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GOM, Kagami, Takao, Kasamatsu & Kiyoshi react if their s/o had to babysit her little nephew and he agrees to go with her and at first her nephew was acting all cute and stuff in front of her but when she’s gone to the kitchen to make food, the little devil was threatening the poor basketball idiots to not touch her or kiss her, calling them names, telling them that she only loves him, that he’s her prince instead of the boys etc

relatively short answers because there are so many characters :3

AKASHI: With a glare, Akashi smiled that smile that looked so innocent but held a strong threat. “I am her emperor and you are only her prince.” That smile alone was enough to shut up the kid.

AOMINE: “The hell did you just say brat?” He growled but knew he needed to control his temper. “You better watch it.” He narrowed his eyes and pointed to the kid. When you came back, he quickly said, “Tell him that you like me better. I mean I give awesome oral—“ You slapped him.

KAGAMI: Kagami was taken aback but couldn’t find it within himself to scold the kid. He pressed his lips and tried to bear through the insults about his weird eyebrows and finally sighed when you came back and he instantly leaned against you.

KASAMATSU: He had no energy left to tolerate such disrespect from a kid. “Listen here, brat, I’m her boyfriend, what can you do?” He glared. “Better show your senpai some respect before I shoot you through a hoop.”

KISE: His lips quivered as he ran out to you and his arms wrapped around you as he glared at the kid from his position. You wondered what the hell just happened when your nephew and Kise started hissing at each other.

KIYOSHI: “That’s alright,” he patted with a light laugh. Kiyoshi was too easygoing to take threats from such a little kid so seriously. “You might grow up to be a prince one day.” Feeling Kiyoshi’s large hand on his head, despite it being harmless, he would shut up.

KUROKO: Kuroko would just nod and go along with it, not really caring. However, when you were gone again, the kid would look around for him to mock him again. Kuroko appeared behind the kid, whispering, “Boo” and making him scream.

MIDORIMA: He was appalled that such an innocent-looking kid would say such a thing to him. “Listen here, I’ll have you know that my sign is ranked first today and yours is last so you might not want to test your fate right now.”

MURASAKIBARA: The kid would start mocking and teasing Murasakibara until he stood up to grab another snack from the fridge. After that, when you came back, the two of them were sitting like angels but your nephew was shaking?

TAKAO: Gasping, he would run to the kitchen to you. “___-chan, that nephew of yours is a lying demon!” You raised an eyebrow at his odd accusation. “He’s so mean! Hug me!” You rolled your eyes but hugged him anyway, just as Takao shot a victorious look at the kid.

I'm (Not) Jealous

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Gender: Neutral

Word Count: 720

Warnings: None

anonymous requested: something where dean gets mad at you bcus you’re getting close with a boy and he doesnt want him to be used against you and you argue that him and sam could be bait or something and he says it’s different bcus they know how to defend themselves pls and thank u❤️

A/N: Your ask was a little confusing, but I hope I was able to write what you wanted :)

“Y/N, you know what happens when we drag outsiders into this business!” Dean let out, his voice raising. You might actually be a little scared if you weren’t so goddamn stubborn.

“I didn’t drag him into anything, he doesn’t have a clue that anything supernatural even exists!” You shot back, eyes narrowing.

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Could I have a scenario with Nebuya and his shorter partner, where he's teasing them about their height? That would be so lovely!

this fo you hq-scenarios

“Look, I can even lift you up!”

You scream in delight as the tanned and muscular teen picks you up and lifts you over his shoulders. He quickly sets you down on your feet before giving you several pats to the head as he decides that it’s time to return to his previous activity - push ups.

Eikichi, this is the only time we could be together and you’re doing push ups…”

There’s something about that disappointed tone that causes him to stop as he decides to sit on his butt with both legs crossed. He stares at you, eyes narrowed and brows furrowed before he darts forward and knocks you down and starts to poke your sides. The uncontrollable giggles escape and he starts smiling down at you before he decides setting his head on your stomach would do just fine.

“This is nice.” He pokes your stomach, muttering ‘squishy’ to himself quietly.

And then you feel it.

“Eikichi, stop making use of my height!”

The guy had moved himself upwards to stuff his head between your breasts.

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"Madge, you have to believe me," Gale begged.

Right,” she bit out, hands on her hips. “So let me get this straight– you and Minnie just happened to go out shopping for new ballet slippers even though Rory got some for Minnie last month for her birthday.” 

“You know how hard she is on her shoes,” Gale said, with a straight face. 

“Uh-huh,” Madge’s eyes narrowed. “And at the dance shop you just happened to run into a man who was going to the pet store that just so happened to be in the same complex of the said dance shop?” 

Gale nodded. “You know there is one next door,” he said. 

