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When Masamune is caught in the middle of a vicious attack…he loses every memory of you?!
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little-lady-mimi  asked:

Hello~ I wonder if I could ask this. Could I know your favourite to the least samurai according to appearance? I wonder if this could be asked ////.//// Thank you <3

omg of course, I love questions like that!

They are all so handsome omg and I’ve also already answered a question like this, but there could possibly be some changes ~

01. Masamune

02. Nobunaga

03. Ieyasu

04. Kenshin

05. Hideyoshi

06. Yukimura

07. Kojuro

08. Mitsunari

09. Toshiie

10. Saizo

11. Mitsuhide

12. Shingen

But omg believe me there is just a tttiiiiinnnyyyy difference between 1.-12. and it was hard to decide because I think all are handsome 

Also thank you for your interest and this question ♥♥♥

Age swap au… PHANTOM TROUPE VERSION!! Omg this took me so long…

PS.:I’m assuming Kortopi is an adult in canon

PSS.: Feitan is the tallest