*narrows eyes*

Public Relations

What did you just say?”

Steve’s voice rumbled out of him, low and angry. His fists were clenched at his sides and he fought to keep in one spot. A small part of his more primal self itched to reach for his shield, to send it spinning sharply and with razor-sharp precision, to express his rage that way. Steve managed to swallow that down. For the moment.

Stark sighed dramatically before responding. “Look, it’s not hard to understand, Cap. This is a PR exercise, and the one thing that we really don’t need is for Popsicle 2: Return of the Killer Popsicle to freak out and maim the journalists. Capiche?”

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Innocence; Pt. 2 (Gang!Jungkook AU)

Part 1

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“Jeon Jungkook, what the fuck did you do?” Honestly, when Jungkook explained that we were going to meet the leader of BTS, I had expected something a little different. I was thinking of some older guy with hardened features and an icy exterior. Someone with a sadistic glint in their narrowed eyes. Someone who barked out orders that everyone would follow without question or hesitation. Which is why I was completely surprised by the handsome and youthful man, whose eyes were filled with concern once he got a look at me. Even his words. Despite his harsh choice of wording, his voice was calm and relaxed. But, perhaps I was worse off with this guy.

“I went to see Sung-Gyeom. She’s a witness so I brought her here. I didn’t know what else to do, boss. I’m sorry.” Jungkook let go of my hand and bowed his head.

“Don’t act so pitiful.” His tone was far too nonchalant for the situation. Despite having an overall calm and almost friendly aura about him, there’s also something unnerving. He kept his gaze on me as he spoke to Jungkook. “The fact is that she’s here now. We have two options. Either we kill her or we protect her. No doubt that Sung-Gyeom and his men are going to be after her now. This is your problem, Jungkook, so I’ll let you make the decision.”

“W-wait a second!” I blurted out without thinking. I immediately regretted my words as the boss’s eyes narrowed slightly. Jungkook was scowling at me and mouthing the word ‘idiot’, which I ignored, while the leader leaned against the counter and folded his arms across his chest, eyebrows raised.

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Fluffy Stormpilot proposal AU pls

Finn fingered the silver ring in the jewelry store, the New York hustle-bustle completely disorienting the ex-military man. “Do you think he’ll like it?”

Rey smiled supportively. “Finn, he loves you. There’s no way in hell he’s going to say no.”

The man who had sold him the ring beamed. “Lucky man to attract your attention. Who is he?”

“Poe Dameron,” Finn muttered, too distracted to think anything of it.

“The fighter pilot?” The man asked, his voice a lowered hush.

“You bet. Keep it a secret, though.” Rey leaned over the counter, her eyes narrowed. “Or you’ll taste the end of my staff from how far up your ass it’ll be shoved.”

The man nodded, and they left, Rey falling behind a little. Finn met up with Poe, and the pilot immediately could tell something was off with the ex-Stormtrooper.

“Poe, I…. I, ah,” Finn stammered out. “I have a question for you.”

“Finn, what’s wrong?” Poe asked, running a nervous hand through his curly hair.

“Will, you, ahh,” Finn said, taking out the box and doing his best to hide his blush. “Will you marry me?”

There was no down-on-one-knee moment. It was just Finn opening the small velvet box, smiling gently, hopefully, and looking at Poe like he was a god that had fallen in love with a mortal– Stay, please, he seemed to beg.

Poe nodded with excitement and wrapped his now fiance in a tight grip, kissing him like he was the thing that made life on the ground a little bit more exciting than in the air.

“I especially like that corner with the bellflowers and the lilies of the valley,” he points out, turning toward that side of the garden. “And the primroses that blossomed last Spring were incredible! I confess that I picked up a few of them, to keep them pressed into books. Oh, I know it’s unfashionable nowadays and you probably prefer fresh, living flowers, but I like…I like keeping things.”   

Thorin’s very blue eyes narrow - Bilbo’s particular choice of flowers is not lost on him.

“Bilbo,” Thorin says, maybe a little warningly, as if Bilbo may have stepped too far.

Flowers and Flaws | Epilogue

Cody throwing major shade in 1.16 The Hidden Enemy

Has anyone ever talked about how Cody is super fishy at the end of this episode?

