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anonymous asked:

This is just an observation--not a question at all. I followed a link to your "Simple Celestia" image from about two weeks ago and found it was what I'd been looking for--anatomically plausible for an intelligent, equine-derived species, without either going to the extreme of a long realistic horse face or a cartoonish anime style (with eyes so large that there's no room in the head for a brain, which might explain some pony behavior sometimes, I suppose). Anyway, I liked it. Thanks.

Plausibility is a big keyword in my aesthetic dictionary! I’m glad that you appreciate that facet of my style, and I’m immensely grateful to all those who seem to enjoy it for what it is, regardless of who the subject happens to be.

As thanks for your feedback, here’s a Simple Lulu:

fizzwings  asked:

Do you have a favorite art piece you have created? o3o

That is just about the hardest question that anyone could ask me! It’s very hard for me to pick favorites, they’re all my “babies”, however they may have come to exist. However, this is made a little easier by the awareness that I’m so self-demanding that there are very few pieces that allowed me to look at them upon execution, and think to myself, “nailed it”! And looking at those, I feel like some of them may come off as a surprise for some.

“Twintania” was done at a time when I had even less of an idea of what I was doing than the little I have today. It was one of my first (and few) lineless pieces, and one that made me think “oh shit, I may actually be able to make this whole art thing work”! Time may have made me jaded in regards to that idea, but the feeling remains.

Ponies put me on the path to art improvement, and although I’ve branched out to general furry art in the past years (which was totally predictable if you consider that I’ve been a furry since about 1995), I’ve never totally dropped them, and continue to gladly work on them and refine my style in portraying them. My favorite pony piece is a really simple one, though - none of the detailed shading that people have come to expect from me. Instead, it marks a shift in my style for pony portrayal, and also happens to feature best pony, so it’s a two-for-one! This just makes me friggin’ smile every time I look at it, and I think I particularly love the wings, too!

My favorite anthro piece is the one that represents my commitment to tell my own story. It’s the cover image to the “Musteladies” webcomic, and I think it is a hit in terms of composition and representation of the characters and what they can stand for. It kind of shows what I want the endpoint for them to be. I want my characters to experience happiness, and for my readers and myself to feel it vicariously through them. I hope I will eventually succeed in this.

My favorite human piece… well, I must confess that I haven’t done a lot of it, for various reasons. However, this fan art of Yoko from the anime Gurren Lagann always makes me feel like I could do a really good job of creating great human girl representations with a fairly distinctive style, if I put my mind to it. There are more, of course, but this one tickles my fancy just right.

What about you, the person reading this? What is your favorite work done by me? If I could ask you to reblog it now, it would make your voice heard, letting me know what my followers like in particular, AND help increase the visibility of my work, so, yeah, can I bother you for it? ;)


Disciples of Creativity

“Guided Relaxation” by Borgore | Choreography by Nick Wilson

ft. Stephen “Twitch” Boss, Nick Wilson, & Myke D.

askspades  asked:

What does happiness mean to you?

The ephemeral sensation that everything around you is as it was always supposed to be, and that nothing that relates to you could ever be any better, even if just for a mere instant. Because we humans are defined by our needs, desires, yearnings and aspirations, It’s not something that is meant to last, and so we spend most of our living time chasing it. It’s just the nature of things.

As depression peers over my shoulder, I fear that it will make me forget how to feel it forever, and by doing it, remove my reasons for living. Before that can happen, and since you ask, allow me to share a scene that I associate with many of my most recent moments of happiness. 

I’m really so fortunate to be able to share a life with someone that always did their best to give me so many moments of happiness. Thank you so much, Jackie - and I hope to be able to keep on bringing you happiness as well, for as long as we’re together. I mean, you sure seem to enjoy those foot rubs! ;)