1076. Many students returned to repeat their seventh year, aside from Hermione. Most of the students had fought in the battle and found it hard to live on campus. Hogwarts purchase additional space in Hogsmeade to be used as upperclassmen student apartments. Anyone over seventeen could live their regardless of house. Most of the returned DA members stayed in the apartment complex. It was during this time that Neville and Hannah became close, both having returned and living just one room apart.
Preference 32: What He Does When You Try to Study

Requested by @duskypaintedveins. Hope you like it!!


Harry love how open you are and when he gets tired of studying, he starts a deep conversation. You never know how it starts really but something strange always comes up, like your ability to rap (which you had to prove, of course.)


Ron hates school work with a passion. He sits next to you and whines about how bored he is until you finally give up any attempt at work and do something else to shut him up. 


Fred’s never been a studier. And when you try he attempts to convince you to do other things, kissing, pranks, anything really. And when you don’t go right away he picks you up and takes you with him.


George, much like his twin, is not a fan of studying. He instead distracts you with very random, yet extremely fun games. Like (stupidly competitive) water fights, McGonagall did not care for the water wrinkled paper you turned in… 


Neville doesn’t mind studying with you, too bad he always finishes way before you and distracts you by making funny faces. You never complain, because a case of the giggles is a wonderful study break.


Cedric makes an attempt to study, but then he looks at you and it’s all over. He gets distracted by just the look of you. When you look up your heart skips a beat because of the look in his eyes.


Oliver is the worst studier. He tries not to distract you, but he genuinely doesn’t get how to study anything but quidditch plays. You try to teach him to study, but somehow it never goes as planned.


Draco actually studies with you. But after awhile he decides that he really needs to hold your hand or he wont be able to read another word. Somehow he managed to read your mind, as you had been thinking the same thing.

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Hi! So, I ship you with Fred Weasley! One, you're very sweet, and I feel like Fred would be completely smitten with you. Two, you love to laugh, so that's perfect for reasons I don't have to explain. Three, Fred's the kind of guy that would make sure that you would never feel bad about yourself ever again, because you're perfect in his eyes. I'm a girl, I'm straight, my favourite thing would either be the Common Room or Yule Ball, I'm a Gryffindor, and Neville's my fav! (sexy kiss) Thank you!



Right first of all! Thank you so much for the Fred Weasley ship! I absolutely adore him (he’s probably third in line for favorite, Neville being first) and second! I’m really glad that I can write a sexy Neville kiss for you! I hope you enjoy it! (not like it’s a hardship for me at all XD)


The start of the morning had gone well. Your friends had woke you up with cheers and loud poppers that sprayed dissolving glitter and ridiculously long strings of brightly colored paper across your bed. You smiled brightly as you got ready, accepting their birthday wishes.

When you descended from the girls dorm your first instinct was to look for your boyfriend. With a scrunched brow you frowned. Usually, on any other day, Neville would have been waiting for you in the common room, you had expected, it being your birthday and all, that he would be there.

“You just missed him,” you turned, Ginny was seated on one of the couches, books gathered in her lap and a scroll of parchment falling just past her knees. “Happy birthday by the way.” You gave her a thankful nod and went to leave the common room, feeling suddenly not as happy as you had been when you’d been woken up.

You made it the Great Hall, a few of your class friends stopping you along the way to give you well wishes. Once at the Gryffindor table you, once again, searched or Neville near the end where he always sat by Seamus and Dean.

Dean caught your stare and shone a smile in your direction, beckoning you to sit where you normally did.

“Havin’ a good birthday so far?” Dean asked, jabbing his fork happily into his breakfast. You attempted a smile in his direction and shrugged.

“It’s been alright I guess, mum and da probably sent presents late like usual so they won’t be here till tomorrow, and the girls surprised me this morning which was nice…” you paused, eyebrows drawing together in the manner that they had when you’d been in the common room earlier. “Have you lot seen Neville this morning?”

Seamus took a long pull of juice, his face turned away from yours as Dean took a large bite of breakfast. You made a face before, two people down the table, Hermione rolled her eyes and caught your attention with a gesture.

“He’s helping Professor Sprout and told me to tell you he’d see you at lunch.” You smiled at her and nodded. She stood from the table, gathered up her things and said goodbye to Ron and Harry before heading out of the hall.

You finished your breakfast quickly and went to class, suddenly eager for lunch to come so that you could finally see Neville.

