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[Fiction] ‘Mykie’

Author’s Notes: Sweet Christ, why have I done this… just… why… you know what? There are no words. 

I’m sorry, everyone. I’ll show myself out.

Mykie’s first owner was a little boy called Jack.

He was a well-meaning child, excitable and full of energy, whose mother loved him very much. He was overjoyed on Christmas morning to be told to close his eyes tightly and stretch out his hands - at which point she placed into them a squirming, struggling Mykie.

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anonymous asked:

This is just an observation--not a question at all. I followed a link to your "Simple Celestia" image from about two weeks ago and found it was what I'd been looking for--anatomically plausible for an intelligent, equine-derived species, without either going to the extreme of a long realistic horse face or a cartoonish anime style (with eyes so large that there's no room in the head for a brain, which might explain some pony behavior sometimes, I suppose). Anyway, I liked it. Thanks.

Plausibility is a big keyword in my aesthetic dictionary! I’m glad that you appreciate that facet of my style, and I’m immensely grateful to all those who seem to enjoy it for what it is, regardless of who the subject happens to be.

As thanks for your feedback, here’s a Simple Lulu:

Standalone post for the drawing that I did to accompany my latest answer post. This is pretty much a representation of what I feel as happiness within my current life, and it’s only thanks to Jackie that I’m still able to get it, despite all the issues that feed my discontentment, frustration and anxiety day after day.