Please REBLOG if you care about gay rights

I am very angry. Michigan is considering passing a law that allows employers to deny homosexuals a job just for being gay.
How is that in any way fair?
Oh, “religious rights”
If they’re allowed to have their beliefs then why can’t other people have there’s?
If “God” hated homosexuals so much then he wouldn’t keep creating them.
Discriminating against someone’s sexuality is literally like going to a restaurant and stopping someone from ordering something because it doesn’t fit into YOUR diet.
Either way I’m pissed. I want to do something about it.


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I miss this so much I used to look so bloody bad ass!

Kylie out in West Hollywood

“Well, she’s very silly and funny. Sometimes she’s loud and raucous, sometimes she’s quiet and introverted. She has a contagious laugh, if she’s laughing you can’t help but laugh too. And when she starts giggling it’ll take an army to get her to stop.”
- Corey Buckingham


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