“…I miss her.”

Seriously, that line threw me off guard the most. The fact that Lapis and Jasper had some form of enjoyment being Malachite is unsettling. It was essentially mutual codependency, a terrible, terrible sign for a relationship. They enable and abuse each other to make themselves feel more complete.

It’s so eerie to see Jasper’s broken expression when she gets on the boat and says “Finally!” with such a creepy smile.

She really wants to be with Lapis. The parallels between her strong arming Lapis into the fusion the first time and literally begging on her knees to fuse now are strong

whether you’re a complete Softie™, a Total Badass™, or None Of The Above™, we are all worthy human beings who are good ppl deserving of love, support, and positive vibes, and that’s what the ethereal net is all about!

regardless of who you are or how you define yourself, this network is for you!

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it’s basically gonna be a cool new place where ppl can come together and talk about stuff regardless of fandoms! we can have movie watch parties and maybe even read a book together or somethin like that.

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Egyptian Ladybug and Chat Noir! Their relationship is still rather complicated….

The top print is available for sale on our Etsy (without the watermark):


~~I personally like the idea that their love square is still just as complicated, but switched around? When transformed Ladybug is into Chat, but it’s the reverse when they are their normal selves. I dunno, I made a whole bunch of headcannons while creating this~~

what is a ghost?
is it the cold hand—middle of the night—reaching for mine?
is it the faded photograph—top of the dresser—that blinks when I’m not looking?

what is a ghost? (is it me?)
the girl made of whispers—
the girl made of goodbyes—
the girl made of tears that she never ever cries?

what is a ghost? (who gets to decide?)
or are all ghosts just people
who already decided they died?

Steven Universe - Centi 05 by theEyZmaster

After Monster Reunion, I really wanted to try another attempt at Centi’s fully restored form, before the show ever give us her actual appearance.

I think she might look closer to this! And yes, I moved her gem (since it moved from her corrupted to her semi-corrupted form) and I’m calling it now she’s an Emerald!