This 1994 Australian news network promo is somehow NOT a vaporwave project.

I think once my internet is installed on Thursday, I’m gonna get netflix or something cos there’s just nothing good on tv at the moment.

Plus, unlimited nbn. Cannot wait.

anonymous asked:

If we applied to the NBN, how long would it take for you to get back to us? :)

We’re picking around Friday! (8/19/2016) A lot of us went through some stuff last week!

yggidee replied to your postcan we just kickstart the nbn tho

No wait nbn is internet?

NBN is internet! I think you were thinking of the NHS, which is British.

inktail replied to your postcan we just kickstart the nbn tho

What will the reward tiers be?

okay so I did some rough back-of-the-napkin math to figure out how reward tiers should scale to absurd numbers and like………

we would only need $1200 per person for the population of Australia. which, to ignore the joke for a second and go back to actual governmental figures, is not unreasonable to join the 21st century at all. god damn.

anyway, reward tiers are probably just us locking Chris Hemsworth in a youtube studio and making him do pushups on camera. more $ given, more pushups.