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I like how Noelies character development has gone from rescuing princes to killing kings, maybe that will stop the royalty rescue mission requests?

“Maybe we should ask the Vestige for help?”

“Yeah, that’s what Kurog said…”


My TES characters + The Signs As Villains by lameasstrology

I’m enough of a dork to have determined star signs for my Elder Scrolls characters, and when I came across this “signs as villains” post I just knew that I had to draw something about it. A day well wasted. I love how most of these are wildly ooc, and then there’s Brenna being basically herself. XD See captions for more info.


I bring to your attention, Noel Fielding.


He crosses all barriers.

He considers himself ‘straight’ and a ‘man’. I don’t put those in quotes because I don’t consider him those things. I put quotes there because that IS how he identifies. This man dresses however the fuck he wants and doesn’t let society tell him what he should look like or dress like or act like. His partner accepts him as a person. Clearly, she is not embarrassed that he wears women’s clothing. why? Because she’s a person. I’m not putting this up simply because I am a fan. It’s because all people, no matter how you identify, should follow his example.  Be what you want to be. Dress how you feel. Don’t let an ignorant asshole tell you that just because of your gender, you can’t do something or wear something. The fabric you choose to cover yourself with has nothing to do with gender. NOTHING. We are all beautiful.


TESO: Keeps Getting Worse (Spoilers) by Isriana

So, what could possibly be worse than kneeling to a headman’s block and being almost executed? The Elder Scrolls Online answers: how about being actually executed? And then imprisoned. In Oblivion. As a slave without a soul.

*the sound of script writing team cackling in the distance*