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i honestly love arya but i love sansa too ?? like why does this site only allow u to love only ONE of them. and i agree with your arya meta post but like sansa deserves revenge too. they BOTH do. they BOTH have had horrid shit happen to them and they BOTH deserve vengence- not one more than the other.

it has nothing to do with deserving revenge. im talking about characterization here. among other things. the fact is sa.nsa is not particularly driven by a desire for justice. she’s just not. i mean, shit, the show straight up acknowledges that. this entire s/ansa rape revenge fiasco was built on littlefinger literally telling her “all you do is cry about the bad things that happen! stop being a bystander! get revenge! be a boss ass bitch!” to paraphrase. which has always been there approach to her character. she can’t believe in songs or prayers anymore. thats not cool. she tells tyrion she wants him to die because its an edgy one liner and feeling empathy for the guy who helped you is lame. but book!sansa does still believe in songs and prayers. and theres nothing wrong with that. theres just no room for that on this cheap nihilistic garbage show where everyone has to kill with a smile on their face. 

and dont get me wrong; pretty much all the women on the show are defined by being badass and wanting revenge. even ellaria the one character who is 100% anti revenge. its not as if they’re doing a good job with arya either. meryn’s death was ridiculous and gratuitous for no good reason. dont even get me started on the frey pie thing. that was truly absurd. and its not even over yet. she’s a cutout of her book counterpart but….at least the outline is there. arya is very much motivated by the pursuit of justice. because she watched time and time again as the system failed innocent people so she actively fights against it by trying to make her own justice in the world.  

but it doesnt work for s/ansa. they gave her a new storyline and a personality that changes in every scene. she is inherently too different from her book counterpart to feel like san/sa anymore. to me. and, personally, i am irritated watching the fandom eat up sandra’s love of revenge because they judged arya for years and years (and years) over the same thing. when arya wanted revenge it made her weak and cliche but its all cool when sa,nsa gets hers because she’s in a dress. or whatever. and now they want the pack survives too. well they can fuck off tbh.

you started this ask with the classic “why not both” sentiment and its honestly a useless question. everyones experiences in the fandom are different. idk how long you’ve been on tumblr but ive been here for 7 years. and let me tell you i am not the same person i was when i first joined lol. ive seen a lot of shit. and yeah its effected my opinions and the way i interact with the fandom. how not? from my pov im dealing with a fandom that regularly reduced arya to a sociopath on san/sa’s behalf for A Long Ass Time. and thats just the tip of the iceberg. you have to be brand new or willfully ignorant to not know the extent to which this fandom on tumblr, specifically, has undermined arya in every way possible. that makes me extremely protective of arya and her arc, characterization, themes, motifs, literally everything. i know most arya stans feel the same way. and its not a coincidence that the people peddling the “love them both!!!!” mentality are usually from the opposite side. i think that pretty much says it all. but if you managed to live through all those years of bullshit and come out of it genuinely loving both sisters without reservation or bias, congrats lol


my dad’s birthday is tomorrow so we celebrated tonight! we tried a newer place & it was really cute. the food was good and it was a good time.

first pic is self explanatory. i can’t with pete hehe. in the middle photo set, the top left is a brussels sprouts & bacon salad. bottom left is essentially a margherita pizza with arugula and fresh shaved parm. and we went for ice cream after dinner. also, lolz at my dad being ridiculous with his banana split.

i ate pizza for the first time in months… like, probably since december. i had one and a half of the small slices (the pizzas at the place are little, wood fired, neapolitan style pizzas). i got a kid’s size ice cream (s'mores, my fave!) and had several bites too. it felt good to eat what everyone else was eating. i am a little nervous to see how i feel (though i tried to be quite moderate in portions, this is the most dairy i’ve had yet) but trying not to be anxious. 🤞🏻

anyway, my dad seemed happy & we had a nice time.

the rest of the evening, pete and i spent working on arts lol. i will def share more of you guys are interested.

tomorrow we have pete’s cousin’s wedding.

we are almost exactly one week away from my sister’s wedding! gahhh!

alright, bed time. night, all!