Madge’s mouth pinched. “Of course,” she gritted out. “And this man just so happened to be picking up supplies for the puppies his dog just had.” 

“It’s true,” Gale said, swallowing. 

“And these puppies just so happen to be the exact breed of dog you and Minnie both really wanted.” 

“It’s not like golden retriever/poodle mixes are so rare,” Gale muttered weakly. 

Madge’s glare intensified. “And he just happened to have one still left for sale, that just so happened to be with him in his truck! For a great price, which, if my memory serves me correctly, is significantly lower than the average price you’ve been seeing online lately.” 

Gale finally broke her gaze, admitting defeat. Shit. He knew he should’ve cleared his browser history. 

Madge was silent for a few moments, and Gale braced himself for the worst. Well, what was the saying? Don’t ask for permission before, ask for forgiveness after? Last time he was doing that

“You’re just lucky she’s hypoallergenic,” Madge finally said menacingly, wagging a finger in Gale’s direction. “And you and Minnie are going to be diligent about training this dog– I mean it, Gale! I want bell training, leash training, and I want it done right. She can go on the furniture in the family room but nowhere else! She sleeps downstairs at night. I am not scooping poop in the backyard, ever. I’ll help take her on walks and buy her food and toys, but you are taking care of all the vet stuff, do you understand me?”

Gale nodded, obediently and frequently. “Yes, dear.” 

Madge crossed her arms. “I am not happy about this,” she said, “and I am not happy with you.” 

“But Maera can stay?” Piped up a little voice. Around the corner was Minnie, the little eavesdropper, her curly blonde hair blending in with the blonde curls of the puppy clutched in her arms. 

Madge raised her eyebrows at the name, but sighed, giving her daughter a wan smile. “Yes, dearest, Maera can stay. Daddy’s going to teach you how to take care of her.” 

Minnie squealed in delight, hugging little Maera closer. “You’re the best, Mommy!” 

Madge smiled at her daughter, then turned another vicious glare at her now cowering husband. She stalked from the room, rolling her eyes, knowing that Gale and Minnie were high-fiving behind her. 

108 Ficlet #2

Regina narrowed her eyes as she stared down at the board. She had planned every move. She always had. So how could this happen. She chanced a glance up at the blonde across from her regretting her decision immediately as Emma’s grin continued to grow. Regina shot her eyes back down before the darkness swirling inside her decided to lash out at the Savior.

After another minute, Regina huffed and simply moved her piece, quietly preparing herself for what was to come.

“Check mate!” Emma declared just as enthusiastic as Regina feared. “Guess who’s the queen now your majesty?” It was going to be a very long night.

Single daddy jinki au where Jinki’s carrying a sleeping Jjong after the little poop got too tired at the library, and while he’s walking home (stopping by a little pastry shop to get a treat for jjong because he’s been a good little boy) he runs in to his then ex wife. And he’s glad jjongs asleep. He’s glad he doesn’t have to explain to him.

She says she’s sorry that she wishes there had been another way and jinki’s eyes narrow and he holds jjong tighter as he almost hisses, you left him alone in his room for hours so you didn’t have to say anything to my face. You were a coward.

And he leaves just when jjong starts to shift in his grip and he kisses his hair like shh baby shh


Continuity: Happiness Charge Precure
Characters: Iona Hikawa
Summary: It was force of habit, nothing more.

“What am I doing?”

Iona’s grasp on the bundle of yarn she had picked up tightened, her violet eyes narrowing as she gazed at the coiled yarn of the same color. She had reached for it without giving it any thought, for the violet yarn- even though she wouldn’t need it this year.

Every year in spring, Iona would stock up on yarn, taking advantage of the sales that went on. And every year on Christmas, she would knit presents for her family, using their favorite colors- green for her grandfather, pink for her mother, red for her father-

-and violet for her older sister, Maria.

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Closed rp

( so-many-stories-to-tell )

The venue was already practically full by the time Ben and Matthew managed to pull themselves away from the makeup crew to get to Nate. They had been at the place all day, making it so neither of them had been able to say goodbye to their loved ones before soundcheck. Nate was instantly peppered with requested messages to give to their loved ones, his eyes narrowed. “Okay! You two get your asses back in their and get ready, I’ll handle the boyfriends and girlfriend. Now go.” Rolling his eyes, he grabbed the four tickets from them, moving out. It was hard enough to get through the crowd when you were the identical twin brother to the lead singer of the band that was performing, but when he did, he instantly found the small group. Matt and Ben had told them all to wait at the same place so it was easier on Nate, the blond grinning. “You guys are lucky I love my brother and Matthew.” He laughed, shaking his head. “I’m Nate.”