While you were weren’t a particularly clingy girlfriend, Neville wasn’t the biggest fan of PDA, you could admit that not seeing him for long periods of time or the normal times that you did see him made you unreasonably anxious.

The classes only seemed to move by sluggishly as you went from one to another to the next. It was only until after charms were you able to make it back to the great hall where you hoped Neville would be waiting for you.

To your immense happiness, your boyfriend was sat at the table, his cheeks tinted red and a flustered little smile on his face, Ginny giving him the tiniest punch to his shoulder which made him even more bashful. You swallowed a little nagging feeling down and headed to the empty seat beside the brunette.

Neville jumped at your sudden presence, spinning in his seat to greet you with a wide smile and a quick kiss to your cheek as you poured yourself some water. You smiled at him, the both of you silent while Dean and Seamus dragged Ginny into conversation about Quidditch and the upcoming game.

“Sorry I wasn’t there this morning.”

You turned to face him, his cheeks still red from whatever he and the others had been talking about.

“You don’t need to apologize, Hermione told me you were helping Professor Sprout.”

He nodded, eyes flicked down as he fiddled with the bottom of his robe sleeves.

You started in on your food, half  listening to the conversation going on at your section of the Gryffindor table but also focused on Neville. He seemed… nervous… he also had yet to wish you a happy birthday. You tried not to let yourself be too disappointed by that fact, knowing that he was a very forgetful person.

While you’d been happy to see Neville he wasn’t acting quite like himself. Usually he tried to engage you in conversation over the meal or talk to you about his classes. Now he just seemed  far too quiet, it was making you uncomfortable for some strange reason.

Before you got the chance to do anything Neville was standing from the table.

“I’ve got to get to Astronomy.” He dropped another kiss to your cheek and before he could get too far you grabbed his hand to hold him back just a bit.

“I’ll see you at dinner yeah?” Neville half smiled down at you and let out a shaky affirmative before heading from the dining hall.

You tried to feel past the pang of hurt in your chest at the recurring idea that he had completely forgotten about your birthday.

Throughout the rest of the day, no matter the ease of the classes or the well wishes from friends, the fact the Neville had forgotten made it impossible for your spirits to lift.

As dinner rolled around you grew more weary, not wanting to see Neville when you knew you’d just be upset at him and for what really? One missed day? An important day, your mind supplied, but still, just a day all the same.

You sighed, shouldering your books a little higher as you left potions and made your way back to the common rooms to put your things down. Suddenly there were hands covering your eyes and you stilled in fright.

You were about to call out when you caught the faint scent of dirt and lake water.

“Hello Neville,” you did your best to sound happy to see him.

“Hello,” he responded. After a moment of slightly uncomfortable silence he cleared his throat. “Think you could follow me a bit with your eyes closed?” The question was so out of the blue that you almost laughed. You were still rather hesitant though.

“Uh. Sure. I suppose.” You kept your eyes closed as Neville slowly removed his hands from your eyes. Taking your hands in his, Neville began to guide you slowly, making sure that you didn’t trip over anything on your way.

After a few minutes of walking you realized that you were outside. Scrunching up your face you were about to open your eyes but Neville repeated that you needed to keep them closed. You sighed and continued forward being guided by his hands.

Another minute or two passed and it was warm again, you were inside a building. You had a sneaking suspicion you knew where you were but that didn’t make you any less confused.

Neville took his hands away from yours and you could hear him shuffling a bit.

“You - You can open your eyes.” He sounded anxious and you opened your eyes slowly.

Your mouth dropped open slightly as you took in the greenhouse. You could tell it was Greenhouse 2 because of the oversized sunflowers pressing close the ceiling. That wasn’t what caught your attention the most.

In the middle of the room there was a small table, a silvery present wrapped neatly in the middle, two thermoses and what looked to be covered plates. Around the table, filling the air of the greenhouse were little twinkling lights that looked like suspended stars. You reached out to touch one of them and your finger passed right through it.

“Hermione helped me with the spell this morning and Professor Sprout said as long as I clean up and don’t stay out past lights out I could use the greenhouse.” Your eyes flicked to Neville. He was picking at his nails nervously, head titled to the side as he stood a few steps away from you.

You felt mad at yourself. How could you have thought for a moment that he had forgotten.

Without any prompting you grabbed Neville, one hand on his neck the other on his shoulder, and leaned up to place your lips against his.

The boy wasted no time to place his hands on your hips, helping you lift yourself to meet his mouth.

