Noel Fielding on his brother, Mike
  • Interviewer [about Mike Fielding]:He’s a lot taller in real life.
  • Noel:Yeeeeeah, a lot taller than what? A dog?

If you were on a desert island, and you had one luxury item, what would it be?


I wanted to create the weirdest show ever made on television – a punky, prog-rock nightmare of lurid colours. People said, ‘You must be mad, or on drugs,’ which I found a bit disappointing. What about imagination? It reflects our time that people sooner assume you’re on drugs or mad, rather than free.

I honestly still can’t believe I got to meet my hero this week!

I bought second row tickets for An Evening With Noel Fielding at Symphony Hall in Birmingham so long ago that it didn’t feel like it would ever be real. On top of that, I was really nervous that I’d get to the show and then would not be able to meet him and regret it forever! Amazingly, The British Comedy Guide arranged for me to interview Noel on their behalf at the end of October and during that conversation, he told me that he’d “love to” meet me and that I should visit him backstage after the show.

Everything came together a few hours before the evening came around and the show was incredible, as you all know by now (my full post about it is here). The whole evening was one of wonderful characters, hilarious stand up comedy and general magic, definitely one of the best shows I’ve seen this year.

Meeting Noel, Tom and Mike was absolutely lovely and they were all so friendly despite being exhausted. Tom remembered me from a letter he sent me over two years ago (he knew my whole name haha). We had such a nice chat about the show and about my website/interview with Noel and he signed my Scribblings book and tickets. He hurt his toe during his New York Cop interrogation of the audience so he was stood there in his odd socks hopping around wiggling his toes to see if it was broken haha.

Feeling like such a bastard because I’m the only person he met that night (he didn’t even meet anyone outside) but to be honest, I did work really hard to have a successful interview with Noel, and in general to run my site, and I’ve seen so many people on here meeting Noel after shows on this tour and going to all the preview shows in London that I couldn’t afford to go to, so I feel like this was my time and I’m so so happy!