Calling all WLS community!

Hello everyone! I’m going to be making a page on my blog with a compiled list of all WLS bloggers, so new wls community members can find a whole list of support easily!

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Also, if you could let me know your starting weight, and if you have something like PCOS/other conditions someone might relate to, so that I can put special markers next to your blog, to make it easier for new wls people to find blogs that they can better relate to, that would be AWESOME!

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Well, I did it.  I lost 100 pounds since August 19,2014.

Next goal… under 200 pounds.  I was skeptical I would ever get to this point, so it is still hard in my brain to know it is possible for me to be under 200 pounds.

Looking at pictures, I never realized how big I was.  I didn’t feel that big.  I feel bigger now, if that makes sense.  I still feel huge and like I cannot fit places or in smaller clothes.  And then I do and I’m so surprised.

The hoodie I am wearing used to be super tight.  Now, today, I swim in it.  I actually can get my entire body into it and huddle for warmth in a theatre, haha.

This weekend my cousin @good_samm sent me a picture of the last time we hung out I couldn’t believe that I looked like that. For some reason losing so much weight didn’t really affect how I looked at myself in the mirror in such a positive way. I still treated myself as if I looked like the before picture. I get butterflies just looking at his picture and seeing how far I’ve come.#TransformationTuesday #fallinlovewithyourselffirst

Stole this from sutti428.  I think it’s a really good idea for us WLS community people to pass around! So here are my 5 reasons! 

1. For my daughter! She is so energetic and runs around like crazy! I just couldn’t keep up with her at the weight I was at. 

2. To live a longer life. You can kind of file this under “for my daughter” because I want to be there for her graduation, her wedding, etc. I also want to be able to spend as much time with Brice as I can, enjoying our lives together.

3. To avoid any major illnesses. When I had my surgery, I didn’t have any major illnesses, YET. Diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart problems all run in my family. So I wanted to avoid getting any of those due to my weight. 

4. To be more comfortable in my skin. I’ve ALWAYS been overweight. I was always the biggest girl in my class in school. I just want, for once, to know what it feels like to be normal sized. I’ve never really had self esteem issues, but I’d like to LOVE what I see in the mirror, not just ACCEPT it. 

 5. For a more fulfilling life! I want to be able to experience SO MANY things in my life, and my weight was holding me back. Soon I’ll be able to look back on my life and be proud of it! 

 ANYONE WHO WANTS TO PARTICIPATE, GO FOR IT!I’ll tag a few people to maybe get this started, if you don’t want to do it you don’t have to, I just think it’s a neat little idea to get started. And if you HAVENT had your surgery yet, write why you plan on having it! alexxandradream april-takes-on-life my-vsg-life mywlsjourney acidspider thejourneytoonderland

I will reblog anyone who also does this! Tag me in it so I definitely see it! 

i only follow like 50 or so blogs and more than half are inactive so ill give this a shot

if you’re into video games (and/or anime) such as

  • borderlands
  • portal
  • saints row
  • dishonored
  • there’s too many to list i like evERYTHING just VGs in general

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whether i follow you or not, regardless your blog is FLAWLESS


Color Run, May 23,2015 - 3 bariatric patients walked together.

And then I had to go to work for a 2 show day….

I looked at the picture of me clean and I was like… wait I’m skinny.  Mom was so overwhelmed when she saw it.

One of the actors I have gotten really close to started to cry when he saw the comparison pic.  And he says I need to do another one when I do another race and send it to him.  My next planned ones are the Bay 10K across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and the Turkey Trot, which I am going to try  to run.  I got a great text from him this morning encouraging me.  And we ran part of the way!

EDIT - I kinda look/feel like Peter Pan in the clean picture…

To anyone who is getting ready to or have already had WLS, here are a few apps that I personally use that are GREAT to help out with certain aspects of post op life.

I used the My Weight HD app to just track my weight. It tells you how close to your goal weight (in percentage) you are. It also has a cool graph that shows you your predicted future weight loss if you keep the same average weight loss per week. The graph also has color “zones” showing you when you’re in certain BMI levels, like overweight, normal, etc.

The Eat Slower app is great for helping you eat slower because it sets a timer for how long you should chew a bite of food. You can adjust it to whatever time you’d like to chew for. I personally do 45-60 seconds per bite, depending on how I’m feeling that day.

MyFitnessPal is just an overall amazing app for tracking EVERYTHING including food intake, exercise, weight loss, etc. it also lays out very clearly your carb/fat/protein intake each day so you can keep track of that as well.

Fitbit is an app for, well… If you have a Fitbit step/exercise tracker. Any sort of exercise tracker is awesome for when you can start exercising again!

And finally I use the Meds app to remind me to take my vitamins! My biggest problem is taking my calcium pills because I have to take it at two different times during the day. So. I have it set to remind me at lunch and dinner time! Very useful if you are forgetful like me!

If anyone has any other suggestions for apps for WLS community members, feel free to add onto this post! I hope this helps someone out :)