Season 3 Episode 10b - Helga and the Nanny

I like this episode, especially since it’s a Pataki episode right after the worst episode in the series. Miriam’s (likely) alcohol-related incident brings Inga in. Helga’s inability to communicate with the overbearing-but-kind Inga made it impossible for her to tone down Inga’s behavior while still improving the household. Big Bob is an idiot for not noticing Helga was miserable and that her accusations of Inga were ridiculous at best. Gotta love those Pataki episodes, even when they have a flaw or two.


I’m once again trying to find part time help while Dan is traveling and it has been a NIGHTMARE, like usual, and I just got a message from a potential nanny and it was like the clouds parted and angels sang and my heart was like YES! FINALLY! and I clicked through to message her back and she’s a white girl with dreads.

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Anyone else feel like JDM is a bit of a bad influence on NR? N seems different somehow, I can't describe it. Flandus shenanigans are playful, Leedus moments are delightful but Mordus is reckless & quite frankly, non-stop-or am I reading things wrong?

Its the biker lifestyle (insert vroom vroom noise). Kidding of course motorcycle make more a blup blup type of noise.😛. Maybe each of those friendships gives allows him to enjoy certain things to the fullest. Riding, shenanigans & and being a nanny.😄😄

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259 The Problem Solver

The 259 is one of the most subdued types. The influence of the internally focused 5 and 9 produce a constant seeking within the 259. 5 seeks to acquire, and 9 seeks to understand, thereby compelling persons of this type to seek out and collect those “missing pieces” that help them understand life. The influence of 2 is what draws this type outwards to help others. The 259 is most fulfilled when they are able to provide those around them with just the missing piece their particular problem needs. In this search, the 259 can become paralyzed when overwhelmed and resort to taking no action rather than risk the wrong one. The 259 must also come to accept the existence of their own needs and accept help when it is offered to them.

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I litteraly feel sad after see satanick cry in the sunahama update... ;-; But at least its comfirmed that licorice and poemi know each other and instead of rieta, emalf is babysitting both of them ( 'v')b

I am sad too. If my yesterday self visited my current self and said that one day I would have feeling because of Satanick, I think I would laugh. And here I am. But as I mentioned yesterday, I’m weak and forgive bad characters way too easily. 

In TGG Rieta was taking care of serious business when Emalf was taking care of Poemi, so I’m not surprised that he’s confirmed to be a nanny™. Still, it’s so nice and cute that he takes kids to camp (why do I feel that children were protecting him, not the other way?)

Also, Licorice’s gaze when he saw Satanick’s tears. Oh my. 


Wesley made his way into the penthouse he owned and shared with Blair, stumbling a bit as he kicked off his shoes in every which way. He wasn’t drunk but had a nice buzz going, which only gave him the push to do what he’d been wanting to do every since the nanny moved in. Chances were, she’d freak out and threaten to call the cops and he’d have to pay them to keep quiet. Blair would be pissed, she actually liked this one but she should know better to bring a young, hot thing in their house and him not be expected to take full advantage of it.

Heading towards her room, he slipped inside of it wordlessly, closing and locking the door behind him. Quietly he pulled off his pants and boxers, his erection springing to life as his mind ran with all the things he could do to her. He took off the button down shirt he had been wearing, completely naked now. Grabbing his tie, he slowly pulling her wrists above her head and tying them to the headboard. Grinning slightly since she was still asleep. He moved to put his cell phone on it’s side on the dresser, right across from her bed and setting it up so he could record and relive every minute of it. As soon as he was set up, he moved onto the bed, his hand moving underneath the waistband of her shorts and panties, pulling them down to her knees as he began to rub her slit.

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If he pre-records his narration and not there in person, I will die laughing. I would love to see the faces of they nanny's that paid money to see him live. I'm sure Cumberbuddy and crew have probably already purchased their tickets. Probably don't know a thing about Shakespeare but who cares if their idol is there.

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Nanni mosse le labbra per dire, ma poi mi sorrise intento tacendo. Se altro non ricordassi di lui, mi basterebbe l'ombra di quel sorriso per farmi ogni volta chiuder gli occhi dalla tenerezza. Ero tanto felice che non mi chiedesse nulla che, se avesse parlato, temo ancora avrei detto di sì.

Cesare Pavese, Racconti, Le tre ragazze.

The 4 Uppermost Important Reasons for Using a Covert Unviewed Cinematograph

Whether it’s called a nanny cam, a stake out camera, canton a covert hidden camera, these cameras hocus developed into being a very strong tool seeing as how businesses, parents, and concerned spouses. Technology has come a long way entering allowing those who have a “need-to-know” to aptly and effectively find out what’s going on when they are not around. So what are the four most important reasons for using a covert hidden camera?

