Ghost Rider character redesigns from the stream last night!  These were a total blast; thank you to all of you who hung out with me so late!  (click each photo for comments)

SO.  As some of y’all who follow me already know, I’ve been toying with the idea of a hypothetical Ghost Rider reboot, taking kinda the “best of all worlds” method and turning the whole mythos into something a little… uh, more coherent.  I go into detail in these posts here:



I took a lot of inspiration from Spectacular Spider-Man for these designs, so while the style isn’t quite the same, maybe you can see the influence. :P

Maybe I’ll design the bike next?

Fakiru Week Day 1: Spring

Fakiru Week 2016

Out of inspiration and out of work, Fakir was ready to throw in the towel and throw out the camera.

Mytho stood stubbornly in front of the wastbasket.  "Fakir, this is your passion,“ he insisted, hands on his hips, "Don’t give up now!”

Passion?  His recent work had all been absolute garbage.  Just like where this stupid thing belonged.

“Fakir, please.  I know—Look, I know no one’s hired or commissioned you for a while—”

“A while?”

“Alright, so it’s been a couple of weeks—”


“—o-okay, months!  But you truly love photography, don’t you?”

“Out of the way, Mytho.”

“It’s your career.”

“Go away.”

“This is the love of your life.”

“Not anymore.”

“It’s also a super-expensive camera!”

“You—!”  … Alright, he had him there.  Fakir slumped back into his seat, his expression a scowl of disgust and dejection.

“Fakir,” Mytho coaxed, kneeling beside his friend with a small, sorry smile, “It’ll be alright.  I’m sure inspiration will hit, and you’ll be back on your feet in no time at all.  Maybe try something else?  Go somewhere new?”

Maybe Mytho was right.  He needed out of the city.  He needed to be away from those major publications and their idiotic regulations and stifling contracts.  It was because of them that Fakir began to resent the very hobby he loved for the greater part of his life.

So, Mytho rented him a quiet little cottage out by the lake, about an hour outside the urban hellhole.  

The upside?  Peace, quiet, and an abundance of picturesque settings just waiting to be captured.  

The downside?  The rain.

Not much to see in the gloom of the April showers.

Tranquil as it was, the lakeside was nothing but gray.  Gray fog, gray skies, the haze of light, misty rain a gray sheet over his expensive lens.

He grumbled under his breath.

Perhaps, at any other point in his life, he would’ve seen the inherent beauty in that alone, but he was /sick/ of gray.  Gray pavement, gray streets, gray buildings.

He strolled—rather, trudged—along a small trail, weaving around the lake toward the park about a mile away from the cottage.  The pitter-patter of rainwater pelted against the protective shield that was his black umbrella, his camera hanging uselessly from his neck, his satchel swinging by his hip.

When he arrived, he was dismayed to see it just as gray, but the slight incline and well-groomed gardens here at least gave him something to see otherwise.  Taking advantage of the hill overlooking the calm waters, he lifted his camera to his eye and peeked through the lens, scanning along the horizon.

Gray, gray, gray.  

Then, suddenly, red.

Orange-red, beneath a light blue umbrella decorated with a yellow duck.

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Fakiru Week 2016: Spring

Ahiru looked out her window as the golden leaves fell. It was chilly and tea felt welcome in her hands. She noticed Fakir come home as he walked into their little house, home from teaching lessons at the academy.

“Evenin’ Ahiru.” He said, going up to her and kissing the side of her head.

“I wish it was spring.” She sighed.

“Really? In August you said you couldn’t wait for fall?”

“I know but now I want it to be spring! I want the flowers and the flowy skirts and, ooh! Mytho and Rue’s Equinox Ball!”

“Are you sure you’re a duck and not a magpie?” Fakir smirked, ruffling her hair before walking into the kitchen.

“Hey!” Ahiru pouted, fixing her hair as best she could.

“Well then you have something to look forward to.”

“Yeah, I know, but still.” Ahiru folded her legs to her chest and rested her chin on her knees.

Fakir shook her head at her as he went about making dinner, a plan already forming in his mind.

