Fans: Is Beth dead?

Erik Jensen: I am contractually obligated to remain coy

Fans: Is Beth dead?

Scott Gimple: *silence*

Fans: Is Beth dead?

Robert Kirkman: *crickets chirp*

Fans: Is Beth dead?

Gale Ann Hurd: *tumbleweed rolls across a barren wasteland*

Fans: Is Beth dead?

Greg Nicotero: lol she super dead six feet under coda was a masterpiece

Fans: Where is the lie tho

SDCC Roundtable Quotes

Danai: There’s a friendship there that is really what I think I treasure about Michonne’s connection with Rick. He really was the one who challenged her to step out of who she was being and what she was becoming. I think they’re really, really great friends, and that’s a cool thing.

Andy: She’s one of the few people that can take the piss out of Rick, which is great. She’s the arched eyebrow kind of smart-ass remark. There aren’t that many people in the apocalypse, so maybe when everybody is dead and it’s just me and her, like… let’s get it on.


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A lot of people are excited about the potential for Rick and Michonne in an actual romance. What would you think of that kind of pairing? Do you think they could survive as actual romantic partners?

Lincoln: I’m not sure. The thing that I love about playing scenes with Danai as Rick and Michonne is that they have a kind of jokiness to them; there’s a gallows humor that’s a bit cowboy, because they’re both warriors, all the rest of it, and she’s one of the few people I think who can take the piss out of Rick. She’s the arched eyebrow, kind of smartass remark, and I love playing those scenes as well. But also she has a great kind of…point of contact.

But yeah, look: there aren’t that many people in the apocalypse, so maybe when everybody is dead and it’s just me and her left, let’s get it on.