[Ikemen Sengoku Chinese 1st year Anniversary special campaign]

So I get my friend to do these screencaps to me so we can see their whole body 😍 This theme is just like Ikemen Revolution!! All of them looks so cool 😍 *hugs Yukimura tightly* (sorry Kennyo it is limited to 10pcs so…)

@passengersaraht Hello body hunter~ @mischievouslymasamune @midnightuglystepsister @spyroeden @f-dee @oh-my-otome @incorrectmidc @rizosrojizos and every Ikesen buddies!!!!


Did the couch meme for the Phantom Troupe!

I did the line art and the lovely @rouvere colored them in!


HC: The last thing SLBP Lords’ googled

Nobunaga : “Vogue : Top trends spring/summer 2017″

Mitsuhide : “DIY cat house”

Yukimura : “Best 30 day workout challenge”

Saizo : “Calories per dango”

Masamune : “Ways to express yourself”

Kojuro : “How to keep your room clean for a week”

Inuchiyo : “ *Online game name* “

Hideyoshi : “Dinner for two ideas”

Mitsunari : “Wikipedia”

Ieyasu : “ How to make someone shut it without being rude”

Kenshin : “DIY garden Ideas”

Shingen : “When is the right age to become a father?”


Shigezane : “ Best vines 2017″

Fuma : “Saizo Kirigakure”

Hotaru : “How to make a girl fall for you”