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Ghost Rider character redesigns from the stream last night!  These were a total blast; thank you to all of you who hung out with me so late!  (click each photo for comments)

SO.  As some of y’all who follow me already know, I’ve been toying with the idea of a hypothetical Ghost Rider reboot, taking kinda the “best of all worlds” method and turning the whole mythos into something a little… uh, more coherent.  I go into detail in these posts here:



I took a lot of inspiration from Spectacular Spider-Man for these designs, so while the style isn’t quite the same, maybe you can see the influence. :P

Maybe I’ll design the bike next?

Zamantha was on her way to Penny’s chambers when a courier bumped into her. He murmured a quick apology before his gaze turned up towards her. The flash of recognition in his eyes was clear and he immediately bowed his head, professing his utmost apologies for his ignorance. The boy even seemed to shake a little, perhaps for fear of what his actions may have caused.

It must have taken fifteen minutes for Zamantha to convince him that she wasn’t going to punish him for a simple mistake, only reminding him to be a little more careful to watch where he was going. Some others, though she didn’t mention any names (though Monisha was definitely on her mind), would not be nearly as forgiving.

He stammered a broken thanks before glancing down to the satchel that hung at his waist. “M-m’lady, if I may… I h-have a letter for M-Madam Starkstar.” He reached into the bag and produced a letter bearing the seal of the Holts.

A elegant brow perked upwards as she held her hand out for the letter. “I will ensure she receives it.” As he released it into her grasp, she produced a few gold coins for him. He murmured his thanks again before bowing and running off.

Turning to continue on to Penny’s chambers, the demonologist quietly began opening the letter. As she did, a smile flickered across her lips.

So Penny had sent him a pie and invited him and his lady to dinner. But now, a third was coming to dine as well. And there was only one person that Ardan would be so inclined to bring along.

Already, plans were settling into place in her mind. Preparations would have to be made. The dining hall would have to be given a good clean, perhaps even a small makeover, and the best china set to dine. Wine would need to be brought out from the cellar and the cooks would need to be instructed to prepare the finest meal. New gowns would have to be made explicitly for the occasion. 

The twins were coming for dinner.

Oh this was an interesting turn of events.

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Vassa in the Night Author Sarah Porter on Transforming Russian Folklore into a Modern Fairy Tale
Sarah Porter's wonderful new Russian-inspired fantasy novel, Vassa in the Night, is set in a glittering-dark Brooklyn ruled by supernaturally long nights. When Vassa's pissed-off stepsister sends her on a possibly fatal errand to BY's, an all-night convenience store that dances around

Sarah Porter is at the Barnes & Noble Teen blog, talking about Russian folklore and modern-day Brooklyn!

You know what im still not over? I found a karma sutra book in barnes and noble and the male picture character looked just like Orion. Like, draw some vallaslin on with a blue ball point pen and there he is, in various sexual positions. I didnt buy it. My biggest regret.


In Conquest! realm we have 3 continents, to get to them you will need a ship which can be both in any port city.Pro tip: As soon as you have enough money for the ship buy the cheapest one and sail to all 3 continents, that way if you get killed on one you wont be kicked out of the game you will just be transferred to the next continent where you established your kingdom.

Conquest! is a multiplayer, real time, online strategy game set in medieval times, with integrated chat function. You can choose one of 6 different classes you wish to play as, be a barbarian and loot the cities, or take a path of nature with the Ranger class and let all of those forest creatures assist you or take a noble path of a Fighter and set that crown of a king as your goal! We assure you what ever path you set for yourself it will be an adventure! Pick your allies, deploy your spies, and wage war with or against your friends.

It’s a free, fun and you can play with friends or with bunch of random people in real time.  Join today!

