I suppose one of the big differences is, you don’t see the Beast prior to being a beast in the animated film. You see a sort of stained glass window version of him. But there’s no real sense of what he was like. And in this, we’ve just a hint and we see him at the ball. And I think something that Bill and I were keen to sort of bring out is this sense of a sort of petulant, spoiled child, and the sense of kind of entitledness that led to his downfall.  [Dan Stevens]


So everybody remembers the clusters gems right?
They were pieces of gems harvested to grow together into an abomination.
So I think this precious new gem is a successful cluster. Her gem has two pieces of the same gem! That’s why she has two heads and each head has the half of her body. She must be hiding because she had to be shattered when she emerged from the Kindergarden.
Every gem must be perfect, and she is not, that’s why she is hiding with the other two fusions and the defective sapphire.