The SLBP Lords As Characters From Hetalia: Headcanon (Requested)

Nobunaga: He’s gotta be Germany

Mitsuhide: England For sure

Inuchiiyo: He’s China lol

Hideyoshi: He is America

Mitsunari: Austria without a doubt

Ieyasu: He is totally Switzerland in my eyes :)

Kenshin: He. IS. France. Incarnate

Shingen: He is THE Roman Empire

Yukimura: Little Holy Rome :)

Saizo: I’m going to go with Iceland

Masamune: He is so Japan

Kojuro: I want to say Russia

Shigezane: Finland I’d say

Bonus!!! Mc: She’s Italy! So obsessed with food xD 

Mystery PT. 9 (Mitsuhide x Reader)

Thank you everyone for all of your lovely words! I’m glad you’re enjoying the story so far! Tagging @jemchew @viridian99 and @ceka122 as requested

It worried you to see Inuchiyo enter the great hall alone to join in the festivities. Everyone was in jubilation at the victory, which you had learned had been the last remaining obstacle until the lands were unified. And while relief flooded your heart at the prospect of finally getting an era of peace, you were still too wound up too tightly to enjoy the jolly nature of things.

Slipping away once everyone had been sated with food, you quickly whipped up some oringiri before pursuing Lord Mitsuhide. You found him on the veranda, not even looking to Ocha who sat next to him, eyeing him curiously. A troubling frown formed for a second on your face before you wiped it off. You would greet him with a smile.

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The SLBP Lords React To MC Hiding Something They Really Need In Her Bra: Headcanon (Requested)

(Disclaimer: I am a pervert, and there may will be boobs grabbed in these HCs. You have been warned)

Nobunaga: “I’ll be taking that back now”









Saizo: “Do you really think that’s going to deter me?”




manju-booty  asked:

If the SLBP lords were to "Crossdress" for a day, who would pull it off? Who would be a complete mess? Who would get hit on and how would they react to this?

Nobunaga, Yukimura, Mitsunari, Ieyasu, and Kenshin would be able to pull it off.

Kojuro, Shingen, and INUCHIYO .Oh god, these lords would be in a complete mess.

Nobunaga and Mitsunari would 100% get hit on. Nobu likes it and attempts to make the other person fall in love with him. Like they haven’t fallen already. Mitsunari is a no. He’s not going to get hit on but he’ll most definitely hit that person.

Yukimura would be blushing all the while, he doesn’t hate it nor like it, but he feels all tingly because of that person.

Ieyasu would give off innocent smiles while cursing that person in his mind. Oh you’ll think that he likes it but as soon as that person starts touching him he’ll give him that not so innocent smile and. You know what happens next.

Kenshin would most definitely get hit on. He would act normally while flashing everyone his beautiful smile. He got hit on. Oh, hello there beautiful person. You’re now going to be placed next to his “pretty stones collection”

anonymous asked:

I wonder how would the Odagumi react to finding out their saniwa is a decendant of Nobunaga? Like the Saniwa was hiding it but a visiting official brings up how the Saniwa is probably overjoyed to fight with their ancestors swords, pointing straight to Souza, Heshi, Fudou and Yagen. And once the official leaves the Saniwa preemptively tries to escape the combined wrath of Hasebe and Souza, considering leaping out the window to escape them if things did get sour.

Sorry these are short, I didn’t feel the need to make them any longer.

• He’s definitely a bit uncomfortable by it in a way and it would make him very sensitive about his trust in you but he would tell you that you’re not the man himself and to not wear such a panicked look around the Citadel.

• It’s not uncommon for swords to be passed down to blood as far as he’s concerned. He very straightforwardly tells you it changes nothing and he will serve you till you have no use for him.

• He doesn’t really show much reaction but it honestly would make him more interested in you. He’d probably look for similarities between you two and could start to think of you as him if drunk enough or it it gets to that sort of level.

• He finds it an interesting coincidence but that’s all. He makes sure you know it doesn’t change anything, probably putting in extra effort to help ease your mind since he’d pick up on your extra apprehension towards Souza and Hasebe.


The main cast of High Speed!! Free!-Starting Days- after the event!! Free! series project 2017 info:

Free! Timeless Medley ~bonds~ compilation film releases April 22 

Free! Timeless Medley ~promise~ compilation film releases July 1 

Free! Take Your Marks (brand new film) releases this Fall!

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I noticed how in sync Tattsun and Zakki were to their character’s colours, and then I saw the same for everyone else too; so of course I had to draw them all in their seiyuu’s outfits. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

EDIT: I’ve coloured them!