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Can you recommend other sims blog? :)

oh yaaaah

I love eroticsim, utopiasims, goodnightlittlewing, adriannecarroll, joes-stuff, noelyely, touchmypixels, plumb-barb sweetsimsationz and the one and only creatingsims in fact no don’t follow her bcs she’s a bitch

lawl kidding but go follow all those blogs because they’re perfect. ;-; I have way more favourites but those are the ones that come to mind rn. :D

Meme It Up!

I was tagged my Noelyely and Nerdieplums

Why did you choose your URL?
I’ve had several before lol, but this one I just made up off the top of my head and it was originally the name for my inspo blog but I named this blog that instead!

What is your middle name?

If you could own a fairytale/fictional pet, what would it be?
Uhmm I guess Daffy Duck or one of the Looney Toons characters lmao.. =_=

Favourite colour?
This strange pink color {#db9eba}

Favourite song?
One - Ed Sheeran

What are your top three fandoms?
TWD | Grey’s Anatomy | Family Guy

What do you enjoy about Tumblr?
Meeting all the amazing people and making friends! Ily all ♥ ♥ ♥

I tag: simmeroonie, chisami, plumbombshell, plumb-barb, joe-stuff, captainsimerica, plumblobs, goodnightlittlewing, simpeony and anyone who wants to do this!!!

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Aaaah RikkI! I just learned that NMTB has been cancelled! So sad-where will I get my Noely fix!?

I have no doubt that Noely will keep himself plenty busy with other projects. 

Some are hoping perhaps this will free him up for Booshie things

I’d be fine with more Luxury things

or just more things with him and Phill Jupitus together. 

I’m not over this. 


Allo and Vivian’s Wedding Party

Amy (Vivian’s roommate in college), Brynn and Cassie, Vivian and Allo, Jake (long time family friend [and son of Levi, donated to me by the lovely noelyely], Allo’s best friend, and Cassie’s father), and Memphis Voss (Allo’s fellow firefighter, sim of my best simming friend (one whom I also consider a close friend friend, I love you Phebes!), Phebes)