have -
  • Friend :don't -
  • Me :Chu chu chu chu chewing gum Chu chu chu chu chuchuchuchuchu Chu chu chu chu chewing gum
  • Friend :*facepalms*
  • Me :give me that chewing gum

Seriously the worst thing for an exo stan is when you’re listening to their songs and one of your nonkpop family members/friends ask what the song’s about. Like there’s no way to make it sound cool and not corny af and it’s really awkward

“oh they’re singing about how the world and all it’s ppl are shit and they’re asking their moms why it’s like this and if it can get better”

“oh they’re singing about how they’re wolves and how they kinda wanna lowkey kill this girl”

“oh they’re singing about how they’re infatuated with this girl so they’re growling at other guys to scare them away”

“oh they’re singing about how they’re so in love with this girl and how much this girl is so in love with them and they’re just overdosing over all of the love”

Call Me, Baby?
“oh…. it’s pretty self-explanatory”

Love Me Right?
“oh they’re singing about how they’re traveling through space with the person they love and that that person better love them right basically”

I ship Riley and Farkle so much. I didn’t before, but now I do. Farkle is so caring and he’s such a genuine person. I think what Charlie said was foreshadowing that Riarkle will be endgame and if it’s true, I will be so happy. I mean Stuart Minkus wasn’t able to get Topanga, but what if this time around, his kid is able to get “little Topanga”. Does anyone else think like I do?


This is a different style of video, where nonkpop fans reacted to pictures of kpop idols and answered questions about their ethnicity, nationality, and where they are “really” from.  

If you have a moment, please watch this video

Rena’s channel.

Additionally, here are some questions that were asked after the activity.  Feel free to answer them as well.  

Why are people– specifically Asians– always asked, “Where are you really from?” 

Do you know the difference between ethnicity and nationality?  If so, what is it?

If you have been asked that question, what is your response?

I always play SHINee in my car so whenever my friend is with me she would always ask whats the name of the song and who sang it, eventually she stopped asking for whom and just asked for the name of song, she is not a kpop fan but she downloaded all of their albums, I’m really happy SHINee could have that kind of reaction on a nonkpop fan.