There was no slow movement to start, you were far too emotional for patience as you ran your fingers through his hair, pressing him closer to your body as your lips slotted together wonderfully.

You felt him shiver against you as his fingers fluttered against your waist. Your lungs were pleading for air by the time you brushed your tongue against his bottom lip causing Neville to open his mouth and gasp lightly. You took your chance for air before pressing back against his warm mouth.

His tongue slipped slowly against yours, unused to this kind of kiss as you two rarely had the privacy or time to indulge in long spurts of physical affection.

You felt him groan, his chest pressed against yours, the sound vibrating on your skin as you pressed even closer.

Neville’s hands dragged up slightly, his fingers unintentionally hooked to the bottom of your shirt, exposing a sliver of skin that the pads of his fingers brushed against. A sound whispered past your lips and into his mouth, spurring him on.

In a sudden and unexpected moment of boldness from the boy, he let on hand slip hesitantly under your blouse to rest on the small of your back, his teeth catching softly at your bottom lip. You trembled against him and broke away to catch the breath he’d stolen from your lungs.

Neville took the moment to press little kisses down your throat.

“What - What about dinner?” Honestly you didn’t care but you and Neville had never kissed this way before and it was making you both nervous and excited.

“It can wait yeah?” Neville whispered against the skin of your neck causing a little wave of goosebumps to erupt across your body. You nodded hurriedly before dragging his head up to meet him in another kiss.

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Rereading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix: Chapter Thirty-Five - Beyond the Veil

i am the opposite of ready for this.

(EDIT: sorry this is so long, i just have a lot of feelings OK)

- ok EW bellatrix is talking to harry in a baby voice and just… gag me

“Oh, you don’t know Potter as I do, Bellatrix,” said Malfoy softly. “He has a great weakness for heroics”

i meeeeeaaaan…. he aint wrong.

But the Death Eaters did not strike.
“Hand over the prophecy and no one need get hurt,” said Malfoy coolly.

yall know lucius is just like ‘get me the FUQ outta here so i can go home to my family plz. lets not make this a thing’

- lol harry is being so casual rn, just trying to stall, asking questions about the prophecy and like, the death eaters are actually answering him??? wuts going on

“You dare speak his name with you unworthy lips, you dare besmirch it with you half-blood’s tongue, you dare-”
“Did you know he’s a half-blood too?” said Harry recklessly. Hermione gave a little moan in his ear. “Voldemort? Yeah, his mother was a witch, but his dad was a Muggle - or has he been telling you lot he’s pureblood?”


- damn what a waste for them to smash all the prophecies like??? those could have been important???

A baby’s head now sat grotesquely on top of the thick, muscled neck of the Death Eater as he struggled to get up again.


Harry raised his wand but to his amazement Hermione seized his arm.
“You can’t hurt a baby!”


- OK shit is going BANANAS - hermione just got hit with some purple fire spell that made her pass out, neville just got kicked in the face REAL hard, ginny, luna, and ron are missing… like…i cant handle this rn

He had one hand on Hermione’s shoulder, which was still warm, yet did not dare to look at her properly. Don’t let her be dead, don’t let her be dead, it’s my fault if she’s dead…

ugh. BUT COULD YOU IMAGINE? if hermione died in the 5th book, harry might as well have just given up. like theres no point continuing without hermione

- ok we found the rest of the gang but ron is high as fuq and ginny broke her ankle… SO WE WERE KIND OF BETTER OFF WITHOUT THEM TBH

“Harry, we saw Uranus up close!” said Ron, still giggling feebly. “Get it, Harry? We saw Uranus - ha ha ha -”


“RON, NO!”
Harry did not know what would happen if Ron touched the tentacles of thought now flying behind the brain, but he was sure it would not be anything good. He darted forward but Ron had already caught the brain in his outstretched hands.
The moment they made contact with his skin, the tentacles began wrapping themselves around Ron’s arms like ropes.
“Harry, look what’s happen - no - no, I don’t like it - no, stop - stop -”

MY BABY!!!! jfc this is such a shit show I FORGOT

“You see, there are ten of us and only one of you…or hasn’t Dumbledore ever taught you how to count?”
“He’s dot alone!” shouted a voice from above them. “He’s still god be!”
Harry’s heart sank. Neville was scrambling down the stone benches toward them, Hermione’s wand held fast in his trembling hand.

the truest gryffindor ive ever seen. 

