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do you think Hideyoshi loves his lord Nobunaga or is it a one sided romance?


Manju-butt is that you

In… SLBP? Or… in… history?

If you ask me samurai questions please specify if you mean otome or if you mean reality LOL.

Ok, ok, gonna assume it’s SLBP because let’s not talk about reality because it’s 100000000% awkward. It has all the wrong implications LOL (although not without its own epic shippy potentials LOL).

Is this actually serious, or… in crackshipping sense? I mean, it’s not like I’m seriously believing that one or more of the writers are secret trollshippers or anything LOLOL (though I can’t help but theorize it like that considering Nobu’s sequel route feels so weird it’s almost like it’s been sabotaged by someone). 


I like to think it’s mutual, although the thought of Nobu trying and failing to get Hide’s attention is priceless ahahahahahah. Like that time, in Hide’s special birthday story. Nobu was so totally sulking Hide didn’t want any presents and decides to bully him all day long LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

It’s all those little comments that kinda make me go ????? During Nobu’s birthday story, Hide was the first to notice that Nobu woke up after passing out from drunk. And then Hide is usually the one whose comments really gets under Nobu’s skin, even when it’s NOBU’S EVENT and it’s supposed to be all about Nobu and MC. 

In one of the events, Nobu got mad at MC for being reckless and Hide didn’t even DO anything or say anything much and Nobu’s like “I’m not angry anymore because Monkey”. What the heck just happened LOL. And don’t forget the petpet on the head, HAHAHHA. I don’t know if the original writers writers wrote a weird scene, or if something went wrong in the translation, but yeaaah. And Nobu seems to be grumpy when EVERYONE comes to visit Hide when he’s injured it’s like “Why are there so many people here, grr”

I think I just about lost it when Nobu’s demon king death glare got totally defeated by Hide’s smile smile smile LOLOLOLOLOLOL. 

Oh. Yeah. When the Honnoji happened. Hide repeatedly calling for Nobu and Akechi had to restrain him from running into fire to save Nobu. FAREWELL MY SANITY. 


“I’d be very grateful if you look at the camera.”

(I missed them both so much I got so happy when I saw this. So…)

((and I missed so many things here so it’s a lousy redraw cuz for crying out loud, it’s morning TT U TT P.S. the pic ain’t mine~))