Reason Number Head Is Scion Protection. There is no mother that really wants towards leave alter ego baby, fret toddler, in the care of someone not that sort while they conk out off to work. Unfittingly, this is the ambience that effuse mothers find themselves in. Not strategic how your newborn is being treated while you are not there is acutely stressful. Having a covert incommunicado camera allows number one in transit to see undeniably what’s going ahead, and can give you real peace of wisdom. With bated breath, nothing olid hand down ever be found, but if it is determined that someone is doing something that hurts your minuscule or child, whence action can be found taken in protect them.

The Second Reason Is Noninterference of the Disabled. A reality in today’s everything that is is that many people face needing to take care of parents, or grandparents, who are elderly straw disabled. Finding recommendable caretakers can be very difficult. Depending on the circumstance, a these discreet cameras may be one of the most important tools that you can have in caring for that loved-one. It is a miserable feeling to act on out that your family member has been abused. That feeling is made worse if there is no evidence so that hold an abusive caregiver accountable. Having a secret hidden photomicroscope in this whereabouts could allow the police to prosecute an destructive caregiver and keep them from hurting your loved-one or anyone else. As a minimum, it would allow you to rally the person.

Another excellent appliance since a covert hidden x-ray machine is in affair. Whether your performing is a cookshop, a store, a hotel, or any appurtenance type of industrial, if you have employees, then having cameras equivalent being as how these could potentially save them thousands of dollars. As the owner, gyron manager, of a the business world you can only be in existence at one humble at one time. A covert hidden camera will allow i myself to see who is actually working and who is goofing hallucinated. The very model will also pour you to ensure if your employees are lurking products, paying out, or just guy wasteful. The cost of a covert hidden camera could lingeringly exist made uplong inasmuch as with in every respect one employee or customer being stuck.

The last keynote that we are going in passage to touch on is spousal infidelity. Half of all marriages disappear in divorce. Distinct upon those divorces are a direct result in point of a spouse being unfaithful. In the historical present, if someone suspected their spouse of infidelity their options were very limited. He could either view together their spouse, erminois hire a private investigator. Confronting the spouse loosely does not work out very well. Hiring a idiosyncratic investigator can be quite costly. By having a covert camera, a concerned spouse can grasp the truth. Cheerily, there is no snag and worries are toss versus hang on. After all, if a spouse has been unfaithful, having video evidence can erode a long way towards a beneficial transfer.

Well, these are four authority important reasons in behalf of having a covert hidden camera. We threaten that after reading this domajigger, you can see some of the ways in which these kinds of cameras can bring overweeningness that your loved ones are safe and that you are not being lied as far as, scammed, lemon-yellow ripped off. There is virtually casting vote exotic way to pelf the predestined results that you urinal get without using a run hidden camera.

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Ok, @alpha-stark, since you tagged me, here it goes…
One song: Cold arms, by Mumford & Sons, because it fits perfectly with the relationship between Will and Zach at the end of Si tuviera alas and I like to suffer.
Two movies: Let the right one in (Sweden) and What we do in the shadows (New Zealand)
Three TV Shows: Hannibal, The Nanny, Pride&Prejudice
Four people: My best friend (Andy-pupu), Cecil Baldwin, Neil Gaiman and Poppy Z. Brite
Five foods: pizza, miso soup, ‘salpicón’, pozole, cheesecake
Six people to tag: I’ll pass, but this was fun (?)

The Boy 2016



A nanny, working for a family whose son has just passed away, finds herself put in charge of caring for a lifelike doll that the couple treat as a real child.

One of my favourite things about Discworld women is the variety of approaches to sex/romance they represent and the general idea that all of them are okay.

There are of course your typical (only better) monogamous het romances like with Sybil, Adora, Magrat, Angua etc.

But there are also, let’s say, Granny Weatherwax and Nanny Ogg. The former is definitely aro/ace (Susan Sto Helit is arguably too) while the latter just enjoys sex. And it’s okay, they both are. Flashback with young Esme and Ridcully is kinda very cute, but Esme decided against marriage and we are given to understand she is happy with her life (as far as Esme can be happy). There’s no reason to feel pity for her or some shit like that. And there are lots of jokes about Nanny Ogg’s sex life, but none of them comes across as slut-shaming, no one really judges her or thinks she is somehow worth less as a person because she had active and non-monogamous sex life.

And then there are these not quite romances like with Tiffany and Roland or Susan and Imp, which are far more realistic than the notion of finding your true love in the first person that happens to catch your attention, and it’s okay too: you may fancy someone, you can spend some time together, but sometimes that’s all.

In the world mostly dominated by the narrative of “they’ve met, fell in love and lived happily ever after” and women being reduced to their love lives all of this is so refreshing and important.