well… halloween is getting close, so i might start sending random trick-or-treat asks… bc it’s all I can do for now tbh and i just have this halloween spirit :,>

so uh… like this or something if you wish Gaara to trick-or-treat to you lol

wag nyo ko tanungin sa mga novels novels na yan kasi la talaga ko alam dyan ask me nalang multiplication table function to the x to the power of 2 equation that multiplies to the other division u add it by sin cos 2 sin b sin cin y x square root of 2km

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She would, and you know damn well Pyrrha would enjoy every minute of it. She'd love your moans, making you gasp for good breath of air and making you grip your sheets tight enough to rip them. I'm sure shed also love to make your hips spasm while enveloped in her tightness and heat~


S  H  E


 N E V E     R