Things to be salty about: The ending was rushed, plotlines where dropped, several characters had incomplete arcs, core symbolism wasn’t explained, the main characters became background fodder, the quincy mythos was neglected, Unohana and Yoruichi were treated like trash, Squad 0 were underutilised, Grimmjow disappeared, Urahara peaced out, Mayuri got away with being a dick (again), Chad had no central fight….

Things not to be salty about: My OTP didn’t become canon. 

Speak Intruder (Open RP)

Yggdrasil looked over to the other who had come to her kingdom and she raised a brow. Their clothing was foreign and she was curious about the land from which they had come from. The warrior goddess looked to them and rose up from her seated position. The guard of the palace were giving them a hard time and she walked over. 

“State your business.” She ordered the stranger, with her hand on the hilt of her sword. It was clear the other needed persuasion to speak and she was more than willing to give it to them. The guard were trying to be intimidating, but even they feared Yggdrasil. 

They were more than likely there to speak with a member of the royal family. 

anonymous asked:

Can I have a list of death/demonic spirit types? Please?

honestly i think this is something you should look up. Because that’s all i would be doing. There are thousands of them. Types of demons, rank of demons, demons all of their own person. Things associated with death. Literally thousands. If you want to go in detail it would probably take hours to find. Of course there are the basic creatures from hell and all of that. 

  • -demons
  • -succubus/ incubus
  • - hellhound
  • - Cerberus 
  • - reapers
  • -ghouls
  • -nightmares

and those are just general ones. There are so so so many. I’m not upset at you i’m just thinking about all the different mythos’ with possible death things. You’re all good. 

- Mod Nova

lego-joker  asked:

So do you feel the X-Books' best days are behind them?

…Well. I don’t think the majority of team books - X-Men, Uncanny, ANXM, WATXM, the less said about Uncanny Avengers the better - have been consistently good for a while. There’s been quite a blend of shallow characterisation, random retcons, poor research, treading water… 

Even the books I really enjoyed, like Storm and Nightcrawler and Magneto, didn’t exactly have a ton of forward momentum. The main characters, their relationships, and their methods developed in awesome ways, but the plots were very self-contained and didn’t really affect the X-Men at large.  

And books that did challenge the current status quo, tried to move the mythos forward and develop the characters in logical ways - X-Men Legacy, X-Force V4 - were basically ignored.

I know we aren’t going to get the level of cohesiveness  and progression we had when it was just Claremont and Simonson writing the X-Books, but surely there’s a way to do better than that. 

Of course, we’d still have bullshit crossover events to deal with. AVX was definitely a bad turning point, and now we’ve got the X-Men vs Inhumans crap, because mutants going extinct is so fresh and new. I’m terrified of Death of X because Scott has been so thoroughly shit on and we know nothing about Emma. 

I mean, I’m enjoying the hell out of All New Wolverine, I’ve heard good things about ANXM v2, and X-Men 92 looks like a ton of fun, but overall? I remain thoroughly disappointed. 

That said, one of the best and worst thing about comics is how mutable they are. I won’t say the X-Mens’ best days are behind them, because we might see them again at some point. (I don’t think Marvel is actively trying to destroy this franchise; I think it’s a mixture of shifting priorities and sheer incompetence.) 


Hannibal AU
↳ Hannibal Lecter as Hades, God of the Underworld

“You can run on for a long time
Run on for a long time
Run on for a long time
Sooner or later God’ll cut you down
Sooner or later God’ll cut you down
Go tell that long tongue liar
Go and tell that midnight rider
Tell the rambler, the gambler, the back biter
Tell ‘em that God’s gonna cut 'em down”


mythos fancast

idris elba as zeus | 1700 BC → an abundance of lust and storm clouds | 21st Century → the most powerful CEO for miles around with the temperament of a rolling thunderstorm

kate winslet as hera | 1700 BC → the protectress and queen of heaven | 21st Century → the hbic you do not want to mess with, a fierce mother lion with the vanity of a peacock

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Can you explain what that Princess Tutu Anime is about? All I know is that it's focused around Ballet and involves animals somehow.

