Tips for Overcoming Shyness

1. Notice your triggers – the people and situations that make you want to hide.
2. Identify the different thoughts that you are thinking at these times, and the negative things you are saying to yourself.
3. Identify your special and your unique qualities – all your good points and your strengths, the different things that make you you.
4. Try to grasp that other people aren’t thinking about you (as they are thinking of themselves, and how they come across, instead.)
5. Realise that you are usually so much harder on yourself – whereas others like and love you as you are – for being you.
6. Try to see that just conforming is a boring way to live. It’s so much better to be natural, and to be your real, true self.
7. Resist the urge to escape quickly when you feel uncomfortable. Just hang in there and you’ll find that things will slowly start to change.
8. Notice all the times you’re brave and move outside your comfort zone … and find that things don’t fall apart - but go much better than you’d thought.

A(nother) Strange Phone Call

Summary: Y/N is walking home late one night, but she thinks that someone is following her, so she calls her friends and family to keep her company, but no one answers. As a last resort, she decides to dial a random number and Spencer Reid answers.



A week passed and Y/N never did call Spencer, the Dr. Genius. The nerves always prevented her from pressing call. Y/N would sit for a while after she finished work and have a debate with herself over whether or not she should call him, but she convinced herself that it was a bad idea.

For seven consecutive nights, Jordan would see Y/N pull out her phone and hover her thumb over the screen before promptly shaking her head and putting her phone away. Not once did he ask her about it, but tonight, tonight, he was gonna do something about it.

Jordan knew Y/N for a few years now and he never could understand how she could read him so easily, but Y/N never knew that in becoming such close friends with him, he could read her. He knew that something was deeply bothering her and he knew that she was the type of person to keep her conflicts to herself, suffering alone, in fear that others would be in pain alongside her. Y/N couldn’t let her problems be more important than anyone else’s, but this time, Jordan was going to find out, if it is the last thing that he does.

His plan was simplistic in nature. He knew that Y/N would drink in abundance whenever she needed to be in focus or was thinking too hard, so he would refill her mug without asking her first and then she would need to use the restroom eventually. When she was taking care of business, he would take her phone (she never used a passcode anyway) and pocket it for after she leaves and make a phonecall to this mysterious person. Jordan thought that it was full proof, but, of course, things never really go to plan for this young barista.

Like any other night, Y/N entered the cafe and Jordan brought over he piping hot mug of tea, but once he was back behind the counter, he noticed that she didn’t pull out any of her work. She simply sat there, hands wrapped around the mug, he eyes trained on the rising steam. The cafe was silent for about an hour, the cafe lacking the sounds of Y/N’s typing, her sighs, her sips, Jordan’s refilling; just the sound of the clock ticking as the seconds passed by could be heard.

The eerie silence was broken when Jordan heard Y/N sigh, not in exhaustion, but as if she was giving up. He turned to look at her, only to find her pushing the full mug to the other side of the table and getting up in a haste. He could tell by her appearance that she was frustrated and underneath it all, sad. Jordan frowned, his eyes sad as they followed her harsh movements out of the shop.

Jordan sighed. His plan most certainly didn’t work out, but that didn’t really matter. What mattered was that he failed; he failed in helping his friend get out of whatever weird funk she was in.



The BAU had been extremely busy in the past week; they just had case after case after case…Of course, it’s not like they could tell when unsubs were gonna kill and tell them not to. That’s just not how it works, not how the universe works, either. They were all exhausted to the bone, flying back to Quantico. A nice weekend off was just beyond the horizon; they could reach out and touch it!

With all of the stress and pressure to catch the bad guys, Spencer didn’t have time to think about the strange phone call that he received the previous week, but now that he was on the jet heading home, his mind began to drift to the woman who intrigued him. As if by magic, his phone rang, the screen flashing the same number that had called him. He glanced at the other members of the team to see if anyone noticed, but they were all fast asleep. He answered the call with a hello, expecting the voice of Y/N, but was shocked when a man spoke into the phone. For a fleeting moment, Spencer felt fear rise in his chest. Was she taken? Is this the guy she thought that was following her? But his little freak out subsided as he listened to what was being said.

“Look, man. I don’t know who you are or how you know Y/N, but I know one thing for sure. You are the reason why she has been acting weird all week and you need to talk to her and get whatever this is fixed!” Spencer was shocked; he had no idea what was going on.

“W-What? I-I don’t know what you’re talking about! I didn’t do anything.” he said, the surprise clear in his tone of voice.

“Sure you didn’t. Then explain to me why she would always hesitate to call this number and look conflicted after deciding not to?” Spencer opened and closed his mouth, not knowing how to answer.

“I-I,” he started, but was cut off when he heard another voice on the line:

“Jordan! Have you seen my-Are you using my phone?”


“You know you can’t call me to tell me that I forgot my phone, right?”

“Yeah! Of course I know that. I’m not stupid.”

“Okay. Give it back. I gotta get my 4 hours of sleep.”

“Hold on. Let me borrow it for a sec.”

“Jordan, seriously. Hand it over.”

Spencer could hear the two fight over the phone and then a very loud gasp.

“Why’d you call this number?! Oh my God! I’m gonna kill you!”

Then there was silence. He concluded that she had realized what he had done and hung up. What was going on? Spencer was left to ponder for the rest of the flight and the entire night until he passed out from the fatigue.

A/N: This wasn’t how I imagined it to go, but I just went with the flow. I had a lot of trouble figuring out what should happen next and this sort of just came out of nowhere and I decided to go with it, so I hope this isn’t bad or anything. I just found the entire situation to be really awkward and the whole let’s talk over the phone a lot and then meet in person idea was too cliche and overdone, so I went with more awkwardness! Hope you guys like it!

Oh! And there will be a part 3! As soon as I find a way to get out of this hole I dug myself into…