Retrospective of everyone's dreams in Eternal Tsukuyomi (chapter 678)

Not counting Gaiden, novels, Boruto etcetera, chapter 678 is officially the very last chapter in which the following characters got some sort of introspection and developement by Kishimoto. Did they live up to their dreams? Did they got stronger or weaker as individuals? Let’s find out.

-to clarify, I’m going to list the dreams from the least likely to came true, to the most likely to came true-

Let’s start with the two dreams that show the life of their dreamers re-written from scratch. And it’s interesting to know that both of them came from two Kages:


Just like other people caught in the Tsukuyomi, Tsunade’s deepest desire is to have all of his loved ones alive and at their best (even Orochimaru). But not only that: we also have the confirmation that, despite embracing her role as Hokage, deep down Tsunade doesn’t like to be one. Purely, because being Hokage is a direct consequence of Dan’s and Hiruzen’s death and Orochimaru’s deviation to the evil side.
This bit adds a tragic shade to Tsunade’s character, as being Hokage is what constantly reminds her of her lost loved ones.
Did her dream come true?

She’s no longer the Hokage and Orochimaru is somewhat on the side of good again. So… partially.


Despite having a closure with his father and the confirmation that everyone actually loved him when he was a baby, Gaara still dreams of having a completely different childhood, in which he was never forced to suffer and overcome hatred, and he can enjoy the love of his parents and his uncle, in addition to having Naruto, Temari and Kankuro’s affection from the very beginning.
This adds even more humanity in Gaara’s character.
Did his dream come true?
Obviously the past wasn’t re-written, but Gaara now lives with the knowledge that he was loved all along, and the sureness that Naruto, Temari and Kankuro deeply care about him, as good friends and siblings should do.

Those two were dreams in which the past was changed, now let’s look at dreams in which the present is slightly altered:


Shikamaru’s secret wish can be explained with the sentence “live and let live”. He obviously wants both of his father figures to be alive and kicking… But, he also dreams of a future with no responsabilties. He knows he and Temari are meant to each other, but deep down he prefers to NOT being forced into something that involves responsability (in this case marriage but the concept can be applied to other tasks, such has being leader of the Sasuke Retreaving Squad back in part 1). Nothing new about Shikamaru’s character.
Did his dream come true?
Nope,Shikaku and Asuma are still dead and he got married. We can say that it was his nightmare that came true 


Tenten is sadly a parody of herself at this point (if she had a self to begin with lol). Her better known trait is to be only sane woman of her team, who always comments their antics with frustration. Something that was invented in the sping off Rock Lee: Springtime of Youth and was not present at all in the main manga.
Many said that Tenten’s dream is adorable because “she’s happy with what she already has, minus some changes”… Well I disagree. She knew Rock Lee and Guy for a very long time, but despite all those years she never came to accept them for what they are? Her deepest dream is for them to change into completely different people that are more alligned with her tastes? That’s horrible!
At least Neji is there and pretty much the same, but it’s not a redeemable aspect of Tenten’s dream.
Did her dream come true?
No, thankfully. And Neji is still dead.


Ino’s dream is a mixed bag. She wishes to have the affection of her two crushes… I can understand her thinking about Sai, but why Sasuke? He never cared about her or even looked at her. Ino’s crush for the Uchiha is just pathetic, as well as her secret wish of being “popular with boys”, which is the lowest way to portray a woman.
At least, she also wants her father alive and proud of her, so it’s a redeeming point (half of a point, since in his last words Inoichi already stated he’s proud of her for other reasons)
Did her dream come true?
Actually, better than expected, since Ino IS the one who took action and won Sai’s affection (in Shikamaru Hiden) and eventually marry him. Sadly, Inoichi is still dead.