“Ahiru, would you mind getting something for me tomorrow?”


“Would you go to Raetsel’s and get paints?”

“Raetsel’s?” Ahiru looked at him rather confused, “That’s all the way in- for paints?”

“Yes, I need them for scenery for our production and we’re running out of paints.”

“Can’t you just-”

“Ahiru.” He scolded lightly.

“Fiiiiiiiiiine.” She slumped in her chair looking out the window again.

He smiled, it would take her all day which would give him enough time for-

“Oh! Fakir!” Ahiru jumped up and ran towards him, “I forgot!” She kissed him on the cheek before running out. He shook his head before turning back to what he was cooking.

“Here!” Ahiru came rushing back in and handed him a small, wooden box, “I made it. Uh, open it!”

Fakir turned towards her and opened the box that fit in the palm of his hand. As it opened, a quiet tune played. “Sleeping Beauty?”

“Yeah, its the song we first danced to, an- and I know it wasn’t a very nice dance, but it was still our first!”

He kissed her forehead.

And the next morning, as Ahiru left for Raetsel’s, Fakir kissed her forehead again, and set to work.

All day he worked, writing and rewriting, damn, he thought he was getting better at this. Every once in awhile he’d look outside and tired to see if anything had opened…With no such luck. In fact, it was when Ahiru was walking up the street that it finally worked, and boy was he relieved. He thought it’d never work, just in the nick of time. He looked at the little box, which had been playing, giving him inspiration all day, it was the least he could do for someone so kind hearted.

“Fakir!” Ahiru called as she walked in, drawing out his name, “I got the paints you wanted!”

“I’ll be right down!” Fakir made sure that all the papers were away incase she came up before he was going to show her what he had done for her.

He made a quick dinner for her. And ate quickly. And Ahiru was quick to catch on to his nervousness.

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah. Yes, I just, ahem, wait here for a minute.” Fakir said.

And catching on that Fakir had a surprise for her she nodded enthusiastically and ate the rest of her food quickly. Fakir smiled but got up and went to get everything he’d need.

“Okay.” Fakir said, he came up behind her and put one his ties around her eyes, “Trust me.”

She nodded, a bright smile lighting up her face.

Fakir lead her to a new door that appeared in the middle of the living room wall, he opened it and lead her outside? But it was warm, like Fakir had just lit a fire, but there was dirt under her feet, she could feel it between her toes. Slowly, Fakir removed the blindfold from her eyes and when they opened, Ahiru gasped.

All around her were dozens and dozens of flowers.

Fakir had made her a greenhouse.

As Ahiru stepped away from the door, she saw that there were candles hanging in tiny lanterns that illuminated the room. And as she looked and caressed the flowers, the small tinkling of a familiar song began to play. Ahiru whipped her head around to look at Fakir, who held out his hand to her.

“We should try it again.”

“Sleeping Beauty.” Ahiru said, recognizing the song instantly. She smiled and Raced to take his hand.

And they danced.

“We gave me spring.” Ahiru smiled.

“I tried my best.”

"Abhi'zolos prayer"

It whispered beneath
Hauntingly creeping
Scittering and crawling
A gleam of red that shakes the earth
An echo that blackens the night
Where it comes from no longer is
As where it exists is doomed to not
A sprawling darkness
Fetid and chaotic
Seeped in carnage
Warped by anonymity
A visage unknown
Eldritch being
An old god unheard of
Before time immemorial
Where naught a star in the sky
Hollow of the fell fires cry
Abhi'zolos the emissary of the void
Faceless deity
Harbinger of necrosis
Asleep and forever waiting the dead priests call.

