iggy was a proud and noble dog who overflowed with charisma and accomplished more than caesar
The Avengers reading fan fiction
  • Tony:Hey, frozen peas, look. Fanfiction.Net, 170 Tony/Pepper fics and counting.
  • Steve:Well, the Steve/Peggy fics are almost 200
  • Bruce:Should we tell them how much Steve/Tony fics there are?
  • Natasha:Spare them.
  • Natasha:Hey, I found one about me. Only one, figures.
  • Bruce:That one is really far-fetched. 7 assasinated world leaders in one afternoon?
  • Natasha:That one's true, actually.
  • Thor:Friends, I have finally found the fan scribes of fiction you have told me about.
  • Tony:FF.Net or AO3?
  • Thor:Neither, I have found them in the noble site of the Amazon.
  • *Thor reveals Amazon page for full collection of Norse mythology books*
  • *Hawkeye constantly refreshes, trying to find fics about him*
  • Clint:"Hawkeye/Hulk's fist in his face because I had nothing to do with him"
  • Clint:Eh, that's good enough

Farscape episode commentary

Ben Browder: This is a really good Chiana moment here.
Claudia Black: Yeah. Chiana lies.
Ben Browder: I remember them talking about this in the writers room. I think it came out of a rewrite, them saying “Gilina’s just seen all this. How do we get her to help?” and somebody saying, “Well, Chiana lies.” “She really shouldn’t lie, should she?” There’s that thing in television drama where your characters are supposed to be noble.
Claudia Black: Oh, Farscape, we didn’t worry about that.
Ben Browder: Nobody was noble, no.

Oprah Talks To Jon Stewart (2005)

Since you’ve hit your stride on The Daily Show, do you feel successful? I feel comfortable in my own skin. For me, that was the battle.

When did you win it? What time is it? When you walked in the door and I didn’t cry. No, really—it was gradual. After college, I bartended while working for the state on a puppet show about disabilities—I was literally helping and hurting people, all on the same day. While the show was a noble effort, it was completely unsatisfying for me because I didn’t feel part of it. When I dreamed, I dreamed of being somebody else. I realized I needed to create something I felt part of. Then slowly, that feeling of wanting to be someone else went away.

You’d rather be yourself. Right. I think that’s a huge victory.

Right. So you don’t think you’ll be doing The Daily Show in 20 years? I don’t want to be. I love my wife, and we want more kids. I’m not going to disappear, but I don’t want to work this hard.

What kind of daddy do you want to be? The kind who stays. The kind who doesn’t say to a 9-year-old kid, “This doesn’t mean your mother and I don’t love you” as he’s heading out the door.

What’s important to you? That. I’ve achieved far more than I ever thought I would. I’m not complacent, but I don’t think long-term. I tell myself, “If I get good at this, it’ll be fun to do.”

Can you taste your success? [Tracey]: I can taste it. [Jon]: For her, it actually tastes like an online catalog. I just don’t think it’s in my nature to savor things. But I no longer live with a gnarly void, like an angry troll under a bridge.

Isn’t that what defines a real man? That seems genderless to me.

It’s also what makes a real woman. Yes. What I’m proudest of is moving to New York.

You left the puppets. Yes—and I surprised the crap out of everyone. I might have become a bitter guy at the end of the bar, complaining about how I could’ve been somebody. But I sold my car and moved up to New York with no job because I wanted something different. I yearned, and I went for it.

(Art by Martha Shilling)

Hate. Let me tell you how I’ve come to hate Tumblr’s brand of social justice warrior. Wait, sorry, let me try that again. As someone who’s genuinely passionate about social justice and helping the less fortunate, Tumblr’s idea of social justice is a perverse mockery. 

When I look at the various social justice blogs across Tumblr, I don’t see people that are genuinely passionate about helping others, I see petty bullies that are using the noble cause as an outlet for their own issues. Yes, sure, we’ve seen some people being called out for genuine bigotry, but where are the campaigns? The petitions? The charity drives? Even your idea of education is a joke, since Tumblr doesn’t bother with basic fact-checking, uses skewed statistics and only belabors the same few points over and over. It’s not a movement, it’s a circlejerk. These people claim to be changing the world, yet they’ve done absolutely nothing for anyone else, It’s a way to make yourself feel like you’re fighting for good, but it’s an empty sort, nothing but a quick ego boost so you feel better about the fact that you haven’t actually sacrificed a single goddamn thing for anyone else.