Rock Lee 

…I don’t know what to think about Lee’s dream. It basically shows everything we already knew about him, but in such a way that it looks like a parody of himself. Or maybe, this dream is Lee’s way to vent his “evil side”: we all knew him for his humbleness, and the fact that he bears no grudge if Naruto pretty much surpasses him in every aspects, but here Lee dreams of beating the crap out of him (and Neji, since he was his rival and they never had a rematch…).
Also, his crush for Sakura is back in full display despite never being one of Lee’s most famous traits.
One thing for sure: since there was already the spin off, Kishimoto never cared or bothered to expand Lee’s character. Sadly.
Did his dream come true?
Nope, but he still works hard to promote and pass the power of Youth to the next generation.


Nothing new here. Hinata sees herself leaning on Naruto’s shoulder in a romantic way, all while Neji and her sister are peeping (why, if they have the Byakugan?)
I appreciate Neji’s presence here, since it fixes Hinata’s allegedly insensitive comment about Naruto’s big and warm hand while Neji’s freash body was still at her feet… In the end, Hinata DOES care about his cousin.
I have a small nitpick though: it looks like Hinata is still too shy to see herself with Naruto, because her dream is more focused on what’s behind her instead of her main goal…
Did her dream come true?
She married Naruto, but Neji is still dead.

And now, the four dreams (and the four characters) that don’t consist of some sort of reality alterations, and instead just look at the future.


…well, it’s still a future than can happen, if Kiba decided to work hard.
Sadly, it also shows that Kishimoto didn’t care in the slightest about Kiba as a character or human being, so he just took the two most memorable traits (or should I say his two traits, period?) and voilà, here’s Kiba in a nutshell.
Did his dream come true?
No, and he’s still delusional about being worthy of the Hokage title. 


I’m not going to bash this dream like Kiba’s. Yes, bugs are the only traits of Shino’s character, but unlike the dogs for Kiba, Shino doesn’t wish to force his love for bugs into everyone else’s life. Shino just wants to be a proud member of Aburame’s clan, and to contribute in improving the clan’s reputation with new bugs (which means new and more powerful assets to fight with).
While Shino really needs to get a life outside of his ninja job, his dedication to it is still admirable.
Did his dream come true?
We don’t know, sadly.


Unlike Ino’s, Mei’s dream about men and love is more mature. I mean, Mei doesn’t just wish a man, she also wishes to make up her mind and settle down for good, which is better than just being contested as a prize.
Mei also wishes for the ninja alliance to last forever, as confirmed by all the other kages attending her wedding.
(One can guess she also wants to be the fairest of the land, looking by Tsunade’s look of envy on her face, but I can’t say for sure)
Did her dream come true?
Yes, the alliance between the kages and the nation is as united as ever.
No, she doesn’t get married (or at least she’s not the fairest in the land anymore, in chapter 700 she looks like she really let herself go…)


Choji’s dream is the most down to earth and humble of the bunch. He dreams of his life being pretty much the same, but with the addiction of a girl who loves him inside and (especially) out. We can say that even in his own dream world Choji still has insecurities, since the only girl who finds him attractive is a fetishist and, despite being happy and proud, Choza still has something to say about her.
Did his dream come true?
As for the ability to eat as much food as he wants, it was already fulfilled.
As for the girl, things worked out even better since he scored with a woman who’s perfectly sane and married him without caring that much about his monstrous appetite.

concept: karasuno is fighting over the best naruto character. asahi, nishinoya and tanaka both agree that hinata (hyuuga) is perfect and have their vote in for her as best hyuuga. ennoshita and narita disagree as neji is The Coolest Hyuuga in their eyes and now a debate has broken out over who is a more worthy candidate for heir. kinoshita refuses to partake in the conversation. daichi says he doesnt like neji and then theyre all arguing very loudly. daichi starts talking about how awful neji was to hinata, and that she’s deserves to take over the most since she’s kind, reliable and sweet and “would never do something shitty like neji.” this leads to a more angrier conversation than before.

kiyoko thinks the conversation is stupid because the best character is obviously kakashi, which leads to another disagreement but between her and suga, who thinks kakashi is a shitty teacher. yachi goes the kinoshita route and refuses to join any of the conversations.

