I need a re-boot. I’ve been achy and dragging lately. I know it’s because my eating has been off and I haven’t gotten any exercise. I am ironically more motivated to get with it in the fall and winter than the spring and summer (maybe because I dgaf about a “beach body” but I want to wear sweaters and coats and not feel enormous.)

So. Baby steps. This week: replace two meals and snacks with better choices. Dinner is a dice roll since kids are involved, but try and keep that as good as possible most of the week. Buy batteries for the scale so that I can at least see where I am.

By December I want to work up to getting a gym membership or figuring out where the exercise bike goes because I have 3 mornings free right now and could figure out 2 more days.

End goal: healthier lifestyle so I am setting a good example for my kids. (Seriously. I have no size or weight goal. I just want to be healthy and show my kids that it is possible.)

Small victories

I will never get over how exciting it is to be using regular sized restroom stalls and not requiring the added spaces in handicap or more accessible stalls. I always hated having to use the stall just because I couldn’t fit in the regular stall. It was embarrassing to wait if there was a line. I hated that I was using a space that someone else might need just because I was wide/fat/obese or any-other term I that day in my brain to beat myself up.

I’m still 226-228 lbs, even after a few weeks. I’m okay with that, mostly because I’m focused on eating enough protein, drinking enough water, and exercising.

I am losing inches. I can feel my wrist bones, collar bones, rib cage, and hip bones. I have knees again. My ankle hurts less and less each day. My size 18 jeans are too big. The size L shirt I took for work fits comfortably. The size L ladies shirt I bought fits.

It’s not always about what the scale says.
I feel great. I look great. I am more confident. I’d do it all over again in a heartbeat.

If you’re considering weight loss surgery, but you aren’t sure you can be committed to it, know this: it is SO easy to stay committed when you aren’t hungry and can’t eat more than a couple of bites of anything. It’s easy to give up soda/pop. It’s easy to give up carbs.

None of it tastes good anyway.

I never thought I’d give up soda. I used to drink 6-8 diet mountain dews a day. I haven’t had any in 2 months and I don’t miss it. Water tastes good. When you look critically about how much fat, protein, and carbs are in a food item, you realize “it’s not worth it” because half the time it doesn’t taste good, it doesn’t feel good, and you just…pass over it.

I have never been happier in my life, and I’m so glad I took the plunge. I was worried about so much. But now I’m so confident. And yes, it bleeds into other areas too. I am confident in my job, in my relationships, in myself. I can say “well I am successful in my surgery, so I know I can do this thing too” and that’s so amazing.

My cheeks hurt from smiling so much. It’s worth it.

This weekend my cousin @good_samm sent me a picture of the last time we hung out I couldn’t believe that I looked like that. For some reason losing so much weight didn’t really affect how I looked at myself in the mirror in such a positive way. I still treated myself as if I looked like the before picture. I get butterflies just looking at his picture and seeing how far I’ve come.#TransformationTuesday #fallinlovewithyourselffirst


VGS Interview: How to Write a Bioware Game with Lead Writer Patrick Weekes

Welcome to our weekly show! PATRICK WEEKES IS FINALLY HERE

If you haven’t yet make sure you listen to part 1 and get ready for this extra goodness. Today we have the complete interview (part 1 of three) with Patrick Weekes, a lead writer from Bioware all about his craft and the art of writing for games.

Some of what we cover includes:

- His origins
- Training the player to do the wrong thing
- Looking at the evolution of the media comparing it to the beginning of film
- It’s harder now to get a job than ever before, focus on the nonlinear narrative
- Get the application called TWINE! Get a job.
- Weekes talks extensively about the HORROR of “Peer Reviews”
- The most common mistakes that still happen in the writer’s room
- Key piece of advice “Make sure the player knows where to go next, and what he has to do when he’s there”

What’s next for Dragon Age? Find out more next week! We’ll post the remaining segments of our interview, including a complete look at Mass Effect and of course, Dragon Age Inquisition.

“National Beary Good Wine Day” 5/25/2016 • 10:55am • 1/100 sec, f/4, ISO 2000. Canon 6D.

Notes:  What better day to post this throwback to Teddy safeguarding our VGS Zinfandel shipment which arrived a few weeks back than today - National Wine Day!  We’re looking forward to toasting this holiday, although in our eyes and glasses, it’s national wine day every day. Cheers!

Update: EGD Edition

Hey y'all!

So I just got confirmation about my EGD and surgery so I’m pretty stoaked about it. Nervous. But stoaked.

Anything y'all wanna give me a heads up about? I mean I’ve been on the side of being the supportive spouse when my wife had hers done, but I’m trying to get any insight from anyone.

Hook me up y'all.

Calling all WLS community!

Hello everyone! I’m going to be making a page on my blog with a compiled list of all WLS bloggers, so new wls community members can find a whole list of support easily!

So, to avoid missing anyone, can you all pleaseeee like/reblog this, and when you do I will add you to my list! 

Also, if you could let me know your starting weight, and if you have something like PCOS/other conditions someone might relate to, so that I can put special markers next to your blog, to make it easier for new wls people to find blogs that they can better relate to, that would be AWESOME!

thanks everyone! I’ll be reblogging this a few times to allow everyone to see it, hopefully!


Voodoo Glow Skulls - The Band Geek Mafia.

From the album “The Band Geek Mafia,” 1998.