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Densi 42

“Stop it.” Kensi hissed, lightly shoving her elbow back into his ribs and staring straight ahead, focusing on their suspect’s front. “I’m serious, Deeks. Stop looking at me like that.”

“Like what?” He huffed beside her, rubbing at his torso. “You’re the one who couldn’t control herself earlier.”


“I’m serious, doubt I’ll ever look at the burn room the same way now. We definitely lit that plac-” 

“Deeks!” Kensi slammed her palm down on the steering wheel, glaring at him in way he didn’t dare tell her he found adorable. “You do realize there are comms in the car, right?“ 

"Yeah?” He smirked, tracing a finger over her thigh. “You’re the one who couldn’t stay quiet earlier." 

Grabbing his index finger and twisting it slightly, Kensi rolled her eyes. "Never again." 

So, I know the promo (and ep) is obviously Callen-heavy, and I’m sure that will bug me more later. But that aside, I actually liked it? (Yes, it’s a question). Maybe only because it means we’re getting closer to the premiere. And because I’m so ready for more new eps with those lovely people on my TV. Basically I’m just I’m withdrawal.

#NCISLA FanFic Relay continues with Aces & Eights, Chapter 10: Deeks and Kensi join Nell and Eric on a trip to Las Vegas. They go for fun and gaming, but all does not turn out as planned and unexpected danger lurks under the bright lights of the Luxor. A wikiDees Exclusive in 12 Chapters by seven of your favorite fanfic writers: Sweet Lu, Jericho Steele, peanutbutterer, Kadiedid, imahistorian, Tess DiCorsi, and phillydi. Go to wikiDeeks.com! Chapter 10 by Tess DiCorsi & Edit by #SweetLu


NCIS:LA, deleted scene - Chernoff, K (S6 finale)
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35 densi!

“I should not have said that. Dammit I really should not have said that.” Deeks grumbled, staring at his hands clenching his thighs as Kensi snorted, taking a hand off the steering wheel to squeeze his shoulder.

“Not your best plan, Deeks.”

“I was worried about him.”

“And I’m sure that Sam appreciates the gesture, but he’s fine. It’s just a bullet hole now.”

“Just a bullet hole.” Deeks grunted, tipping his head slightly. “He was shot, Kens. Not a thing to take lightly.“ 

"I never said-”

“Being a badass doesn’t make you invincible. I just wanted to make sure he was fine.” Deeks hesitated, shaking his head. “Between us - just too many bullet holes.”

Nodding as she parked the SRX in his apartment complex, Kensi reached over, clenching his hand tightly. “No more, huh?”

He huffed a laugh, lifting her hand and kissing it’s back. “For the record, I’m glad you haven’t been shot, Kens." 


NCIS:LA, deleted scene - Beacon
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Ice cream 38

“I’m serious.” Deeks nodded towards the teen manning the concession stand before exiting the theater after his friend, his calm expression contradicting the shock in his voice.

“So am I, Deeks.” Sam pushed the door open and held for the Detective before stepping out into the night air along side him. “I just didn’t.“ 

"How can you not like my favorite character?” Deeks’ eyebrows bunched together as he paused on the sidewalk, cocking his head. “Are you crazy? There must be something wrong with you." 

Heaving a deep breath, Sam slowed to a halt. "I told you-” 

"You do realize that he was you, right? Straightforward, military man with a loving family." 

Chuckling, Sam leaned forward, playfully patting at the younger man’s scruffy cheek. "I don’t always have to just like military men, Deeks. You know that." 

Lifting an eyebrow, Deeks focused on Sam, the beginning of a grin showing on his handsome features. "Yeah?”

“Yeah, c'mon.” Sam’s hand shifted to his shoulder. “I’ll buy you some ice cream."