I love that Ziva is especially pissed off about the case in “Shell Shock Part 2” because the perp is manipulating homeless kids into doing his bidding and she’s angry about the injustice of it all, and how they’ve got no one to support them while this guy preys on their lack of resources to literally get away with murder.

And then when it’s revealed that she is so on edge in this episode to begin with because it’s her deceased sister’s birthday – well, it makes even more sense. Because Tali may not have been the homeless child of drug addicts, but her future was cut short due to someone else’s perversions.

And Ziva will always stand up to defend those who need it and can’t do it for themselves, particularly if they’re kids.


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New Single


01. Adventures
02. The Brake

「MAZE×MAZE Tour」2015.10.08Zepp Tokyo
01. YOUTH City
02. Milestone
03. (as if it’s)A Warning
04. デロリアンを探して
05. Go My Punks!!!!
06. Perfect Sound


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Imagine Fornell helps you cool off after a tough day

PLEASE,Please, please can I have a smutty fornell imagine where you’ve had a stressful day and he helps you unwind ❤️❤️ ~anon

“Y/n, I’m home,” Fornell called out, shutting the front door behind him.

He wandered through the house for a moment before coming across you in the kitchen, angrily whipping at a bowl of some over-stirred culinary concoction. Sensing your tension, Fornell immediately sprang into action to fix your obviously pitiful mood. He tossed the lively juxtaposition of daisies that he had picked up on the way home onto the counter. 

The FBI agent danced to the far side of the room, turning the radio on so that a gentle tune fluttered through the room. Then he approached you once again, leaning against the counter beside you. Fornell wrapped his hands around your stressed knuckles, guiding your palms away from the kitchen utensils, and slowly he brought his lips down to yours.


Percy & LaSalle ll ‘No more weird stuff, ok?’ Ok, sure 👌🏽 this will flop but oh well, I love them ❤️️ ac: not sure, take creds 😋

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NCIS: Los Angeles Season Seven Rewatch:    Day 24, “Talion”      

The basics:  The Keating Military Academy is taken hostage by Tahir Khaled as he tries to kill Sam and Aiden Hanna.

Written by:  R. Scott Gemmill who wrote or co-wrote “The Only Easy Day”, “Brimstone”, “Breach”, “LD50”, “Found”, “Borderline”, “Absolution”, “Archangel”, “Tin Soldiers”, “Impostors”, “Cyberthreat”, “Honor”, “The Watchers” and both sides of the NCIS Los: Angeles/Hawaii Five-0 “Touch of Death” episodes, “Recruit”, “Free Ride”, “Wanted”, “Ravens and The Swans”, “Impact”, “War Cries”, both ends of the “Deep Trouble” season five finale/season six premiere, “Inelegant Heart”, “Praesidium”, “Traitor”, “Active Measures”, “Blame It On Rio”, “Internal Affairs”, “Matryoshka” part one and the first three episodes of season eight.

Directed by:  John P. Kousakis who directed “Imposters”, “Sacrifice”, “San Voir” part one, “The Fifth Man”, “Parley”, “Inelegant Heart”, “Chernoff, K.”, “Active Measures”, “The Long Goodbye” and all of the Afghanistan scenes from “Iron Curtain Rising” to “Zero Days” and the injured Kensi scenes after episode two of season eight.  

Guest stars of note:   Anslem Richardson is back from “Revenge Deferred” as Tahir Khaled, Tye White is back from “Cancel Christmas” as Aiden Hanna, Arden Belle as Amy Porter, Jack Griffo as McKenna, Kwabena Darkwah as Kalil, Simone Bailly as Navy Lieutenant Shannon James, Matthew Haddad as Wallace, Mike Peebler as Security Officer, Robert Okumu as Bakri and Joberde Metellus as Guard

Our heroes: Are finally done with Tahir Khaled.

What important things did we learn about:

Callen:   Manges Sam.
Sam:  Brave and stupid.
Kensi:  Brave and stupid.
Deeks: Thinks brave and stupid is contagious.
Eric:  Worried about Sam.
Nell:   Knows it has to have a happy ending.
Granger:  Hiding things from the SecNav.
Hetty:   Willing to fake a stroke for the SecNav.

What not so important things did we learn about:

Callen:  Sees a Hanna family photo opportunity after Khaled’s arrest.
Sam:   Not calling Michelle.
Kensi:   Bat in the cave.
Deeks:   Not touching his sleeve anytime soon.
Eric:  Lipstick on his face
Nell:  Racing away with lipstick-y Eric.
Granger:  Not answering the phone.
Hetty:  Not answering either.