And yes, let’s talk about the elephant in the room, the blatant majority-hatred, a catch-all for all the cisphobia, misandry, etc. going around. Sure, it’s not as bad as what minorities go through in the real world, but I still have to find it absolutely childish. The average tumblr user? While wanting to vent is a natural urge, Tumblr is not a safe space, but a public website designed to be used by everyone. As such, every post you make can be seen and circulated by tens of thousands of people, many of whom might be suffering from depression, self-esteem problems, and generally having a shitty day.

I should know, a few years ago I went through a period of depression where I truly, honestly believed I ought to kill myself because I wasn’t good enough to exist. It’s something I wouldn’t wish on anyone, yet here we are, where the site has essentially become a bullying circlejerk where death threats and wishes for suicide are the norm. Funny, for a site so obsessed with trigger warnings you think nothing of trying to get people to hurt themselves, huh? 

There are actual safe spaces on the internet, you realize. Places like blogspot or trans-only spaces where you’re free to rant to your heart’s content before resuming your day. By the way, can you really claim this is a “safe space” when people are getting doxxed, their spouses deported and their pets murdered thanks to their activities here? Even 4chan never got anyone’s fox killed!

But that’s nothing compared to the way you’ve managed to harm minorities and turn the whole movement into a joke. You’ll fight for women, but only if they think the same way they do, and are doing your damndest to raise a generation of people too scared to go outside. You’ll fight for trans people, but gladly appropriate their experiences because you think regular pronouns aren’t good enough for your privileged ass, and call them scum and trash when they object to being made a mockery of. You’ll fight against homophobia yet turn around and fetishize any gay couple that comes your way. Objectification is bad, unless it’s a hot british guy amirite? Also, you seem to be surprisingly okay with reinforcing sexist stereotypes so long as you specify you mean “white” girls, because, you know, that sort of misogyny is totally cool. 

As for the whole hulaballoo about cultural appropriation? While I can understand being upset about someone making a mockery of your culture, I’m worried that tumblr’s interpretation of it as “white people doing brown people things” is going to result in a generation of people too scared to actually try to experience other cultures for fear of being un-PC, and as someone who believes that all cultures are beautiful and have something to offer, this frightens me.

It truly scares me that for so many people, this self-righteous circlejerk is going to be their first experience with social justice. I mean, one of the most popular social justice blogs is a Wario roleplayer who communicates through passive-agressive image macros, and you still don’t see why you might have an image problem? When you look around and see that people have turned “social justice” and “feminism” into subjects of mockery, you need to look in a mirror

But you know, I could forgive that, all of that, if you actually managed to get anything done. But you haven’t. Even 4chan has managed to actually raise money for the less fortunate, bust child porn rings, and do good in the world. Yet you can’t even get a simple goddamn fundraiser going? How many of you can honestly look in the mirror and say that you’ve sacrificed something, anything, for the less fortunate? How many of you have done more for the world than circulate a post or two that you didn’t even bother checking the authenticity of? Not many, I think. 

Maybe it’s time some of you stopped looking for new ways to say trash, and start thinking about how you could actually make a difference in peoples’ lives. But, you know, I’m just some person on the internet. 

“As an accomplished artist, Nike has taught in several universities in the US, imparting the knowledge of her traditional Adire designs in thousands of eager students from across the world. Her teaching exploits, she disclosed, have taken her to revered institutions like Harvard and Edmonton in Canada.

“I have lectured and held workshops in several noble institutions across the world. Some of the universities include Harvard, Columbus, Edmonton, Ohio and in Los Angeles, among others.” - Editor

pvnsexualbucky asked:

college AU where Bucky works at the starbucks inside a Barnes & Noble and skinny!steve is the cutie who works for the actual Barnes & Noble and Bucky is always watching him put books on the shelves from his place and the counter and he has total heart eyes for him and his coworker and good friend Clint (who is dating Tasha, the cute B&N clerk, but that's another story) is always making fun of him and letting him serve steve when he comes over during his break

Yes. I need the entire 20k of this stat. Matchmaker Clintasha and shy Steve and Bucky thinking Steve is def. going to file a sexual harassment claim if he asks him out because whenever Steve catches him staring he gets this crease between his eyebrows. And just all the miscommunication and fuzzy and yes give it to me