i’m sick and i wanted an excuse to stay up so i spent about 2 hours making these! here are hq sprites of ayato, shizuki, tsubasa, haruto, celis, soichiro, and taiga from arithmetic’s “seven hotties, all my husbands”; feel free to use them as you like (although credit would be much appreciated~)!


Akifusa: “Hey… Hold on! Princess, what are you doing?!”

Shiki: “Hehe, I’m helping you get used to me. You said it would take time, didn’t you? I thought I’d lend a hand.”

: “But Princess?! It’s the middle of the day! And we’re outside!”

Shiki: “And this is exactly for those reasons.”

Akifusa: “Someone might see!”

Shiki: “We’re not doing anything that anyone shouldn’t see.”