I’ve really enjoyed all of your “being in a relationship with” requests a lot! Could you do them for Kankurou and Neji too please? Thank you and have a lovely day!

I certainly can! I’ve had two requests come in for this exact thing, so maybe it’s the same anon? I don’t know but either way, I hope you enjoy this!



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He’s definitely not one for PDA, so the most you’ll get from him in public is your hands occasionally brushing together when you’re walking somewhere. For the most part, it’s almost like you’re not dating when you’re in public, though those secret smiles and side-eye glances tell you differently. In private however, he’s prone to kissing your cheeks and forehead, and he likes giving and receiving neck kisses especially. When he kisses you properly, his hands frame your face and he presses his lips to yours chastely, the promise of something more lurking just beneath the surface. He won’t really give passionate kisses unless one or both of you have just gotten back from a mission, or when you’re hurt and he needs proof that you’re still right beside him, where you belong.


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This protective cutie would hold you in such a way that it seems like nothing can get to you. Not even a sheet of paper can get between you, he holds you so tightly. His arms encircle your waist, and he burrows his face in the crook of your neck. Sometimes, in a very good mood, he may even pick you up and spin you once or twice before setting you down again. When either or both of you need comfort, his hands are in your hair, playing with the strands. 


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Horizontal hugs. You’re lined up body to body, not even a piece of paper can get between you. It’s almost like you’re caged in his arms, and don’t even think of shifting, moving, none of that, because his arms will tighten around you and he’ll grumble. So stay still. if you gotta go, though, he’ll let you go on the promise that you’ll come right back to him. He’s especially clingy when he’s tired, and he’s always the big spoon. He likes to gaze down at you, where you can’t see him unless you crane your neck at an awkward angle.

How he acts around his crush

He’ll certainly be very protective of you, getting angry if anyone so much as looks at you wrong. You won’t really be able to tell, since you’re such close friends, but the heart eyes directed at you when he thinks you’re not looking and the way his voice softens just a little when he’s with you, clues you right in. He wouldn’t act any different at all in front of you unless he knows with absolute certainty that his feelings are returned. If they’re not, he’ll grumble and be sad but I don’t think he’d dwell on it. but will talk to his siblings until he’s right back where he should be.

How he eventually asks you out

It’d be to the point, I think. It’d definitely be when you’re in a private setting, just the two of you, and it’d just be so casual. A simple yes or no, and that’s that. Nothing special, just you and him. He’d come right out with it, and would play it off as cool but his heart is beating out a wild tattoo against his ribcage. 


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I think Neji is definitely one for neck kisses; he can hide his face in the crook of your neck, figuring out what you do and don’t like from your body’s responses. His kisses would be chaste, slow, sweet, always leave you wanting more. But this is only in private. In public, you’ll probably get a finger touching your cheek, his eyes soft as he gazes at you. His finger is in replacement of his lips until such a time as he can kiss you without an audience. 


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He hugs you without much grip behind it, just his arms around you loosely, hugging you to him. He always seems like his mind is in other places and you know that he’s thinking of other things, thinking of the inevitable time of when you’re going to leave him - that fatalistic attitude of his won’t allow him to consider anything else. When his thoughts get too tense for him to handle on his own though, or when you need the comfort, his arms will lock around you tighter and he’ll bury his face in his neck, or rest his chin on the top of your head, depending on who needs the comfort. He’ll keep some kind of distance between your bodies, though, especially in public.


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He’s a secret cuddle monster, omg. Legs intertwined, fingers locked together, his hair behind him, out of his face - using a single finger to move your hair back too, if it’s long enough to get in the way when you’re lying down, the whole way. Forehead kisses are common, and he’ll kiss your eyelids, your cheeks, your forehead, your nose, your chin, before deepening the kiss if the atmosphere is right. He’s just so sweet and tender with you when he lets his defenses down. 

How he acts around his crush

You wouldn’t be able to tell much, tbh. You’d only know because he’d give his life to save yours if push came to shove, and he’d just be so protective of you. He’d help you train, he’d make sure you’re eating right with casual questions that can easily be dropped into conversation, like “Y/N, did you eat breakfast?” and if your answer doesn’t satisfy him he’ll conveniently be hungry and head to the nearest food stall.

How he eventually asks you out

It’d be formal, I think, a defence mechanism in case you shut him down. If you say yes, he’d give you a small smile, a light blush dusting his cheeks and he’d be awkward and unsure but would try to play it off as cool as he could. He’d be so happy if you said yes, you’d be one of the reasons he eventually lets go of his fatalistic attitude, wanting to enjoy as much time with you as he could. You’d be his new strength and he’d want you to know that but might not know how to show it.

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favorite blogs in the fandom?

literally everyone. (in no particular order)


I realised that I might have gone slightly too far but these are literally all my favs. I love this fandom so much.