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Game of Thrones Episode 1 : The Red Woman

Game of Thrones Episode 2 : Home

Game of Thrones Episode 3 : Oathbreaker

Game of Thrones Episode 4 : Book of the Stranger

Game of Thrones Episode 5 : The Door

Game of Thrones Episode 6 : Blood of My Blood

Game of Thrones Episode 7 : The Broken Man

Game of Thrones Episode 8 : No One

Game of Thrones Episode 9 : The Battle of the Bastards

Game of Thrones Episode 10 : The Winds of Winter

Seven noble families fight for control of the mythical land of Westeros. Friction between the houses leads to full-scale war. All while a very ancient evil awakens in the farthest north. Amidst the war, a neglected military order of misfits, the Night’s Watch, is all that stands between the realms of men and icy horrors beyond.


As Marlee finished up her attacks on Mr. Punchyface she got a call from her dad seeing if she wanted to hang out with him (at a bar… fucking Tidus -.-’). She filled him in on how her first day at the new school went. 

“It was fucking terrible dad! I hid in the damn computer lab all day. You should have seen the band room, it was like the size of my bedroom.” 

“Don’t you think you’re being a little dramatic? High school sucks no matter where you go, you’ll get used to it.” 

Card Confessions:
Today at Barnes and Nobles while I was checking to see if they had any new Tarot decks, I met a really nice mother and child at the New Age section of the store. The child, who was about twelve or thirteen years of age was asking for a set of Unicorn Oracle cards but the mother looked down, almost ashamed and said in a more quiet tone, “Maybe next time, we just paid our rent honey.” The child looked sad and put the deck back on the shelf as the mother kept reading through her angel book, trying not to notice the child’s disappointment. I remember both those looks. The look of not being able to afford something your child wants, and the look of disappointment after finding something that resonates with you but you can’t obtain it because there just isn’t a means for it. I decided to not buy my usual coffee and biscotti, or my own deck for that matter and decided to do something selfless. I sneakily went to the other end of the new age section, picked up a copy of the unicorn oracle deck and the angel prayer book the mother was thumbing through. Practically ran to the front of the store to pay then ran slowly back to the section of books where they were. Nervously I told them, “I want you to have this. I apologize if I am intruding but I wanted to pass on some goodness. I remember being that age and being interested in these cards. They have given me so much hope. Even till this day.” The mother looked at me, then looked in the bag. At first, she said, “oh no you didn’t have to do this.”  I told her that her bond with her child resonated with me and reminded me of my family. I gave her the bag and she hugged me on the verge of tears. She gave her child the deck, they hugged me, thanked me and then I left on my way to the train station.  

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Light The Hufflepuff: Dude! Do I have to take a physical form to drag out of that darn closet? I literally could not give two shits of you're straight or not, neither would anyone else. Well expect your future *partner* but no one's gonna see you if you are stuck behind a door!

It’s not that I’m worried about not being straight there’s just other factors that my partner would have to…deal with…

Besides it’s not like Black would ever return my- fuck.

A History of Women — An Essay by Brenda Ueland from 1971

Robert Graves, the poet and historian, says, “The most important history of all for me is the changing relationship between men and women down the centuries.”

For thousands of years there has been a tragic situation — the domination of men and the degradation of women. We are so used to it we do not even notice it. The situation has begun to change very little, and going back, I will show you why in a minute.

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Got an email saying, with my 7+ years of customer service experience and a fucking bachelors degree, that I’m “not qualified” to work as a fucking BOOK SELLER at Barnes and Noble.

I don’t understand. Most likely it’s because they thought I was “overqualified” which tbh SHOULDN’T BE A THING???? Like how dare you tell someone that. If you applied for the job you obviously want, or even NEED, it. It’s not your job to tell me I’m too good for it because the other jobs that I’m supposedly qualified for say I don’t have enough experience. I mean, really. That’s bullshit.

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Byakuya!! 1, 14, 18, 22 :')

1. Their physical weak spots

His strength. He’s more suited to distance, and doesn’t participate in as much strength training as he should, so he’s physically weaker than a lot of the other captains. Including, to his shame, Soi Fon. 

14. Ingrained habits/forces of habit

Speaking to Hisana’s shrine at the end of a long day, no matter what else has happened. 

18. Things they’ll never admit

When he dreamed of having children with Hisana, they somehow all were exactly like Rukia. 

22.  People who’ve influenced them greatly

Yoruichi  and Ukitake. The former with her cunning and sly sense of humor, and the latter with his regal air and humble nobility despite being from a fallen and impoverished noble family. He kind of missed the “humble” part, but knowing Ichigo is helping. Ichigo is another influence, though he will never, ever say as much out loud. 

Annabel Lee

C'était il y a longtemps, très longtemps,
Dans un royaume au bord de l'océan,
y vivait une vierge que vous pourriez connaître
Du nom d'Annabel Lee;
Cette vierge vivait sans autre pensée
Que de m'aimer et d'être mon aimée.

