Bought myself a fancy (and surprisingly inexpensive!) drawing board yesterday. Hopefully it will make the rest of the coloring book I’m working on now (hint: it’s all genitals) easier to do. I’ve been hunching over tiny little clipboards or using the back side of floppy sketch books, etc. This thing isn’t so great for coloring in though, it makes a weird texture.

When I put together the Herbal Boys coloring book, I did about a million test prints of the PDF. I think I will be coloring these in for a year. It’s a good thing I like them.

Metallic colored pencils are a lie.

If you want the tea bag coloring book, you can get it [here]. I don’t have hard copies to sell yet (my lead on a binding machine fell through) but the PDF is nice, and every sale helps me come thismuchcloser to proving to immigration officials that I am a worthwhile human being. Which is kind of a sad thing to have to do, lol.

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do you have an action for your photos? or psd? if so, do you mind sharing it? it's so perfect.

Thank you <3 But no, I don’t have an action. I have base action that cleans up a picture and adds some brightness-contrast to it (it’s old Noely’s action), but the rest is manual editing. I use Google Nik Collection, the lighting, ambient light, blur etc are all done manually for each picture, so are selective colors… So I can’t really tell you ‘this is how I edit’, because base and border aside it is different for each and every image. I usually google things like ‘how to make light rays in Photoshop’ or ‘How to add depth to the photos’ etc. I’m still far from being a pro at editing, so I try to learn new things and add new tricks every time I want something new. It takes me from 5 to 20 minutes to edit a picture. First one is usually the longest, because then I’m kind of just doing similar thing for the rest of the photos. So I would say my editing is a result of trial and error. I love messing with PS so I don’t mind taking my time with it. Download Google Nik though, it has tons of handy things and there’s quite a few tutorials for it on the web (though it’s easy to use). I would make a video of me editing, but I suck at this kind of things, so I have no clue how to record it properly… 

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I have you ever heard a song and just BEEN like "OMG THIS SONG IS MY OC!!!!"?

Yeah, sure! Bron actually has a short playlist already. The others are still kind of works-in-progress, but here are some songs that I associate with my characters - some because of lyrics, some because of the overall feel of the song.

Skaila: Stand Up And Fight by Turisas // Legends Of The Frost by Miracle Of Sound feat. Malukah

Laraniel: Self Portrait by Blackmore’s Night // The Crow, The Owl And The Dove by Nightwish

Brenna: Fallen Star by Kamelot // Deus In Absentia by Ghost

Varril: Circle by Slipknot // Change by Poets of the Fall // …and naturally Nerevar by Liz Katrin (could not leave this out - it’s amazing)

Noelie: When You Go by Celtic Woman // Slania’s Song by Eluveitie (or Inis Mona…. or From Darkness… literally everything by this band makes me think of Bretons marching to war ;P)

Davius: Raised By The Sword and/or In My Sword I Trust by Ensiferum

Meirami: Braving The Seas by Myrath // and because I couldnt resist Khajiit Like To Sneak by Miracle of Sound :’)

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You've mentioned Skaila being in the bards college, does that mean she's good at singing/playing instruments? What about your other OCs, are they creative in any way (drawing, writing, etc)?

Well, she has been known to sing in some occasions and she can play lute a bit, but her focus is mostly on stories, legends, and lore. She’s very interested in tales and heroes of past, and she has a habit of memorizing stories and writing them down later on. Sometimes (like during Bard’s College questline) she even gets to compose her own verses. Skaila Skaran, the Skald from Skyrim… :’D

My other characters have their own hobbies as well, although I’m not sure if a lot of these count as creative. Back when she could still see Laraniel used to write (and every once in a while dance as I mentioned once), but her texts were mostly academic. Noelie cooks, bakes, and collects recipes (and every single one of them is full of her scribbles describing how to improve the original). Brenna has knowledge of flowers and herbs so she practices alchemy and potion/poison making.

Varril has the personality and charisma for performance arts even though he doesn’t really get to use those skills. Still, I headcanon that in his wild youth he briefly ran away with a traveling band of actors until his father got tired of it and sent someone to drag him back home (probably a good thing, too, because he was essentially broke at that point). Meirami stea- umm, hoard- ehh, collects things. Usually pretty little mementos that seem to have little to no intrinsic value, but she obviously sees something in them. I imagine her home looks more or less like a magpie’s nest.

Davius’ pastime activities mostly have to do with athletic pursuits, but he can also do some blacksmithing. Bron used to be a blacksmith’s apprentice, too, and while he never acquired a taste for crafting weapons or armor, he’s pretty good at working with silver, gold, and gems. Although, to him it’s not really creative as much as it’s practical - it’s so much easier to sell stolen jewelry when you can just take them apart and create something new of them.

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When you get this, please respond with five things that make you happy. Then send to the last ten people in your notifications anonymously. Hope you have a great day ahead/had a good day ✨

awee thnx bb 💜💜
1. noely g
2. noely g sweating
3. johnny marrs twig legs
4. mick jones
5. my dear sock pals @seesherindouble and @champanova

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is Noelie into anyone

No, not really. She had a bit of a crush on Darien, but honestly at this point she’d be perfectly happy with just getting her friend back in one piece (Noelie is one of the few who firmly belives he’s still out there somewhere, no matter how improbable it seems). Aside from that I haven’t really come across anyone who’d be her type - yet.

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Iiiii have a question: Are you the type to play through all content, or are you happy to play only what makes sense for your character, even if it means potentially missing out on useful skills, items, and/or passives? 8D

A bit of both, and it kind of depends on the game, too. In single-player games I usually have no trouble skipping quests that feel OOC for my character. In Skyrim, for example, I don’t have a single character that would be a member of all factions (and I think there are some quests none of them have completed).

I’m having much harder time to do that in MMOs, though, because I really want that sweet xp… and skills… and rewards. So, I might also do some content that doesn’t really fit the character and then just ignore it in my headcanons. I usually have at least one “completionist character” who aims to gather as many skills and perks and achievements as they can. In TESO, for example, that’s Noelie - even though she’s not “officially” affliated with all factions she has joined. I just want more Champion Points. :’D