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To become a blessed shower that settles conflict and washes everything away.

Natsume Takashi would definitely have rain as his main flame, with how much he tends to play mediator in his series. Though, he’s also pretty introverted, being more comfortable with smaller groups of people he’s comfortable, while being aloof with those he doesn’t know as well, so I feel like he’d probably have cloud as a secondary flames.

I feel like he’d get along really well with both Tsuna and Yamamoto, and while he does enjoy being around the other guardians, I think he’d only be able to spend so much time around them before getting completely exhausted. Especially if there’s more than 2 of them present.

Since he often takes on the role of “protector of the small” in his own series, I imagine he might be Tsuna’s personal bodyguard. He’s fiercely loyal to his Decimo, and while he is normally very gentle and slow to anger, he becomes absolutely ruthless whenever anyone threatens Tsuna.

Nyanko-sensei is his rain box animal who, like Uri, is small and cuddly most of the time (and is an asshole to anyone other than Natsume or Tsuna), but can turn into a terrifying monster when in combat mode.

Natsume Yuujinchou x Katekyo Hitman Reborn crossover, as requested by @elynight

anonymous asked:

I just read that drabble you wrote two days ago -- the one where Kitamoto gets hurt -- and and and... COULD THERE PLEASE BE A CONTINUATION?? I really want to see how Nishimura and Kitamoto react to flying on Madara and their realization that Natsume indeed can see youkai and and and I'm imagining Natsume being terrified that they'll be too scared to approach him from now on but they're just like dude, you're our friend and always will be, and it'll be Tanuma's first time flying as well and AAHHH

a continuation of this

Disappearing cats and disembodied voices are both things that Satoru was not prepared to deal with during their overnight camping trip; right alongside his best friend breaking his wrist, and the four of them gearing up for an admittedly treacherous hike back down the mountain in the dark.

But Natsume’s face is white with real fear, and his eyes are as dark as they were the day Satoru met him, even if his expression doesn’t really change much. His arms are curled around his middle the way they’d usually be curled around his cat, like a guard – as if those frail hands could shield him from anything that really wanted to hurt him – and, remarkably, Satoru can put aside everything else that’s going on to frown at his friend.

Sure, there was a violent curl of wind and a screen of white smoke, and Nyan-nyan-sensei vanished into thin air. Kitamoto stumbled back a few steps in alarm, but Tanuma was there to keep him steady, which leaves Satoru free to jab a finger at Natsume and snap, “You look like you’re gonna pass out! Take a breath!”

Some of that awful, bleak dread in Natsume’s face recedes to make room for bewilderment instead. Satoru has that affect on people.

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I seriously suspect Matoba’s “interest” in Natsume goes a bit beyond his spiritual power. Unfortunately for him I think Natsume’s interest in Matoba is practically ZERO. XD

I drew this a while ago but I forgot to post it here.. This was my first try at drawing a comic (ever), so I tried a simpler art style. I’m not crazy about it so it will probably take me a few more tries to figure out how I actually want my comic style to be. :’3

This panel is also great because oh my gosh.

Theyre in a bit of a panic because well natsume is suddenly a child and doesnt remember anything.

And Tanuma just.

“Well we gotta feed him”

I cant get over how sweet this is tbh. No panic. Tanuma just straight up rolls with it and it turns into basically babysitting. Am I the only one who thinks its cute?

Yeah, I love them too. Kind people. Warm people. People who pursue things they’re attracted to and want to live earnestly. I love them too.”

I am a huge idiot with a hundred deadlines to meet but i wanted to draw something that isn’t for class or portfolio hhhhaaaaaa byeee