Because I’m tired of the “Steve sucks at modern technology” trope.  He was picking up and using HYDRA tech that was powered by the tesseract in WWII. And user interfaces were pretty un-intuitive back then – knobs labeled in German or French, most likely.  And think about the number of dials and thingamabobs on an airplane control panel!  Yes, he’s a man out of time, but it’s probably the social stuff that’s much harder to adjust to.  (You can tell he’s recently-thawed because he still insists on wearing at least a button-down shirt and suspenders when out in public.)

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thefhtagnprincess needed some cheering up, so i drew her some solas

for myself, i drew of course my lion commander ;u;

pheww! been a while since i’ve drawn anything


Jongin receives quite the first impression of EX.0 Diner because Jongdae can smell “innocent and gullible” from a mile away and never wastes the opportunity to mess with someone. Junmyeon can only hope that Jongin doesn’t get scared off; the interview proved that he was more than capable to fill the much needed busser position.

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my first small comic? i think so!!
(read it down, and left to right :) )

(also i came up with this idea while i was waiting 2 hours for my doc appointment lol.. they forgot about me haha)


Baekhyun prefers practicing his theater choreography with someone at least as bad at dancing as he is–it makes him feel better about himself. Based on their first encounter, Jongin doesn’t think Baekhyun and Chanyeol are as bad as Yifan told him they were.

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I see a million silhouettes dancing in this room.

I wanna be the one who GETS the attention from yooooooou.

I’ve got my BEST on.

And I feel like SULKING all night LONG.

Nothing’s gonna stop me.

You’re what I WANT.

So, baby, come and get me,

‘Cause I don’t wanna dance aloooooone.

-audacity update illustrated, basically levi at a party


The whole Steve is colorblind thing.  I like the idea that Steve, given that his entire life is about fighting against the limitations of his body, wouldn’t bat an eye at being colorblind – he’ll just work around it, just as he has to work around all of his other illnesses.  And Bucky, all teasing aside, will be there to support him.  I especially like the idea of Bucky being Steve’s eyes – telling him the colors of the world.  Since so much of being an artist *is* the reading of colors, Steve’s artistic ambitions also taps into Bucky’s latent artistic abilities (he’s always had sharp eyesight, after all).  As is always the case: where Steve goes, Bucky is right there with him.

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ALSO SUPER IMPORTANT: color blindness is pretty complex – there’s lots of different kinds and degrees.  Steve is probably not completely color-blind!  I went for the cheap joke in the first page, but he can probably tell the difference between green and blue.  -__-.  (It’s much harder to express nuance in comics guys… stick to fics)


-When your Mum lists all your siblings before she gets your name right.- 
No, but I think Mako is excused. ..Ever thought about the struggle?…