So he and Rex bring Slick in to meet with the Jedi, and when Obi-Wan and Anakin approach them, his eyes narrow and he frowns.

He stops and crosses his arms, and even Rex and Slick look back at him like “???”.

He avoids eye contact with the others and stands far away from them.

Only when Slick starts talking about how the Jedi “enslave” the clones does Cody look over. And he looks at Slick almost with… pity?

I found this part to be so so interesting. Almost like Cody was understanding where Slick was coming from. And the way he seemed distant, not only from the Jedi, but also from Rex. I wonder if Clone Wars was continued, if this would have ever been explored. If, obedience chip aside, Cody would have had reason to kill Obi-Wan.

I remember an interview were Filoni said (without confirming anything) that it’s likely Palpatine took “extra precautions” with the clone commander of Obi-Wan Kenobi. I dunno if that implies 1) he had extra conditioning on Kamino 2) he knew more about Order 66 than the other clones or 3) something happened to him during the Clone Wars, either physical like enhancing his obedience chip or emotional like planting seeds of doubt in his mind about Obi-Wan and the Jedi/Republic as a whole.

I dunno if it was the same interview or a different one, but Filoni also said that he had to “tread lightly” when it came to Cody, not only because of his appearance in ROTS, but also at the wishes of Lucas. It makes me wonder what they had planned for him, either in Clone Wars or elsewhere. Like a grizzled old Imperial officer Cody leading a fanatical but futile chase to find the exiled Obi-Wan Kenobi. Hmm if only there was a cartoon show set during the rise of the Empire.

The Night After the Teeth Incident...

Hermione is walking out of the Infirmary after getting her teeth fixed when she almost runs into Snape, who is coming up the stairs carrying a bunch of vials of potions

Hermione (distantly, her face reddening with anger as she nods curtly at him in the barest minimum amount of respect required of her and presses herself against the wall away from him.): Professor.

Snape (looking pointedly at the floor): It appears that Madam Pomfrey has sorted you out, Miss Granger.

Hermione (fake-smiles at him): I thought you could see no difference, Professor, remember? Surely now is no different.

Snape (dark eyes glittering angrily): I should take points from Gryffindor for your insolence…

Hermione (stricken): No! I-

Snape: -but I think that you’ve already lost enough points for being a silly teenage chit today.

Hermione (glares): Sir, may I ask you a question?

Snape (narrows eyes): You’ve already asked one, so what’s a hundred more questions from our resident know-it-all? It isn’t as though I am carrying a bunch of heavy vials of essential healing supplies to ensure our students are free from pesky things such as untimely death.

Hermione puts her hands on her hips and stares intensely at him.

Snape (snorts and rolls his eyes): Fine! Anything to get you out of my hair!

Hermione: What I want to know is this: why are you so mean to everyone?

Snape (looks at her as though she’s grown a third eye): Whatever do you mean, Miss Granger?

Hermione: You’re always saying terrible things to people, and I know that I’m not an exception….

Snape (mumbles under his breath): You’re so used to being an exception that perhaps you need to be reminded that you’re not from time to time.

Hermione (cocks eyebrow suspiciously): What was that?

Snape (clears throat): In any case, Miss Granger, you know full well the rules about duelling outside of school-sanctioned activities. You are lucky that neither yourself or your friends were sent to detention on top of losing house points.  Your…appearance…was not disabling, nor did they appear to cause you pain in and of themselves. They would not have prevented you from doing your schoolwork.  In fact, it may have given your classmates the ability to answer a question from time to time.

Hermione: I see.  So you are cruel to people because you think that it will help them learn a valuable lesson through suffering?

Snape (does a double-take): What? I–I said no such thing!

Hermione: Then…you’re cruel because others are cruel to you?

Snape: Miss Granger, you are trying my patience.

Hermione (nodding thoughtfully): I thought so. It’s no secret that many people call you rather disparaging things.  Why, I find myself having to remind Ha–er–people regularly to call you by your title!

Snape (sarcastically): And whatever would we do if people didn’t do that, hmmm?

