Working on prep for Densi-mber

I have the page ( @densi-mber ), but have no idea how to make it look more fun. A friend of mine is helping make a header image, but anyone out there more Tumblr experience wanna help out in get this all set and ready to go? Themes, colors, etc? 

Good news is, we’re two weeks out from the beginning! =D Trying to get some fun goodies prepped! 

Things I love…

- Kensi having this “oh shit” moment while talking with Nell, and deciding in that split second that she has to propose right now

- Kensi using the ring from a flashbang to do it

- Kensi saying, “Martin Deeks, will you marry me.”

- Deeks reminding her that he’s actually proposed 3 times already.

- Nell watching the whole thing (and not interrupting) and smiling about it all.

- Both of them saying ”I love you” before he even responds.

- Deeks’s answer - “Yes…absolutely.  What the hell?  Yes.”

- Them hugging for a long time.

- “You know me, I’m more bang than bling”

- “sunshine and gunpowder”