Giancarlo Rado: Pastoral Italians

Around the world, rural life has almost been eclipsed by the promise of modern cities. By 2050, around 70% of people will live in urban environments. However, as these portraits attest, some shepherds and inhabitants of rural Italy hold tight to tradition. They represent the archetypal residents native to Veneto, Trento, and Friuli, symbolizing a way of life that has been passed down since ancient times, having spread across the Mediterranean, Central Asia, Africa, and the Arctic.

Pastoral Italians depicts the shepherds continuous search for grass to feed the herd, forcing them into a continuous loop of nomadism. Following a cyclical path from the mountain to the sea, and vice versa, the shepherds follow the path of four large rivers: the Piave, Livenza, Tagliamento, and Brenta.

Recent Muslim immigration to Italy has, oddly, bolstered this previously static industry. The cultural exchange between the Italians and Muslims is interesting, and often takes place through private sales. At the edge of legality (since unlicensed butchery is forbidden in Italy), these interactions speak to the ancient pre-eminence of individual trade over global politics.

However, it is the shepherd’s relationship with nature that most sparks my interest. The days pass seemingly timelessly, marked by the rhythm of births, the movements of the herd, the caring for the lambs. The rural landscape undergoes rapid and unpredictable transformations, and yet, the shepherds continue their movements, adapting to the land in whatever shape it takes.

—Giancarlo Rado

Calusa: An Aquaculture Kingdom

A tribe we call the Calusa lived in southern Florida since at least 100 CE. They grew into a local power, getting tribute from nearby tribes and building monuments that remain today as testaments to their might.

  • the Calusa depended on the sea, not agriculture, for its food surplus. They fished along the Gulf Coast estuaries and harvested rich shellfish beds.
  • wide and well-tended waterways likely functioned much like streets in a modern town, only for canoes instead of cars
  • “water courts” or large square pools on either side of the main canals, were kept filled with fish. It is believed the water courts were kept as food reserves to feed the city’s large population
  • the Calusa believed each person had three souls—one was their shadow, a second was their reflection, and a third was in the pupils of their eyes
  • the Calusa began expanding around the 1200s CE
  • another neighboring coastal group, the Tocobaga, were also rising in power around this time, and perhaps the Calusa centralized to counter their growing might
  • their capital city was a 51-hectare artificial island constructed almost entirely from oyster, clam, and other shells, called Mount Key
  • the first smaller Spanish forces that landed during and after 1517 were easily chased away by the superior Calusa strength
  • the next 200 years, an increasingly embattled Calusa fought off the Spanish and rival tribes’ attacks, who evened their odds with British firearms

The end came when British slavers in the region offered other native groups, such as the Creek and Yamasee people, a musket for every captive they brought in, they frequently turned up with Calusa men and women. The cities which had survived the past two centuries of intermittent warfare were wiped out within one or two generations.

Songs in LiS

Episide One
To All of You - Syd Matters
Crosses - Jose Gonzalez Santa Monica Dream - Angus and Julia Stone
Piano Fire - Sparklehorse 
Obstacles - Syd Matters

Episode Two
Something Good - alt-J
Crosses - Jose Gonzalez Uncredited Songs (Jukebox songs)- Various Artists Mt. Washington - Local Natives

Episode Three
Lua - Bright Eyes
Piano Fire - Sparklehorse
Santa Monica Dream - Angus and Julia Stone
Kids Will Be Skeletons - Mogwai

Episode Four
In My Mind - Amanda Palmer (ft. Brian Vigilione)
Mountains - Message to Bears
Got Well Soon - Breton

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Since becoming a mother, artist Deedee Cheriel has considered how to bring more positivity into the world with her art. Her upcoming exhibition at KP Projects/MKG in Los Angeles, “Natural Resource”, combines her folk art and spiritual influences with new experiences of family life. In theme, the exhibit seems to pick up where she left off with her previous spiritually inspired show, “In Search for More Than Another Shiny Object”. Covered here, those paintings explored the enlightenment of meditation and prayer. Her new series of mixed media works expands on this to include temple imagery and mythological characters from the artist’s native India.

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Native North American deities

AGLOOLIK - Inuit. God of hunters and fishermen.

ATAENTSIC - Iroquois/Heron. Goddess of marriage and childbirth.