Hermione: What I’m trying to say, Sir, no disrespect meant, is…why don’t you take pride in your appearance?

Snape: ….WHAT?!

Hermione: I am merely telling the truth.  Your hair is limp and oily to the point that I’ve heard even Dumbledore speculate that you’ve never washed it.  Your nose could put out someone’s eye. And your teeth…let’s just say that my parents are dentists and they’d have a field day working on them.

Snape (huffily): Well, I–I do not have to take this sort of disrespectful nonsense from a student!

Snape tries to step around Hermione but he freezes when he realizes that she’s placed her hand on his sleeve.

Hermione: Professor, I understand.  It hurts to be called names and treated poorly.  That’s why I can’t understand why you’d be so quick to dispense cruelty to those around you when you know exactly how it feels.

Snape (quietly): Unhand me, Miss Granger.

Hermione: Has no one ever even shown you the slightest bit of kindness in your life, Professor?

Snape (louder): I said, let me be!

Hermione: I know you said that you didn’t see any difference when my teeth had grown to the length of an elephant’s tusks, but surely now you can see that you’ve practically done me a favor and given me a chance to fix with magic what muggle dentistry takes years to do. But here’s the thing, Professor, I didn’t do it because you insulted me.  No, that was just the final straw.  It hurt, certainly, but I’m used to it by now.  Even my friends…well, they’re about as sensitive about my feelings as you are.

Hermione drops Snape’s sleeve and yet he freezes, looking at the wall behind her head as though he’s struggling not to look at her.  For once, his eyes don’t glitter, they’re merely dark and tired-looking.

Snape (quietly, his voice flat and weary): Miss Granger, I am not the sort of person to claim to know anything about what makes a lasting friendship, but I do know that those two…idiots…would not have stuck by your side through thick and thin simply because they enjoy making jokes at your expense.  As much as it pains me to say anything positive about the Boy Who Gets On My Last Nerve and the Red-Headed Menace, they obviously care about you very much.  Which is more than many people have the chance to experience in a lifetime.

Hermione (softly): Thank you, Professor.  That means alot, coming from you.

Snape (turns to look at Hermione, a smirk quirking up one side of his lips as though he thinks she’s being ridiculous): Coming from me, it means nothing whatsoever.  After all, according to you, I’m a friendless loser.

Hermione (blushes with embarrassment): I’m sorry, Sir! I didn’t mean it like that! Especially not after all my talk of how it hurts to be called nasty names!

Snape: You didn’t change your teeth because of what I said, though?

Hermione: Does it bother you to know that you weren’t the one to finally stop taking the phrase “eager beaver” literally and resize my front teeth to something a bit less…bucky?

Snape: (snorts with laughter) Now there’s a mental image that I could go all the days of my life without ever seeing again.  But no, it’s quite the opposite. Your teeth and their size shouldn’t be any of my business.  It is not my place to influence your actions regarding their physical appearance. And do remember, that my own teeth aren’t much to write home about.

Hermione (smirking): I don’t know about that, Professor.  I think that my parents would be rather interested in knowing more about your teeth.  They might even be able to do a whitening treatment. You’d have the shiniest pearly whites in the dungeons.

Snape: Don’t be ridiculous, Miss Granger!  Now, off with you before I decide that your House should be dead last this year!

Hermione: You know, after last year, I can’t say I care much about points either way. Though I do think that you might be surprised at how far a little kindness can go.

Snape (rolls eyes theatrically): Don’t push your luck, Miss Granger.  I can also give you detentions.  With Filch.  Cleaning out the Thestral stables.

Hermione (shrugs): Good evening, then, Professor Snape. Perhaps one of these days you’ll realize that you don’t have to be horrible to get people to listen to you.

Snape: Hmph! (nods curtly and then storms into the Infirmary leaving Hermione on the steps).

Hermione (walks back to Gryffindor Tower with a small smirk pulling up the corners of her mouth).

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(Pt Two.) Sam was extremely happy working with his brother. They had always worked well together, and baking calmed him down. But with good came bad, and Deans bad was a golden eyed man named Gabriel.

