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  • Last movie you saw:  finding dory! it’s alright, p cute.
  • The last song you listened to: here comes a thought from steven universe lol.
  • Last show you watched: greys anatomy. i’m getting real bored of it tbh.
  • The last book you read: the cursed child, blegh
  • Last thing you ate: a mini chocolate icecream
  • If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be: my flat from last semester with all my flatmates :(
  • Where would you time travel to: honestly… maybe like… 1995… i’m p content with the 2010s tbh…
  • The first thing you would do with lottery money: book a huge, round the world trip for me and my loved ones. then help my parents pay off the house, and buy my own in canada probs.
  • Fictional character you would hang out with for a day: rn… probs peridot. i’d like a funny person to binge watch something and judge it with me.
  • Time right now: 16:54

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Crossoverist, coming soon…

also i’ve been listening to the percy jackson audiobooks again because i never finished them when i first listened to them, and whilst i generally like the narrator, his freaking accents are…. honestly really racist and disgusting. like i could not beleive my ears when he was voicing annabeth’s stepmom, who is described as “asian”, but there’s literally no accent in the description given in the book (unless her dialogue is actually phonetically written like that in which case omg that’s 10x worse). the narrator just decides to give her this really fake broken english voice and she only had like 10 lines, if even, but still it was just… ugh. same with medusa in the first book.