The year is 3019, and a newer improved race of human have taken over the earth. As they dig into the ancient city of Los Angeles they find a corpse holding an ancient artifact from the 2000s, a cell phone. It (surprisingly) turns on and what they find inside is astonishing @writing-prompt-s

honestly, exo’s speech at mama really confirmed what i had first thought; they were expecting to be replaced by the newer groups.

i think it was all the small things that made them feel like this?? like the really long time between love me right and monster/lucky one and obviously, the rapidly rising popularity of groups like bts, got7, svt , monsta x, etc etc
it’s the change in demand of boy groups as well. a pretty face and nice vocals and good dancing will no longer pull it off, you have to have a pretty face, perfect vocals, perfect dancing, perfect rapping, perfect songs, and a perfect personality. chen, baekhyun and chanyeol’s ridiculous improvement in dance really shows how hard they worked to keep up with the others.

when baekhyun said that he didn’t think that exo did a lot this year, i think he means that , compared to other groups, it seems like they haven’t done a lot this year.

it breaks my heart to think that exo expected to sit at the awards and watch the younger groups get the awards. i think they’re finally doing what they really want, with the composing and creating they’re finally doing.

i really really want them to know that we appreciate what they’re doing. that despite the painful setbacks and letdowns, we know how hard they’re working. i want them to know that we know how hard they’ve been working these few months, how little sleep they’ve had and how much they’ve sacrificed.

an idol’s number one fear is usually losing popularity, but i don’t think exo is that shallow. i think they’re scared of letting themselves and us all down.

i want them to gain confidence from this year. i want them to know that they will always be at the top for all of us, and they’ll never ever let me down


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@hyperion-trashboat I realized after finishing this I forgot it was supposed to be more from Newt’s POV than Percival’s HECK I may write the same scene again more from Newt’s POV after I get the other prompts done, too. I hope you like this all the same!!

They’re down in Newt’s case when Percival proposes, specifically in the tundra habitat. Newt is dressed far too sparsely for Graves’s liking, his coat and vest absent in favor of merely his undershirt and trousers. Graves at least had the sense to wear a jacket, he thought sourly.

Newt is gesturing into the vast snowy expanse, going on about one of the newer creatures he’d acquired. Percival is only half listening when he slips his hand into his coat pocket and goes down, ignoring the damp, bitter cold that bites into his knee through the fabric of his pants.

“Newt, look at me…Newton.” Graves steels his tone somewhat, catching the younger wizard’s attention. He turns halfway, expecting the Auror to be at eye level. He’s not. The redhead arches his eyebrows as his gaze falls to Percival and the small velvet box in his hand.

“…What are you doing?”

The question would offend Percival if it had come from anyone else. Newt still doesn’t trust himself, trust his emotions in regards to other humans. He hesitates and second guesses but Percival is patient. So when Newt repeats his question, the Auror merely smiles, the corners of his lips turning upwards. He takes Newt’s left hand, tactfully ignoring the part of him that wants to scold the freckled man for not wearing gloves. He presses a kiss to the back of the other man’s knuckles. Newt’s fingers are half frozen, but part of him warms at the affectionate contact. His cheeks flush as he runs the fingers of his other hand over his lips, brows knitting together as he wonders what’s come over the Auror.

“You are, by far, the most fascinating creature contained within this case,” he murmurs, noting the embarrassed chuckle that passes Newt’s lips. “I love you, and I’d like you to allow me the honor of spending the rest of my days by your side.” He flips the box open with his thumb, revealing the lightly engraved gold band within. Newt looks honest to god surprised, cheeks red, and it’s the most adorable thing the Auror’s ever seen.

It’s with a small amount of hesitation that Newt leans down, cupping Percival’s face with his free hand. The Auror ignores the biting cold of Newt’s fingertips as the redhead presses a gentle kiss to the top of Percival’s head.

“You’re going to catch frostbite in your leg like that, Mister Graves, and that would be terribly unromantic,” he murmurs, curling his fingers around Percival’s hand and urging him to stand. For a moment, raw panic lances through the Auror until he’s back at eye level and Newt is pressing a warm kiss to his lips, calming his nerves.

“I’d be honored to have you,” Newt whispers, foreheads pressed together as blue eyes linger on the knot in Percival’s tie. Relief washes through the other wizard, relief and an overwhelming wash of warmth and almost giddy joy. He pulls the ring from the box, taking Newt’s hand again and slipping the ring into place around his finger. If the metal is cold, Newt doesn’t complain.

Percival lifts his hand and catches the back of Newt’s neck, stealing a far more purposeful kiss that the redhead slowly melts into. A year ago the Auror would have never pictured himself where he was now, completely and utterly captivated by Newt Scamander, but he wouldn’t have himself anywhere else in the world.

