This is the cartoon that got Jordanian writer, Nahed Hattar, killed today.

It illustrates an Arab Muslim man in paradise ordering god around like a servant while he lays in bed with two women demanding more wine.

The cartoon represents the twisted views of Islamic extremists who dream of the virgins & rivers of wine they believe are promised to them in paradise. In Nahed’s own words, “it mocks terrorists & their concept of god & heaven, it does not infringe god’s divinity in any way”, but outraged Muslims decided it was offensive & an insult to Islam.

In his memory & as a fuck you to those who were outraged, the cartoon should be shared everywhere.

du hattest gesagt, dass dir jedes gewitter nahe geht, und ich lachte und meinte, dass mich nichts treffen kann und mir nichts nahe geht und dann hast du mich berührt ohne mich anzufassen und ich wusste wie es ist vom blitz getroffen zu werden