Lucas: how ness and i got involved is actually one of my favorite stories to tell !
Claus: Un-fucking-fortunately

Lucas: i met ness when he dropped by tazmily to study abroad ! because tazmily is very behind on technological advances, a few of the auto-mechanics students from the more developed cities were placed here to help modernize our transportation !
Claus: Wow. Cars. That worked out fantastically, didn’t it?
Lucas: apparently ness saw me at the market and fell for me ! i still don’t know how he was so sure he would like me after just seeing me once, but i guess it worked out ! 
Claus: For you, maybe.
Lucas: he asked me out for lunch, and he was just so charming ! i felt like the luckiest guy on earth ! i still feel that way !

Lucas: also i have already been on my perfect date with ness. i was feeling a little down about being so far from home, so ness took me to a nearby ranch for a long weekend ! he is so thoughtful! 
Claus: A ranch, huh? Maybe you guys will end up like the cowboys from Brokeback Mountain. 
Lucas: shhh - it was very romantic ! and on the last night, ness propos-

Claus: He what?

Lucas: …proposed… a long and happy life together… ?
Claus: Lucas, is there something you should tell me?
Lucas: i- i have got to go help ness now ! he looks almost done ! it was fun talking to your laptop ! 

[Lucas is no longer answering questions]


A nesspaula comic I made a bit late for valentines day