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jennewee asked:

"Could I get a no-foam flat white? Normally they just skim the foam off the top for me." Ummmmm.

We had that ordered recently. I had to explain to the customer that “No foam flat whites” are not a thing and that foam is an essential part of the beverage and suggested that she, instead, order a latte.

Sergio Busquets Renews until 2019

Sergio Busquets has today signed his contract renewal with FC Barcelona, which will keep him with the Club until 2019 including an optional added year. His release Clause is now 175M euros and he will be paid 15M euros.

This new improvement in his contract makes Sergio the 2nd highest paid on the squad, with the same amount as Xavi and Iniesta, only topped by Lionel Messi. 

The 4 Captains are the highest paid players on the team. 

Sergio Busquets has played 312 games with FC Barcelona and has won 16 titles in his seven-season-first-team-stint. 

He made his first team debut in September 2008 in a match against Racing Santander, and was named the 4th captain this past summer. 

Congrats Busi, well deserved

freedom isn’t free
but then, whose fault
is that?

I am the name
I call myself
not the one
that was chained to me
at birth

my face
my heart
my genitalia
are not yours to shape
they are
my own

if I am able to choose
then why is choice
a crime?

—  Max Mundan, Teaching an Old God a New Trick

© David Rutter 2015

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