Naruto Characters + Instagram

Naruto - Kind of a train wreck of an instagram that’s just full of anything and everything he finds notable or funny. Constantly posting selfies he’s taken whenever he bumps into a random friend around the village and occasionally puts some heartfelt messages in the description box - though he is not above poking fun. Also comments on like everyone’s pictures without fail. 
Sakura - She has a pretty typical instagram filled mostly with pictures of her and her friends plus the occasional landscape shot captioned with like “mood” or something. Likes to post throwback pictures + photos of women that inspire her. 
Sasuke - His instagram is a barren wasteland with no posts to speak of. He still has like a few dozen followers but they’re mostly all those spam accounts that wanna sell you weight loss tea. Sakura uses his account to mass like all her pictures to add to her like count. 
Ino - 2.2 million followers. Constant selfies in which she always looks absolutely stunning and gets 100k likes each. Also posts different flower arrangements + other aesthetic photos and runs that instagram like its her damn business. 
Shikamaru - Doesn’t really give a shit about instagram and only ever posts ironically. Ino is always trying to get him to be more active so he’ll sarcastically post a picture of some innocuous item and copy all of her hashtags just to get under her skin. Secretly just keeps his account so he can snoop on Temari. 
Choji - Always posting pictures of his meals and is just generally really pleasant. Sometimes he’ll put restaurant reviews in the description and definitely over uses chatspeak faces and “lol”. Is weirdly good at photo editing and getting the right angle so his profile is actually really pleasing to look at. 
Hinata - She’s tagged in photos way more often than she posts but will share a picture Sakura or Ino edits for her every once in awhile. Is basically an angel and always thanks anyone who give her compliments in the comments section. Mostly uses the app to keep up with what her friends are posting. 
Kiba - His instagram is full of shit memes and reposted content that he finds funny around the web which has gained him a few thousand followers. He also gives updates on all the dogs his family raises and those posts are always liked by a mysterious user with the handle “lightninghands3000″ which is actually just Kakashi in disguise. 
Shino - Posts really frequently but its always a picture of some species of bug with a really long informative description that no one reads. He gets one or two likes on every photo and its usually from Hinata. 
Lee - Workout photos workout photos workout photos. Does this boy ever do anything other than physical conditioning. Types in upper case for everything and has the username “kohohashandsome_greenbeast” 
Tenten - Lots of variety but posts frequently about new weapons she’s purchased + the occasional group selfie with friends. Also regrams a slew of motivational quotes with frilly backgrounds you can find riddling middle aged mothers facebook timelines. 
Neji - Doesn’t post frequently but will relent and put up a group photo or two when Tenten insists. Is always surprisingly encouraging in the description box and will usually write a nice thing or two about what the people in whatever given photo mean to him or what he’s learned from being around them. Also hangs out with little cousin Hanabi and posts photos of her training progress cause he’s fond of her. 
Sai - Doesn’t understand the actual function of instagram but loves posting anyway. He often goes on morning walks and takes pictures of trees or flowers of interests and posts those + any little sketches he’s done recently. Occasionally goes crazy on the filters because he thinks they’re fun. 
Temari - Is beautiful and likes posting photos of all the cool places she gets to go on her ambassador trips + occasionally videos of Kankuro when he’s being dumb/funny. Always has really clever captions and has a pretty respectable following. Gets into mock fights with Shikamaru in the comments section. 
Kankuro - His instagram is mostly full of updates on different puppets he’s working on and little mini tutorials on how to build things. Also puts up fun snippets of he and his siblings daily lives which always get a huge number of views because the villagers are interested. Has definitely posted his share of shirtless mirror selfies. 
Gaara - His instagram is run entirely by Temari and he’s never actually posted a single thing on his own - mostly because he has no idea how to work it but also because he just doesn’t care. There have been rare occasions where he logs on and browses some of the village kids photos which always gets such a big reaction from them like dude the KAZEKAGE liked my picture of us skateboarding wtf!!!! 

Ayyy yo so I was thinking :D

Remember when Tenten was taller than Neji when they were genin? 
hihihihi I really love those days. 
Ahhh Tenten probably teased him about it as they got closer as friends lol.
Like she could reach the higher books on the shelf and stuff :D… Omg
so much nejiten vanilla in my head rn

And then when Neji got his growth spurt! lol he was suddenly taller than her, and his voice got deeper.. Imagine the shock!! Like one day.. Tenten just discovers Neji :D. Instead of Tenten looking down to talk to Neji, she’s the one looking up! 
Ahhh kyaaa my fan girl heart cant take this cuteness!!

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Untitled - Until I Think Of Something Amazing turned 1 today!

I can’t believe it! 

And I still haven’t thought of something amazing, so we’ll stick with what I have! :-D

I want to thank all of you who have made my blog a success, just by your likes, your comments, your reblogs and follows. I first joined Tumblr because I was tired of seeing Tumblr posts on Pinterest and I couldn’t fully access them. I had no idea I’d “meet” so many nice people, many of whom I follow in return.  I think I’ve said that sometimes, you become a fan of something or a character, and you think you’re the only fan in the world. Then you reach out and learn that’s not the case. Thanks for letting me know there are others who love Rock Lee and Team Guy as much as I do.

Shout out to: @asplendidninja (whose blog introduced me to the Tumblr world of Rock Lee), @shock777, @sausage-fist, @nejicanspin, @tappingfingernails, @sunsetnojutsu, @deepfriedpotatobits, @theneon-panda, @rockleelovers, @rockleefan122, @rockcandyboy, @samlovesmaitogai, @no-ammunition, @ten-all-over, @teacher-monica. But to everyone, thanks again and I’m looking forward to a great second year.


naruto meme → ten characters (2/10)

hyuuga neji 日向ネジ

The curse represents a mark of the bird in a cage… It is… the symbol of being tied down to an inescapable destiny.