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so my friends little sister is on tumblr and i creeped and saw she reblogged Destiel fanart so i was like oh she ships destiel and my friend was like nO SHE JUST THINKS THEYRE CUTE and i was like … thats kinda what shipping is so then she was like oH WELL SHE’S NOT INTO THE HARDCORE BUTTSEX LOL SHE JUST LIKES TEH CUTE so i went into her sisters /nsfw tag and there was lots of Destiel sex and my friend looked stunned and left the room and i havent seen her since. 

stop judging couples by their looks and saying that they shouldn’t be together bc one can do “so much better” than the other, it’s not your decision whether they should be together or not, it’s theirs and if they want to be together then you shouldn’t have a problem with that