meanwhile, hinata is very loudly defending that naruto is the best because he’s the main character, where kageyama just wants to argue with him and says sasuke is the best. hinata protests since “sasuke is a huge asshole” amd kageyama retorts that naruto is a huge dumbass “like you.”

tsukishima mocks them for arguing over an anime but then in the next breath says that sakura is the best member of team 7. yamaguchi agrees and now a much larger, louder argument out of all of them has broken out. tsukishima is arguing that she’s made the most progress, but kageyama disagrees saying sasuke is the strongest. hinata more loudly disagrees that naruto is the strongest but tsukishima will have none of that since “sakura doesn’t have some stupid powerup. she’s the normal one and she became strong from hard work and determination.” but hinata interjects that “naruto did too! maybe he was more strong than normal but he worked just as hard!” and kageyama scoffs because sasuke has natural talent and training only made him more elite. tsukishima thinks this is a load of bullshit and that “sasuke is a bitchy pretty boy. i dont see what sakura sees in him.” kageyama tells tsukishima to shut the hell up and “not everything is about sakura.”

then kageyama says sakura is weak.

and tsukishima punches him in the face.

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I think kekashi is one of the worst teachers.he favored sasuke because they were 'alike' and then when he was gone he went on to naruto.And sakura got completely ignored,kekashi never taught her a jutsu.And don't say she already had tsunade,cus naruto had the pervert teacher and Sasuke had orochimoru.Yet he helped both of them.Plus he coddled her by telling her lies about how sasuke was fine when he knew Damn well something was up.He saw her as a baby to be coddled and protected,what faith.

*Sigh*, not this again…

Yes, he trained Sasuke because they were alike, but remember that Sasuke was still part of the Chuunin exams, he was training him for his upcoming battle against Gaara. Sakura was no longer part of the exams by that point.

I also really don’t get why this is so unforgivable. Gai almost exclusively trains Lee for that very same reason; because they’re alike. Yet I don’t hear anybody hating on Gai, saying how he ignored Neji and Tenten. Neji often trained with Hinata and Hiashi because they were alike; they were family, they knew their fighting style, and so would yield better results.

Now, because of Sasuke’s circumstances regarding his growing darkness towards the end of Part 1, Kakashi was always gonna give him a little more attention during that time period, in order to try and deter him away from that path. However, as they were similar, it makes sense that he’d opt to train Sasuke in particular, because he felt as though that would yield the best results, because they’d be able to focus on Sasuke’s particular talents.

It’s not the job of a Sensei to be constantly training their students and teaching them new techniques. Their role is to guide their students along the path of being a shinobi, by teaching them what’s truly important, teaching them the proper codes of conduct, and the moral philosophies, and Kakashi always did that. He did it as early as the Bell Test:

Also Kakashi always monitored Sakura’s growth and potential, which is also what a Sensei is supposed to do. While observing Sakura’s fight with Ino, Kakashi acknowledged her skills and complimented her abilities, as he very bluntly said that her chakra control skills surpassed that of Naruto:

And he even says that she’s above his ”favourite”, Sasuke in that regard:

He therefore obviously always had faith in her abilities. This was again proven at the beginning of Part 2 where he predicted that she’d eventually surpass Tsunade, which she did. So yeah, I think to say that he ignored her isn’t giving Kakashi enough credit. Kakashi was closely monitoring her development, as he did for each member of his team. He may not have actively trained all of them, but the attention was there.

Furthermore, Kakashi only trained Naruto because the latter was trying to infuse the Rasengan with his wind nature. It was specialised training that only Naruto could do due to the fact that he already knew that Rasengan, and he had the chakra reserves necessary to go through with the training. Not only that, but it was also fitting for Kakashi to have aided in the training since he also knew how to do the Rasengan. It’s not like Kakashi just ignored her or deemed her unworthy of training or something. It was specialised training:

This is just you being overly defensive of Sakura, because Kakashi has literally done nothing wrong to her. And as for your comment about how Kakashi apparently saw her as “a baby to be coddled and protected”, that’s just completely false. He was trying to remain positive about the situation, just like Naruto was, because they didn’t know the true extent of Sasuke’s darkness, so they truly believed that it would work out eventually. What he said to her wasn’t a lie if that’s what he believed was actually going to happen.