Who’s down with OTP:   Kensi and Deeks were too busy saving the day in this episode to banter much but they did have a nice moment at the end.  Deeks was supportive but worried about Kensi’s switch with Amy Porter.  Eric and Nell are celebrating their successes in a physical way.

Who’s down with BrOTP:  Brothers.

Fashion review:  Blue and white checked button down shirt for Callen, brick red henley for Sam.  Dark blue long-sleeve tee-shirt with a scoop collar.  White long-sleeve tee shirt for Deeks.  White tee-shirt with a red- zip-up hoodie for Eric.  Black tee-shirt and pants under a grey coat for Nell. Black tee-shirt under a field coat for Granger. Spectacular black leather coat for Hetty with a blue blouse and black slacks.  

Callen, Sam, Kensi and Deeks wear tactical gear in the field.  Kensi changes into Amy Porter’s sleepwear to infiltrate the hostage room.

Music:  None.

Any notable cut scene:  One.  In Ops, Eric and Nell are discussing Khaled.  Eric believes he’s out of his mind.  Nell agrees – especially coming after Sam.  Eric wonders how Khaled ever expects to get away with this.  Nell realizes Khaled doesn’t.  It is a suicide mission – he has nothing to lose.  All he’s going to do is cause Sam as much pain as he can.  Even if he dies doing it.

In the “Getting Personal” extra, there was a conversation about the final fight between Sam and Khaled.  Sam didn’t kill Khaled because Aiden was there. Sam knows how much Aiden loves and respects him and that in the end was more important than any issues Sam had with Khaled.

Quote:   Callen:  "Tahir is on his way to the district courthouse in San Francisco.  They’re gonna keep him in Atwater for the time being.“
Sam:  "Good.  This could have gone bad.”
Callen:  "Yeah.  But it didn’t.  I’ll see you at the hospital.“
Sam:  "G Thank you.”
Callen:  "This is what we do, brother.“

Anything else:  At the Keating Military Academy in San Francisco, a security guard patrols the dorm halls.  A male student leaves his bunk once the guard has passed, making his way down to a fellow cadet, Amy Porter, who is sitting in a study area.  She doesn’t want to be at Keating anymore.  The male cadet can’t understand why she wants to leave – there is six weeks left to their semester.  After that, no more drills, no more uniforms, no mess food until the fall.  She’s leaving.

The security guard notices an opened exit door.  He warns whoever opened the door that he’s about to lock it so get back into the building now. This catches the attention of the two cadets.  The guard locks the door and is garroted by an attacker.  The two cadets hear a commotion and find the dead guard.  Unknown to them, they were almost shot in the back by an armed man.  The armed man’s partner stops the shooting so not to wake the others.  

The two cadets see they have company.  The male cadet takes the baton from the security guard before both cadets run. While Porter runs for help, the male cadet tries to take on the two armed men with the baton.  That goes poorly for the young cadet as he’s knocked out by the butt of man’s gun.   Porter hides until the armed men pass.  When she tries to go back for help, she is grabbed and dragged into a stairway. Aiden Hanna grabbed Porter.  

In LA, Sam is alone in bed when he gets a coded message from Aiden:  "Haze grey-haze grey – Academy overtaken by armed men.  Need help.”  It was sent at 2:17AM.  A text from earlier that day reads “Finish strong” – even his text messages are team oriented.  Sam jumps out of bed.

Granger is walking into the office.  He’s speaking to the FBI, asking if they can help verify Aiden’s text.  Kensi and Deeks arrive, asking what is going on.  Granger tells them the Keating Academy has possibly been taken over by armed me.  When Deeks mentions Aiden attends the school as the three climb the stairs, Granger tells him that’s why they know about it.  Up in Ops, Callen, Sam, Eric and Nell are already working.  Kensi asks if Sam called Aiden but the school has a very strict no cell phone policy.  Aiden hasn’t been answering the e-mails and texts Sam has been sending his tablet. Granger wants to know if this is a drill but Sam says Aiden sent a distress code only the two of them know. Callen tells the group that calls to the school are going to voice mail, Eric puts an alert from the school’s website on the large screen – the school is having electrical and communications issues they hope to have sorted out in the next few hours.  There has been no call made to the local power company about outages in the area.  Callen believes whoever took over the school is just buying time.  

