Now you can press really hard on Tumblr

If you have an iPhone 6s or newer model, you can 3D Touch your way around the Tumblr app. Specific things for you to press really hard on include:

  • App icon: Press on it, you’ll get a shortcut to search Tumblr.
  • Tumblr name or avatar: Peek at one, get a preview of that Tumblr. Pop all the way into it and see the whole thing. (Also, you can swipe upwards during your Peek to message the blog.)
  • Live Photo*: Press one to make it come alive.

Get the Tumblr app

Amazing. Your finger has a lot to learn.

* Live photos have a little concentric-circle supernova icon up in the corner. That’s how you spot ’em.

As some of you may know, I am a fairly newer fan of pokespe, so I haven’t been around for too long. But what I do know is that people like @ilovecrt and everyone over at @jb2448 put in a lot of work so that pokespe is accessible to everyone. (If I forgot to mention you, that does not mean I do not appreciate your hard work! As I said I’m new and I don’t know all of you that contribute yet! ;v;/) But it is because of people like them that I was able to catch up on and read all of pokespe and become a fan myself! So with the recent completion of translating the X and Y arc, I wanted to take this (late, I know, sorry I was busy this weeked ;A; ) opportunity to thank all of the lovely people who take the time to translate this awesome manga series. Thank you all very very much!!

TalesFromRetail: Pork chop lady

Back when I worked in a small chain meat market, there was this older lady who would frequently visit the store who we gave the nick-name “pork chop lady”. I don’t even remember what her real name was but I knew what she looked like and the OCD she had over pork chops.

Pork chop lady would come into the store to buy two stuffed pork chops that HAD to weigh the same amount and be over 1.75lbs (or something close to that). Because she was a frequent and loyal customer, we all just put up with it. One of the newer employees didn’t know about pork chop lady’s reputation and gave her two stuffed pork chops at random that were different in size… Whoops. The next week she came in, I had the pleasure of helping her…

The next Saturday comes busting in the store visibly irritated and starts blurting out her rant complaining before I could get the store greeting out of my mouth. She then proceeded to complain about how last week her stuffed pork chops were too different in size and how she and her (adult) son didn’t have enough to eat that night and how normally we are so good to her, yadda yadda.

I apoligize and explain that it was probably a newer staff that had helped her the previous week and I would make sure to find two stuffed pork chops the same weight. I go in the case and grab two stuffed pork chops but before I could even put them on the scale, pork chop lady snaps “all of those are too small. I want different ones”.

silent screaming in my head I personally had just finished making the 10 stuffed pork chops that were in the case. The pork loin we got in was small in diameter so we couldn’t stuff as much stuffing into each chop.

Okay, fine. I go and start making her stuffed pork chops. I stuff each pork chop until is was full and plop them up on the scale… One weighing ≈1.5lb and the other ≈1.75 lb. Before I could even have the thought to add more stuffing to the smaller one I get berated by shreeking comments on how “they aren’t even! One is smaller than the other! Add more stuffing!”

More internal screaming

I add more stuffing and in my retail passive aggressiveness I made sure they were within .01lbs of each other and I took my sweet ass time doing it. Pork chop lady is all huffy tapping her foot and the final time she asks what the difference in weight between her pork chops were, I kindly spit in her face they were .01lbs away from each other… I think at this point she realized how ridiculous all this was and got embarrassed and actually apologized.

My manager was working next to me the whole time trying his best not to laugh… He too knew the struggle of dealing with the pork chop lady.

By: BlondeNinja182

am i the only one weirdly fascinated by audio film commentaries as their own art objects? i’m thinking about writing an article about it, especially comparing those early ones (such as the King Kong) to newer ones, especially like, Rob Pattinson’s Twilight commentary

Inquiry: I’ve seen so many artists talk about Paint Tool SAI, and it looks really nice! The brushes look like a lot of fun, too!. I currently use Photoshop CS2, but I’ve been tempted a lot over the last year or two to consider SAI…..

I think it’s relatively easy to afford, certainly easier than a Photoshop license for their newer programs, so I’m wondering if I should invest, it has just such a simple interface even I might be able to handle it

Any users out there who might recommend? 

Why does a character filming with a newer character of the opposite sex automatically make certain people nervous and make the assumption its either sexual or romantic?? Earlier this season it was Hook and Jasmine/Tiger Lily now its Emma and some random guy….i don’t get it at all…it never plays out the way these people assume. Stop making yourself upset on purpose, at this rate the show doesn’t even have to introduce angst.

