nothing is happening to you
for the universe knows that I'd destroy it
I’d rip the stars from their paths
I’d burn up a sun just to say goodbye
I remake the constellations into your image
and I’d restart the big bang
just so I could to tell you that I love you
—  Fear Me by Abby S

if I believe in anything
I believe in her

what I’ve seen would make all the pantheons weep
what I’ve done would make all the demons scream

I know that we’re the thing that frightens the universe
I know that we’re the love that causes the legends to tremble

and the way she loves me
I know that would rattle the stars

and the way I love her
I know that would break Fate

This has nothing to do with anything; it’s just a musing: If Bill had met Ten instead of Twelve, she never would have gone with him in the TARDIS. She probably would have avoided him at all costs, seeing as he most likely would have relentlessly tried to flirt with her just like with any other young, attractive woman. Obviously, Bill, a lesbian, would have gotten tired of that. Also, Ten’s my Doctor, but I honestly can’t see him punching a racist in the face for Bill, and, uh, Twelve’s got him beat there. Character development, baby