noelyely respondeu a sua postagem“Ha! I have 213 files in my saved sims folder. I have to start deleting…”:

I have the same problem, lmao, but I’m too scared to delete them. XD

Yuuup. I mean,I definitely need to delete some of them, ‘cause the amount of time my sim bin takes to load is fucking ridiculous but then…. I’m like: ”What if I want them later on? Worse, what if I need them later on? What do I do?” xP 
Besides, I am pretty sure that I’ll get to a point where I’ll regret deleting every single one of them. 

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who are your favorite simblrs/simstagrams? :3

I’m really terrible at answering these cause I feel like I leave people out a bunch WHEN I DON’T MEAN TOO I RLY LOVE EVERYONE I FOLLOW but here’s some people who have been super sweet or I just generally stalk and yeah

lumialoversims inabadromance polygawn femme-jean woohoo-juice-simoleons you-lust sakorbsims plumb-barb plumblobs loree-sims4
 tok–sik dani-paradise pictureamoebae narusasu-simblr pseudodigs paisleyavenueredux puresims noelyely noviebird last but not least sonic-for-real-justice

just as a note this is mostly people who I know on tumblr like you twitter friends you’re my faves but I didn’t actually put you on the list cause I think of you like twitter stalks not tumblr stalks U FEEL??? IS THAT WEIRD?? HOW DO I LIST???

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I was gonna send for Jade bae, but I think I'm gonna be different for once, and ask for Dupree. Once you get this, paste it into 5-10 people’s inboxes whose characters you’d like to know better! :)

Doppelganger yay.. ^____^

1. Through her time of dealing with racial turmoil and segregation she heavily devoted her younger years to becoming an advocate for African Americans and still labels herself as one of the many Black Rights Activists today (between you and me there was a lot of bloodshed on her behalf but shh).
2. She gets carded often.
3. She owns a V-Lounge.. mostly known for it’s significance within the Swinger community.
4. She takes dietary synthetics once a month so she can temporarily enjoy sunlight and ice cream.. but it’s mostly for the ice cream XDD.
5. Her fav ice cream is good ‘ol Pralines &Cream ;P

To Do List

• Make a skinblend for Mariana
• Make Gemma’s twins skinblend
• Find better dragon tattoo for Gemma
• Take new pics of Freya because noelyely asked for 5 facts of her and it made me miss her face ;-;
• Answer all 5 facts questions waiting in my inbox
• Make Mariana’s apartment and take pics of her
Acquire enough energy to do all these things -.-

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Trixi, pls! Once you get this, paste it into 5-10 people’s inboxes whose characters you’d like to know better! :)

Np :)

1.She’s half Dominican and half black.

2. Her hair is actually naturally curly.

3. She’s a huuuuuuuuuuuge instigator just because she finds confrontation hilarious. lol. Like she is literally the person who will look at you when someone says something to you like, “You’re just gonna’ let them say that shit to you? That was some foul shit. You’re gonna take that?” even though shit ain’t even that serious.

4. She enjoys spending her nights in a black hoodie graffitting the streets.

5. Surprisingly, she’s way more talk than bite. She talks a whole lotta shit and acts super tough but she knows when she won’t win a physical fight (which is most of the time if the person is supernatural) so she’ll always back away in the least pussy type way she can cuz she ain’t ready for them hands.