Her Little Miracle

by Tassi_Ki

Lena was in a downright panic. Today was supposed to be her day off, her day of freedom, and L-Corp had decided that today was going to be the day the system got hacked by hate-crime hackers. Not only did they hack into the mainframe of her corporation, they’d gone about causing as much damage as they could purely to ‘punish the Luthor Bitch’. Computers were on the fritz, security systems down, labs malfunctioning, and a slew of other electronic mishaps.

An emergency meeting had been called, and as CEO and owner of the business and building she had to be there to oversee the countermeasures and retaliation. She was also needed to help get the company back online since a lot of the newer systems were her work. This would all be fine and dandy except for one small detail. Or rather, one small someone. Brianna Quinn Luthor, the most beautiful mistake to ever grace her life.

Words: 3308, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

from AO3 works tagged ‘Kara Danvers/Lena Luthor’ http://ift.tt/2gyLwqC

12 Days of Christmas: Under the Mistletoe ~ Roin and Arch 🎄

I’m really not liking my art at the moment but I’ve been planning this damn series all year and I refuse to allow my self hatred stop me from posting one thing on time so yeah -there will be 12 in this set, they won’t be posted daily, just whenever I get them done, and all leading up to Christmas as some gifts to my peeps. Starting with Roin and @evphaedrielle ’s Arch for reasons 😗

Eden prolly wouldn’t have mistletoe, or any traditions surrounding it, but considering the planet was once connected to Earth a long, long time ago, some of the foliage would be similar, or at least mutated strings from common Earth plants. Roin, being a “newer” race wouldn’t know anything about it either but considering Arch has been around from the start (and ignoring the fact that Christmas or related holidays didn’t exist in ancient Earth and Eden cultures) would know something along the line and would prolly come up with a (sexy) tradition of his own that he and Roin could practice 😏 -that’s my story anyway and I’m sticking with it, gives Roin a reason to be holding up some mistletoe over he and Arch’s heads 😅

Anywho, so yes, Roin (red hair) is mine, Arch (steel blue hair) is @evphaedrielle ’s. He’s in partial unmasked form for spacial issues, not because I forgot his antlers 😆 #art #traditionalart #traditionalartist #12daysofchristmas #underthemistletoe #eden #roin #arch #roinandarch #boylove #hunter #elkinphyr #gifts #holidays #sketchbook #myart #myworks #oc #ocs #originalcharacters #manga #copics #love

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where did the sexiness in the VSFS go??? Tyra, Gisele, Rosie, Doutzen, Adriana, Ale and Candice were/are all so sexy, and i find that most of the newer models are just pretty faces or are in the show for their slim figures. in my opinion, the only sexy models now are Elsa, Josephine, Joan, Jas and of course, Adriana, Ale and Candice. VSFS is still good, but it's lost it's main purpose of being sexy.

There is no denying that Gisele, Tyra, Karolina, Naomi etc all brought a special presence to the show that most of these new angels and models don’t. I personally loved how they all promoted the strong, fierce, sexy and powerful woman. However, I think the main problem lies with the fact that we don’t genuinely know our newer angels as they were essentially thrown into that position, which left fans feeling completely blindsided in the process. In reality, we all grew to love the former angels because we followed their journey from being fresh faces to VS icons, whereas these days the angel title and wings are given out in an extremely rapid and unpredictable manner. We’re missing the journey and hard-work that it takes to become an angel and/or a solid VS model. It’s really quite sad. 

IT’S A RACE!? xD The views are so close on my two newest videos that I’m amused by their race to 10,000 views. Which will be first? At the moment I wrote this, “Sonic Chefs: Mini Caramel Apples” was at 8,263 views, which means it’s only NINE VIEWS AWAY from overtaking “Sonic Goes to the Races”, which has 8,271 views. Since “Chefs” is the newer video, I think it’s going to win? Go, go, go~!

I realize that a lot of my newer followers are probably unaware of my obsession with chickens and Dance A$$ and I’m sorry if you followed me for the samifinn content and occassionally deal with being bombarded by random bouts of ASSASSASSASSASSASSASSASSASSASS and also inquiries from people that need to know what breed of domestic chicken their favorite wrestler is.

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Hey I just read all your newer asks, and made me wonder if you consider individual analysis of Gem built/used locations/objects. I'm sure youve covered things in your reviews as they appeared in episodes, but with this short "hiatus" if you still need more videos you could do, I recommend short individual analysis of the fusions (wonderful idea) and the location/objects. Fresh eyes and all that good stuff. Good work keep um comin'.

You mean, like, analyzing the designs of Gem buildings and trying to work out their locations and functions? Stuff like that? Yeah, that’s not a bad idea.