“It’s Longbottom, isn’t it?” sneered Lucius Malfoy. “Well, your grandmother is used to losing family members to our cause… Your death will not come as a great shock…”
“Longbottom?” repeated Bellatrix, and a truly evil smile lit her gaunt face. “Why, I have had the pleasure of meeting your parents boy…”

ok im not but STILL that like, reeeeeally hurt.

- they are now crucio-ing neville. its seriously getting hard to read.

Then, high above them, two more doors burst open and five more people sprinted into the room: Sirius, Lupin, Moody, Tonks, and Kingsley.

on one hand im like ‘YES our saviors are here!!!!!!’ but on the other hand its like sirius im begging you. GO BACK HOME

- neville cant talk bc of his bloody nose and mouth so he just STABS A DEATH EATER IN THE EYE WITH HIS WAND. amazing.

Directly above them, framed in the doorway from the Brain Room, stood Albus Dumbledore, his wand aloft, his face white and furious. Harry felt a kind of electric charge surge through every particle of his body - they were saved.

dont mind me, just silently weeping.

And Harry saw the look of mingled fear and surprise on his godfather’s wasted, once-handsome face as he fell through the ancient doorway and disappeared behind the veil, which fluttered for a moment as though in a high wind and then fell back into place. 
Harry heard Bellatrix Lestrange’s triumphant scream, but knew it meant nothing - Sirius had only just fallen through the archway, he would reappear from the other side any second…
But Sirius did not reappear.


But as he reached the ground and sprinted toward the dais, Lupin grabbed Harry around the chest, holding him back.
“There’s nothing you can do, Harry -”
“Get him, save him, he’s only just gone through!”
“It’s too late, Harry -”
“We can still reach him -”
Harry struggled hard and viciously, but Lupin would not let go… “There’s nothing you can do, Harry…nothing…He’s gone.”

this part has always hit me hard because as much as this hurts harry, think about REMUS. his best friend, who he already lost once and only recently got to have him back in his life. like imagine having to be strong for this young boy while you’re silently dying inside. 

basically fuck this shit.

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Gryffindor Aesthetic

Created by Godric Gryffindor
Ghost is Nicholas Mimsy-Porpington aka Nearly Headless Nick Notable Gryffindors include Nearly Headless Nick, The Potter Family (excluding Albus Potter), The Weasley Family, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, The Fat Lady, Albus Dumbledore, Rubeus Hagrid, Minerva McGonagall, Peter Pettigrew (🖕🏼), Oliver Wood, Angelina Johnson-Weasley, Hermione Granger-Weasley, Lee Jordan, Cormac McLaggen, Katie Bell, Dean Thomas, Lavender Brown, The Dodderidge Family, The Longbottom Family, Parvati Patil, Seamus Finnigan, The Creevey Family, Romilda Vane, J.K. Rowling, Lily Evans, Alicia Spinnet, and Demelza Robins. Source: Pottermore If you have any other notable Gryffindor, please comment below and I’ll be happy to add them.

when will 2017 bring sami zayn some new on-screen friends because what he had either aren’t his friends anymore (kevin, neville) or are preoccupied with something else (cesaro, dean, finn) 

please help my boy he just needs love 

Late Night Talks

Warnings: None

A/N: I used over 20 different prompts for this one imagine as a gift for @peaches-r-peachy lol. In return I got that Neville imagine I reblog a while back and I’m finally able to post it! Hope You enjoy!

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Midnight was rolling around as you stood up from the cozy couch in the Slytherin common room about to make your way back to your dorm room, much to your boyfriend’s displeasure.
“You don’t need to leave so soon,” he said, keeping a grip on your hand, “stay the night. Please?”
“I can’t stay, it’s against the rules. I’m not even supposed to be in here now,” you replied.

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Luna and Neville

You know, I think the worst thing the movies did was make us believe that Luneville happened.

I like them together because they’re both quirky outcasts but that’s about as much as they have in common. Neville is very much a homebody and Luna needs adventure.

Opposites attract but not that much.

(Send me a ship and I’ll tell you what I think about them)

Any Chance I Can Get You To Stop Staring At Me pt. 2 (Pete Dunne X Reader)

You asked and now you shall receive! Part 2 for you lovelies. 

You were infuriated by Dunne. And the fact you had to see him again tomorrow  was making you even more furious. You hoped with every fibre of your being that he didn’t win the championship so that you didn’t have to present him with the damn belt. You sat in your hotel room with Finn and Neville who’d shown up for tomorrow’s show. 

