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I'm really impressed with Undrrverse. I've tried animating and it's really tough! With something like Undervse on your resume, I bet you'll get picked up on by some big network that'll recognize your epic ness. Except don't ditch us for stardom yet! (I mean if you're doing it, I'd watch any show you started, but I want to see Underverse through!) can't wait to see you on Cartoon Network or Disney XD!

Wowie… my own series on tv ;.;
That’d be a big goal…thinking about that scares me so much tho.

i walk onstage for my ted talk. all eyes are on me. a palpable silence fills the room. i gesture to my powerpoint presentation with a cue card, clear my throat and project my opening speech with all the confidence and charisma in the world: “Sasquatch, Godzilla, King Kong, Loch Ness, Goblin, ghoul, a zombie with no conscience. Question: What do these things all have in common?”

[march study challenge] • 24/03/17

Day 24: one exciting thing you did today

I didn’t have time to post yesterday but I also don’t know how to answer today’s prompt (favourite study youtube channel) as I don’t watch study youtube channels, so I’m posting my answer to yesterday’s prompt today! One exciting thing I did today was that I was really (surprisingly) healthy - I went for a run and had three healthy meals: an apple and a banana for breakfast, some vegetables with rice for lunch and just a salad for dinner. I didn’t even have anything else in between except for a bottle of cold-pressed juice and the coffee pictured above! Also, as a coffee addict I can promise my coffee isn’t as weak as it appears to be in the photo - my machine puts weird froth on top so it looks really bland, and while I generally don’t drink black coffee, I certainly prefer it strong.

Não há o que fazer, o que precisa acontecer simplesmente irá acontecer. Não brigue com o destino, ele é inevitável. Mas, calma. Só irá ocorrer quando você estiver preparado. Por isso, não reclame, apenas faça. É exatamente nesse momento que você está pronto para superar o que está havendo em sua vida. Exatamente agora. Nem um segundo a mais ou a menos. Levanta a cabeça, estufa o peito e enfrente. Aconteça o que acontecer, esse é o momento perfeito para isso. O seu momento perfeito.
—  Pedro Peixoto.

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do you think cole Sprouse is problematic? I saw it on a post

Is it the post from that blog that tries to pull receipts out on celebrities’ problematic-ness? I saw that awhile back. Like I’m okay with calling out truly reprehensible behavior that they don’t amend or learn their lessons from (Donald Trump, Mel Gibson, Johnny Depp, Roman Polanski, Azaelia Banks, my best friend’s physically abusive ex bf are a few that come to mind), but the Cole post is so much reaching it’s embarrassing. Like they claim he doesn’t want Jughead to be asexual but the interview link they provide has him saying how he doesn’t think it’s what the writers are going to do but he thinks it would be good to have Jughead be asexual and have that representation.

The Debbie Ryan thing is also a reach. She doesn’t say which friend was manipulating her, so to say it’s Cole is all speculation (and if it was Cole, why are they still hanging out and friends today?)

The gf stuff, idk maybe he was a douchebag emotionally. We’re not part of that relationship, we don’t know what it was like. It’s possible.

The Tumblr sociology experiment and his comments about race all sound like he’s talking from a sociological and anthropological perspective (which was his focus in college). He comes across as intellectual hipster type (also how he came across to me in person) but not a terrible person.

Saying he called BLM activists “cannibals” is also a reach. He was saying them stopping Bernie’s speech was counterintuitive. Like way to crucify him for a metaphor and not liking his word choice for it. He didn’t say “I think BLM activists are like cannibals”

I don’t remember the rest of the claims. Anyway, I’m not saying Cole isn’t problematic, I’m saying he just seems as problematic as most of us are.

Like I recently found a bunch of tweets of mine from high school that were insensitive to the trans community (misgendering people, using terms that are probably considered offensive). I didn’t do it out of intentional prejudice, but out of total ignorance of knowing appropriate terms and words to use. It was 2007 and I was a sixteen year old idiot who had never even met an transgender person before or even talked to one online. But after joining my school’s GSA, I was educated on terminology. And I’ve never made that same mistake again.

But if I was a celebrity, I can guarantee the receipts would be pulled and I would be “forever” cancelled even though I’ve learned from my mistake.

I just hate how everyone on Tumblr is on some mission to permanent cancel™ people 24/7.

NCT 127 when their crush has to go back to their birth place (Quando a crush deles tem que voltar para sua terra natal)

Taeil: He’s bad at expressing himself and that is true this time as well. He’s really going to miss his crush but he tries to keep it in thinking it’ll keep her from being worried but in reality he’s coming off as cold. // Ele é ruim em se expressar e também seria assim nesse caso. Ele realmente iria sentir falta da crush dele, mas ele tentaria esconder pensando que isso impediria ela de se preocupar mas, na verdade, ele ficou como “o frio”.

