ask-crackshot asked:

Re anthro Rainbow Dash: it looks awesome to me save one thing, and I think it may be a topic of more personal preference. The hoof/foot. I prefer to either see a hoof or a foot. The half and half bothers me. But otherwise spectacular. Keep it up!

It’s a choice, I assure you. It’s a fundamental part of my anatomical formula for anthro characters. For mammals, I insist on following the bone structure of the rear limbs of the original species. For horses, in particular, I can say that the alternative of looking at legs as stumps with hooves on the end does not sit well with me.

Thank you so much for your support, and I hope that you did not miss the finished anthro Rainbow Dash piece, which you can find elsewhere in my blog. You can find it here.

Here is a bonus sketch I did just now, which I hope will help convey the virtues of some of my aesthetic and anatomic options regarding anthro ponies. Enjoy!

anonymous asked:

(On anon to avoid hatemail) Quick observation: I'm a butcher and I know what animals look like inside. I can't say for sure, but it seems like you cut your calf muscles short in the middle leg segment before the ankle/cannon bone. Maybe...

Thank you for taking notice of this, it is always useful and appreciated to get objective, insightful and grounded critique on the way I do things. That being said, there is a reason why I draw calves that way

While trying to make sense of the leg anatomy of digitigrade and unguligrade anthros, I observed that, with the way calf muscles connect to the calcaneus bone, an upright position demands that those muscles be permanently flexed. They’re not cut, they just become shorter because of the high angle between the lower leg and the foot. If they weren’t flexed in the upright position, the creature wouldn’t be able to crouch, either.

So there you go, I hope this clears up things and does not seem too petty, as far as anatomic design choices are concerned. :)

actual-horse asked:

I for one think the hooves you draw on anthros are beautiful. <3 However, there is something odd that sticks out to me: The shoes. Why does the sole cover the haunches as well as the hooves? It would make more sense for it to only be under the hooves, rather than uselessly stretching all the way to the ankle.

Think of how horses (and other digitigrade and unguligrade animals) sit… their ankles touch the ground. Not that anthro versions of these animals would sit the same way, but I still feel that it is both aesthetically and functionally better to have protection at the ankle.

Besides, the logical alternative would be to have shoes that only cover the hooves.

Given the way those pants look, I’ll go with option A any day of the week.


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