Happy birthday to my sweet darling @kingsleyyy. Years ago I grew up laughing at your videos, watching them religiously and showing all my friends this hilarious crazy man on YouTube. Today I’m so proud to call you my friend and I wish you nothing but success, happiness and Big Sean’s booty in a bow. Thanks for being a real person and genuine friend when I was an absolute loner. You hold a special place in my heart and I am ride or die for you. Love you Bae 😘😘 #myking #happybirthday #getdrunk

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Britpop and the death of grunge: 20 Years On

“Britpop was officially sanctioned when Kurt Cobain died. No one wanted to think about rock stars blowing their brains out.”

I wrote a piece for The New Daily, looking back on the last great British music scene. It’s a subject that remains very close to my heart. The only real difficulty was choosing five Britpop tracks for listicle at the bottom of the page.