Ahkmenrah x Reader: Jealousy Part 2

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“Marry me.”

“No.”  Kahmunrah glowered at you across the table.  Ever since the death of your husband, he had lost all decorum and asked you to marry him on a daily basis.

“I’m beginning to lose my patience my dear.”  You slammed your fork down.

“Does that mean you’ll stop asking?”  You picked up your goblet and raised it to your lips, raising an eyebrow.

“Depends.  Will you say yes?”

“What do you think?”  He laughed shortly.

“I think I’ll give you one last chance.”  You stood up and stormed out of the room.

“I’d sooner die!”  You shouted over your shoulder.  Ahkmenrah stared after your form. 

“That can be arranged,” He murmured as he stared at a half-empty vial of green liquid.

“Will you need anything else, My Lady?” You smiled at your hand maid.

“No, thank you.  That will be all.  Goodnight,” The maid bowed and left the room.  You got into the bed, and grabbed the pitcher on your bedside table, pouring a small amount of water into your goblet.  You took a drink…

…And your throat immediately set on fire.  You gasped and choked as you clawed at your neck.  In your panic, you fell out of bed as the edges of your vision began to go blurry.  You heard footsteps approach you, and you looked up to see Kahmunrah standing over you.


Your eyes widened as you realized what had happened.

“Kahmunrah,” You choked.  “You…What have you…”  He kneeled down.

“You should have joined me, Y/N,” You glared at him with as much hatred as you could muster, before everything went black.

“Hey, Larry!  I brought takeout,” You shouted into the museum as you ducked Rexy’s tail.

“Y/N! Hey,” You turned.  “You need to see this!”


“You remember that mummy?”

“The one that you were told never to let out?”  Larry didn’t answer.  “Oh my God.  You didn’t,”  He didn’t answer.  “What the hell, Larry!”  You turned the corner and saw a man facing the wall of hieroglyphics. 

“Hey Ahk, this is Y/N,”  Ahkmenrah turned around to greet you, but he froze when his eyes landed on you.




“That’s my name,” You said awkwardly.   Before anyone could react, his arms were wrapped around you and he was holding you as tightly as he could.

“Whoa!” Larry exclaimed.  “Ahk, what are you doing?”

“My wife,” He murmured in your ear.  “I thought I’d never see you again,”   You had no idea what was going on, but you’d be lying if you said it didn’t feel familiar.

“I had a wife,” He told Larry once he reluctantly released you.  “She looked exactly like her and her name was Y/N.  It has to be you.”  He said.  “It’s too coincidental.  Do you remember anything?”  You thought.  You thought about the times you had visited the exhibit, anything that seemed familiar.  You remembered a small plaque detailing Ahkmenrah’s family.  His parents, his brother, and his wife.

And then it hit you.  Memories came flooding back and tears began flowing down your cheeks.

“Are you alright?”  Ahkmenrah asked.  Without a word, you wrapped your arms around his neck and held on as tightly as you could.  He hesitantly wrapped his arms around your back.

“I love you,” You whimpered.  “I love you so much,” He stiffened, before crushing you against his chest.

“You’re back,” He kissed your hair over and over and nuzzled his face into your neck.  “That’s all that matters.”

Thanks to _Smizzles_ for requesting this one!

  • what she says :i'm fine
  • what she means :ahkmenrad died 4000 years ago, killed by his own brother who wanted to take the throne of egypt from him. according to the way kahmunrah talked about the tablet in the second natm movie, i guess he never had it before, so that means ahk had it the whole time. which basically means he was magically brought back to life every night, in his sarcophagus, trapped, probably wondering why he wasn't reaching the egyptian afterlife, all alone, until his doom was discovered 4000 years later. then he was on display in cambridge for a few years in which i dare to hope he was able to stretch out for a bit, before getting transferred to the national museum history to get entrapped for 54 more years of screaming in agony to only get deliberately ignored by the other exhibits. he's been banging on that lid for four millenaries without anyone coming to him, desperate about getting out the thing so much so that he was probably high on adrenaline caused by fear the whole, which is even more obvious according to the force the lid has been threwn off with when larry cracked the padlocks open and the FIRST THING HE SAYS AFTER THOSE FOUR MILLENARIES OF LONELINESS, FEAR AND ENTRAPMENT WAS "YOU WOULD NOT BELIEVE HOW STUFFY IT IS THERE" FOR FUCK'S SAKE HE MADE A FUCKING JOKE DESPITE EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENED TO HIM BEFORE RUSHING WITH LARRY THE SECOND HE ASKS HIM TO HELP THE VERY SAME EXHIBITS WHO LEFT HIM SCREAMING ALONE IN HIS DISPLAY ON PURPOSE JEEZ

You were born at midnight. I was Pharaoh, and I had seen wonders most men only dream of. But when I first gazed upon you… you were instantly more precious to me than all the wonders of the ancient world. I knew I could never bear to say goodbye. I commanded the High Priest to create a gift to you, my son, using all we had learned of the mysteries of the Afterlife. Forget in the temple of Khonsu, God of the Moon and watcher over nighttime travelers… the Tablet of Ahkmenrah. The moon god bestowed his power upon the tablet, so that as long as it bathed in his light, our family could be together forever and not even death could part us.