The Collective welcomes our newest recruits, a hunter of demons, a trader of goods and ideas, and a member of the aristocracy...

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Not all who fight the dark forces that threaten the world do so with divine support. No, these ordinary men and women represent those who find themselves fighting the eldritch and demonic…and find that steel and fire work plenty well against them. 

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Trade. The bloodline of civilization, as goods and ideas pass hands among cultures and nations separated leagues and customs of great number. Many of the worlds adventurers set out into the unknown in the hopes of finding their fortunes in distant lands. And now, one such entrepreneur has thrown in with us.

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Aristocrats, nobles, blue bloods, upper class twits. Whatever you call them, they tend to have names that are associated with the higher echelons of power and the weight of history behind their name. Whether the bloodlines are worthy of the legacy they leave behind, or noble isn’t a word that doesn’t describe their character at all, many aristoracts, young and old, are patrons of or adventurers themselves. And at least one has signed up with us.

So, with peasure, I belatedly welcome @we-aredemonhunter, @wearemerchant, and @we-are-noble

Conquest! is a multiplayer, real time, online strategy game set in medieval times, with integrated chat function. You can choose one of 6 different classes you wish to take, be a barbarian and loot the cities, or take a path of nature and with the Ranger class and let all of those forest creatures assist you or take a noble path of a Fighter and set that crown of a king for your goal! We assure you what ever path you set for yourself it will be an adventure! Pick your allies, deploy your spies, and wage war with or against your friends.

It’s a free, fun and you can play with friends or with bunch of random people in real time.  Join today!

Download the game: ( Free downloads and we promise no in-app purchase)
App Store  /  Android

Windows (download will start automatically, Windows 64-bit, 45 MB Zip)

Mac IOS (download will start automatically, Mac 64-bit, 45 MB Zip)

• My Fair Lady (Closed RP) •

Ah, what a wonderful midday to visit a beautiful maiden who resides in a grand manor! It’s been like almost a week since Andrew met Ada, a graceful lady and even wise as well. That was the first time he had met such a perfect woman or so how he described her.

A bouquet of pink and purple roses, CHECK! A box of dark chocolate, CHECK! Wait, what is he exactly up to? He was heading to the garden to seek for his lady (oh, was it his?). Out of small luck, she was there. A perfect timing!

“A pleasant day to you, milady,” greeted he in a courteous tone and with a warm smile. “I see that you’re fairing well today.”



When I saw this I literally screamed in my head at the same time my hand flew to grab a hold of this magazine. Rejoice my fellow fanfic writers, we are valid, our writing is valid and we should be proud of being fanfic writers.

Enjoy this reading that I’m sure will inspire and motivate you to keep writing 😉💗


“The king of the couch 💘”

So I went to the Journal 3 book signing at the Grove in West Hollywood today and was able to meet Alex Hirsch and Stephanie Ramirez! I remembered this tweet he made about Boss Baby’s poster, so I made a quip about it.

“Alex, I remembered that tweet you made about that poor Trump Baby with a nasty case of DreamWorks Face. It’s so contagious even your baby caught it!”

And then I showed him this, he seemed pretty surprised that it was a final still from the show.

I then asked him to draw a quick “DreamWorks Dipper” along with his autograph.

He said it was the worst Dipper he’s ever drawn.