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Imagine being over a thousand years old, forgiving an evil psychopath a few attempted genocides, murders & conquers of the universe, swearing a pledge to protect them for 1000 years, keeping them in a vault to make them turn good & your friend again, eat their sandwich while swordfighting, bringing them chinese food & telling them tales of children that got eaten and. then. speak. of. A. Man. Crush™.
Not even just that. No. He even used Past. Tense.

I’m sorry Doctor, but you’re in denial.

  • Me before World Enough and Time: Haha I'm so excited for this episode everything is awesome and I'm so pumped for the Master :)
  • Me after World Enough and Time: I am ready for death. My soul had ascended. I am scared, confused, very worried, and afraid. Hitting me with the TARDIS would hurt less than this.