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Can I hear more about Ronya's backstory? I'm really curious!

hooooOOOOOBOY Lemme try to make this brief althought I SUCK at summing things up into neat lil spaces lmao

ok so


Ronya was born into a well-respecred noble house in Windmire, the capital of Nohr. She grew her first years in wealth, luxury and without worries. Some time before her teens, something happened in the upper part of the family hierarchy, which caused the family’s wealth and good position crumble down ( Later on Ronya learns this was due to the family head’s debt to wrong people [most likely to the crown?] ). Ronya’s own nuclear family, (herself, her parents and little brother) were able to leave Windmire and start a new life in a village at the Nohrian border.

It didn’t take long for Ronya – who was previously uninformed of the “common lifestyle“ – to notice how drastically different life at the border was compared to Windmire. Life was rough, there were no personal guards to protect you, no saying for sure if you’d have a bed to sleep in or enough to eat… Obviously a shock to previously spoiled girl!

But the dangers and difficulties of the border turned out to be a good wake-up call for Ronya; Back when she lived among nobles, it was every man for themselves, but with the common man? Everyone tended everyone, helping those in need, working as one. This was something Ronya had never even thought being possible – Something she found incredible value in. This inspired her to dedicate herself to helping others and trying to make things more equal between all people of all social classes.

Nowadays she fights and works solely to help those who can’t do so themselves. Due to trouble to adjust into her new life, she’s failed to find herself a proper job, having to turn to a life of crime. She keeps doing this in order to bring livelihood to her parents who’ve stopped working and her brother who’s busy training himself.

She still can’t shake off the feeling of guilt over her past spoiled life and privilidged naivity, trying her best to stay out of sight and out of way. She’s learned to view herself a bother, so she helps people out in secret.

And then some small trivia of her just bc I’m in the mood lmao

  • She loves to make food and bake goodies! Food-making was a completely new skill she had to take up when leaving Windmire, and she’s gotten quite good at it!
  • She’s incredibly scared of any buzzing insects (Bees, wasps, hornets, you name it), butterflies and horses/pegasi (The first one she rode went wild due to a bee and tried to bite her hand afterwards)
  • She idolizes the border guards who work of the wellbeing of the entire country!
  • The scar on her arm is from an attack on her village which took place briefly after she’d moved in. She decides not to hide it, because she considers it the cutting point between her spoiled life and current one.
  • Any money she makes, she tends to give to her family. She only keeps the mimimal amount she needs to survive.
  • She enjoys sweet things and fondly reminisces coffee, something she can’t afford any longer.
  • Her hatred for clothes is massive, but she stays clothed with others as she considers their opinions above her own preferences.
  • She gets very passionate about some of her beliefs (good manners, non-smoking, equality, others’ self confidence issues [not her own lmao] ) and will pull a 180 on her usual personality when the topic rises
  • Usually starts tearing up even at the lightest giggle. Hates how easily she cries so during laughter.
  • Her real hair color is blonde, but it turned blue during an unfortunate robbery to the apothecary where some potions fell off the shelves. Now it grows blue, too.

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where do you think wook is gonna be while soo gets tortured to near death?????? do you think her getting punished make him go crazy????

I think he’s going to be crying. A lot. Wook is the man of “missed chances.” By this I mean he hesitates a lot. He tries to balance what is “proper” with what he really “wants” and it works out against him. 

He does want to bring Soo out of the palace and restore her to her position as a noble lady (and then make her his wife) but he wants to do this the right way. 

“The right way…” which doesn’t include running away with her to condemn her to live the life of a fugitive from the King (who wouldn’t stand still for that crap.)

You have to wonder if he doesn’t want it for her sake or if he’s not truly ready to give up everything because of her. A lot of people say he’s secretly ambitious. I wonder if he was or if it’ll be, as you suspect, that he will want the power of the King because he is so powerless now to protect her as he wants, which is “the right way.” I don’t know. We’ll just have to see, won’t we? 

I think I prefer the story to work out that he turns that way because he feels so very “helpless” and “useless” and not because he was always harboring those ambitions in his black heart. I kind of like it when a good feeling (like love) can end up twisting someone into a monster. 

It’s more interesting than the “me was always a baddie inside” trope. That’s boring and overdone. Give me a good guy who turns bad, not a bad guy who paraded as good.