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Johnny: Johnny whined upon hearing the news but later on decided he should make the best of his time with his crush and kept showering her with affection all the way until she left to board. // Ele reclamou ao ouvir as notícias mas depois decidiu que deveria aproveitar o tempo com sua crush e continuar afogando ela com afeição até o momento dela partir.

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Taeyong: He’s feeling a rush of emotions upon hearing that she’s going back. He’s feeling upset so he embraces her rather roughly showing his anger but his love side by side. // Ele sente uma mistura de emoções ao ouvir que ela está voltando para sua terra natal. Ele ficaria chateado então a abraçaria bem apertado demonstrando tanto sua raiva quanto seu amor.

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Jaehyun: He keeps a hold on her hand slightly caressing it all the while keeping his eyes low. “Please dont leave me”, mutters softly. But she had to go and he was left staring at the door she left through. //  Ele se mantém segurando a mão dela acariciando um pouco enquanto mantém os olhos baixos. "Por favor, não me deixe”, murmura suavemente, mas ela teve que ir e ele ficou olhando para a porta que ela atravessou.

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Doyoung: “What do you mean you’re leaving?” He exclaims upon hearing the news. “You won’t get rid of me that easily, I wont let you leave me.” // “O que você quer dizer com você está partindo?” Ele exclama ao ouvir as notícias. “Você não vai se livrar de mim tão fácil, eu não vou permitir que você me deixe.”

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Winwin: She turns around to see someone boarded the plain with her. He enters casually because he thinks she invited him to go with her. She doesn’t say anything and he’s left confused as to why she’s laughing. // Ela se vira para ver alguém embarcaram com ela. Ele entra casualmente porque acha que foi convidado para ir. Ela não diz nada o deixando confuso sobre o por que dela estar rindo.

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Yuta: She sees an unusually silent side of Yuta right after she breaks the news to him. He can’t bear to see she leaves but he also knows it’d wouldn’t be right to keep she back so he just silently accepts it. // Ela vê um lado inusitadamente silencioso de Yuta logo após dar a notícia para. Ele não pode suportar ver ela partir, mas também sabe que não seria certo impedi-la, então ele simplesmente aceita silenciosamente.

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Mark: She invited him over to her house. He settled down comfortably on her couch all hyped but after she breaks the news to him he’s frozen. He softly murmurs: “I thought you invited me over to play video games…” //  Ela o convidou para a sua casa. Ele se acomodou confortavelmente em seu sofá todo animado, mas depois que ela dá a notícia ele congela. Ele murmura suavemente: “Eu pensei que você tivesse me convidado para jogar videogames …”

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Haechan: He’s been teasing her for the whole day but once she tells him he goes oddly silent. For some time he keeps asking her if this was a joke because he couldn’t believe how sudden this was. // Ele a provocou durante todo o dia, mas quando ela deu a notícia, ficou estranhamente silencioso. Por algum tempo ele continuou se perguntando se isso era uma piada porque ele não podia acreditar o quão súbito foi.

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eu ia colocar a legenda small baby mas ai pensei po mas todo bebê é pequeno ne mas baby pode ser de querida também AI NÃO SEI hm bicho hoje eu to com a macaca PORQUE to animada pra ver o povo de novo então to um pouco ansiosa mas nada que eu não possa controlar *respira & inspira* era só pra ter uma legenda pequena mas deu nesse textinho então vamos aproveitar bom dia E meu kik: bbomxxg 

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I think the mistake this season was putting the Nick and Jess development in the background of Nick and Reagan when it should've been the other way around. Nick and Jess' dynamic should be in the spotlight and Nick and Reagan's relationship should've been a background catalyst to a Ness reunion, but of course, that never happened. They spent a lot of time and energy focusing on Nick towards Reagan and very little on Nick towards Jess.

Because even if an episode focused on Nick and Reagan, Nick and Jess sharing one scene completely stole the show. And that terrifies the writers.

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different anon with 2 cents: people tend to group together, in general. if the entire fandom is just your group of friends, then it's probably not toxic. if there's a second toxic group that's also small, that you've never seen, then you'll be excused for thinking it's a toxin-free fandom. but as the size of the fandom grows, the toxic groups become harder to ignore. IN OTHER WORDS, the issue isn't toxic groups, the issue is being (suddenly) aware of the toxic groups. or, thats how i see it.

probably, yeah

but the fact that said group of friends (of the self-purported  “non-toxic” variety) are under the illusion that they own the source material and unwilling to share it with other groups in fear of the introduction “potential toxic-ness”?

 as a content creator, I find that to be quite troubling in its own! It’s kind of a bummer knowing that people (who supposedly enjoy the content you put out) are actively trying to suppress your audience…. and then all of a sudden the people outside the fandom will think the content creator themselves are putting on a haughty attitude! goodness…

(and I see that happen a lot with small fandoms on tumblr, at least)