alright, friends, here is the deal: Mykell Hatcher-McLarin is incredibly talented and intelligent writer and all of our libraries would benefit immensely from his first collection of poems, The Chronicles of Navigating Disclosure. In Myke’s own words: "through these poems, I have made space for me. From 11th grade when I first realized I am transgender to the moments now where I reflect on my futures yet lived, I share with you a coming and continuum of being. In reading my short collection may you be inspired to make space to share your stories in however you may move throughout them."

if you needed any more reason to buy this important book, here it is: all proceeds are going towards funding Myke as a scholarship participant at the  Black Trans Advocacy Conference! In attending BTAC, he will be presenting a workshop on “The Art of Healing: Art Therapy and Healing from Trauma in Transgender Youth Communities.” 

The cost of the conference is $875, but he has to raise $475 by April 1st for hotel stay and registration. 

if you would like to donate directly to his scholarship, please click here! 

this is really important!!! if you can’t buy his book and/or donate directly, please reblog this to help spread awareness! 


Jessie Ware - Champagne Kisses || Dance Video Version @jessieware @davidmooretv

Starring: Simone Deloizer and Myke Dizon.

Choreography by David Moore



The Chronicles of Navigating Disclosure is Mykell Hatcher-McLarin’s first volume of poetry. In this book, he addresses his experience as black transgender man and shares his story: from 11th grade when he first realized he is transgender to reflecting on his future yet lived. 

All proceeds are going towards funding Myke’s scholarship at the Black Trans Advocacy Conference this May.  In attending BTAC, he will be presenting a workshop on ‘The Art of Healing: Art Therapy and Healing from Trauma in Transgender Youth Communities.’

To purchase The Chronicles of Navigating Disclosure, please click here.

If you would like to donate directly to his scholarship, please click here.

With your claws scraping off the shadow, the shadow that looms o’er my heart (Vodka update)

The next installment of the mini-scene fic That Mob AU found under that tag here or under chapter 139 of The Vodka Made Me Do It. Thanks for reading! Live long and prosper. 

The door slammed open, causing everyone in the room to jump. Myka, still covered in HG’s blood, focused on the girl tied to the chair.

“What do we know?” the enforcer growled out.

“Mykes,” Pete stepped forward, “are you sure you should…”

“WHAT do we know?” cold green eyes met his.

“She’s good,” Fargo’s voice broke the tension. “Lots of aliases, history as a hustler, in and out of jail, most recently upstate at Litchfield until about four months ago.”

“Then our little Lamb,” Claudia picked up where Fargo left off, “came to the big city where she began to work as a clerk for Reynolds’s Auto Parts.”

“Then what?” Myka looks at the pair of hackers.

“We’ve been trying to fill in those blanks,” Lima replied. “But she’s not saying much.”

Myka felt the weight of HG’s body against her as she was shoved to the ground. Then as she pulled the other woman towards her in an attempt to stop the bleeding.  Next to her as she rode along in the ambulance to St. Clair, barely clinging on to life.  She felt the blood dry and cake on her hands as the doctors wheeled the other woman deep into the emergency room.

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The Earl of Plaid is proud to announce that it will be publishing The Chronicles of Navigating Disclosure on March 1st. A collection of poetry by Mykell Hatcher-McLarin. Proceeds will go towards funding Myke as a BTAC 2015 Scholarship participant.

"The Black Trans Advocacy Conference Attendee Scholarship Program is created to help provide trans people in minority communities nationwide, access to the National Black Trans Advocacy Conference educational experience. The scholarship program provides an opportunity for trans people to not only participate in a FREE educational program but to also connect local communities with our mission of social equality.

- Happy Birthday Tatay. 💕 We miss you na. ❤️ Dalawin ka namen mamaya. 😘 We all know that your happy now with God & Kuya Jessie & Ate Janet. 👍 Wala ka ng saket na nararamdaman. 😊 Bantayan mo lang kame lage ha. 😊 Iloveyou miss na kita. 💕 Happy Happy Birthday celebrate natin mamaya yan. ❤️😘🙏 #Tatay #MyKing #Forever #Love O3|O4|15 (at HappyBirthday Tay.❤️)

Myke chambers print signed to me ☺️☺️ such an honor!!

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