‘You should have seen his face, it’s was hilarious. I don’t think he’s ever had a woman superkick him like that before. Let alone been rejected before. It was the best thing  I saw all day’ Finn said and you chuckled a little. A flash back to the pure shock on Dunne’s face had made your day. 

‘Are you really surprised? She did something very similar to you if I remember rightly’  Neville said and you snorted remembering when Finn had hit on you on your first day there. You punched him in the face before storming off. You’d  become best friends ever since. 

‘What did he actually say to you?’ Finn asked and you rolled your eyes. 

‘I got fed of him staring at me all day. And I mean ALL DAY. And stormed up to him and said ‘’Is there any chance I can get you to stop staring at me?’’ to which he responded ‘’There’s a few things I can think of’’ and you guys know wha temper is like’ You said and they burst out laughing. 

‘He’d been warned by Hunter earlier too’ Finn said still laughing. 

‘Seriously though, I’m wearing heels tomorrow’ You said and both men chuckled. 

‘Just don’t break him before it begins’ Neville said and you raised an eyebrow. 

‘What, don’t give him a taste of his own medicine?’ You asked and both men chuckled again. 

‘Get some sleep Y/N. I’ll come get you when we need to leave’ Finn said as he and Neville left your room so you could sleep. You fell into a deep sleep where even Pete Dunne couldn’t enter your dreams. You awoke to Finn shaking you awake and you shot up nearly colliding heads. After putting on a bright blue skater dress this time, with brown heeled boots and a small brown leather jacket you were ready to go.You just put eyeliner on today and left with Finn to the arena. Your bags were ready in the car for the flight back to the  states straight after the tournament ended. You walked in to be greeted by Triple H once again and went and sat in the catering hall with Neville. 

‘He’s  starting at you’ Neville said and you rolled your eyes. 

‘There’s something new’ You growled. 

‘And he’s coming over’ He said going to leave. 

‘Don’t you dare’  You said eyeing Neville over who looked confused. ‘I need a witness.’ You said making him chuckle at that comment. 

‘Hello again’ You heard the smug  dick say from behind you.  So you chose to ignore him. He didn’t deserve a response. He still sat down next to you and continued to speak. ‘You’re looking  incredibly sexy today, those boots make your legs look incredible.’ He said and your knuckles turned white from the fists you’d balled them into. ‘And that dress, well even if it would look better on my hotel room floor, just looks incredible’ he said looking you up and down. 

‘You know, the amount of alcohol I would need to sleep with you would kill me’ You mused from where you sat and Neville snorted with laughter whilst Pete glared at the pair of you. 

‘You must  be Pete’ Neville said holding out his hand for him to shake. He nodded and shook it before turning back to you. 

‘Trust me sweetheart, it would be worth it’ He said with the smirk returning to his face. 

‘Please,’ you said, ‘I wear heels larger than your dick’ You said before walking off and swaying your hips for extra effect. You managed to find Finn who was talking to Tyler and Trent.

‘You ok?’ Finn asked curiously noting the look on your face. 

‘I’ve just had a lovely run in with your friend’ You said indicating the other two men. Finn’s face drained of colour. ‘Relax Finn,  I used my words not my fists’ You said and he nodded looking better. 

‘What did you say?’ The older of the two asked. 

‘Oh I told him that the level of alcohol needed for me to sleep with him would kill me  and that my heels are larger than his penis’ You said making Finn roar with laughter. 

‘Well at least we know to avoid him’ The younger said and you chuckled. 

‘By the sounds of it his temper matches my own’ You said and he nodded.’He gives you grief come find me kid, I’ll tear him a new one. I’m rooting for the pair of you’ You said and they both smiled and nodded in thanks. 

‘You know you can only play hard to get for so long’ You heard him  say from behind you and you rolled your eyes at the two guys and Finn. ‘Are you even listening to me?’ He demanded.  

‘Yes, it just takes me a while  to process all this stupid’ You said turning and gesturing to all of him  making the three men stifle their laughter. 

‘Darling you know you want to’ He said and your temper started to rise again. 

‘I’ve just realised how easy it would be to kill myself guys, all I’d have to do is climb the height of your ego and jump down to the level of your IQ’ You said and Finn could no longer contain his laughter. 

‘Finn, Y/N, you’re up’ A producer said leaving you and Finn to walk to the entrance. 

‘You’re fighting a losing battle there mate’ you heard of them say. 

‘I’m not going to give up’ Pete replied leaving you slightly speechless.