Dean looked up, eyes narrowing as Gabriel swaggered into the shop looking for Sam who was making some kind of bakery product on the toaster oven which was all they had. “He’s baking. You can wait out here.”

inspired by this

“Come in.” Harry said after three soft knocks on his office door. It’d been a year since V-Day and Harry, codename now Arthur, was working on missions briefs and paper minutes of conferences, diligently, of course.

Until Eggsy walked in, shirtless, leave for wings, a pair of jeans and a blue snapback covering his soft blonde hair. There was also a drawing of Kingsman’s logo on his left pectoral, within a heart with an arrow through it.

“Hey Harry, I got a delivery for you~!” Eggsy sang out, bouncing his way to Harry’s desk and arm swinging a bow.

“Do you?” Harry narrowed his eyes. “What–”

Before Harry could properly react, Eggsy plopped himself onto his lap, pulling Harry’s tie closer to him and kissed his eyes, his nose, his right cheek, his left cheek, his chin and finally, a long, soft kiss on his lips that left them both sighing into it.

Eggsy pulled away slowly and his eyes looked hazily into Harry’s. He smiled coyly.

“Happy Valentine’s, Harry.”

(Later on, Harry had gotten the chance to ask Eggsy what exactly was he doing, only to find out that the multitude of kisses not only came from Eggsy himself, but also Merlin, Roxy, Percival and several other agents)

Five Merlin Recs - C

Call of the Bond by Val_Creative (3k)

Camelot’s knights discover cells and cells of prisoners and traitors. Arthur narrows his eyes in suspicion at the group of muddied servants huddling around, muttering to each other and giving worried looks. He marches within the dingy, shadowy holding-cell, yanking aside a terrified woman and hearing the others protest.
It’s a boy, hardly sixteen-name-days. He’s in their centre of their attention, his wide-eyed, drowsy gaze unblinking.
Arthur has never seen a pair of eyes so empty.

Claimed by Mad_Maudlin (1k)

“I’m not going to let you harm him anymore,” he said, and tried to smoothly reach for the bell, which was the first part of the binding ritual. He knocked it on the floor under the bed instead.
“A claim, warlock,” the incubus repeated. It still sounded amused. “If this mortal belongs to you, then I’ll gladly step aside and leave him.”
Merlin wasn’t certain that Arthur belonged to anybody, but the bell was not coming out without a fight and if there was a way to end this without explosions and fire… “Well, as it happens, he does,” Merlin said. “Belong to me, I mean. We’ve, er, we go way back together. I claim him, my prince, shove off now.”
The incubus’s horrible smile widened. “Prove it.”
Merlin panicked.

Closer To Heaven by silkmoth (3k)

For a second, the prince looked into horror filled blue eyes, and then Merlin was falling backwards… and was snatched back to Arthur’s chest in the last moment. With Merlin clutched tightly to him, Arthur turned around to press his manservant’s body against the trunk, grabbing a branch about them with his right hand. Gods Merlin dug his fingers almost painfully into Arthur’s waist, shaking badly.
“Are you all right?”
“Uh… yes.”
Arthur looked at Merlin; his manservant seemed to be everything but all right. And –dammit- his lips were blue.

Courted By Paper by peachchild (5k)

On the surface is an origami frog, lying on its back. He turns it over, looks at it this way and that, and, remembering them from grade school, sets it back down and presses experimentally on the tail, letting go so that it leaps its way off his desk and onto Gwen’s beside him. She smiles, hops it back over to him, and he turns to look around for its creator. Leon is studiously copying down what the lecturer’s saying and Lancelot is staring wide-eyed at him as if he’s done something wrong, which Arthur knows immediately he hasn’t, because Merlin is grinning at him, a collection of paper frogs forming on his desk.

come to me, my measureless dream by anon / orphan_account (2k)

Liam’s there, too. He’s the only dark one, easy enough to spot.
For no reason at all, you find yourself saying, “That new kid,” after a while. The unlit fag in your mouth moves with your words. “Liam. What’s up with him?”
The fat kid snorts. “'sides the usual?”
You nod.
“Mighty bonkers, that one, Jav.”
There’s a grin on your face, crooked. “Aren’t we all?”
The fat kid’s mouth twitches. “Aye, but this one, he…”
“Mighty bonkers,” the fat kid repeats. Then he elaborates: “He’s in my group therapy. Goes around insistin’ he’s white. Says he’s blond, blue-eyed. Like some fuckin’ Aryan, all right.” The fat kid giggles.
Your mouth opens, and the fag falls to the ground.