Okay, so there’s gonna be a bit of spoilers here, because some stuff just doesn’t make sense without them

the story starts out with the narration, “There was a man who died.” The man was a writer named Drosselmeyer. He had the power to bring his stories to life, but the townsfolk began to fear his power because Drosselmeyer was only interested in writing tragedies. They revolted and cut off his hands. Before he died however, Drosselmeyer used his own blood and wrote himself into a story. 

One story Drosselmeyer wrote, called the Prince and the Raven, escaped from their story and came to life. the story was about a giant evil Raven and a noble Prince. the Prince couldn’t defeat the Raven, as much as he tried, so he did the only thing he could; he shattered his own heart to seal the Raven away. Because of this, the Prince no longer had any emotions and feelings. He literally became a shell of himself.

The story, however, is now stuck. It will not move forward, no matter what the characters do.

so Drosselmeyer (very much an active character, despite being dead) introduces a new character to the story. a Duck in a lake who fell in love with the Prince. He found her, and gave her the power to become Princess Tutu; a character in the story who was destined to proclaim her love for the Prince and then become a speck of light and fade away.

Duck (or Ahiru; it’s the japanese word for duck) is now a girl attending Ballet class with her friends. The story begins to move forward because of her actions; as Princess Tutu, she now has the power to gather up the shards of the Prince’s heart and return them to him. 

But because the story is moving forward, that means several other parts of the story also begin to reveal themselves. A knight who’s afraid to die, the daughter of the Raven in love with the Prince. Neither characters want the story to move forward, because they know Drosselmeyer wants to write a tragedy. And the story moving forward also means that the Raven is going to be released….

(you mentioned animals; the reason why there are talking, walking animals around is because the characters are actually in a fairy tale)

Ultimately, the series is about literal characters fighting against the fate they were given by the author of their story. They don’t want to die tragically, they don’t want their friends to get hurt, they don’t want what Drosselmeyer wants for them. They want a happy ending for themselves. Every single character changes and develops by the end, and it’s a series full of character development, change, and hope.

The series uses Ballet as a structure for this; it’s actually a very accurate portrayal of ballet, and you can tell the writers did their homework. 90% of the music is also from ballets or plays, and they often correlate to what’s going on in the episode.

the tagline of the series is “May those who accept their fate be granted happiness. May those who defy their fate be granted glory.” 

Which, honestly, tells you everything you need to know about Princess Tutu. 


Janeweek Day 6: Post-Sburb

The Statue of Revered Goddess of Strength and Health,

The Maid of Life,

Jane Crocker.

so post-sburb right? im talking about yeaaaaaaaaars post sburb, religion and myth is formed around our beloved players. Temples and statues are built to worship them. painting, murals, and vases are made to capture the gods and goddess greatness. Songs, poem and literature written and told to their descendants that tells the epic journey of world’s creation. Guess who’s been setting the art trend at that time? (its rose. and dave; much to jane’s dismay).

So, this Jane’s statue is built to be put in Temple of Life. It is made with mysterious material and posses healing attribute to those near them, after Jane put her Grace into it (because she likes the artist who made that very much, you see. a very spirited prospitian). Hundreds of years later, Temple of Life doubles as hospitals. A new magical constructs are invented to spread the healing properties of the statue throughout the building and around them.

anonymous asked:

i think i asked about it a long time ago, but do you have any magical realism or urban fantasy ideas? also could you possibly link me to any lists you may already have of those? thank you so much!!

