What We Did On Our Summer Vacation: Sand & Sabers

Densi: What We Did On Our Summer Vacation #NCISLA FanFic by phillydi

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by Phillydi “Deeks! Wake up!” Kensi hissed and jabbed her elbow forcefully into his chest. Deeks jerked to attention and then slowly dropped his head back onto his shoulders. He tried to ignore Kensi’s terse whisper but he could feel her piercing stare drill a hole into the side of his forehead and made an effort to sit straight up in his chair. “That will be all today, ladies and gentlemen,” the…

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Thanks @MichaelMWeatherly for the #22PushupChallenge to raise awareness for suicide prevention and the mental health issues that trouble America’s veterans.  We want to honor those that have served our country and be here for them when they need us. If you are thinking of harming yourself please call 1-800-273-8255.  But know you are loved. You are appreciated.  And what you have done for this country is not forgotten.
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You were drunk and proposed to me but i’m not sure how to bring it up now you’re sober bc i totally would have said yes - Densi AU

It wasn’t uncommon for her to stumble into bed deep into the night smelling of her favorite perfume and those fruity drunks her friends adored every few weeks, waking with moans of a headache and yet still demanding breakfast, clutching a sleepy Monty close for warmth after her boyfriend slash personal chef left the bed for the kitchen and a bottle of advil. 

But he far surpassed her halfway more than tipsy when they finally made back to their two story home, though not for much longer, boxes creating a minefield on their living room floor. 

A new home, together, the night served as a semi celebration for the closing of the house they’d chosen, with enough room for both their eager to help mothers and maybe something more. 

Celebration, however, was an interesting word for the slightly more than halfway tipsy duo of her partner and Callen attempting karaoke, and God, if her memory served her right, the band featured the surprisingly high singing voice of Owen Granger. 

“I’m gonna miss it here,” Deeks voice rang out behind her just as they settled on to the mattress of their bed, words slurred, filled with obvious nostalgia more than likely brought on my his multiple drinks. “Good moments.“ 

Twisting carefully on the sheets, she awkwardly stretched a hand behind herself, finding his beneath the comforter for a soft squeeze, the same sleepiness that pulled heavily on his voice beginning to tug at her mind, a yawn escaping with her whisper. "Like when I moved in or when Sam bought you that super juicer for your birthday?" 

"I love living with you,” he mumbled, either ignoring the second half of sentence or simply not hearing it, sleep steadily claiming him. “I love you." 


"Should just do it,” cutting her off, he shifted closer, nuzzling into her curls. “Let you make me an honest man this weekend, you can even carry me over the threshold of the new place." 

Maybe it was the alcohol that kept her from tensing in shock beside him, maybe it was the exhaustion begging her to fall asleep, or maybe it was the "okay” ready to fall from her lips - that was definitely the alcohol - just when his soft, even breaths hit her ears, a faint snore leaving him and sleep pulling her eyes shut just as the reality that he likely wouldn’t remember a word hit her. 

A twist of events found her digging out advil the next morning, attempting breakfast, she burned the fried eggs, he ate them anyway, thanking her profusely amidst groans over his head. 

And maybe it was okay that he didn’t recall a word from his semi proposal the night before, because when he finally actually murmured the short question with love in his eyes and tongue crafting a speech he’d surely planned, on the beach at sunset or on the couch with Monty curled by their feet, nothing could be better, nothing could taste sweeter than their kiss after she could finally, officially, say yes.