Front Porch Step is Playing Warped Tour Today

by Zack Zarrillo

Jake Mcelfresh announced in January that he, aka Front Porch Step, would suspend 2015 touring due to sexual allegations. It is now confirmed that Front Porch Step will be playing Warped Tour today in Nashville, TN at the Acoustic Basement Stage after being removed from the tour. It is not clear whether Mcelfresh will be playing more shows on the tour, or only this date. 

We will update this post with more information as it becomes available. 

Update: Aaron West will not be playing the Acoustic Basement today.
Update 2: Senses Fail have also recommended to fans to not support Front Porch Step today.

I encourage everyone at warped tour Nashville today to not see Front Porch Step at the Acoustic Basement. Go watch support Man Overboard instead.


@Neckdeepuk: Well Nashville, you’re abit wet. we’ve been told to stay in our buses due to storms and possible tornado warnings, we still have no clue if we get to play today or not but will keep you updated. so for now we thought we would improvise whilst we wait around. // @counterpartsband // @neckdani. 📷: @joshuahalling

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How can you love Andrea so much when we know soo little about her? (this sounds so mean but I'm just curious)


Basically a few years ago I picked up a book on Taylor and her life so far (Taylor Swift: The Rise Of The Nashville Teen, by Chloe Govan), and although it’s obviously not 100% credible, because nothing it - it had a section on Andrea’s life that really fascinated me. Andrea Swift was a business woman when business women were slightly harder to find. She was a very successful finance executive, and named Taylor ‘Taylor’ because it is gender neutral, and wouldn’t automatically effect her chances in the workplace by people automatically writing her off as a female on an application form (and it is also after James Taylor).
Out of love and faith in their daughter’s potential career, Andrea and Scott agreed to move Taylor ACROSS THE COUNTRY - leaving their family home, friends and family they had in the area, and their jobs. Andrea gave up her own job so that she could assist Taylor, helping her kick start her career at whatever lengths it would take, while remaining a friend to her on the road and more importantly a mother. She had her say in the way Taylor presented herself to her audience, while also allowing Taylor to have almost complete freedom with her work image.
The business side of Andrea is a vague and impersonal reason why I admire her, but it’s a reason no less. The rest are much more personal. 
For so many reasons, Andrea reminds me of my own mum. They both look relatively similar - blonde bobbed hair and soft features. My mum has always looked out for me in the way that Andrea has for Taylor, supporting me in anything I want to do. 
Even though Andrea is fighting a very serious battle right now, she has still traveled across the world to accompany Taylor and be a huge part of her life, and also to greet fans and thank the people who have made her daughter’s dream come true. She not only thanks them, but makes their own dreams come true - allowing them to thank Taylor in person. 

The Red Tour was the first tour of Taylor’s I was able to attend, and we spent weeks putting our costumes and signs together and we had the ABSOLUTE TIME OF OUR LIVES - it was only my second time in London and that day we managed to go shopping and we had a lot of fun getting ready before hand and by the time we actually got to the O2, we had already had a fantastic day and although hopeful, we didn’t know what to expect. We got to our seats and automatically started crying because of how amazing it was that we were actually in the room with Taylor, and after only about 10 minutes of jumping up and down and screaming, Andrea noticed us and shouted up to us to come down from our seats and follow her, and she took us to the front row. Being chosen out of 20000 did SO MUCH for my confidence and since that moment I’ve done nothing but want to thank her. Even if I tried I could never explain how much that moment meant to me. 
Last Tuesday, at the 1989 tour this time, our hopes were high, but we didn’t want to expect anything - especially after being blessed enough to have an INCREDIBLE Red Tour experience. We threw caution into the wind, for those two hours we were going to be totally carefree, screaming and jumping and dancing along to our favourite songs. Andrea must have spotted us, and came all the way up to the high end of the second level to find us. She went entirely out of her way to see us and just the sight of her coming us the steps caused me to totally break down. At the end of the day, she was the one that granted us the opportunity to meet Taylor - she is the one behind making literally everything I’ve ever dreamed of for the past 7 or 8 years come true. 
I’ll never be able to thank Andrea for everything she has done for me in terms of my confidence and my outlook. I really admire and love her so much, for so many reasons I just can’t explain. 

You’re right, I don’t really know her, but I still admire her so many ways, even if I can’t find the words to explain it in full. 


Behind the scenes of Connie Britton’s New Beauty’s cover photo shoot. (x)

The best advice I can give to any woman, or any young girl, or even my younger self, is to not give in to that pressure. Find your own value. Know your body. Know what works for you. There is so much pressure, but we do have a choice. It has to be your life you are living. I try to carry that philosophy into every aspect of my life. (x)

Everyday we’re getting friends to do guest vocals on Ceapshots & Setbacks. So far we’ve had Maxx & Cody of @setitoffband, Kosha Dillz, Taylor from @handguns_band, @jimmyhatesheroes and @reecealan (pictured). Tomorrow we have @jarrodalonge in Nashville and can’t wait! (📷: @ndubephotos)

Dear Obama,

I ain’t even mad traffic is totally screwed today. Cause you’re coming here to talk about the ACA (for those who haven’t been paying attention the ACA has literally saved my life) so I’ll gladly take shitty traffic in exchange for having you in Nashville talking about something that’s been nothing short of a miracle to have in my life.

Also, Bill Haslam, I know you’re basically anti-anything that could help the sickly folks in this state and you refused to expand Medicaid or set up a state exchange as part of the ACA, but how you gonna not meet with the president while he’s here? I mean really.