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39 harry

“Hey! I was gonna eat that!” You pouted, protruding your bottom lip as you watching Harry eat the final thumbprint cookie. “Rude.” 

“Oh showwy.” He replied with a mouthful of chewed up cookie, smiling.

“You’ll have to go buy more.” 

“Why do I have to go buy more?” He whined after he swallowed. 

“You ate them all!” You started laughing. 

“I only ate four of them. You had the rest!” The two of you were arguing like a pair of third graders, if anyone was watching they would probably stare at you in complete disbelief. 

“I did not!” 

“Did to!” You stopped laughing, narrowing your eyes at him. “When you get to the store, make sure you pick up some more bread, too.” 

Harry smirked, “Do we need anything else?” 

i’m only finishing these from last night! prompt tag here!

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3 or 17!!! 3 or 17!!!!!

Looks like we’ll be trapped for a while…” Harry trailed off, seeing the flashing word “Delayed” beside their flight number.

“Oh no,” Y/N huffed, letting her bag fall from her shoulder to the floor with a loud clang before pulling her cellphone out of her back pocket to text her mom.

“What in the world did you pack that would make a sound like that?”

“My jewelry box,” she explained, not meeting his eye as she explained to her mother that their connecting flight was delayed for a few hours.

“You brought your entire jewelry box with you?”

“Yeah,” she nodded, putting her phone away and brushing her bangs out her eyes as she lifted her head.

“Why?” he asked disparagingly, his eyes narrowed in confusion.

“Because I might need it,” she shrugged.

“You might need every piece of jewelry that you own?”

“Yes!” she snipped. “You never know.”

“We’re only going for the weekend,” he said. “You’ll probably only wear jewelry on one night.”

“I know, but I like to have options,” she told him.

“What else have you got in here?” he asked, squatting in front of her bag and unzipping it. “A hair dryer?”

“My mom doesn’t use one,” she explained.

“Three pairs of jeans?”

“They all fit differently!”

“A full bottle of shampoo and conditioner,” he noted, pulling both out. “Is that a glue gun?”

“My sister and I always used to make crafts when we were little and I wasn’t sure if I would need it!”

“No wonder your bag was nearly over the weight limit,” he joked, zipping it back and throwing it over his shoulder as he stood. “Are you a hoarder? Is this something I should know about you?” he asked, putting his other arm around her waist and leading her towards their gate.

“I prefer the term ‘pack rat.’”

Colourcaste Chapter 1: Despair vs. Determination.


‘Hello’ I said, as the man clutched his chest and breathed hard, looking as if he’d seen a ghost which I suppose, in a sense he had!

‘Hello?’ I repeated. ‘Can I help you?’

The man gathered himself and tired to brush off his shock.

‘Um no. I mean yes…. Are you Winter Pearl Bleach?’ He managed.

I nodded.

‘Oh. I was sent…. Sent to check on you.’

I narrowed my eyes. I knew why he was there.

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Cute Chazz x Seto x Jack something cute about Chazz :3

“Sure Manjoume’s cute as hell?”

Seto glanced up from his newspaper, with a raised brow. It was such a random question, unless Jack had been talking for a lot longer than the CEO had realised. Maybe that was the case. He stared at Jack, who blinked at him, before elaborating.

“He’s trying to tell me that he isn’t cute, and I’m convinced that he is.” The blond explained with a light smile.

He thought for a moment, tapping his chin in consideration. “Well, yes. I suppose he is rather cute.” He nodded in agreement, as the young duelist made a noise of disapproval – he couldn’t be cute. That simply wasn’t how it worked.

“How?! Where’d you even get the idea of me being cute?” He argued, grey eyes narrowed in annoyance.

The two taller males exchanged glances, clearly both thinking similar things. After a small nod towards each other, Kaiba spoke. “Well, you’re a lot smaller than us for a start, and small things generally are rather cute.”

The turbo duelist was quick to add, “And the way you talk is cute too. And some other noises you make are utterly adorable.” That was borderline rude, but Jack never cared about that.

There was no real comeback from Jun, who was subjected to his two elders now listing everything that was cute about him. His height seemed to be recurring though, with things such as “You’re easy to carry, Jun,” and “I can pat you on the head.” He sighed, cheeks red.

“Alright, alright. Jeez. You win. If you really want me to be cute, I will be.” He puffed his cheeks out a little, to seem annoyed still.

“Aw, that’s adorable.” Jack couldn’t help but grin, sitting down and pulling the youngest onto his lap.

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Hey Phil I'm kinda tipsy and just want to say you're my #1 fave blog and thank you for putting up with my shitty fan mail headcanons you're a legend

your fanmail headcanons are what keep me going son *hi fives* *trips over the headcanons* *glances down* “oh that’s just leia lying in pain on the floor” *narrows eyes at indy*