[#Arrow episode] Four is probably one of my favorite scripts of the new year, and one of the things I love about the episode is [that] the title refers to more than one person or thing. There’s a bunch of things in episode 4 that are beyond redemption. It’s something that keeps coming up in that episode. There’s a bunch of big revelations in that episode, and some key discoveries. It’s an episode where the title pretty much touches on the different storylines to that episode.

Marc Guggenheim at TCA 2015 [Green ArrowTV.com] x 

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Hehe. You're such a perfect and precious creature :]] idk. I need a hug. And a spam ;-;. Spam me with Kai. *facepalm* I'm going to ruin myself. Have no mercy. Nothing cute. Ruin me. Please (__ __) - Chen anon

Well, you asked for this so don’t blame me if it hurts you. I AM NOT TO BLAME FOR THIS. xo


Paige Dineen Appreciation Week || Day 4
► Katharine McPhee Appreciation

Katharine McPhee, based on Instagram, interviews and music, to me, is one of the most amazing women in the US. She’s funny, down-to-earth and is always smiling. She’s naturally beautiful, and I admire her for her accomplishments and her talents. :) 

She’s the kind of person I aspire to be one day. ♥