Im so tired of this “its not a romance manga/anime” excuse for not developing ships. Fuck that shit. Romance is a part of life for a lot of people. Most people are not asking for the creator to turn the focus to romance but to put a little work into the ships. Don’t just throw them together in the end and go i didn’t want to focus on the romance but i always intended for them to get together. Bitch if you’re not going to develop ships then end with no ships at all.

I want relationships that are fleshed out. 

I want mutual understanding, love and respect. 

And dont fucking come at me with manga is for boys or shounen is for boys. Fuck that shit. Why cant boys like romance? Why cant boys want beautiful meaningful mutual respectful relationships? why are you going to act like males cant and don’t like romance and only want to see people punch each other, fight with huge swords etc? Also fuck that shit because why does it have to be only for boys? Do you know how many girls/females read shounen? Its a lot. 

Its lazy writing that people have come to expect. So now people just go “its not a romance” to defend poorly written romance.

I love my ships but not all of them had the best development or where done justice by canon.

Im just so fucking done with this bullcrap.