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This 1994 Australian news network promo is somehow NOT a vaporwave project.

Liberals have won. Another 3 years where the country is doomed to policies that favour the rich over the poor, marriage equality is up in the air and will only be achieved by plebiscite which involves letting those opposed to it emotionally traumatize and bully the queer community in the hopes of stopping it, one of the most important and largest infrastructure projects (the NBN) will deliberately continue being over priced and the opposite of future proof, and our fantastic health care system will continue to receive funding cuts and attacks to support the massive tax cuts to corporate donors. The list of horrible things continues, as is the horror that is a Liberal government. Australia, you nearly kicked the Liberals out of office. You nearly did.

What a shame… what a damn shame…

Big business will not share the burden of Tony Abbott’s brutal budget, with up to $80 billion of costed revenue opportunities from big business and the super-rich ignored, such as fixing the mining tax and keeping the price on pollution. Instead, the Abbott government’s budget will hit the vulnerable and ordinary people hard:

$20 billion axed from health or taken from the already sick 
$1.7 billion taken from young people looking for work or study
$4.2 billion axed from higher education or taken from students
$1 billion taken from apprentices with loans, instead of support
$235 million axed from National Rental Affordability Scheme meaning 12,000 less homes
$230 million axed from ABC and SBS, with more to come
$75 million axed from the Australia Research Council
$111 million axed from CSIRO
$570 million axed from public service through efficiency dividends
16,500 public servants to lose their jobs
$560 million axed from indigenous programs through massive consolidation
$10 billion directed to tunnel vision roads infrastructure, instead of public transport, renewable energy and NBN