Granger tells the group he’s asked the FBI to send a few agents to the school but Sam wants them recalled.  If there is a situation at the school, the people running the attack think nobody is on to them.  They need the attackers to keep thinking they’re safe until NCIS can do something about it according to Callen.  Forget NCIS, Sam thinks – they’re up against him.  He storms out of Ops.  Granger wants to know what Sam is going to do.  He’s going to get there in an hour – Callen tells Granger its more “we’re going to get there” – and get inside the school without tipping off the bad guys.  Granger reminds them that the FBI is not a bunch of local backwoods cops.  And, he asks, what happens if everything goes south while they’re flying to the school.  Sam thinks they’ll at least be less than 60-minutes away.

Walking into the armory, Hetty is setting up gear.  "Where did you come from?“ Callen asks.  "Oh, I’m everywhere these days, Mr. Callen.  You should know that by now.”  Sam isn’t listening to anyone about this – his son is in there. Hetty points out that so are the sons and daughters of many rich and powerful people.  Callen tells her that’s why they need to go into the school. Granger wants to send a REACT team but Sam points out he’s a SEAL, he attended Keating Academy as did his father. Sam knows the place like the back of his hand and is the only one in contact with one of the potential hostages.

Callen is fine with the REACT team being available as backup but they’re going to the school now. Granger warns them Callen and Sam that if this goes wrong, the two of them….Kensi and Deeks arrive.  It is the four of them going.  Granger warns them if it all goes wrong, they are all done.  Sam doesn’t care – he’s going to keep his son and the other cadets safe.  Granger warns him against making this a personal rescue mission.  Aiden sends another text – this one with video.  It is of Tahir Khaled, armed and ordering cadets into a room.  "Is that personal enough for you?“ Sam asks Granger.

There is a bomb on the back doors of the school’s auditorium/gym.  Most of the school’s students are being brought in and forced to sit on the floor. In the stairwell, Aiden has lost the WiFi connection – he can no longer contact Sam.  Aiden wants to get to a phone to call Sam.  Porter  isn’t staying alone – she’s going with him.  The two sneak into the halls.

Khaled is set up in the school’s administration office, using security cameras to get a look at the hallways.  Two of his men arrived – all the students have been secured except Aiden and Amy. He orders them to find both students.

On a plane, the team is working on strategy.  Sam believes Khaled will round up the students and the faculty and secure them in the gym or cafeteria.  Kensi asks about explosives or terrorists in suicide vests.  Sam thinks everything is possible with Khaled.  Callen has logistics about how they are getting from the airport to the school – helicopter five miles from the school, mountain bikes to the school.  Granger is putting together a REACT team that will be there in the morning so Sam wants this done fast.  Kensi asks what happens if it doesn’t but Sam isn’t listening to any of that as he walks to the back of the plane.

Callen tells Kensi and Deeks to stay cool as he goes back to the back of the plane to manage Sam. Callen asks about Michelle, who is with Kam helping Michelle’s mother after hip surgery.  Callen thinks Michelle should know her son is in danger but Sam isn’t going there. Michelle will jump on a plane and be working on getting into the school herself, "like a fully strapped mama bear that makes ‘The Punisher’ look like Mother Teresa.”  Callen thinks Michelle could be their secret weapon. Sam thinks Callen believes Sam should have left his family in protective custody.  No, Callen believes Sam needs to call Michelle.  He will.   When it is over and Aiden is safe.  

Aiden gets to an office but the landline is dead.  Amy remembers the security guard – he may have a phone.

Khaled’s gunmen bring in one of the school officials, a female in uniform named Lt. James.  After claiming she does not know who Aiden Hanna is, James is backhanded across the face by Khaled.  Again stating that Aiden is not in the school, she is punched in the stomach.  She stands back up and tells Khaled that Aiden was sent home for disciplinary reasons. Khaled points a gun at her heart – if she doesn’t tell him where Aiden is, he will shoot her.  Reconsidering, Khaled promises to instead shoot one of her students and shoot one every minute until Aiden is found.  

In the office, Granger wants to come up with a contingency plan.  Hetty wants a “bloody miracle.”  Every agent on the West Coast with REACT team training is on alert. Hetty needs to call the SecNav. Granger will make the call once the team arrives at the school to confirm it is a real hostage situation and not a hoax. Hetty calls the excuse of confirming things on the ground for the delay weak.  Granger is hoping the team is not weak.

