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    Full Name:
Naya Lnann

    Gender and Sexuality:
Female | Pansexual


Keeper of the Moon Miqo'te

    Birthplace and Birthdate:
Birthplace unknown | 32st Sun of the 5th Umbral Moon

    Guilty Pleasures:
She doesn’t really have any, in that she sees no point in enjoying something if you feel “guilty” over it. She’s unapologetically indulgent.

Thanatophobia of loved ones

    What They Would Be Famous For:
Mostly that she’s one of the two Warriors of Light in her story.

    What Have They / Would They Gotten Arrested For:
Technically speaking, she and Kyron were falsely arrested together for supposedly assassinating the sultana, but that didn’t last long. Otherwise, she may have been briefly detained in her younger and wilder days for stealing or something similar.

    OC You Ship Them With:
Kyron Faulke, her husband

    OC Most Likely To Murder Them:

    Favorite Book Genre:
Non-fiction. She’ll read the heck out of textbooks, historical tomes, biographies, almanacs, educational books, etc. Also, if she finds a grimoire that she did not make herself, she’ll spend time studying it.

    Least Favorite Book Cliche:
She doesn’t tend to read much in the way of fiction, but I feel like she would hate “damsel in distress” type stories.

    Talents and/or Powers:
Not counting the Blessing of Light/Echo and all the BS that entails, she’s a very powerful evoker, and the first in a thousand years in her story. Before that, she was quite adept at arcanist magicks because of her high intelligence and wellspring of powerful aether. On the more mundane end, Naya has a talent for making oils and potions and poisons, and is eerily good at reading people.

    Why Someone Might Love Them:
Outside the whole WoL thing, Naya is a very affable person overall. She’s enthusiastic about meeting new people and learning about them, and is always happy to share her own wisdom in exchange. She also loves to compliment people, and is witty and flirtatious. For the most part, she makes an easy friend.

    Why Someone Might Hate Them:
Unfortunately she can come off as condescending and as a bit of a trickster, given her intellect and flowery speech. Most people can’t help but feel like she’s hiding something under her poetic and scholarly nature, or they may feel like she’s playing mind games with them. Her belief that the end justifies the means could also get on some people’s bad sides, depending. And, if someone so happens to see a temporary loss of her outer shell, she can be incredibly savage and mentally unstable, which very well would put off a lot of folks.

    How They Change:
Naya’s changed a lot over the course of her life so far. When she was younger, having been raised in a feral Miqo'te tribe, she was just that: wild. But she took an interest in Hyurs and Hyuran culture and began to civilize herself, over time adopting the culture as much as she could (especially as she met and was to marry Kyron). In ARR, Naya is quick to jump on the chance to do anything to help people and form bonds; but in Heavensward, she’s colder and reluctant, having experienced so much tragedy. She’s starting to feel like the people of Eorzea just use her and Kyron, looking to them to solve every problem they possibly have, and she’s starting to exhaust from it all. As a result of everything that’s happened to the pair, her sanity is ever-corroding, and she’s becoming embittered over her role as a messiah of sorts. 

 On the other hand, though, while she used to avoid her power as an evoker and use it only because it was forced upon her, Naya now embraces it and controls it with a frightening prowess. 

    Why You Love Them:
I love all my OCs. This is also the first time I’ve had a character that I feel can fit so well into the canon from which she originates. There’s also something fun about playing a WoL; I mean, they’re unfathomably powerful and mysterious and ever-evolving and that’s cool. I also just find Naya herself interesting and fun shrugs

anonymous asked:

Naya is considered as a LATINA actress. They don't even consider her being half black. She did a lot of covers on latina mag lately and they always ask her if she speaks spanish. Even on glee, she played a latina. I think she is stuck up to represent characters with that ethnicity. ( like Eva Longoria or Sofia Vergara who only play latinas) but it's not fair tho cuz they are 100% latinas. Naya is only 50%. She could have played other roles tho if she was more like Nickayla (skin tone)

That’s the kind of problem she has being in the entertainment industry. For some reason casting directors have had a hard time deciding what ethnicity to cast her as. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s still going through that and maybe that’s why it’s harder to get a role.

for the last anon, here’s an example of a WoC being dissed for her dark skin while a white woman is praised for her bronzing 🙄🙄🙄
-mod S

((If anyone knows the original post or what magazine published this, please let us know. My roommate sent it to me over text the other day so I don’t have sources for it))