Pictures from before and after the Eruri meetup at AX! 

Erwins: papaerwin, napalm9, nikitachikita005, bolo-tie-babe

Levis: shikarius, angryoldheichou, taymeho

Krista: asksmallgoddesschild

Ymir: siriex

Hanji: askerenscreeper

I know I missed a few people, so if you know who the other cosplayers are, please let me know!


Fanime 2014

Oh wowie, I have so many pictures from Fanime, so here’s just a few for now.

I went all four days with yuuidflourite, featherwind21, and punkett13 and it was a really great time :‘3

On the last day of the con, I was fortunate enough to bump into napalm9, thatendyperson, merbearedie, and chibi-selene. I’d been looking for them that whole weekend, so that was a wonderful way to end the con. ;u; I walked around the Artist Alley with them for awhile (and went on multiple “Endy Hunts” with chibi-selene //shot) before I had to head back home. They were wonderful to talk to and it was a pleasure to get to meet them all! ^^ Great way to end the con.<3

I also went to the disney gathering on Saturday!~ ouo I was a little bit late but managed to get there just in time for them to call up the “Dreamworks” group which I’ll upload more pictures to go along with that later. For now, though, there’s a little shot of the “Big Four” group that yuuidflourite shot when I practically threw my phone at her. //shot   Fantastic group of people. QuQ


here have some gay babes

credits: livori, derpfire, j-analogman69, napalm9, rcbboy, sjsaberfan,

Hey friends, I’m hosting a Dragons 2 Meetup with a few of my fellow Hijackers for the evening of June 13th in the Los Angeles area (Universal City) if anyone is interested in joining us! The movie will be starting at 9:15 so we’re going to try to meet at 8:30pm or even a bit earlier (better safe than sorry yo).

Send me a message if you are interested and I can add you to the list<3

People coming so far:

[Fan Playlist Deadman Walking.]

Easy listening ghostly playlist. Slow building.
Mostly slow melancholic music, good to draw to. Lyrically fitting. 

Pairing Jean Kirschtein and the late Marco Bodt.

The Cover artwork is by napalm9 
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The Official Donations Update Post - I DID IT!

This post has been made in reference this post in case anyone wanted to know the amount I have already acquired. My gofundme is no longer an accurate scope of amount needed, it is only there to give people information about my situation.

Amount Left over: $00.00!!! i DID IT

Days left: 5

A big thank you to every contributor who has donated/commissioned above $50  - napalm9thekawaiitanthingsishouldntbedoing, and frivilosity among a few others. You’ve helped out tremendously.