With night vision binoculars and scopes, they can see that there is no one patrolling the outside of the school.  Eric can’t get into the school’s security cameras – it is an internal system. Deeks starts getting their equipment online so Eric can patch in.  With Kensi in overwatch and Deeks setting up the portable satellite, Callen and Sam make a move toward the school.  Callen shines a laser in a security camera that disables it.   While it looks like just a white screen to Khaled, Callen and Sam can move closer to the school.  

A cadet is brought to Khaled.  The cadet is asked about Aiden but does not reply.  When Khaled pulls his weapon on the young man, Lt. James stands between the cadet and the gun.  

Callen and Sam are walking up a ramp alongside the school when a shot is fired.  Kensi reports gunfire, Deeks asks if Callen and Sam are OK. They are, the shot came from inside the school.  Callen hopes it was just a warning shot.

It was not a warning shot. Lt. James was shot in the leg by Khaled.  The young cadet is tending to her but Khaled wants her to suffer.  When the cadet won’t leave his teacher’s side, Khaled pistol whips him.  James doesn’t need any help according to Khaled, none of them do since they’re all going to die soon.

Granger races into Ops, asking about the gunfire.  There was just one shot.  There is no news out of the school either.  Khaled has not issued any demands.  If they aren’t using the hostages as bargaining tools, they probably have more dire plans.  Granger wants Eric to set up an encrypted phone line from his office to the SecNav.  Eric starts to work.  Nell asks if Eric is OK.  He is but he’s worried about Sam.  Deeks asks if the satellite is up and running yet.  It is – “a good strong, signal.”  The team can now all work with earwigs.  From overwatch, Kensi can’t see any movement near the school.  

With a handheld x-ray, Sam sees one of the doors to the school is booby-trapped with a bomb.  He marks the door with a big X in a circle – nobody is to use that door.  Callen wants the local bomb squad on call for when this is over.

Hetty arrives in Ops with “provisions” for Eric and Nell – coffee.  Eric brings up the no food or drinks rule in Ops but this is a special occasion.  Granger appears.  The SecNav wants access to OSP’s live feeds of what is going on.  Eric is ready to do that when Granger tells him to try to do it and not be able to because of technical difficulties.  Eric says there should be no problem but Nell understands there needs to be a problem.  Eric catches on.  The SecNav is calling making some calls to parents of politicians with children in the school.   DoD is doing the same with military members.  This is going to be a jurisdictional nightmare.  And the media is going to go nuts.  They have a very short time to get this done.

Callen climbs into a dorm window.  It is Aiden’s room – he left the window opened for the team.  Kensi and Deeks are making their way to Aiden’s dorm room while Callen and Sam start setting up their own cameras inside the hallways.  

Aiden and  Porter drag the body of the security guard into a supply closet.  His phone is gone – the gunmen must have taken it.  The PA system goes live.  Khaled asks for Aiden and explains Lt. James has been shot.  He steps on the poor woman’s wound to get her to scream. Promising the next bullet will go into James’s head, Khaled then will start shooting the other cadets, Aiden has to turn himself in.  Sam realizes they have to find Aiden before he turns himself in.

Eric and Nell now have their own Wi-Fi system in the school.  The Wi-Fi location is Keating Greenhouse.  Aiden would know the school does not have a greenhouse but Khaled and his men would not.  

Aiden passes his tablet to Porter.  He tells her to try to get to one of the surrounding buildings – maybe the Wi-Fi works there.  He has to turn himself in.   She tells him not to but he thinks he can distract the guards long enough for her to get away.  Aiden wants her to text his dad – Sam knows they’re in trouble.  He leaves.

Callen and Sam make their way down a hall.   They see two “unfriendlies”.  Sam checks his phone – no word from Aiden.  Sam knows only PA announcements can be made from the school’s office – they have to cut Aiden off before he gets there.  Checking the “find tablet” function on Aiden’s iPad, they have him running from the office, looking for a way out.  Sam does not believe his son would ever run – it is not Aiden.  Callen thinks he could be leaving to get help.  Sam is adamant – Aiden knows Sam is coming.  Callen and Sam start to the office.  Kensi and Deeks, who just got to the school, are following the tablet.  

Aiden is about to pull the fire alarm to create a distraction when he is captured.

