I was two episodes into Brooklyn Nine Nine when I hollered the words “THERE ARE TWO CHARACTERS WITH CURLY HAIR” into the empty house

This week’s been pretty rough, but the icing on the cake was when a girl in my bio lecture asked me how I stopped being ashamed of my curly hair. So I drew a pick me up?

Lucky for me, I’ve been proud of and in love with my curls for the past few years now, and I got there on my own, but sometimes it really helps to have someone who can express enough love for both of you until you get over the dumb, narrow concept of beauty that’s sold to young girls especially in a lot of their formative years.

(Also: I was thinking about how Rosa always wears her beautiful bushy hair down, and how she very likely wasn’t always as confident in it as she is at thirty-something, and how Andy Samberg rocked his ridiculous head of curls for so many years just For The Hell Of It and lowkey I respect that, and this emerged. Honestly, I’d be ready to watch a full show just about Jake and Rosa’s shenanigans at the Academy, but with the bonus of Jake rocking the Hot Rod ‘fro.

U feel me.)


one tree hill » Catastrophe and the Cure

“When I play [the video], it feels like he’s right here talking to me. But what if it’s the last time I see him? It’s not going to be. Okay? Think of all the things your dad has come back from. Car crash, his back, your crazy nannie. Our crazy nannie who kidnapped me. Exactly. But here you are. ‘Cause you’re a Scott. And no one is tougher or smarter than a Scott boy.”


Minor Aliases: 12/∞

↳ Jason Todd as Batman (New Earth)

With the apparent death of Batman, a power vacuum formed for the premier crime fighting vigilante in Gotham City. Jason Todd quickly rose to be the new Batman, albeit a gun-wielding and murderous one. Todd manages to battle and conquer the entire Bat Family, except Dick Grayson as Nightwing, who successfully defeated him and relieved him of the Batman mantle.

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Batman: Battle for the Cowl #1–3