Even if no one knows.

Even if you don’t even allow yourself to say the words out loud yet.

Even if you pretend you’re cis till you kind of believe it yourself.

Even if you still feel it everyday but are forced to hide it.

Even if you’re afraid people will find out.

You’re valid. You will get to live your life openly someday. And in the meantime, I see you and I care about you. We’re all here for you, friend.

If I see one more person posting shit under someone's selfie just because you don't agree with them, I'll kill someone.

Leave. Them. Alone.

They’ve done nothing to you so stop being rude to them. You don’t know their life story. You don’t know if they may really have gender dysphoria and getting called a girl/boy makes them feel worse than they are. For fucks sake. LEAVE THEM ALONE.

I’ll unfollow and report anyone who does that.

Fuck you for being such an asshole.

And also for all nonbinary/genderfluid people: Block @nonbinary-is-bullshit asap. He’s just an asshole and comments asshole stuff on your selfies to make you feel bad.

There’s nothing wrong with not understanding or disagreeing with all that stuff but what he does is just straight up harassment. Take care!

anonymous asked:

As a nb person myself, trust me : anyone who get tattoos of their 'pronouns' or of shit like 'fuck cis people' is going through a phase. No actual nb or trans person would brag about being nb/trans because we just want to live a peaceful life like everybody else, not be loud and obnoxious like the stereotypical tumblr transtrender. Also, those tats are upside down. I don't want to be that person in 10 years.

It’s actually kind of sad IMO, because the fact that they’re so loud and obnoxious about this basically tells me that they don’t think there’s anything else that’s interesting about themselves

To questioning people : continue to explore your gender.

Do what makes you comfortable, at your own pace.

If it turns out you’re cis, it’s okay, you’ll still have gained a better understanding of yourself.

You’re not appropriating anything, or stealing anything from “”actual”” trans people. Go ahead. Seriously.