• Nicky:Neil, I don't think you get it yet. You're the newest, brightest star of Exy. Everyone wants you. You're like that hot girl that every guy wants.
  • Neil:The hot girl?
  • Nicky:You are the hottest girl. *walks away*
  • Matt:*walks up* What?
  • Neil:I'm the hot girl.
  • Matt:Yes, you are.
  • Neil:*big smile*
Chapter Thirty


“I don’t think this shit is big enough,” Ace said while we walked around the empty condominium we just rented. “I like more space than this.”

“Not big enough? It’s just us here we don’t need a big ass house yet, you had that in Miami and ended up selling it.”

‘Yeah because you wanted to move, I wasn’t thinking about leaving.”

“Whatever I think this is fine for us, we can buy a house once marriage and kids happen. I just need you to give me the green light to do whatever I want with this shit.”

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