Unlike many platformers of the time, Kid Chameleon chose to have a fairly complex health system, with the player taking variable amounts of damage even when jumping on certain enemies. This is also represented through the mask system, which provides the player with different health totals based on the mask chosen. In presenting health in this way, the game was able to better reinforce the different attributes that each mask (and the base character) possessed, as well as allow the game to be much less openly difficult overall.


[nick+schmidt]“ever since i’ve known you you’ve been there. you’re always there even when i don’t want you there you’re there. that’s what a husband does. you fight for me, that’s what a husband does. you care about what i eat, that’s what a husband does. you cook for me even when i don’t ask, that’s what a husband does. when i pass out you comb my hair so there’s no knots in it, that’s what a husband does.”


the ultimate shipper challenge: weddings [¼]
cece and schmidt’s wedding.

wanna get married?
i don’t think that i can wait another second.