…Following last post… Tchaikovsky made me do this not me

Anyway I wanted to do this for a long time.

Yep I’m a weirdo who feels very comfortable in theaters and opera houses along with those rich nannies so what.

finished May 2014

whoapinkpanther asked:

How are you in a pair of heels? Do you wear them regularly, if at all? If I weren't carting a baby around 80% of the time I would live in my favorite heels and wedges, but the life of a nanny is lived in comfy Toms and Nike's...

I definitely enjoy heels and usually do not have much of an issue walking in them assuming I am wearing ones that fit well (which can be a bit of a challenge with my wide feet). That said, I am also pretty practical about when/where I wear heels, and that usually means not wearing them if I know I am going to be doing a bunch of walking, dancing, or carrying around a kiddo. Chunkier boot heels, and stable, low heels are totally fine whenever, but anything 3″+ is definitely reserved for special occasions and rarely worn for any extended periods of time. The other consideration is that a 3″ heel puts me over 6 feet, so I tend to be less inclined to wear heels if I am looking to blend in more. Thankfully it would seem to me that Minnesota has a larger than average number of taller women, but that can still be a consideration when choosing heels vs. flats.

And because I am tossing a bunch of pictures onto my answers today here is my lineup of heels (not pictured: my black knee-high boots).

L to R: My new floral heels, brown Mary Jane’s, Red chunk strappy heels (very 90′s), black Mary Jane’s, and Blue peep toe heels.

I have another two pairs of womens flats, a pair of flip-flops, and my two pairs of Cons that serve me well in all gender presentations, and that about rounds out my women’s side of the shoe collection (I guess I could probably count my workout shoes, hiking shoes, and snowboots as pretty unisex too though they all are “men’s” technically. My “men’s” side of things is my three pairs of work shoes and then the shared/neutral/unisex stuff).

Leonora Carrington - Eluhim (1960)  

Carrington has seen the seedbed for her receptivity to Surrealism in the Irish folktales recounted by her nanny and in the imaginative world of her mother, whom she described as a ‘complete mythologist’. Her paintings often incorporate fantastical creatures. Having been involved with the Surrealists in Paris before the Second World War, she settled in Mexico in 1942, initiating a new visionary stage in her work influenced by Hieronymous Bosch and by her interest in alchemical imagery. Eluhim, the title of this work, is the Hebrew word for ‘God’ or ‘gods’.

I love all the sceptics and I love to read what's on your minds.

You are even more entertaining then our dismal duo!
But my only fuck left has been grabbed by our puppy and has been buried in the garden somewhere.
I’m gonna start digging tomorrow but we have a big garden, so…….till I find it again, this is it for me.

It feels like we circling and rehashing endlessly right now.
And it could go on for a while like this, so I’m gonna go gardening, live and love and enjoy the naughty puppy! 😜

Don’t let the Nannies bring you down!

Fool Me Twice

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1Bo5tBi

by ArgentSleeper

After firing his former nanny for stealing, Arthur is in a tight spot. Against his better judgement, he allows his sister Morgana to find him someone new. Enter Merlin, whom Morgana loves, Arthur’s son Alex loves, and Arthur will never ever love. No, really. He has the home security -read: spy- system and boatload of trust issues to prove it.

When the unthinkable happens, however, Arthur has room for only one thing. Fear.

Words: 15527, Chapters: ½, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1Bo5tBi

Got a text from a former nanny fan friend of mine. She heard about the pap walk, and um, I don’t know how to break this to people, but she knows how to do math. Maybe those courses were dropped at Harrow and St. Paul’s in favor of Advanced Brownnosing and How To Not Ever Actually Smile, but us plebs took math. 


Sorry guys, I haven’t been posting much lately (besides vids). :P I’m finishing up the nanny job I’ve had for two years now, only 1 more day (thu) left and hopefully I can say goodbye to getting sick every 2 weeks. :P I can’t wait to get out of there. I mean, I will miss my co-workers and the kids but…Oh goodness, I’m sick of being sick all the time!

Also, joining TimeShot has been a huge thing for me. HUGE! We have a world download coming in couple of days and I’ve been busy getting resources and building my spawn house for the download. It feels amazing to be able to play with all the members there, I’ve done few collaborations already and more to come. :)

Also, wanted to mention that I try to limit posting too many Minecraft videos to my Tumblr, since this is mostly for my simming stuff. So if you want to see more of Minecraft, the easiest way to find the vids is through my channel or following on Twitter.

Hope you all are well! I’ll get back to posting BACC picture updates when my job ends and I’m officially on summer vacation. :)

philipmath asked:

How do you go about finding clients to teach English?

• Facebook groups (ex: searching “au pair Barcelona). Many families use them to find English tutors

• Classifieds of that particular country (ex: http://www.leboncoin.fr is the craigslist of France)

• Babysitting/nanny websites (again, often families are looking for just English tutors) (ex: bebe-nounou.com/fr is a popular in France)


When I asked the kids to decorate my cap, one said “what if you don’t like it?” I replied “when have I ever not liked something that you’ve created?” @babysitter @nanny @graduation @classof2015