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its not like people who live in israel come from both european and arabic orginis. oh, wait...

Exactly that’s the point. It’s not Israeli culture it’s the culture they originate from. For example, there are Moroccan Israelis they introduced the couscous in “Israel” all of a sudden it’s called Israeli couscous which is bullshit. Culture takes decades to develop. Couscous excites longer than terror state Israel. So to claim couscous is Israeli is WRONG. You can’t have one culture you call your own in a short time like this. Especially when you have different ethnicities coming in to occupy Palestinian space.

Besides that was not what my critique was about. Israel doesn’t introduce new things. No. Instead they’ll claim cultural things like for example the Palestinian cuisine and claim it’s theirs. So it’s not only land they steal but the culture of the natives as well.

They have an identity crisis because they can’t fall back to their own authentic being because the state is a joke. So they’ll just pick and choose from other cultures and present it as theirs. Which is pathetic and sad.