Callen and Sam see one of the gunmen alone in the administration office.   Sam puts the man in a sleeper hold.   All they find in the office is a pool of blood.  

Kensi and Deeks contact Callen and Sam.  Callen tells them about the pool of blood and believes it belongs to the injured teacher.  Eric sees the tablet beacon is nearing one of NCIS’s security cameras.  The SecNav calls – she wants to talk to Granger.  Hetty decides to take the call – if it all goes bad, she’ll fake a stroke.  Eric sees Porter with the tablet.   Sam realizes Aiden has done something very brave and very stupid.  "Like father, like son,“ Callen notes. Nell warns the team that one of Khaled’s men is closing in on Porter.  Kensi and Deeks go after the gunman.

Deeks thinks he should have attended a military academy.  Sam tells him there were names for guys like Deeks at military school. Callen thinks the name is dropouts, which Deeks sees as an HR violation of Hetty’s bullying memo.   Kensi and Deeks take custody of Porter after she can’t get into a stairwell.  The three enter a restroom.  Deeks is at the door waiting to take out the gunman. Kensi looks at Porter and has a "better idea.”  "That’s never good,“ according to Deeks.  

The gunman stops Kensi, now dressed like Porter, in the hallway.  Taking the tablet, he marches Kensi down the hall with Deeks saying "God I hope you know what you’re doing.”  In the restroom, Porter is now wearing Kensi’s tactical gear, carrying Kensi’s HK gun. Deeks asks if she knows how to use it. “Theoretically, sir,” as her answer has Deeks changing the firing mechanism from fully automatic to semi-automatic.  Deeks tells the team that “brave and stupid” is contagious.  Granger is not happy with the Kensi as Porter plan.

Khaled explains to Aiden that Sam ran from him.  Aiden makes it clear – Sam does not run.  Khaled calls Sam a coward but Aiden is not impressed.  Not happy, Khaled orders Aiden to call his father or Khaled will send Aiden back to Sam in pieces.  Aiden tosses the phone aside – Sam isn’t afraid of Khaled and neither is he.  Khaled calls Aiden foolish and belts him in the mouth.  When Aiden gets up, he gets a good swing at Khaled, then slams him into the lab table.  Khaled’s men pull Aiden off their boss and start pounding on the kid.

Callen and Sam find a blood trail in the school’s hallway.  Callen thinks they can follow it and find Khaled.  Sam wants Callen to follow the trail – he knows Khaled isn’t there for Aiden, he’s there for Sam and Sam is going to give him what he wants. Callen knows Deeks is right – brave and stupid is spreading.  Sam has a plan to protect Aiden and deal with Khaled while the team gets the kids and staff out of the school.  Once they’re safe, the team can come back for Sam.  Callen wants Eric to get Deeks.  Sam wants Callen to make sure Khaled does not leave the building alive.  

Kensi takes stock of the students, staff and gunmen in the big room.  She finds Lt. James.  The woman knows Kensi is not Porter.  Kensi assures the woman everything is going to be alright.

A beaten and batter Aiden, who is strung up Khaled, still won’t call Sam.  No problem, Sam is calling Khaled on the PA system.  Sam wants to deal with Khaled.  Aiden tells Khaled that he knew Sam wasn’t afraid. Khaled leaves a guard on Aiden, telling his man to kill anyone who enters the room except for him.  And then kill Aiden.

Kensi feeds info back to the team.  Everyone is sitting on the floor, the school official has a “GSW” and everyone is there but Porter and Aiden.  She gives the team the location of Khaled’s men as well as the location of the explosives. Kensi tells the young man next to her when she stands up , everyone else needs to hit the deck – pass it on. Pretty soon, her instructions are going through the crowd.  Kensi has her father’s knife in her Uggs.  She tells Callen and Deeks that she’ll cause a distraction when they’re ready to enter the room.  Kensi also has the sniffles.  

Callen asks about Porter. She’s in the bathroom still with Kensi’s gun.  She’s fine. Nell tells the team that Khaled is coming to Sam with two gunmen.  "This is about to get real and real fast, folks,“ is Granger’s warning. With Callen and Deeks outside the room with the hostages, Kensi is ready to go.  She is going to take out the one gunman on the stage, they have the other four.

