How to kill my wallet lesson 1:

Limited edition of Ninokuni PS3!!!

I’ve already played the DS version and I have to say that this game is AWESOME!
Level 5 (creators of Professor Layton) definitely know how to make good games!
Graphics and music made by Ghibli studios and Hisaishi Joe are just amazing (*o*) 

The good thing with the PS3 compared to the DS is of course High Definition!
1080p is love <3 XD 

I think the PS3 game level is harder than the DS one because of real time fights. I’ve been playing this game for 6 hours now and I’ve already got gamed over 3 times XD

I also got an extra “magic master” (the book you use while playing the DS game) with my PS3 because I pre-ordered it! And now, I’ve got 2 magic masters XD 

Ni No Kuni - Tips and Tricks For Those Starting Out Like Me

I just started with the game, and am just at the part where you go to Autumnia. So in an attempt to help new players of Ni no Kuni, i’m gonna give some advice.

- SP restoring items are expensive and hard to find. Try to save your Iced Coffee (200g) and Strong Coffee (800g) for boss battles or emergencies.

- Collect as MANY familiars as you can. Variety is important, and if possible try and give your characters some familiars they like. Like how Oliver prefers Warrior-types, Esther likes Fish-Type and Plant-Type, Swaine likes Beast-Type and Robot-type. (you can see that indicated in the Familiars menu)

- SAVE after every battle. If you haven’t been level grinding, things can get challenging especially if the AI is too stupid to help you. You can Save ANYTIME. Just go to the Menu and press Start.

- The Sun, Moon, Star affinities of your familiars are important. Try to keep that variety in your roster all the time. They can help fight against normal enemies easier because of weaknesses.

- Try to finish all Swift Solution quests before leaving a city after their story. The Merit Cards matter in the long run for added bonuses.

- Early on, I would recommend getting the Increased Map Movement speed buff, followed by increased glim drops. Then I went and bought Increase ship movement when i got my ship.

- You can recruit EVERY (sans bosses and story fights) monster you encounter, and you can recruit more even if your reserves are full. They automatically go to the Familiar Retreat where you can get them.

- Recommended Familiars to get: 

  • Monolith (Summerlands, South) - These guys have A LOT of defense. It saved me countless times by acting as a tank. Evolve it to get it’s ‘Yoo Hoo’ ability, which lets you taunt enemies to only attack you.
  • Mite (Automatic, your first) - He’s probably gonna be in your team A LOT. He’s powerful as is, and if you feed him enough (his favorite food is Chocolate), then you can raise his attack even more!
  • Naiads (Islands southeast of Summerland, or one of your choices of recruitment in the Sage Trials) - she doesn’t seem much aside from being a healer, but these are nasty good when you get their 'See Stars’ ability. They can not only heal, but they can stun opponents too. (Likes Cake)
  • Seed Sprite (Automatic, this is the 3rd familiar you get) - once they become a Sprout sprite, grind them to get their Healing Rain ability. an All heal spell is always useful. (Likes Cake)
  • Bunched Babana (Summerlands, desert area)- those… large banana things that are annoying when you first arrive. They have high enough defense, but are weak to fire (so try to avoid using them at the Old Smoky). Good enough to give to Esther because she needs a tank.

I’ll probably post more when i play more. :D Have fun playing it, you guys!