The distaste for Cruz even extends beyond the US: Germans say Backpfeifengesicht, meaning a face in need of a good punch.”

According to Cytowic, the distaste for Cruz’s face starts with his smile.

“As a neurologist it is my business to notice things out of the ordinary and probe them,” he wrote. “Senator Cruz’s countenance doesn’t shift the way I expect typical faces to move. Human faces can’t help but broadcast what we feel, what we may be thinking, and even what we may intend.”

“I have rarely, if ever, seen a conventional smile from Senator Cruz. In a natural smile the corners of the mouth go up; these muscles we can control voluntarily as well. But muscles circling the eyes are involuntary only; they make the eyes narrow, forming crow’s feet at the outside corners,” he continued. “No matter the emotional coloring of Senator Cruz’s outward rhetoric, his mouth typically tightens into the same straight line. If it deviates from this, the corners of his mouth bend down, not upwards.”

“Downturned expressions usually signal disagreeableness or disgust. But I honestly don’t know because such an expression is rare in the context of public presentations that are meant to win people over. He may well be unaware that the message of his body language is incongruent with his words,” he said before concluding, “Google ‘Ted Cruz smiling,’ and judge for yourself. For the record I am not a Democrat. I’m at a loss to verbalize what unsettles me so when I watch the freshman senator. But it leaves me cold.”


Neurologist explains why it’s hard to look at Ted Cruz’s creepy ‘unsettling’ face

How much of the film is left before Kyle MacLachlan shows up?

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15 with Crowley would be hilarious.


You shifted uncomfortably as you stood in the cemetery. It was bad enough that Crowley had insisted you meet him here alone, but at night? Sure, creepy was what you dealt with on a regular basis, but this was beyond creepy. You were meeting the King of Hell, a demon, in a cemetery in the middle of the night alone.

He had told you to wait behind the row of graves, but you had gotten impatient and were now walking behind the larger mausoleum you had seen. Hearing some rustling and a voice curses, you narrowed your eyes, curious. It didn’t sound ominious, but it did sound unsettling. It sounded like it didn’t belong, whatever it was.

Looking over, you saw Crowley pilfering through the flowers on a few graves nearby, narrowing your eyes at him as he held a strange little bouquet, “Wait… Crowley? Are you seriously stealing flowers off that grave?” You motioned to the one he was standing at, most of the flowers now in his hand.

He startled a bit, though adjusted himself, looking over, “I consider it borrowing. Besides, this sap’s in my neck of the woods and I don’t think he’ll be missing them too terribly.” He looked at the flowers, before walking over to you, his stride a sort of hopeful confidence you weren’t used to seeing. He hadn’t been clear about why he wanted to meet you alone, but you were beginning to understand.

“Wait… are those for me?” You watched as he held out the flowers, trying to look bored or impatient (you had no idea which) as he shrugged.

“Yes, they’re for you. Don’t be too flattered. Like I said, the man I took them from is in Hell.”

Open starter || Open for anyone

“Hey.” Anna complained as the man slapped her hand away after she tried to steal one of the cookies. Her green eyes narrowed at him in a glare and she slapped his arm back only to have him grab onto her wrist “Let go of me.” The brunette said, glaring at her sister’s boyfriend. They had never really gotten along, no matter how her sister wanted the two of them to be friends. He was a handsome man, of course, and Anna was slightly jealous of her sister getting such a great man while her own boyfriend dumped her for some plastic blonde. “I just wanted a cookie, let go of my hand.” Anna repeated, glaring at the male.

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*gently sets an unused tampon on your chest*

Die stares down at the tampon, eyes narrowed as he attempts to process what it was. After a few moments he just gives up and continues to stare up at the ceiling, looking hopelessly confused.