IOSKEHA - Iroquois/Heron. God who defeats demons and heals diseases.

ONATHA - Iroquois. Goddess of wheat and harvest.

SPIDER WOMAN - Navajo. Goddess of charms and magick.

TIRAWA - Pawnee. God of hunting, agriculture, and religious rituals.

WAKONDA - Lakota. God of all wisdom and power.

YANAULUHA - Zuni. The great medicine god. Civilization, animal husbandry, healing, and knowledge.

Conway on the Gods and Goddesses of the Native North Americans - a selection from The Little Big Book of Magic.  

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I'm sorry I'm stupid but could you explain that post about the aliens and moving from planet to planet please ?

It’s a metaphor of the American Frontier in the 19th century and how devastating it was on the Native American population which were displaced by European settlers.

“Spiny Starfish” (Marthasterias glacialis)

The sole member of the monotypic genus Marthasterias, the spiny starfish is a species of Asteriid seastar that is native to the eastern Atlantic Ocean. Its range extends from Iceland to the Azores and the Mediterranean Sea, it has also occasionally been observed in South Africa. Like other Asteriid starfish, Marthasteria glacialis is predatory and feeds mainly on bivalve molluscs and other marine invertebrates. Secondary metabolites known as saponins are found withing the tissue of M. glacialis, these metabolites are known to cause convulsions in the musculature of molluscs at high enough concentrations. 


Animalia-Echinodermata-Asteroidea-Forcipulatida-Asteriidae-Marthasterias-M. glacialis

Image: tato grasso

  • Check whatever you think you know about us at the door and actually listen. We exist and we matter, so it’s time that you stop treating us as a singular unit of political discussion. Even if you mean well, you’re perpetrating white settler politics. 
  • Stop inserting yourself into discussions about our racial identities just because we don’t look “native enough” to you. Your community is different than our’s, and even then, different tribal backgrounds will bring different opinions. Respect this and know your boundaries.
  • Don’t tell us to “get a movement” because all you’re subjected to is your side of the internet and mainstream activism. The whole reason you’re not seeing our movement, which we’ve had since 1492, is because you’re not going out of your way to see it. Remember that our people faced a ruthless genocide, just because we can’t pull 20,000 at a protest doesn’t mean we’re not speaking. If a tree falls in a forest with no one around, it still made a sound, right?
  • Stop speaking over us, period. Reblog us, retweet us, stop copying what we’re saying and posting it so that you get some sweet activist points.
  • We’re not only relevant when you want to prop up your own politics. Stop only talking about how we’re the most brutalized, raped, subject to suicide, etc. race when it’s relevant to you. Stop talking about our Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women if it’s only to make a “white feminist” point. Stop talking about our police brutality if it’s only to make a “anti-police system” stance. We see you and you’re tearing us down, knock it off.
  • Stop excluding us from nonwhite spaces just because you don’t know what to do with us. Not even because you hate us, but because we’re so silenced that you don’t even know how to handle one of us in your space. It’s ridiculous. We don’t bite.
  • Don’t appropriate our culture. And that doesn’t just mean headdresses either. Throw away those terrible “tribal / Navajo / Aztec” print clothes, toss out your fake moccasins, throw out those ridiculous neo-pagan items that you and I both know are appropriative, take a second to learn our basic beading / jewelry patterns so you’re not walking around with something that belongs to us. And for all that is good and holy, stop pretending that you know how to do a sage burning / smudging ceremony. It’s embarrassing. 
  • We don’t care about your 1/16th heritage unless you have some language and lived experience to back it up. Don’t come into our spaces and discussions with some blood quantum whiter than milk and expect it to be taken lightly. Learn some respect. 
  • Learn some language. Know the different umbrella types (American Indian, Native American, Indigenous, First Nations, Inuit, Métis, etc.) and try to understand that we’re not a monolith. If you can, address someone with their tribal affiliation. 
  • Respect us, listen to us, attempt to understand us. 

Clinton, Iowa
Population: 26,885

“The largest, most elaborate party ever held in Clinton celebrated the debut of Emma Lamb and the twentieth wedding anniversary of her parents, Artemus and Henrietta Sabrina Smith Lamb on October 13, 1885. Fellow lumber baron F.C. Weyerhauser, his wife and daughter attended together with several hundred guests all attired in formal wear. The era of opulence came to an end by 1900, as the northern forests were depleted. The sawmills closed, but the railroad and river, providing economical transportation in all directions, attracted manufacturing and heavy industry. The city still boasts a number of magnificent Victorian mansions, including the Curtis Mansion, now the home of the Clinton Women’s Club.