Kensi stands, sniffles and coughs.  She is bent over with stomach distress.  The students and the staff are all flat on the floor.   Sam tosses a smoke/flash-bang grenade near Khaled and his men by the office.  The noise it makes allows a distraction so Kensi starts to struggle with her gunmen.  Callen and Deeks enter the room, killing the other four gunmen.  Khaled is furious Sam brought company but Sam tells him the gunshots are the sound of his team killing Khaled’s people.  Khaled and his two gunmen open fire on the office where  Sam is waiting.   Kensi is still struggling with her gunman.  Callen and Deeks want her to step away so they can shoot him but Kensi tosses the man on the room’s stage and stabs him.  Deeks gives her a weapon and the two start to evacuate the hostages.   Callen makes his way back to Sam in the office.

Aiden laughs at his captors, telling them the gunfire is the sound of his father killing Khaled.  

Sam surrenders to Khaled, he wants Aiden released.  Khaled explains "I make the rules now” and lets his men pound Sam into the ground.  Once Sam is down on the ground, Callen arrives and shoots the two gunmen. Ordering Khaled to drop his weapon, Callen explains it is over.  Sam asks about Aiden, who Khaled says is dead and waiting for Sam in hell.  Sam starts beating Khaled.  Callen watches and asks about Aiden.  The hostages are all outside.  Kensi and Deeks don’t have Aiden but Kensi notes that the gunman who brought her to the other hostages wasn’t with the men killed.  He also has Aiden’s tablet.  Eric traces it to the lab.

In the lab, the gunman hears footsteps near the door.  Calling for Tahir, he’s shot and killed through the door by Uncle Callen (who has the door x-ray tool - nice continuity).  Aiden asks about his father who Callen says will be happy to see him “when you’re doing hanging around.”

Hetty returns to Ops. Everyone is safe except for the grunting and groaning over the audio feed.  "I think that’s personal,“ Granger tells Hetty.  Sam is about to kill Khaled when Aiden arrives. Khaled has a knife and makes a run at Sam.  Sam evades him and has the opportunity to kill Khaled.  Looking at Aiden, he does not.  Sam hugs his son instead while the REACT team takes Khaled.

Deeks arrives with Porter. Aiden is impressed with her weapon, which Deeks quickly removes. Deeks congratulates her on not killing anyone. Aiden introduces Porter to Sam and explains how she helped him.  She does not take any credit but Sam offers "a nice job” which makes Porter smile.  Porter wants to join her fellow cadets – Deeks walks her back.

Callen thinks Aiden and Sam make a nice family portrait.  "The Hanna boys kicking ass and taking names,“ Aiden says with a smile.  Sam is not amused.  He swears Aiden to silence about the fight and hands Aiden his phone to call Michelle. Sam knows he is going to want to hear from Aiden more than Sam.  Callen and Aiden get Sam to the EMTS.

Kensi and Deeks have some fun banter outside the school.  She has something in her eye which Deeks thinks is that "pretty little birthmark of yours.”  As he looks closer, she gives him a kiss.  He appreciates her stealthy skills but she has a “bat in the cave.” She clears her nose on his sleeve, much to his disgust.

Sam is being looked at by the EMTs when Callen comes with news.  Khaled will be held at Atwater - the federal lock-up in that part of California. Sam is still worried – this could have gone badly but it didn’t.  He’s grateful.  "This is what we do, brother,“ Callen tells him with a fist bump.  

Back at the office, the staff is coming in while Eric and Nell are leaving.   They stop by Hetty’s office where she and Granger are sharing a scotch.  Hetty offers them a drink but Eric notes it is 6:30 in the morning.  Granger suggests pouring it on their Fruit Loops.  Hetty is offended by the waste of good scotch. She would congratulate them on a job well done but to Hetty, it looks like they’ve been celebrating already. They don’t know what she’s talking about.  She points to her face and they’re still confused.  "Oh for God’s sakes, you have lipstick on your cheek,” Hetty says. Nell is wide-eyed, Eric is trying to explain how he was eating cherry jam on whole wealth toast.  Hetty and Granger are amused.  Eric and Nell run.  

The phone rings. Hetty doesn’t want to answer the phone.  Neither does Granger.  They are just going to enjoy their scotch.

What head canon can be formed from here:  Who is calling Hetty and Granger.  Eric and Nell – the couple.  Michelle Hanna, mama bear who was kept out of the loop.

Personal head canon I think I stole from @lightedwindows - Aiden is Michelle’s son from another relationship.  He’s also Sam’s son in every other way that matters.

Episode number:  The season seven finale, episode 168 overall.