“He tried to shake me off, but I kept holding on, until he stopped shouting and I felt the fight go out of him. Then I realised he too had his arms around me. And so we stood together like that, at the top of the field, for what seemed like ages, not saying anything, just holding each other, while the wind kept blowing and blowing at us, tugging our clothes, and for a moment, it seemed like we were holding onto each other because that was the only way to stop us being swept away into the night." — Kazuo Ishiguro, Never Let Me Go.


Do you know what happens to children when they grow up?
No, you don’t, because nobody knows. They might grow up to become actors, move to America. Or they might work in supermarkets. Or teach in schools. They might become sportsmen or bus conductors or racing car drivers. They might do almost anything. But with you we do know. None of you will go to America. None of you will work in supermarkets. None of you will do anything except live the life that has already been set out for you. You will become adults, but only briefly. Before you are old, before you are even middle age, you will start to donate your vital organs. That’s what you were created to do. And sometime around your third or fourth donation, your short life will be complete. You have to know who you are and what you are. It’s the only way you’ll lead decent lives.

Never Let Me Go

Chapter: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] 7 8 9
Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug
Pairings: Adrien/Marinette, Adrien/Chloe, Marinette/Chloe
Word count: 12008 words
Author’s Notes: Based on the movie Never Let Me Go. @runningoutofink​ is forever a great help so THANK YOU AGAIN BEE.
Chapter Summary: In which some answers are given, a funeral happens, and Marinette and Adrien apply for a deferral. 
Warnings: CHARACTER DEATH THIS CHAPTER. It’s not described in detail though. It’s just that the character is there one moment and not there the next.  

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Marinette never made it to see Chloé. After the initial shock, of… of seeing this girl who looked so much like her, Marinette reached out and shook Bridgette’s hand. They stared at each other for a moment, handshake over but their hands still together. It registered in the back of Marinette’s mind that Bridgette was one of the only people she knew who didn’t flinch at the sight or touch of a clone but she wasn’t able to articulate any of her thoughts at this point.

Neither of them said anything, but they were both acutely aware that they needed to talk. With a questioning tilt of the head from Bridgette, and a silent nod from Marinette, their hands broke apart and the two women stepped out of the hospital together.

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