You can now get a Makkachin tie or Stammi Vicino tie for all your formal needs.
Something tells me that Victor had something to do with the marketing for this.  
He was like “God damn it I’m so fixated on Yuri’s God awful tie that I’m gonna get the merch team to make some new ties so that I can try and convince him otherwise.”

OTP Prompt 38

Person A likes to wear suits and ties, but Person B always has to tie the ties for them.
Person B is about to go on a weekend work trip and is explaining to A how to tie a tie as they do. They glance up to see A just starting at them, dazing.

B: “are you even listening to me?”
A: “what? Oh, uh, heh, not really. I mean, I was listening to your voice, which is really pretty.”
B: “that’s very sweet, but were you paying attention to the words my voice was saying?”
A: “well, no. I already know how to tie a tie. I just really like you to do it for me. It’s a nice way to start off my day.”