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movie maker is no longer available tho, if you have newer windows 10 computers. its not pre installed and its not available for download anymore on the microsoft site

Oh damn?? That’s dumb I don’t remember how I found it then but I have. It

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I started reading way back in '09, stopped reading it for years and brushed it off. anyway, two weeks ago i reopened bcb and its so good, this comic is so good, why did you trap me in drama cat hell once again (so good). ALSO i think that the newer style, where you made the character's bodies smaller and still maintained a high level of detail on them, works so so well, and the character development feels really natural just props on everything sorry for rambling (again this comic is so good)

Veronica: Aaaaa I’m so glad you returned to it!! :D And I’m so happy you feel that way about the style! I really am much happier with the style in recent times, I feel like I’m moving to comfortable-enough proportions and will only keep getting there!! Thank you so much!!

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Thought you wanted a subie?

Ideally I’d buy a WRX and keep my frontier. But I don’t have space for multiple cars so I feel the best option for me is to have one newer truck

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Hi! Do an FAQ page? If you don't, would you be able to tell me what tech/programs you use to draw with?

I don’t, but sure no problem! :D

You can download a trial version of Sketchbook for free. I use the full pro version (which you have to purchase. I think you pay for a subscription) It has more tools and room to play around. It’s nice and simple and doesn’t take long to get a feel for, but it also has a lot of great features!! I love it. I’ve been using it for a pretty long time now and it hasn’t failed me!

My wacom tablet is medium sized. Mine’s oldish now but it looks basically the same as the newer version. :D I hope this helps you out. Thanks so much for your question!!

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Whats your newest headcanon about the boys?

OOC: My newest headcanon ties in a bit with a slightly older headcanon, which isn’t that old. It’s actually pretty recent, too. It does contain some NSFW themes.

Ok so in my last post I mentioned how they’ve been hitting on each other but didn’t realize it until more recently. They basically got on peaceful terms and then WWI hit and these two butts were stuck together on the same side of the war. A very, very stressful war.

Now what can two men do to momentarily relieve stress? Well, I mean, smoke cigarettes of course but that shit was rationed.

Basically they hooked up. That’s the slightly older headcanon, that they hooked up for selfish reasons of wanting to feel good for once in this goddamn war.

That leads right into the newer headcanon: Their realization for the desire of the other. Of course, at this time, it is just assumed to be sexual desire because that’s what their interaction was. There was nothing romantic or loving about it, just physical need.

They didn’t hook up for the rest of the war, Francois found a new savior to flirt with (Alfred).

Okay, that was basically a bunch of headcanons mashed into one but yeah. That’s the most recent thing that’s been on my mind lamo

People have been asking me to post photos of my scars for a really long time, so I finally took some. A few look kinda weird cus they’re newer but still scars nonetheless. I’m gonna tag it for anyone who’s triggered by self harm! Just a warning

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A small black haired girl made her way into the Brothel, she was cradling a small bundle, drenched from the storm outside. Her long hair was pulled into a ponytail, but the weather had turned it into a poof of curls and frizz. "S-sorry... This was the only place w-with an open door." She said quietly to the security. She blushed as she realized what sort of place she had sought shelter in, she looked like a living doll, some one's prized toy given life.

The night was late, long sense had the Brothel’s crowd thinned out to the point of near vacancy, a ghost of it’s prior self. But there were whores and men still lingering in the den, panting and pawing each other with such a disregard for whom would watch.

The first to notice the woman would be the youngest, sweetest, and newer of the whores– The little half elf bounded forward with wide eyes, her hands clasped together as she leers toward the swaddled bundle with furrowed brows, “Oh ma’am! Come come,” the whore beckons with a waggling finger, back peddling atop her bare feet, “I can acquire you a room- And food! You must be starving, and so so  cold! Oh–! Keisong!” The little Esme bounced around atop her heels, calling out to the second story where the hasteful thuds would sound overhead. Along the stairs would a loosely clad Draenei descend, her hair claimed in rollers, body dressed in a long, elegant black duster robe.

“Esme,” the woman hisses in her irriation, “What is all this commotion about–?”

“We’ve a visitor..”

With this… The tall beauty would leer on towards the short woman, her scorning expression slacking just the slightest. “… Oh Lady’s luck,” the whore murmurs, snapping her fingers towards Esme, “Get the Madam…”