Day 1: Spring

Look who uploaded the right month this time
It was Spring. The first spring since the battle with the Raven. The first spring since Mytho went back into the story and Duck returned to her true form.
Spring was supposed to be a happy time, a time for new beginnings. Fakir, however, felt anything but happiness. He was alone.
Of course, Duck was still there, but she lost more of her human qualities every day. She was almost an ordinary duck by this point. That’s why he had to do it. Or at least, that’s how he justified it.
What surprised Fakir was how easily the story came. Normally, stories are harder to write unless it was meant to be written. Unless… Was she supposed to be human again? Was he he doing the right thing? Was that why he remembered the events of the story? To begin a new story with his friends. A sequel of sorts.
That didn’t stop his anxiety when his story came into fruition. What if she gets mad? What if she doesn’t want to be human? What if it doesn’t work?
But it did, that night, just as he’d written, the little Duck curled under his blankets changed in a flash of light into a girl. He stood next to the bed with clothes in hand. After a moment her eyes fluttered and opened.
“W-what? I.. ” She paused at the sound of her voice and looked up to Fakir, who was holding clothes out to her. She sat up and made sure the blanket stayed wrapped around her. “I’m human.” It was a statement, not a question.
“Yes. I’m sorry if this upsets you but.. You became less human every day and I just couldn’t… I felt alone.” He said it quickly, bracing for an outburst. She took the clothes and set them on the bed. “I’m human.. ” She repeated. Tears welled in her eyes. “Fakir… thank you.”
“You’re not mad?” He asked, looking at her hesitantly.
She shook her head. “Of course not. I could feel myself slipping away. I’m so happy.”
He smiled and sat on the edge of her bed, taking her hand. “Well, Spring is the time for new beginnings.”

Fakiru Week Day 1: Spring
LMAO I thought I wasn’t gonna make it!! But here’s the episode ‘Spring has Sprung’ in my Miraculous!Tutu AU
This episode takes place after Rue’s character development/akuma/redemption arc and is one of her first episodes as an official member of Team Miraculous
The premise of this episode is that the class has to take care of a plant and Ahiru and Fakir get randomly paired up, arguments ensue, Freya gets akumatized, etc. etc.
At the end Mytho makes Fakir give Ahiru a bouquet of white tulips as an apology (he ships it lol) and their plant blossoms into a red tulip (FOR TRUE LOVE!!!)
In this AU Fakir and Ahiru have a very 'slap-slap-kiss’ dynamic (because I love it) whereas White Swan and Peregrine have like, mutual romantic tension made interesting by Peregrine’s attempt at flirtatious/chivalrous/heroic behavior and White Swan/Ahiru’s complete inability to tell when somebody’s flirting with her

goblinfruit  asked:

You took an Uncanny class?! That sounds amazing

It was a lot of fun!  Well…heavily biased towards the Continental theorists, but it was the only course ever offered in my department that touched on any of my subject areas.  And it introduced me to E.T.A. Hoffmann, so there’s that.  

I did my term paper on H.P. Lovecraft and adaptations of the Cthulhu Mythos, and my presentation on William Gibson.  That was the last class in December, so I made gingerborgs, and my classmates seemed quite pleased.


Hannibal AU
↳ Hannibal Lecter as Hades, God of the Underworld

“You can run on for a long time
Run on for a long time
Run on for a long time
Sooner or later God’ll cut you down
Sooner or later God’ll cut you down
Go tell that long tongue liar
Go and tell that midnight rider
Tell the rambler, the gambler, the back biter
Tell ‘em that God’s gonna cut 'em down”


mythos fancast

idris elba as zeus | 1700 BC → an abundance of lust and storm clouds | 21st Century → the most powerful CEO for miles around with the temperament of a rolling thunderstorm

kate winslet as hera | 1700 BC → the protectress and queen of heaven | 21st Century → the hbic you do not want to mess with, a fierce mother lion with the vanity of a peacock

Man, the art in European Call of Cthulhu is staggeringly good. Moon-Beast pictured above.

That is a brilliantly alien and intelligent Servitor of the Outer Gods.

Ah, the Elder Things. Considering my book has a shoggoth cop in it, I’m definitely bringing them up in a sequel.

You know, a lot of books use the Yithians as the closest thing to good guys in the Mythos. These dudes uproot entire races and throw them into the meat-grinder on distant planets to ensure their own survival. They’re monsters, but just ones you can hold a conversation with.