  • Character A is a fairy that has very little natural luck with plants or animals, but they’re a genius when it comes to technology. Character B’s computer has a nasty virus, and Character A has been paid to come to Character B’s house to perform some sort of cryptic spell – or to just download antivirus software – on Character B’s computer.
  • “I mean I could use my legs to walk on land, but it’s a lot easier for me to use a wheelchair because I have a lot of upper body strength from swimming. Also, did you know that over 80% of water-to-land mermaids suffer from chronic pain in their legs and feet? That’s a real statistic, look it up.” AU
  • Character A is monster that falls in the ‘eldritch horror’ category – meaning that they’re just downright horrifying and not tied to any real species – and while it can be lonely, Character A makes an absolute killing being an actor in horror/slasher movies.
  • While working at an aquarium, Character A’s job is to swim around in a very large tank, look pretty, and to take cute pictures with tourists. Everything is absolutely dandy, until a new employee starts to outshine Character A’s performance. This sparks a rivalry between the two, competing to see who can be the best aquatic performer.
  • “Once, I got really stressed out during an exam and I set my papers on fire, and that’s how I found out that I have a knack for fire magic.” AU
  • Character A works at a coffee shop, and Character A draws sigils in the customer’s foam per their requests. Character B often comes in the coffee shop, and Character A always makes sure to add extra force in Character B’s drink for “luckiness” and “fortune”.
  • “Everybody expected my familiar to be something cool like a barn owl or a black cat, but I got a corn snake. He’s still pretty neat though, even if he’s a little unconventional.” AU
On Demanding Character Gender/Race Swapping

People want to change characters to be women, another race, whatever, because they’re lazy and don’t want to put out a new character and risk it failing.  They don’t want to work at earning a fanbase or putting in the hard work to make that character succeed.

They’d rather convert somebody else, like Thor or Link, into a woman to get a cheap pat on the back and to feel progressive.  And in the process they usually fall head first into the pitfall of writing a character based on what they are rather than who they are and/or write the character and story centering around the change.

The reason Linkle was so ill received by the people whining about wanting a female Link is because Linkle wasn’t Link.  She didn’t have his star power and pre-established mythos, meaning that Linkle was, for all intents and purposes, useless for their own ego stroking.  

A new Thor showed up, who was a woman.  And immediately characters began to revolve around the feminist, female Thor narrative.  Crusher Creel became a blatant misogynist and critic proxy.  Titania, Creel’s WIFE refuses to fight FemThor because they’re both women, despite Titania never having this compunction before and despite the fact that FemThor just punched out her hubby.  Odin became a misogynist asshole who has never been displayed as such prior.  Every character seemed to revolve around pointing out that the new Thor was a woman.

Ghostbusters was made with the almost rabid desire for ‘girl power’.  Which resulted in the creator, and other people involved with the film, slamming fans and overall producing negative publicity.  For all the frantic defense of this film, it flopped because the people who defended it weren’t invested in the film’s success, just the appearance of being morally superior and progressive. 

Nevermind that Ghostbusters was inherently ideologically biased, to the point where some are saying the film is outright hostile toward men.  Which, when you consider the defense of the film often ignores female critics and whitewashes all criticism of the film to being men, that argument might seem more legit.  From ever male character being either a slimeball, idiot or asshole, to flat out killing Bill Murray’s character, to defeating an enemy with a shot to the dick, it seems like the film was written as if it had something to prove.

The problem with ideological ego stroking is that it is hollow.  Not only in creativity, from what we’ve seen of games, comics and other media that take this route, usually ending up being bland and boring, but also from a financial point of view.  

When the entire point is to earn ass pats from people, people are going to virtue signal, telling you how great you are for doing whatever you’re doing, and then feel entirely fulfilled themselves.  This is why these kinds of media, from Ghostbusters, to the new Thor to the game Sunset all flop.  Because they’re not good and because the people they’re marketed to don’t consume that media, they’d rather tweet or reblog or post about liking something because THAT gets them attention and makes them look righteous.  Changing an existing character or franchise to feel self righteous in front of other self righteous people is only good for your ego because feeling morally superior doesn’t pay the bills.

Demanding games forcefully put in female characters, demanding a character change race/sex/etc, trying to reboot a franchise with a stupid ideological lean to it.  All of it is is an attempt to score points, not an attempt to make a good piece of art or a good product.  

Frankly, I’m glad this approach is visibly tanking, costing money rather than earning it.  Hopefully this lazy, entitled and stupid trend of demanding a gender/race swap for existing media franchises/characters dies out soon.