Indian Sign Language Council of 1930. An attempt to record and preserve many varieties of Plains Indian Sign Language (Plains Sign Talk, Hand Talk, First Nations Sign Language).  Translations both oral and in captions.  Only a handful of people now speak these highly endangered languages.

I think I’m in love with my local fish shop.

I took one of my gouramis back because he was being relentlessly bullied, and I figured that my 5.5 quarantine tank wouldn’t be a very good home for him. The employee put him in the store’s permanent resident tank, one of the healthiest and most diverse tanks in the store. It was at least 150 gallons with giant cory cats, blue rams, different varieties of schooling/shoaling fish and other gouramis. The only other opaline gourami was very old and blind yet really healthy. The employee gave me a free albino apple snail, too! He’s going in my quarantine tank until he gets too big. The employee sounded exactly like they guy from King of DIY on YouTube and I almost asked. Maybe expert fish hobbiests just have a certain voice?

native-snowflake  asked:

It's story time so you can feel better. Yesterday I was feeding our two horses and it has been pouring rain for two days. The most ornery one (his name is Cheyenne) always pulls his bowl inside so I have to walk in and get it, I slip and slide but I finally get it and when I get out I go to pour the food and he knocks half of it in the mud, I call him a bitch then he slips and almost falls in the mud. I laughed, told him it was karma and he gave me the ugliest look a horse could do lol.

I want to let you know I’m feeling a lot better than yesterday and this story really made me smile! When you get evils from a horse you’ve reached a new level in life! :) <3 xx