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Honest opinion: you are one of the kindest most welcoming folks in the fandom and I really admire the way you nurture newer/other writers. :) I hope I can be more like you personally and as a writer!

*CRIES RIVERS OF HAPPY EMOTIONS* LV, YOU MAKE MY HEART SING <3 I remember my early days where I was so shy around this fandom, and so intimidated by big bloggers that I just hid away for a bit. I don’t want our new blog friends feeling like that, because it’s not a fantastic feeling xD LV, you’re one of the sweetest people I know on this fandom and it’s a pleasure to call you my pal <3 AND THE SAME ABOUT THE PERSONAL/WRITER DEVELOPMENT GOES TO YOU- YOU’RE INSPIRATIONAL <33333 *hugs you tight*

So this past week involved seeing four doctors including a hospital visit, getting pulled over while pulling into work and getting a ticket for something that seems kind of ridiculous?, locking myself out of my apartment for the first time in my life, and all the while dealing with this constant stabbing pain in my abdomen that eludes a cause. I’m supposed to attend a wedding tomorrow and I really hope I make it through.

On the upside, I took Wednesday off from work to recover, I got a free drink at Starbucks because they made me a lemonade instead of a latte, my favorite kamboucha was half off (hoping to cope with the antibiotics I’ve been given), and I’m not quite as nauseous today as I was yesterday (although I did walk into a door). Also I finally checked out one of the newer coffee shops in town this afternoon and not only was it super perfect, some guy complemented my shoes (same shoes! Ha). Trying to see the bright spots!

People who only like post Awakening Fire Emblem games and cut down people who like the older games

People who only like Pre Awakening Fire Emblem games and cut down people who like the newer games

People who like and appreciate all the games whether or not they played them because without them we wouldn’t have the great strategical RPG game series we have today.

playlists #2 (2016-2017 songs)

(the songs on your list are not meant to be the ones I think you listen to, they are meant to be the ones that remind me of that sign)

Aries - 

Feels Like Summer - Weezer

Radioactive - Marina And The Diamonds

3AM (Pull Up) - Charli XCX (feat. MØ)

New Man - Ed Sheeran

Taurus - 

Hunnie Pie - Zella Day 

Leaving Tonight - The Neighbourhood

The Way I Do - Bishop Briggs

Symphony - Clean Bandit

Gemini -

Keep On - Kehlani

Say It - Flume (feat. Tove Lo)

Polarize - Twenty One Pilots

Too Soon - Vanic

Cancer -

Million Years Ago - Adele

1965 - Zella Day

Elastic Heart - Sia

Leave Me Lonely - Ariana Grande (feat. Macy Gray)

Leo -

No Lie - Sean Paul (feat. Dua Lipa)

Running With The Wolves - AURORA

Galway Girl - Ed Sheeran

Finally - M.I.A.

Virgo -

Final Song - MØ

Selfish - Future (feat. Rihanna)

Let’s Get Lost - G-Eazy (feat. Devon Baldwin)

Love - Lana Del Rey

Libra - 

At My Best - Machine Gun Kelly (feat. Hailee Steinfeld)

1 Night - Mura Masa (feat. Charli XCX)

Sometimes - Ariana Grande

Feel Good - Gryffin (feat. Daya)

Scorpio -

Liability - Lorde

Distraction - Kehlani

The Greatest - Sia

Weight In Gold - Gallant

Sagittarius -

Man on the Moon - Zella Day

Owe Me - Big Sean

One Step At A Time - Bearson (feat. Natalola)

Diamonds - Eloq (feat. MØ)

Capricorn -

Regret In Your Tears - Nicki Minaj

Leave Me Lonely - Ariana Grande (feat. Macy Gray)

Bounce Back - Big Sean

Dive - Ed Sheeran

Aquarius - 

Good Girls - LANY

She Don’t - Ella Mai (feat. Ty Dolla $ign)

Half The World Away - AURORA

Fakin It - Kaskade (feat. Ofelia K)

Pisces -

All Time Low - Jon Bellion

Believer - Imagine Dragons

Heavy - Linkin Park (feat. Kiiara)

Love Gun - Tess