[ENG] 170218 NBN Derusata (Key, Minho, Onew, Taemin Cuts)
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It’s already been about 3 weeks now since I’ve move to Melbourne and I’m already hating on my housemates. I just don’t understand how some people can be so inconsiderate. They are costing me more money then I would like to give.

So basically, one of my housemates said that he would be in charge of setting up the internet for the house and me and my brother said that it would be fine.

So him and his cousin decides to get one of the MOST expensive data plans out there ($95/month) just so that they could get NBN, which is the fastest internet you can get here, for their gaming pleasures. (I’m here thinking to myself that I could get the same data plan for $60/month but with a tad slower internet.)

Anyway, when I heard the price, I was actually really REALLY reluctant to say yes but my brother convinced me that since they were helping us out because one of his original friends who was suppose to room with us, decided to pull out last minute. And so they decided to take up that slot, which made the rent much cheaper, which I am really grateful for.

BUT! What was suppose to be 1 week of waiting has now turned into 3 weeks of waiting. And today I just heard from them that it would be another 2 weeks before we are able to have access. You do the maths, that 5 weeks of waiting. And that’s only if nothing else goes wrong.

What really urks me is that my apartment actually provides WiFi and they decided to buy a week’s worth for our apartment so that they could get through the week. With this WiFi, you are able to connect up to 4 devices, so 1 devices for each of us right?

No! That’s not case, they didn’t even bother to offer us any of the slots for our devices and the IT person at the apartment told me today that they couldn’t add anymore devices for us. And the thing that got me real mad was that they had the audacity to tell me to be more patient and to wait for the internet to come.

So I’m here right now at uni, 10 at night just to use the free WiFi. So that I can go through my lecture notes, work on my assignments and do whatever I need to do. (I know, such a first world problem!)

While they are free to be at home and watch whatever YouTube videos they want, play as many computer games as they want without having to leave the comfort of the home.

Oh! There’s more to this story! There’s actually more things that they have done that I just don’t understand.

They would eat our food that we bought. E.g. Bread, meat, butter, egg, milk etc. And they don’t really pay us back. Which led to a fight between me and my brother!

They were also very adamant about having to get another spare key because they couldn’t share 1 key between the both of them. So that cost us another $50.

We provided the toilet paper. We provided the laundry rack and pegs. We provided most of the kitchen equipment, utensils and condiments, which they helped shop with us and didn’t pay a cent for any of them. All they did was bring their own bowls and plates. I’m trying my hardest to be patient but my patience is running dry.

like literally everyone tells me to start doing makeup videos on YouTube but I’m like dude that shit is fkn expensive, like I’ll need a ring light, a good camera, a decent net connection that I won’t have until like the end of this year and I’m not even going to be in the country when I get NBN??? not only that I’ll need to promote myself, think of a name for my channel and whatnot. like another thing is will ppl even watch my videos lmao, I mean I feel like I have an advantage cos I can make gaming videos too and cater to two audiences but then there’s this whole camera shy thing I have, I’m really reserved and totally not funny BUT IDKKKKKKKKKKK FAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

It bugs me when people say “Labor + Liberal are the same”.

They’re not. Labor is a thousand times better and they deserve credit for that. While they’re the same on several things (refugees, coal mining, metadata are more), Labor is vastly superior on others (Medicare, Gonski, Renewables, NDIS, Gay Marriage, NBN, ABC and more - all things Libs want to thwart).

That is, perhaps the three biggest things we should ALL care about (health, education and climate change) see big differences between the two.

Further, in terms of leadership, Shorten has (surprisingly) gotten his team cohesive. Turnbull chaotically has not. Shorten is leading, Turnbull is being led.

If this was a two horse race, Labor and Shorten deserve to win.

But it’s not a two horse race. I’m voting Greens cause it does nothing to help Liberals and does everything Labor is not willing to do - such as *really* fighting climate change (it’s not just about saying yes to renewables but no to coal), stopping dodgy economic trade deals like the TPP, treat drug addiction like a health issue not a crime, give refugees some voice, take dental care seriously, provide good economic management free from distortions based on which industries donate to us and which don’t and more.

The Greens are responsible hands with good economic ideas. A vote for them obviously won’t give them the keys to the Lodge, but it will mean there’s actually a voice in Parliament standing up for these things neither Labor or Liberal are willing to.

Dear lord, please let the swing voters realise this is still the same destructive liberal party who’s trying to silence environmentalists, cut penalty rates and who doubled the debt in less then 3 years without grappling a GFC, increased the cost of NBN even though they’re using cheaper shitter material, didn’t even show up to the gay marriage bill and many many more atrocities that put our country to shame.