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Honestly, as a woman, I can tell you one of my worst nightmares in life was ending up a “Manic Pixie Dream Girl.”

*Dude I was dating at 23 * “Well, Sharon, you’re kinda quirky and weird. You like indie movies. You read classical books. You’re outspoken and say crazy things. .Maybe you are one?” 

*Me* “Do I look like I want go bicycle-riding? Do I look like I’m happy and energetic all the time? Do I look like I exist solely to cater to sad pathetic geek male fantasies?  

*Dude I was dating at 23* “Um…”

*me*  “The ‘Manic Pixie Dream Girl’ is pure one-sided misogynist nonsense.. That’s why I detest it so. I don’t want to be an empty vessel for men.” .

RUMOR: Black Pink's debut is delayed because of Red Velvet ?

Many believe YG Entertainment is purposely holding off the debut of brand new girl group Black Pink because of Red Velvet. Back in June, YG finally started to unveil the long-awaited new girl group. The teasing begun with various photos, dance practice clip, new Instagram account, and more. Unfortunately, there seems to be no end to the teasing. Fans are more than ready for Black PInk’s debut, however, specific details still remain a mystery. 

Recently, the mystery was supposedly solved as many came to the conclusion that YG is waiting for SM Entertainment’s Red Velvet. It’s speculated that Black Pink aims to debut around the same period as Red Velvet’s comeback in order to create a rivalry. The competition will serve as a great way of garnering more attention, ultimately putting more spotlight on Black Pink. 

In fact, many claim that this technique was used in the past with 2NE1’s album 'Crush' (released on February 27, 2014) and Girls’ Generation’s 4th mini album 'Mr.Mr’ (released on February 24, 2014). 

source: allkpop.com

Ski Lodge Part 2-- Yes.

Michael Jacobs is an amazing writer and I never doubted him. He made Lucas and Maya understand eachother and I can definitely see a strong friendship development coming soon with them. He also made rucas come together so naturally and it was so beautiful I just can’t even describe how amazing they are together, I love them so much. Lets not forget Joshaya is so amazing and their personalities fit sososososo well together and you can tell they have strong feelings. and last but DEFINITELY not least…RILAYA😍 They love eachother so much..like i dont care what happens as long as they keep ending episodes with them holding hands saying “Thunder.” “Lighting.” “Forever.” I’LL STAY SATISFIED !!!! they are this show. this show is them. friendship is amazing. i could only dream of a bestfriend like Riley/Maya. UGH I LOVE THEM AND THE SMILES ON THEIR FACES THEY’RE SO HAPPY WITH THE BOYS AND THAT THEY STILL HAVE EACHOTHER. I’m so happy with how things turned out!!!!! I LOVE LIFE!!!!! we need a definite season 4 now😍😍😍