In January 2011, Clinton opened the world’s first-ever site of noted rapper Flavor Flav’s fast food chain, Flav’s Fried Chicken. This was due to the fact that Flav’s business partner, Nick Cimino, is a Clinton native and felt that the restaurant’s opening would be good for the community. The restaurant was closed down after a mere four months due to low staff retention and bad checks, among other concerns. Rapper Flav has gone on record stating ‘that restaurant manager Nick Cimino wasn’t running the business right.’”

BISMUTH (Native Element) Bismuth occurs naturally in nature, but not in the form of the fabulous looking lab grown crystals you can purchase. They make a nice addition in a collection.

Yahoo to Acquire Polyvore

By Simon Khalaf, SVP Product & Engineering, Publisher Products

Polyvore has perhaps the most amazingly engaged digital community of passionate style lovers creating shoppable content anywhere. Which is why I’m so excited to announce today that Yahoo has agreed to acquire Polyvore and the wonderful team who built the business. The combination of Yahoo’s exclusive, premium content with Polyvore’s expertise on community-driven experiences and retailer-supported commerce has amazing potential.

Polyvore is a leading social shopping site that enables its users across the globe to shop their favorite products, discover new inspiration and express their style. The acquisition will accelerate Yahoo’s digital content growth strategy across the areas of social, mobile, and native.

On Polyvore, users put together sets of clothing and accessories that express their love for style and shopping in a compelling, digital, social setting. Polyvore has developed a destination where community-powered content is curated and actionable for shoppers. We believe that bringing this type of community and commerce-driven experience to Yahoo’s industry-leading content will transform the user experience across our digital magazines and verticals.

And, when it comes to advertising, Polyvore’s technology will bring a proven native ad model, new compelling native ad formats, and strong advertising relationships with more than 350 retailers to Yahoo’s fast-growing native advertising platform, Yahoo Gemini.

The co-founder and CEO, Jess Lee, will join my organization and report directly to me following the closing of the transaction. (Fun fact: Jess was a passionate Polyvore community member before she ever became an employee.)

Polyvore has built an award-winning culture, category leading product, and a strong business based on a community of highly engaged users. Following the closing of the transaction, Yahoo will be thrilled to welcome the amazing talent at Polyvore to the Yahoo family in our Sunnyvale, San Francisco and New York offices, and bring their expertise in discoverability and shopability to Yahoo’s digital content.

* The transaction is subject to customary closing conditions. More information about the news can be found in the press release we issued today.


Lore - Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Lore in a Minute

Lore uploaded a MH4U Lore in a Minute!

Some parts are thus true that the humans did win a great war against the massive dragon war (hence MH is Post-apocalyptic as stated in the massive piles of artbooks) What makes me curious is why Garubadaora is in the video when he’s not 4U and not native to the land where 4U takes place… hmmm


Ok this is SO wrong on so many levels I am in shock this was ever given the green card like what the fuCK??

-the g-word is a RACIAL SLUR this is NT a word that should ever be used it is a name given to the romani people and it is NOT equivalent to “free spirited travelor” that is your ignorant talking

-misappropriating native American clothing and calling it festival? how??? why??


this is probably the worst ad I have ever seen who the fuck thought this was ok?? rampant cultural appropriation and calling it tribal pixie earth! email etsy and tell them to take down this ad I was gagging when I saw this

Praying to an Empty Room

If there are no personal gods then this means that every prayer uttered since early man first begged the gods for rain or a good hunt, every sacrifice of a child, maiden or animal, every plea by a parent for the health of a sick child, every dying wish, every plea for mercy, every Buddhist chanting the name of Amitabha Buddha, every Catholic “our father”, every Muslim salat, every Hindu  Bhakti, every Jewish Kaddish and every native American ceremonial dance were all just empty gestures to an empty room. Like actors on a stage without an audience. Just hollow echos down an empty hallway.

Could this be so? This troubles me. It is hard for me to accept even as a pantheist. Prayer must have an effect or it would not be so universal. I cannot believe the room is empty.

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