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Can I request headcanons for when Neji realizes he's in love with his S/O?

I am loving the Neji requests. I hope these are alright, I know they’re not the happiest thing ever but I wanted to be realistic for Neji x

- this would take a while. They’d have to have been dating for at least a few months, if not more. Neji doesn’t move quickly when it comes to his relationships. He wants them to develop naturally, like his feelings (if that makes sense) 

- It would be little things to make him realize it at the start, like how they would hum to themselves whilst getting ready in the morning, or how they kissed his cheek as they left the apartment even if they were going to be back momentarily

- he notices everything (uh, hello, Byakugan), so his s/o would have to be pretty damn perfect for him as a partner to not get on his nerves with the little things, like not leaving a fork on the side of the sink instead of washing it immediately, stuff like that

- he thinks his s/o is attractive obviously, which has never really been a main feature for him, but when he’s starting to feel the feels for them, their beauty is enhanced to him and he can’t understand how they’re so effortlessly gorgeous no matter where they are or what they’re doing

- speaking of what they’re doing, if they were on a mission and he saw his s/o take down the enemy without batting an eyelid or protecting their comrade mercilessly, his heart would probably flutter because they’re so strong and fearless on the battle field

- but they’re also delicate and kind when they need to be and this is also important because sometimes Neji needs them to remind him to be more empathetic and less pessimistic, and he appreciates that they love him enough to put him in his place when need be

- overall, he would just be more aware of them in every way and would make more of an effort to go out of his way for them if they needed something because he suddenly realizes just how much they do for him

- as previously mentioned in my ‘crushing on his training buddy/Hinata’s friend’ HC’s, Neji wouldn’t say it until he was 100% sure. This is subject to change though, if certain circumstances were to arise. Like if him or his s/o were significantly injured and there was no promise that they would survive, he might say it then. He wouldn’t want his s/o to die without knowing that he loved them, or was falling in love with them, and the same goes for if he were dying. He wants them to know that they were special to him before he dies 

- but otherwise, because he’s Neji and sometimes he feels like he’s lacking when it comes to showing his s/o that he cares, he will make a big effort when he does, but it absolutely will not be a public affair. I’m imagining a candle-lit dinner at home or an adventure in the woods, whilst they’re star gazing or something

- I can also imagine it coming out at a really inopportune moment (in Neji’s mind), if he were feeling particularly stressed or upset for some reason. In my head Neji likes to go and sit in quiet places to think when he’s troubled, like the roof of their apartment building, so if his s/o found him there and coerced him into talking, it might come out then, too 

- He would try so hard not to blush as he says it but would fail and his s/o would think it was the sweetest thing. Maybe a quick kiss would be exchanged between the two afterwards but I think Neji would feel slightly uncomfortable at having just bared himself to his s/o, even as they reciprocated his feelings

- idk I just think Neji would always have insecurities about accepting love because of his childhood but after a while he would learn to accept it freely 

- however, if his s/o died from injury he would never truly get over it and I think he would take it as a sign that everything he loves dies, and he can’t be put through that again. It would just be really sad, honestly

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The thing that I love about Boruto's name is that you just KNOW Hinata came up with it. It's a clever stealth pun on Neji's name, and sorta like Naruto Jr. without having to call him that.


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I admire how you took initiative and started a Naruto week. Thanks for giving me something to do. Much love!

Ah thank you! It’s my first time organizing a full naruto week (i’ve only organized a neji week and a secret santa event before) the previous years were organized by fyeahnaruto among others but I wanted to do something with shippuden ending and all and lots of people were interested too :’).

I hope the week will be a success~