Random thought of the night:

What if Rin sneezed in the middle of a haircut because the salon owner’s kid brought a stray cat in or something idk and the only fix was to cut her hair even more boyishly short? Except MakiPana are sorta star struck by it and insist she looks great and cute. Rin doesn’t believe them at first ‘cause they’re her best friends, of course they’d say that.

But then everyone else in class starts complimenting her and telling her how well she pulls off short hair. And then embarrassed and happy Rin. /)///(\ And Maki with a smug I-told-you-so face. Of course, she’ll try to re-grow it out. But in the process of doing so ends up with a vaguely ikemen look at some point, and then ends up with a locker full of chocolate on valentine’s day, all addressed to Rin-senpai.

I’m sorry I just want Rin to be loved by everyone LOL.

It was a very random thought. Just ignore me.