Elle était une enfant et j'étais un enfant,
Dans ce royaume au bord de l'océan,
Mais nous aimions d'un amour
qui était plus que de l'amour

Moi et mon Annabel Lee,
D'un amour tel que les séraphins du Ciel
Nous jalousaient elle et moi.

Et c'est pourquoi, il y a longtemps,
Dans ce royaume au bord de l'océan,
Les vents firent éclater un nuage et glacèrent
Ma toute belle Annabel Lee ;
Si bien que ses nobles parents sont venus
Et l'ont emportée loin de moi
Pour l'enfermer dans un tombeau
Dans ce royaume au bord de l'océan.

Les anges, loin d'être aussi heureux que nous au Ciel,
Nous envièrent elle et moi :
Oui ! C'est pour cela (comme chacun le sait
Dans ce royaume au bord de l'océan)
Qu'une nuit le vent surgit d'un nuage
Et glaça, et tua mon Annabel Lee.

Mais notre amour était beaucoup plus fort que l'amour
De nos aînés, de bien des personnes
Beaucoup plus sages que nous,
Et jamais les anges du Ciel là-haut
Ni les démons au fin fond de l'océan
Ne pourront séparer mon âme de l'âme
De ma toute belle Annabel Lee.

Car la lune ne luit jamais, sans qu'elle me porte
Des rêves d'Annabel Lee, la toute belle,
Et les étoiles ne se lèvent jamais, sans que je sente
Les yeux vifs d'Annabel Lee, ma toute belle,
Ainsi, aux rives de la nuit, je me couche à côté
De ma chérie! Ma chérie, ma vie, ma promise,
Dans son tombeau, là, au bord de l'océan,
Dans sa tombe, à côté de l'océan.

- Edgar Allan Poe

Thank to the tags by vehlr on my other post, I started thinking about it again and..

Imagine VM going to the Winter Palace. Cassandra is there of course for the Inquisitor, and because they have a mission, even though she’s bored and hates the place. VM might be there for a similar mission, or maybe Percy was invited being a leader of Whitestone and all, and nobility, and the rest of VM just came with.

But I can just imagine various members of VM walking around, most of them obviously out of place, but still enjoying themselves. Vex might be talking to some of the nobles there, about how she’s a Baroness and Grand Mistress of the Grey Hunt, or maybe she’s just keeping an eye out for valuables that could be useful to them (in a place like that, there’s bound to be lots of nice loot). Keyleth and Grog are saying hi to everyone (g’day…bidet…g’day…), Vax is off sneaking around like he normally does, keeping an eye on everything. Maybe Scanlan is chatting with Leliana, being a fellow bard and all, or maybe Pike is talking religion, of Andraste and Sarenrae and how both came into their lives and have helped them.

And Cassandra is just watching these strange people, people she’s never seen in these parts, let alone anywhere else in Thedas, and that’s when Percy approaches.

someone referred to jandelaine as jannie in notes to my previous post and i misread it as janne, as in “abbreviation of jannequinard” and now i’m imagining jandelaine and jannequinard being ridiculous silly noble elfs together, talking #aesthetic and arranging a nice dinner party together and occasionally being overdramatic over things like the difference between starglobes and planispheres


“Hi! I’m Cordelia! You can call me Cordie! Everyone else does! So what’s your name? I’ve never seen you at school, do you live here in Windenburg?” 

“Marlee, just Marlee but sometimes my mom calls me MarMar and I kind of hate that. But anyyyyway no my parents can’t afford to live here, I take the bus in sometimes into town though cause it’s really pretty. I live in Newcrest now but I grew up in Oasis Springs. I used to go to an art school there but I’m starting at Oasis Ridge Community school tomorrow.” 

“Awesome! That’s where most of us go too! If you’re down here a lot you should join our club. I’m sure everyone won’t mind, right Frey?” 

“Yeah sure, the more the merrier for stuff like this. We just meet up here once in a while and make fun of shitty movies. It’s pretty fun.” 

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For the guessing game - Preacher? (I feel like that first clue sounds like Cassidy? Maybe I just have Preacher overload rn?)

Aha! I’m glad it sounds like him, cos I’ve never even attempted accents before lol. Is Preacher your guess at a word, too? Cos you won a sentence yay. o/

Sure, he looked the part, dressed the part, played the part – the hallowed and noble town preacher, he listened to the inhabitants of Annville, the good, the bad, the outright sinners.

Things I Won’t Miss Hearing As I Bid Good-bye to the Public Reference Desk:
  • “Is this in stock at Barnes and Noble? Can you call and check?”
  • “Why do I have to pay to print? I thought everything here was free.”
  • “Can you type this letter for me? Why not?”
  • “This computer says ‘Out of Service’, can I still use it?”
  • “Sorry, I have to get off my cellphone, this lady is yelling at me!”
  • “Could you tell that guy to stop talking to himself/pacing/rocking/doing some other obviously compulsive behavior?”
  • “It’s too cold in here.”
  • “It’s too hot in here.”
  • “There is a HOMELESS PERSON over in the study area!!”